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My Daughter Gives Me a Gift for My Birthday

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Author: Tim S.
Publish Date : Sep 15, 2016
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I started rubbing my cock head against my daughter's clit and pussy lips. As she moaned I kept circulating my mushroom dick head against her virginal pussy.

* * * * * * *

My birthday was coming up and my 18 year old daughter asked what I wanted for my birthday. I said, honey you've been the best birthday gift I ever got. Besides, you can't afford anything at your age. She smiled and said, we'll see.

On my birthday she sat on the couch and handed me a coupon book, with 12 coupons. Thinking that they were like hugs, doing chores, etc., I was pleased with what they really were. She said I had to pick one today and enjoy it, and one per month after today.

Without looking I flipped through them and pulled out the first one I was to use today. It said I could rub the head of my dick at the top of her slit, get her pussy wet, and cum all over cunny. I'm ready daddy, are you. See I don't have any underpants on. Do you like your first coupon.

I think we should wait until your mommy gets home honey so she can enjoy watching me. It is a great gift and I don't want to waste it too quickly. Besides, I know your mommy would be so proud of you. She might even want to lick up my cum from your cunny. Would you like to please both of us honey. After all, it is my birthday.

I had no longer said that, when my wife walked in. Our daughter jumped up eager to show her mommy the unique gift she made for her daddy. My wife filed through it, blushed, and smiled and told her how thoughtful she was.

My wife excused herself to get into something more comfortable. That was high heels and nothing else. When she came back our daughter hugged her and said how beautiful she was. She reached out and pinched her mommy's nipples. She played with them for a while before turning back to me.

Daddy, take off your clothes like mommy. I love playing with your weinner. Let me make it hard. See mommy, daddy's dick is getting big, like we like it.

Oh sweetie, that's so nice. Go ahead and take your clothes off now. Let daddy play with his gift from you. I started rubbing my cock head against my daughter's clit and pussy lips. As she moaned I kept circulating my mushroom dick head against her virginal pussy. Quickly I started to shudder and creamed her little pussy all over her. To hear her squeal left me breathless and thankful for such a considerate daughter.

Not really paying attention to much else but my pleasure, I hadn't noticed my daughter sucking my wife's tits. But my daughter noticed the wet cum from my load and asked her mommy to lick her cunny clean from daddy's cum. What a birthday gift.

I was left with 11 more months of coupons. I could have selected each one on purpose, but decided that surprise was best. Besides, I got to know a little more about my daughter's sexual appetite by being surprised.

The remaining 11 treats/gifts/adventures were as follows:

1) I get to finger her asshole as long as I want.

2) I get to finger her cunny as long as I like.

3) She has to suck my dick until I say stop.

4) I get to lick her cunny as long as I want.

5) She has to masturbate in front of me.

6) I get to jerk off on her whenever I want.

7) She has eat her mom's pussy or asshole until I'm pleased.

8) She has to start making her pussy bigger by inserting various things up her cunny.

9) Never wear clothes in the house for a month.

10) To lick my asshole until I cum.

11) Bring over new friends who might like what her mommy and daddy do.

I'm really looking forward to the next year.

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