The Years of Fucking My Father

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Published: Sep 26, 2016
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I honestly can't remember when he began sexually molesting me, but by the time I had turned 18 and had become of legal age, it had become a routine for me...

My father was a huge man - a machinist - who worked at the local steel mill near our home in southern California. He was over 6 feet tall, somewhat obese, and very manipulative. He had bent both my mother and me to his will for many years and threatened to leave us if we didn't comply with his every wish.

I honestly can't remember when he began sexually molesting me, but by the time I had turned 18 and had become of legal age, it had become a routine for me. It usually happened on Sundays when my mother was away at church for several hours and I was left with him. My father would first go all around the house, lock the doors, close all the drapes and take the phone off the hook. Then he would go into the darkened living room wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. That was my cue to head into my own bedroom and put on something very revealing for him: sometimes it was a sexy negligée, other times a black bra and panties that he had bought for me and liked to see me in.

Finally, I would return to him in the living room and give my father a little strip show, slowly removing what I had been wearing until I was completely naked in front of him. Then I would sit on his lap - feeling his hard cock growing under me. He would kiss me, long and deep kisses on my mouth which I would return while he fondled my breasts. It was an arousing experience for both of us.

After a few minutes of this, I would slip off my father's lap onto the floor, remove his shorts and begin sucking his penis. At first, I just licked the end of it, but he soon made me take all of it into his mouth as deep as I could. I did not enjoy this at first and I would gag and choke when he made me put it in too far. But as time went by, I got better at it and I even learned how to take him down my throat without choking. A few times I remember a creamy white fluid squirting out of it and, one time, he did this in my mouth. I remember it tasted sugary and sweet. I wanted to spit it out but he demanded that I swallow all of it. For some reason I was more worried about his semen doing something to my teeth -- maybe they would fall out. I've had "tooth dreams" about that ever since!

Finally, my father would take me into his bedroom -- both of us naked -- where he would start touching, fondling and kissing me again. It seemed to me like an act of affection, at first -- and I was happy that my father seemed to love me so much. But I began to realize, over time, that it wasn't just simple affection he was showing me, it was getting him aroused again and I noticed that his penis would become harder and harder each time he would kiss me.

By the time I had turned 18 and was a senior in high school my father had begun having sexual intercourse with me. The first time was a little painful and I bled a small amount, but it was also very pleasurable to have his big cock all the way inside me. It got to the point that I wanted him to fuck me just as much as he did. I knew very little about sex even then; I only vaguely knew that babies come from having sex, but nothing about birth control or condoms. I also trusted that my father would somehow prevent that from happening. It was still several years before I realized that my father had been fucking me all these years without any protection!

One Sunday while my father and I were having sex we got surprised; my mother came home from church early, one Sunday, and discovered my father and me together, naked in their bed. Of course, a huge argument ensued and my father swore to my mother that this was the first time we had done this and that he would never touch me again. His promise to my mother lasted exactly a week -- until the following Sunday when she was back in church again!

I graduated from high school with top honors and was accepted to several universities, including Stanford. But my father demanded that I go to a college close to home -- where I could see him every weekend. He was not about to abandon me to a college campus and a bunch of frat boys who might fuck me instead of him. So I accepted an offer from the University of Redlands, only a twenty-minute drive from Upland (CA) where we lived. My father was happy, but it meant driving home every weekend to have sex with him that sort of crimped my social life.

It was on one of these weekend visits home that my father changed all the rules on me. Instead of just hopping into bed with him for a quick fuck, we visited the apartment building of one of his friends "Kenny". Kenny was a nice-looking guy several years younger than my father. My father had been showing Kenny a bunch of nude photos he'd taken of me and Kenny had expressed how much he would to fuck me himself. My father had agreed.

It was another first for me: at my father's direction, I stripped naked for Kenny, and then proceeded to suck on his hard cock -- just the way my father had taught me. Kenny fucked me at least three times, that afternoon, while my father watched and took Polaroid photos of all the action. Then my father fucked me last! And all of it was bareback -- no condoms -- no protection as both Kenny and my father filled me with their semen.

The weekend rules of engagement with my father had now changed -- significantly! On my visits home we would go directly to a motel or an apartment building where my father had arranged for at least two -- and sometimes as many as four other men who were there to fuck me; all of the action recorded in photographs taken by my father. Some of the photos even impressed me! I was becoming a real slut and after several weeks I was even looking forward to weekends and my visits home!

In my sophomore year of college I met Craig, the guy that I would eventually marry. I kept all of my sexual activities secret from Craig and my father promised not to undermine my relationship with him (as long as I would still be available to fuck him on weekends. A couple years later we were married. Craig had a good job that took him away from home for several days at a time, so during those times I would go home to see my father and he would arrange for even more guys for me to fuck.

This pattern of weekend fucking my father and his friends continued for years and years and my husband never knew anything about it. As a field geologist, Craig was sometimes gone for much of the summer to Alaska, and when he returned we would have pleasurable sex as always.

During my husband's absences, my father would take me with him on vacations to exotic places: Yucatan, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, etc. where he treated me like a princess. All that was required of me was to look sexy for him: wear revealing bikinis during the day and low-cut dresses by evening. On every trip, my father would introduce me to any number of handsome young men, whom he would then arrange to have sex with me while he watched. By then, I think I enjoyed it a LOT more than he did! I was smart enough to be on the pill, but danger of sexually-transmitted diseases was always present.

And then it all ended. My husband came home from one of his trips and discovered what my father and I had been doing for many years. It didn't take long for Craig to realize that it wasn't just my controlling father's plan -- I had been a willing participant in all of the sex for many years. I had enjoyed every bit of it.

At first, my husband was furious; threatening my father with jail and me with a divorce. But, in time, his anger faded and turned to: "curiosity". He asked to see the pictures that my father had taken of me with my lovers. Next, he began to quiz me on the details of all my trysts. In a weak moment, my husband sheepishly admitted that he would love to have watched!

So that's the full story of my incestuous life. Would it surprise you to know that my husband and I have now become active swingers; we meet with other couples nearly every weekend and love watching each other fuck new partners. Craig has even arranged for me to meet with several groups of black gentlemen to satisfy my strongest fantasy: a black gang-bang.

If you've enjoyed my story, (or want to meet me) let me know. Send me an email at: I'll get back to you!

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