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Best Friends Sexual Adventure

Author: D.F.
Publish Date : Oct 18, 2016
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I keep looking at Rylee picturing her wet body from that night in the bathtub. I start flexing my now throbbing cock getting my cousins attention. She starts playing with it with her feet as we watch Hanna Montana fantasizing about her joining us.

* * * * * * *

It all started when I had to watch my younger cousin one night when my mom comes home from work. I come to find out my cousin has to take a bath, my mom surprisingly, encouraging me to join her. Trying to contain my excitement, I pretend to be offended by the idea but give in already seeing my cousin's petite body I strip down fast feeling my cock starting to throb. She looks asking me," what's that?" Speechless I say it's nothing as we get in,my cock fully hard now as the tip peaks out of the water.she looks at it mesmerized as I pull her closer safe with the bathroom door shut. My mom knew what was happening pleasuring herself in the room over. I tell Rylee it's okay to touch as her delicate fingers grasp her first cock inching closer to me as I press it against her smooth skin rubbing her with it. That's as far as we get as my mom ruins it opening the door startling us.

A week goes by when I luckily get asked to watch all my cousins. I arrive excited, Rylee and her 2 sisters,all younger than me, watching TV lying on the floor their petite asses looking perfect. Immediately after their parents leave Delaney asks for a special massage. I walk over smiling my cock already rock hard I lay on top of her rubbing my cock along her perfect body. Her sisters now on the couch giggling as they watch. I start dry humping faster and faster pushing my tip hard against her ass as she lies there taking it. She turns her head suggesting we play pretend Animals so we go to their room that Shannon and Rylee share choosing our animals. Delaney and I become the parents starting out with Delaney in an eternal sleep with me the only won to wake her. I admire my young perfect cousin lying there on her stomach as I make my move slowly pulling her shorts down revealing her petite ass, her sister Shannon giggling behind us. I look back smiling, as Shannon stares at my ass, my cock between her sisters cheeks. Delaney lays there grabbing my cock thrusting it inside her tight pussy screaming as it hurts. Shannon, also a Virgin, starts rubbing her perfect tight pussy as their younger sister Rylee walks in Speechless. She saw her first cock the week before and now witnesses sex for the first time watching me thrust deeper into her sister, our eyes meet. I beckon her over caressing her tight body. Unfortunately startled by their mom, we stop seeing Rylee's disappointment. That night I spoon with Delaney her sister Shannon right next to us as I quietly pull my dick out rubbing my cousins smooth ass with it.

The next month I finally get to watch them again. I'm watching TV with the youngest rylee in the living room while Shannon is on the computer behind us. Some reason I can't resist the temptation my cock slowly hardening. I keep looking at Rylee picturing her wet body from that night in the bathtub. I start flexing my now throbbing cock getting my cousins attention. She starts playing with it with her feet as we watch Hanna Montana fantasizing about her joining us. I ask Rylee to sit on my lap letting her feel my cock. Her sister still on the computer I bounce Rylee on my lap,her petite body pressed against my cock. I pull her tight shorts down revealing her petite ass, my tip oozing this sticky stuff she's never seen. I bounce her harder as she loves it bending her over starting to rub her clit with my cock. Shannon notices having us stop. But later on again Rylee rubs my cock with her feet urging me to pull it out. She starts licking it slowly putting her soft lips around it. I watch my cousin work a cock for the first time not noticing Shannon watching.

The door opens suddenly, my best friend Cody surprisingly showing up. He can't believe his eyes staring as my cousin fits my whole cock in her mouth looking at cody. I notice a bulge in Codys pants growing as my cousin goes faster. He comes over with his pants already off. I see his cock for the first time,my fantasy coming true. I grab it feeling his cock pulse in my hand. Rylee then stands up plopping on my cock not expecting that much pain for her first time. I work my tip in slowly inching my hard cock inside her. I feel cody harden taking his whole cock in. Shannon then joins grabbing codys cock. Her beautiful body,so perfect. My best friend lifts Shannon as he presses his cock against her Virgin pussy easing it in. She screams in pain until finally she starts enjoying it, going faster and faster. Out of nowhere codys youngest sister comes in with the tightest shorts on, invited by cody. She lightens up as she recognizes me walking over to this growing orgy. She starts riding Rylee's face my cock throbbing, ready to explode. I feel Rylee tighten as her perfect pussy grasps my cock as she cums pulling me closer to her as I fill my cousin with my seed. Codys sister works her way over licking the remaining cum off my cock, her petite cheer leader body already revitalising my cock. Boys her age don't know how to treat a girl like I've learned with many years of practice having sleep overs with my cousins as kids. Our curiosity getting the best of us. I smile at cody, him being the only one who knows my lust for family, as he pounds Shannon. His sister Maci cleaning my cousins pussy, as I admire her ass. I get closer rubbing her pussy. Cody, very experienced from years of practice with tales of taking girls virginities, watches speeding up with my cousin. He's the only one I would choose for this sexual experience of a lifetime giving my cousin the best first time of her life. I watch his cock fill my cousin remembering the time he caught me in his bed jacking off. I knew he was watching, my cock harder from the thought. This time I would finally feel his cock inside me. He lifts my cousin with his cock still inside moving close enough for his sister and my cousin to start making out. We high five as he intently watches my tip push trying to squeeze inside his sisters tight pussy. Macy screams my cock working inside. Shannon moans as my best friend keeps going, her legs shaking from the orgasms. I then look at Macis perfect ass as I fuck her doggy style thrusting as deep as I can. She has a strap on now fucking her first chick. My cousin Rylee loves it begging for more . I can't believe my eyes admiring the scene before me.

To our surprise codys next sister comes in getting back from the store with my cousin Delaney who can't believe what's happening in her house. Taleah,codys other sister immediately comes over kissing me. I hand her a thick black strap on urging her to put it on but Cody steps in as I feel his cock against my ass. I yell yes! As he pushes his tip in. Fucking his sister harder, I feel my throbbing dick approach climax. Cody moves over, letting his sister take over with the strap on, he approaches Maci and I. I flip Maci over as I stand up with her legs now around me. Her brother thrusting his cock inside her ass as we fill her petite body with our big cocks. She screams with pleasure as I feel his dick rubbing against mine. I look to see Delaney with her two sisters watching us waiting their turn. We hear a car pull up not sure who it could be now. I sent a text to all my cousins earlier that day to meet up for cousin fun. 6 perfect girls I grew up with my whole life. The door opens and my three other cousins come in. Aubrey, Brynna, and Camryn who I've had history with too at this exploring age.

Aubrey and Brynna, who I took showers with my whole life until high school approach the action grabbing me with their soft hands. We used to go camping all the time as kids sharing the shower to save water. Our parents surprisingly allowed it. I still remember I could never get rid of my raging hard on when we bathed together. Their wet bodies covered in soap. My cock was the first they ever saw except for their dad.

It all started with these cousins one night at their house. I took my first bath ever with my cousin Brynna who was younger.

We were enjoying ourselves when I felt my cock get hard. I remembered it happened a time before when I saw a hot girl but it was happening in front of her. She was very curious wanting to see it and asking why it's hard. I told her I think it happened when I saw a hot girl somehow making her more curious as she asked to touch it. Now super hard, we somehow end up making out naturally knowing what to do. I bring her in kissing her so passionately right when her mom walks in scaring us seeing what was taking so long. Embarrassed, we finished up quickly going to Aubrey and Brynnas room, where we slept in sleeping bags by each other. We could overhear our parents talking and laughing about what happened as Brynna brings up to Aubrey what happened.

Aubrey, kind of put off, doesn't want any part of it and starts trying to go to sleep while Brynna urges me to pull it out as she watches me move the blanket by flexing, my pretty good size for that age, hard cock. I give in, being shy, I pull it out not believing how much my younger cousin loved it. She started touching it,our first time doing this, knowing it was wrong. Aubrey then looks over,too curious to resist. Brynna tells her to look as I lay in the middle. My gorgeous cousins on both sides of me. They both ask how does it get hard and how can I move it. I tell them it's when I see hot girls, their eyes right next to my shaft.

Ever since they've been hooked which led to many showers and sleepovers together. Brynna Always wanted to see my cock. I loved it. We'd go camping at the beach swimming all day as I checked their perfect bodies out waiting for the shower that night. We'd get weird looks when all three of us would walk into a shower together. I'd already be hard by the time we got naked loving every minute.Brynna would come up and touch it while Aubrey watched not as into it.

Then one evening I started making loud sex noises, my cousins joining in as we giggled wondering if someone could hear us. Aubrey was wetting her hair as I got close rubbing my cock against her beautiful ass. But she backed off until we got back to the tent all clean. We got in our sleeping bags when I pulled my cock out Brynna already wanting to see it. Aubrey curious too at this point joined in touching it ending a great night. We woke up the next day with me having a morning boner Brynna ready to see it. We stayed in the tent hearing our families cook breakfast as Brynna touched my cock. We then here her younger sister Camryn unzip the tent coming in wondering what was going on. I tried to leave my cock out to let their sister join our fun but Aubrey hid it. We then made her stay outside while we explored our bodies. Such great times together.

Finally years in the future the youngest sister Camryn starts coming over swimming when it was just me. Her body looked so perfect in her bikini. I had to think of a way to have her feel my cock. So we're swimming around talking by the edge of the pool when out of nowhere she wraps her legs around me my cock already throbbing in anticipation, I hold on to her, with my cock holding her up I push her against the wall pressing my tip against her wishing we'd make cousin love already. My mom then startles us, not knowing she got home from work she comes outside seeing what we were doing. At this point my pants are down as I still press against my cousin talking to my mom. Camryn loves it, not giving it away.

I feel my cock throbbing now craving my young cousins pussy. My mom returns inside letting us continue. My brother then comes out ruining our fun joining us in the pool so we think of this awesome plan to play hide and seek with our eyes closed with my brother as the first one up. Camryn and I quickly hide behind this wall in my backyard while he counts, her ass looking better than ever. I press my cock back against her hearing her moan quietly. I lift her off the ground my cock fully out pressing it hard into my cousin. She then whispers I want you inside me her perfect ass against my cock. My young perfect cousin pulls her panties off showing her tight pussy as I warn her it'll hurt because it's her first time. She doesn't care though as I slide my tip in. Camryn tries to contain her scream from the pain so my brother won't here. I ask if she's okay as we continue, going deeper and deeper inside her. Her pussy is so wet and warm I go faster and faster ready to cum. Her pussy tightens so much as she climaxes screaming. I can't take it any longer as I thrust all the way in my seed filling my cousin. It was amazing...

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