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A Stormy Night With Aunt Myrtle

Author: Bakerman Contact: bakermahn@yandex.com
Published: Dec 19, 2016
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Outline: Consensual incest: The closer related they are, the dirtier it becomes.

* * * * * * *

Wake Up

Rick wakes up from the thundering sound of the heavy rain on his bakkie. But there was something else causing his awakening.

He finds now that he has been rubbing his very stiff and very excited penis against something soft and firm. Something womanly. As reality washes over him, he finds it is so. He is dry humping someone. Luckily his cock is still in his pants, but it is stiff and standing up and he is dry humping a well-rounded female ass.

This reality shakes him fully awake now. The events of the previous day return to his brain in one huge rush.

He can remember that they had been preparing for the coming storm the whole day long. The coming storm was all the radio announced throughout the day. He, his father and brother have even been putting up hurricane boards on most of the big windows of their house, because they heard that the coming storm was going to be a whopper. These storms are not usual in this area, but now they had one coming. And late afternoon the incredible cold and strong wind showed them that something strange, but dangerous was indeed coming.

And then the call from Aunt Myrtle. Her car broke down on a lonely farm road. Although the old woman was very independent, she refused to work on a car. It's not feminine, she said. This is the same woman who can dig up a new garden like it’s nothing. As if that is feminine. Aunt Myrtle has been a widow for the past eight years now and has been living alone in her house right next to the river.

But in any case, now her car was stuck and someone would have to go and fetch her. He immediately got into his double cab bakkie and rushed to Aunt Myrtle's rescue. It wasn't only the storm he was worried about, but also the fact that she was stuck on a very lonely road. Anything could happen with her woman alone there. Although he was going full speed, it still took him an hour to reach her. Very far from civilisation.

Despite the icy coldness, she was standing outside the car. She was wearing her warm tracksuit and he saw that she now also had a thick jacket on over it, against the cold.

"Thanks for coming, Rick," She said as she gave him a quick peck on his cheek. "The one minute I was driving and then everything just went dead. Luckily its momentum rolled it to the side of the road. I tried to start it, but it is completely dead."

"Okay, Auntie, let me check." He says as he takes out his toolbox and walked to the Ford.

He gave it a quick check and then he told her.

"Bad luck, Auntie. This isn't something we can fix here. I will have to tow it." He looked up at the sky. Night was approaching fast. But the night wasn't the problem. The problem was the storm. It was getting even colder and a high wind was already shaking the huge trees next to the road as if they were nothing. "But we are not going to make it, even if we ride right now. It will be safer to stay here for the night."

"Stay here for the night, Rick? Where?" the old woman asked as she looked around.

"Right here in my bakkie. When I fold down these seats they form a perfect double bed and I have bedding in here, because I use this bakkie for camping a lot when we go hunting, Auntie. You don't have to worry. There's even food in the bakkie..."

And that is how they ended up sleeping in his vehicle. It was perfect. She had on her tracksuit in which she could sleep and which would keep her warm, in addition to the blanket he threw over them. It wasn't five minutes later that the storm started. In the area people are used to storms starting slowly. Rain falling softly and then increasing with time, slow howling winds, which later get stronger and stronger. But this storm started full speed. As he looked through the windows at the storm outside it sometimes seemed as if they were on a planet where they are the only living beings with everything around them hostile. All the familiar things outside, the tall trees, the young wheat, the grass and the fences; all of them now seems hostile. They were alone and there were no humans in their vicinity.

And now he wakes up, busy dry fucking his aunt. It must have started while he was sleeping. He must have rolled over against her and when his ever loving cock felt the round female bum, it automatically started doing what it was born to do. Luckily the old lady is still fast asleep. Rick is not evil or anything, but the storm is still raging around them. From the sound of it and from the chaos on the outside of the bakkie, it seems as if the storm will never stop.

He is awake now, but decides to give her another few humps against the pleasant roundness of his aunt’s ass. He holds gently onto the old woman and makes the humps strong and tight. But this awakes his sexual drive even more. He now pulls his pants down completely and takes his long, very much alive cock out. He gently rubs it on her tracksuit pants, where he knows the ass crack must be. The material of the pants is so soft that the cock goes easily into the crack. He immediately feels the welcome warmth of the womanly ass. God, this is good.

His aunt is old, but she's still a woman. He just hopes she doesn't wake up, catching him doing what he's doing. There will be hell to pay.

With his hand he rubs it through the crack, slowly, but surely - enjoying the sweet sensations. The wrongness of what he is doing makes it even more exciting. He don't know what he will do if he cums all over her pants now, but he just can't stop himself. The pleasure makes him more daring now.

He looks to makes sure the old woman is still asleep and then he slowly but surely pulls her tracksuit pants down. Very gently, so as to not awake the old woman.

God, Rick, what is wrong with you? He thinks to himself.

He now rubs his naughty penis over the much softer and thinner material of his old aunt's pantie. He feels the heat even more as he positions it into the crack. His cock has a mind of its own now and start moving lower down to the secret place where it actually wants to be. The pussy. The centre of all delight for mankind since the dawn of time.

As he looks out the window of the bakkie, he thinks maybe this is what the world looked like in ancient times when humankind was born.

His cock is moving down to the extreme heat of her cunt now. He even succeeds in moving the hem of her pantie to the one side. But then his conscience reaches his logic circuits and he stops. What the hell is he doing to his old aunt? He's supposed to protect her, and look what he wants to do now. It is just good she didn’t wake up. The rain falling against the vehicle keeps her nicely asleep.

Just as he stops what he's doing, he suddenly feels her old bony hand locking over the stiffness of his cock.

Take It Easy

A cold shock runs through Rick. His aunt has been awake all the time and she felt his stupid fumbling. His father is going to kill him and he already starts thinking of where he can run to, to escape whatever punishment his father is going to give him.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Myrt..." He starts to apologise.

"It's okay, Rick. It’s just natural." The old woman says. Her hand is still holding his cock. She gives it a light squeeze, making stars of pure pleasure dance around in his brain.

"I didn't mean you any harm, Auntie." He still apologises, although she said it was alright.

"It’s just natural, boy. You are actually giving me a compliment." She now really starts to masturbate his hard pecker as she talks. "There's a certain stage in a woman's life, when men start ignoring her as a woman. You are then either a mother, or an aunt or a granny. No one sees you as a woman anymore. So tonight you saw me as a woman again and I appreciate that. And I'm going to show you my appreciation, but you must promise to tell no one about this." She says, her little hand moving stronger on his cock now, really waking up unknown pleasures in him.

"Off course..."


"I promise, Aunt Myrtle. I will never tell anyone about this." He says as his hips now starts moving his cock in her hand. He now feels his cock-head swelling out of its skin as his cock has now swollen to full size. He doesn't have a particularly big cock, but it can do the job. He now starts licking and kissing his old aunt in her neck, causing her to let out a satisfied moaning sound.

"Pull my pants off me, Rick." The old woman tells him. He pulls her tracksuit pants completely from her legs. Then he strips the pantie from her, as she lifts herself to assist him.

"Aah...that feels good. Now do what you have to do, Mr Man." She says. He is still lightly biting on her ear and kissing her in the neck, when he feels her guiding his cock towards her pussy. She lifts her leg to make space for it. He is still lying behind her, with her ass against him. With her lifting her leg, he can now easily enter her from behind.

She brings the big cock-head right to the wet heat of her vagina. And then she releases it, taking her hand away.

Rick pushes his cock slowly, but surely into the old woman's cunt. He surely don't want to hurt his aunt. Why, she is sixty one years old and already has one foot in the grave.

"Don't worry, Rick, I won't break. You can even be a bit rough. Most women like that."

He pushes in hard now and then he starts fucking. The old pussy folds softly and warmly over his cock and he feels it gripping him. Almost like a human fist, but with an even stronger grip. Like a pussy that didn't have a cock on the inside for a very long time and now never want to let go of it again.


Rick feels how she gets more and more excited. With this excitement, her pussy becomes more and more wet and it grips his cock tighter. It is a funny kind of grip, because it grips and let go, grips and let go, like one huge, but very strong pulse. God, this old woman's pussy is alive. More than alive. He never felt anything like this with any of the young girls that he ever fucked.

Outside the storm thunders against the bakkie like all the forces of hell. The huge trees are bent down almost to the ground as the strong wind attacks them. The wheat is bend down to the ground completely making the fields look like huge, shiny carpets. The rain booms down on the metal of the bakkie like assailing stones.

He puts his arms around her, to have a tighter grip. Then he really starts to move into her. Giving it to her hard and fast. He is a crack rugby player and has a lot of strength and stamina. All this comes to good use now that he is fucking his aunt, who seems to really want this.

From the way she is screaming obscenities and the wild way she is moving her frail body, he can see she really needed this for a very long time.


Without taking his cock out of her pussy, Rick manoeuvres her so that he now lies on top of her, while she lies on her back. Missionary style. Then he really starts giving it to her, because his cock can now go in deeper into the vagina canal. She moves her frail hips up strongly against him. She does this with so much power that he just hopes she doesn't break a hip bone.

And what will happen if the old woman gets a heart attack. But the pleasure in his penis doesn't give him time to think about this for too long. It just slides in deep into the smooth channel of the old woman.

As the climaxes starts washing over his aunt, Rick can feel her juices squirting over his cock deep inside her. Making her love tunnel even smoother and more lubricated. So lubricated that his cock slips out of her several times and then he has to put it back in manually again.

Aunt Myrtle becomes wild and mad with lust, holding onto his head, kissing him like mad and then digging into his back with her fingers that feel demoniacally strong now.

It Had To Happen

The bakkie is now rocking from the storm on the outside as well as their strong movements on the inside.

"YES BABY...FUCK YOUR OLD AUNT...FUCK MY PUSSY...MAKE ME CUM OVER AND OVER AGAIN...OH, GOD, I LOVE THIS…I LOVE THIS…DEEPER…DEEPER…" The old woman moans under him as she moves her body as fast as she can to keep up with his pounding into her. She is breathing very hard and fast now, like someone who is climbing very steep stairs. He can feel the smoothness of her sweat on her stomach.

The cold of the storm is gone for them now. On the inside of the bakkie it is hot, with the musky smell of their fucking drifting invisibly all around them.

The Chev bakkie has been built for a man and is huge on the inside.

He now takes his cock out of her.

"Can we do it doggy style, Auntie?" he asks her. He really wouldn't want to do something that the old lady doesn't like.

"Yes, baby...off course..." she whispers, completely out of breath. "As long as you don't put that sausage into my behind..."

"Never, Auntie...I'm not gay..." he laughs as he helps the old woman to turn around on her stomach. She turns her face to the one side.

"Now stick that nice bum out to me, Auntie." He says as he helps her to push her rump up.

In the faint light he sees the huge, well rounded and firm arse of his aunt pointing towards him. Luckily no one would be on the outside in a storm like this. Otherwise he would have been worried that someone might be watching them. But they are very far from any form of civilisation. Around them it’s only the open wheat fields, the clump of trees and the gravel road stretching into forever on both sides.

He moves his hand over the smooth ass cheeks. Now that he thinks about it, his old aunt's body is surprisingly wrinkle-free. There is only a few wrinkles on her face to indicate that she is an elderly person, but her body is quite smooth. Even her ass. No cellulite, nothing. Maybe because the old lady eats healthy and keeps active.

With his hand he guides his cock through her crack, down to the warm hole of her vagina. He plugs into his aunt. This must be the closest one can get to another person, he thinks to himself. You are actually inside that person.

And inside the old woman's vagina it’s so nice and cosily warm that he never wants to leave that softness again. This is real heaven.

Then he starts moving in and out again. Giving his auntie the best shafting she got in a long time. All around them the storm continues, while they fuck like there will be no tomorrow.

"FINISH ME OFF BABEE...I CAN'T TAKE ANOTHER ORGASM...I'M GOING TO EXPLODE...FINISH ME OFF...CUM IN ME...SHOOT MY OLD CUNT FULL OF YOUR CUM...OH MY BABY...CUM IN ME...YES...YES...YES..." She groans now as she moves her big ass faster and stronger against him. She really wants him to cum now. Her knees are getting weak and she is tired. The orgasms exploding through her whole body since that big cock entered her is tiring her old body out now. She feels like she can collapse at any time, but she still need that huge thing inside her love tunnel. Then she wants that semen. Solid gold.

With the wet heat of his aunt's cunt locked so tightly over his excited penis, her continuous movements with those huge ass cheeks against him, Rick knows he will have to let go at one time or another. There is no choice.

He starts growling low in his throat.

It doesn't built up in him, it just starts shooting from him like slugs out of a shotgun. What feels like streams and streams of white hot cum. Straight into his sixty one year old aunt's pussy.

"OH, GOD...OH MY GOD...YOU ARE FILLING ME UP...MY BABY...YOU ARE FILLING YOUR AUNT UP WITH YOUR HOT SEED. SPILL THAT CUM IN ME BABY...I WANT YOU TO KNOCK ME UP...KNOCK YOUR OLD AUNT UP...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH..." She roars out as she desperately moves her ass to keep him as deep as possible. She tries weakly to reach backwards towards him, but fails in it.

He just holds onto her hips as he empties his balls into her.

His cock grows soft almost instantly. He bends down next to her and kisses her lightly on her mouth.

"Oh, thank you, Rick...oh my boy, I really needed that. That was the best shafting ever. After such a long time."

"No Auntie, I must thank you. You really are the best I ever had."

"I hope it won't be too much to ask that we do this on a regular basis. I mean..."

"Don't you worry, Aunt Myrtle. You will have to keep me away from you with a shotgun from now on. Your little coochie is the best and I want to be inside it forever and ever. You are far better than the young girls..."

The storm suddenly stops without warning. For a few minutes, there is absolute silence over the whole area as Rick and his aunt fall asleep in each other’s arms...

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