Sharing with my brother

Author: Fineline69
Published: Feb 3, 2006
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On arriving at his cottage we stripped as soon as we got out of the car and carried our light summer clothes and bags inside with his help. His shorts came off as we stripped by the car on the grass in front of the cottage. Dave looked at my wife's tits and shaven lips and said how gorgeous she was.

My brother lived down in Devon many years ago,and invited my wife and I to spend our holiday with him. Being a devout naturist,his lovely cottage was somewhat off the beaten track,and he assured us that we could be nude without seeing anybody. His house was surrounded by lovely fields and hedges down a narrow lane,and nobody ever wandered down there, as it was some two miles from the main road. Dave, my brother, knew that my wife and I often visited the Brighton naturist beach,so he said to me over the phone that he was looking forward to seeing her in the nude. Many times he had seen my wife, but never in the nude,and was looking forward to seeing her,he told me quietly over the phone. Without my wife hearing me,I told him that I really wanted him to see her full tits and lovely shaven cunt,and I wanted to see him fuck her aswell.On hearing me say that, he said he couldn't wait to see us.

I knew that my wife liked my brother enormously, but nothing sexual had ever taken place.Unfortunately as far as I was concerned, because I really wanted to see him get on well with her, and fuck her as much as he liked.

On arriving at his cottage,we stripped as soon as we got out of the car, and carried our light summer clothes and bags inside with his help. His shorts came off as we stripped by the car,on the grass in front of the cottage.Dave looked at my wife's tits and shaven lips,and said how gorgeous she was. I said that we would share "everything" if he liked. My wife's eyes lit up on hearing me invite my brother to literally fuck her,and Dave took her in his arms and kissed her sweetly as his hands fondled her back,her bum and her lovely full breasts. Being back outside on the grass and stark naked was so sensual.It was wonderful to see them start to grope each other as much as they wanted,knowing that I wanted to see them take it all the way. Their kissing reached fever pitch,as they couldn't hold back their excitement.With me lovingly looking on,my brother invited me,to also kiss and fondle her with him. My hands and mouth soon got to work,and my wife was in absolute ecstacy between us,as hands and mouths covered every inch of her gorgeous body.

I gently lowered her to the grass,and got into a sixty nine position with her,as Dave tasted her juices with me.Then kneeling behind her, he eased himself in,only an inch from my lips and face. My God,his balls were huge and it was gorgeous how they hit me everytime his cock was deep in her cunt,and they swung to and fro right above my face. Nothing like had this had ever happened before in our marriage,so this was unbelievably exciting for us all!On sucking her pussy lips as he fucked her,my lips also came into contact with his cock as well. My mouth felt him fucking her,whilst his balls banged against me all the time.On slipping out of her occasionally,I managed to get his cock in my mouth for a few seconds before I put him back into my wife's lovely cunt. Sucking his cock only briefly was so lovely,and something that I'd never done before,but it was so warm and smooth with my wife's juices,that I now wanted to suck his cock even more,as he fucked her so close to me.

He came with my wife,and shuddered as he emptied his full sacs inside her as I kissed her cunt.Withdrawing,he stayed still so that I could suck his wilting cock,with his cum still leaking from it. This was for me the best of all,as I got to suck my brother's cock,with her kissing him as she saw me getting him hard again for her pleasure. After sucking him back to rigidity,I gently pushed his cock between her pussy lips,and watched from two inches,as he soon started fucking her again,with his pace gradually speeding up. This time,as I stayed beneath them and he really fucked the life out of her.He managed to last a lot longer before he came in her,which also triggered of my wife as well.

Like before, I cleaned them both whilst I lay there,and on separating,my wife kissed us both very deeply and thanked us from the bottom of her heart. The week went so quickly,as she gave herself to Dave at every opportunity,and I lost count as to how many times they made love.

Dave made us promise,that we would visit him as often as possible from then on,so that he could fuck her as much as he could. I promised him that we would regularly see him,so that he could get his cock into her,and to fuck the life out of her for me... My wife also loved to see me getting him ready for her,as I lay beneath them and sucked him hard in preparation. Orally it was great,but never was anything else even suggested,to keep things respectful,and that suited us all fine.

Our visits to him would never be the same again, and we were in seventh heaven,so was he,I'm sure of that...

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