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We Were Young and Crazy


Author: J.B.
Published: 13-Nov-17

We were young and crazy when we got married and neither of our parent's approved. They did throw us a nice party though and we had a good time as well as many nice gifts to start our married life out with...

* * * * * * *

The local candy company gave me a job for more money than I was making at the tin can manufacturer I had worked for. We were able to get a one bedroom 2nd story apartment with a bath down the hall.

When we were dating we had a good relationship and she always had my cock in her mouth before we had driven a block away from her house. We usually drove down by the river and experimented with most sex positions and she liked them all.

She tended her nephew when her sister in law went to civic and other meetings. Her brother always stayed home with her to help with the little boy. I usually drove her sister in law to and from the meetings. We never let on but she and I were having glorious sex to and from the meetings. That woman could fuck every way there was. I didn't know I could cum that many times in a row. Dumb as a rock and had little tits. Her arm pits, ass hole and pussy were wild forests of hair. But she could suck my cock until I thought my balls were going to turn inside out. Her pussy gripped my cock like somebody wringing out a wet rag. She loved to have me bite down on those little raisin like nipples until she yelled out loud. Gall dang she could fuck you half to death and I was hooked on that little monkey.

The funny thing was her husband liked his sister to help tend the kid because his wife drew the line at butt fucking. so he butt fucked my girl friend while I chauffeured his ol lady around. So we each got a taste of the other ones woman.

We were living with her folks before we got hitched and come to find out when her mom did church work and I was at the candy factory, dad was also fucking my girl. Well at least he was eating her pussy and finger fucking the shit out of her. Keeping it in the family at least.

Anyway, after the wedding we had this place on the second floor and her uncle who was a card shark lived across the hall. Really loved that guy he used to invite us over for snacks and teach me how palm dice and cheat at cards. Once he tricked me into a bet that of course I lost. The penalty was he wanted me to fuck his wife every way I knew in front of him and my wife (his niece). They got to judge each sex act and if wasn't a winner I had to do it over again. Well it was a hell of a night especially when he and his niece got all hot and bothered and ripped off their close and did some real animal fucking.

These people were too much for me. The topper was when we slept over at my dads and his girl friend's little love nest and my wife snuck into his room and fucked him while his girl friend participated with them.

I packed us up and moved to Nevada. It was a little town with a copper pit, smelter plant, a couple of gas stations, a few diners and other businesses as well as a legal whore house.

Well my mom had a couple of dozen or so relatives who lived there so it worked out. Especially since I got on at the converter copper floor and made a few friends.

My best friend was a guy named Whitey. He come to town about the same time as we did with his pregnant wife. He and I were doing well and I used to go over and drink beer with him while my wife run around town with my cousin Ruth. His wife was getting close to having the kid and he didn't like doing it with her so I would send him over to fuck my little whore and he would let me fuck his old lady. She liked me and gave me good head and took it in the ass like a trooper. I liked fucking her pussy the best because she really liked me to fuck her over and over.

All good things come to an end because he moved on after the baby was born.

It was about the same time my cousin got my wife tied up with a bunch of local hooligans who had her fucking half the town. Mom's relatives began to look down their nose at me so I got her a job at the whore house. Couldn't be any worse than it was and she was making some money. It didn't get better so since I was in the Naval reserve I went active and went to California to do the enlistment shit. Told her she would fit right in and I would send for her when I got set up.

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