Daddy I am so horny now

Author: mousey
Published: Feb 13, 2006
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My daughter kneeled down behind a bush and I kneeled behind her. Soon I was rubbing my hard cock against her sweet ass. I pushed her shorts down and pushed down my pants and slid into her already steamy wet pussy. As we watched we could see the couple going after it. I could hear the girl saying "fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy".

By now my daughter and I had become regular lovers. She and I would have sex whenever we got the chance. I had to leave on a buisness trip for a few days and asked her if she would like to come along and see some of the sigths. She was excited about the prospect of taking a trip with me.

We sat out on the trip the next morning. It was going to be an all day drive so she had dressed in some short shorts and a cute little blouse tied just below her tits. As we drove I couldn't help but notice how hot her body had become. After driving for about 3 hours we pulled off into a rest area to stretch out legs and use the restroom. When we walked up to the restroom there was a sign on the door saying they were out of order. Both of us having to go decided to walk off into the woods a little ways and find a spot to go. After a short walk we found a little clearing that was well hidden from the road so she went first. She pulled down her shorts and squatted down and began to pee. The sight of her there more than I could take. My cock sprank to attention almost immediately. After she finished and cleaned up with some wet wipes we got from the car she stood up taking her time pulling up her shorts.

"Okay daddy your turn", she said.

I stepped into the clearing and pulled out my hard cock and slowly began to pee. She walked over to me and said "I never seen you pee before daddy". reaching down she took my hard cock into her hand and began to stroke it slowly while watching my stream of piss slow and eventualy end. "that was fun" she said. I smiled and hugged her and ran my hands over her cute ass. "watching you wasn"t bad either", I said.

After we straightened up we started walking back to the car. As we were walking out of the woods a young couple headed into the woods. They asked "Is there someplace in there where someone can go to get some relief" We poiinted them in the right direction and headed back to the car.

After we got to the car my daughter giggled and asked "you think they having fun too".

"I"m sure they are." I said.

"Daddy I am so horny now. Lets sneek into the woods and see if they are playing around." We walked back into the woods and hadn"t gone far when we heard some moaning and talk coming from the area. We snuck slowly up to the area of the noise and sure enough the couple were naked and going at each other. She was on all fours and he was behind her driving it in her for all it was worth.

My daughter kneeled down behind a bush and I kneeled behind her. Soon I was rubbing my hard cock against her sweet ass. I pushed her shorts down and pushed down my pants and slid into her already steamy wet pussy. As we watched we could see the couple going after it. I could hear the girl saying "fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy". Soon we were matching them stroke for stroke. Suddenly I heard her tell the guy " come on fuck your little slut sister. Fuck my pussy and fill me up." At that moment I felt my cock get harder and felt my balls begin to swell even more. It was a brother an sister fucking and my daughter and I became even more excited.

Sliding in and out of her I flet my cock sliding deep into my little girls pussy and could feel her squezzing it with each thrust. As the action in the clearing got hotter we too were getting hotter. My daughter looked up at me and begged me to fill her also. As the brother and sister went at so did my duaghter and I. Suddenly I heard him tell her he was gonna cum. After a few more thrust he slammed his cock home and began to fill his sisters pussy. She began to cum also begging him for more. I heard her telling him "yeah thats it fill me up with your seed. I want your seed in me big brother. I want your baby in me".

With that I slammed home into my duaghter and suddenly filled her pussy with my own hot seed. She too began to cum when she felt my hot cum filing her up. Shooting deep into her hot fertile pussy. After we finished we cleaned up and watched as the other couple cleaned up and got dressed and left. After they were gone we walked out arm and arm and my duaghter looked at me and smiled. She still had that look in her eyes and I knew she wasn"t finished yet. We stopped just before the edge of the woods and looking around and no one else was around. My daughter decided she wanted to be alittle daring and took off her clothes and walked to the car naked. After we were in the car she pulled on just a tee shirt leaving her shorts off for the drive.

As we drove down the road she got a little hornier and soon was spreading her legs and playing with her little pussy as we drove. The sight of her playing with herself didn"t do much for my frame of mind either. Soon we came up on an 18 wheeler and as I pulled into the fast lane to pass him she giggled and said "I wonder what he will do if he sees me playing with myself". As we pulled along side I slowed and she pulled her t shirt higher so that he could see her pussy. As we passed she got so excited she started cumming. The truck driver tooted his horn in approval of the sight as we pulled ahead.

Later that day we stopped and got a hotel for the night. After we were inside we each showered and then just layed out on the beds naked enjoying the freedom of no clothes.We soon were having fun exploring each other with no interruptions to stop us. As we started fucking she looked into my eyes and said in her soft sexy voice" Daddy I want you to make me pregnant. I want to have your baby." At that point I was in no position to argue. Sliding deep into her I told told her "Whatever you want baby." At that point I slid deep into her erupting with a huge load of fertile cum deep into her belly making her moan with pleasure. We fucked the whole trip each time filling her until she was overflowing with cum.

About: The author of "Daddy I am so horny now" is mousey. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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