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Author: Anon
Published: 19-Feb-06

An evil grin came over her face and she removed all of her clothing as I did the same. We sat there naked for a while looking at each other and listening to my dad snoring in the next room. I slowly laid back and spread my legs...

* * * * * * *

My best friend Jazz, short for Jamsin, left town four weeks ago. Her dad got a fabulous promotion and moved the family to California. I thought my heart would break when she gave me the news. You see, besides being best friends, Jazz and I were lovers and had been fucking each other for the last two years. Even though I was sad when she left, I like knew she had already found some delectable, tanned, blonde California pussy to suck.

But let me go back a bit and tell you how it all began. Mrs. Granger, our neighbor from down the block, had to attend a party given by her office. The problem was her husband was out of town again and usual sitter had the flu and she didn't like have a backup. My mom and she are casual acquaintances, but Mrs. Granger knew her neighbor had a daughter. She called and asked if I could sit on such short notice. I didn't have a date and I did need the extra money she promised for calling so late. All I had to do was be there in case one of the kids woke up and needed something.

Watching television soon put me to sleep. I awoke around 1 a.m. to a very pleasurable feeling between my legs. I had taken off my panties and stuffed them in my purse because I had been playing with myself a little when I got bored. Apparently, I was exposed as she came in. I looked down and saw Mrs. Granger's blonde french roll between my legs. She was like eating the fuck out of my pussy. I was helpless to stop her as a powerful orgasm racked my body.

I let her suck until she had her fill. She stood up, face all wet, looking expectantly. She like asked if she could kiss me. What the hell, I thought, she's kissed my other lips. As I stood, she quickly pulled me to her, jammed her wet tongue in my mouth as she pressed her pussy into mine. Our tongues like battled as she squeezed my ass cheeks. She was doing the same things to me that a guy does when he like seriously wants to fuck me. Man, this lady wanted to fuck! She had me call my mom and tell her that since it was so late, I would be staying over.

She led me to her bedroom and like stripped me down and pushed me gently on top of a beautiful bedspread. I watched in awe as she took the pins from her hair, shook it out sexily and changed from mom to wanton. My pussy began to juice as I watched her remove her clothes and come to me. She was incredibly beautiful and she wanted to fuck me! With a loud moan, she crawled to me. She like spread my legs with her own and fitted her blonde pussy atop my dark one. She entwined our legs, inserted her tongue in my mouth and began to ride. She screwed my pussy as if her life depended on cumming. Needless to say I caught her fire and screwed up as hard as she was screwing down. It was a good thing my tongue was stuffed in her mouth when she came or she would have awakened the kids in the next room. She was like totally out of control with lust.

That lady let me sleep a little while that night, but mostly she fucked and sucked me. It was as if she was like making up for lost time. She taught me how to do her with my mouth as well. Once I did her pussy, I was hooked. I knew I had to have pussy as well as dick in my sex life. The way she made me feel though, pussy was now dominant.

Running next door to Jazz's when I got home, I blurted out what Mrs. Granger and I had done to each other. Jazz began fingering her pussy as I gave her all the juicy details. Fascinated, I watched as her hand moved behind her white panties.

Jazz said that I was like setting her on fire telling her how we ate pussy. She wanted me to show her. She got up and closed her door and pleaded with me to show her. Pleading was totally unnecessary. I was still like on a pussy high as I shoved her back on the back and raised her skirt.

I ate Jazz through those already soaked nylon panties. She pressed my head to her center while raising her hips to my mouth. She moaned in ecstasy as I pulled the panties to one side as Mrs. Granger had instructed me. She said it like drives a woman wild to be fucked with her panties still on. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and like explored her insides. I pulled out, sucked her clit, then dove back in all the while holding those little panties to the side. I kept this up for a long time. When I felt her about to cum, I pulled back, then started all over again. When I finally let her cum, she bucked and thrashed and contracted and gushed on my tongue and was like screaming the walls down.

We still dated guys and even fucked some of them, but mostly we fucked each other. It was so much easier to get some pussy than to get dicked. We fucked right under our parents noses and they marveled at our friendship. When we felt adventurous, we did it in store dressing rooms, in restroom at the school library and in her car on the hill where young lovers make out. Like everything was pussy and pussy was everything.

I remember this one particular time Jazz's family was entertaining both sets of her grandparents. I called her in the middle of it all and told her that I was like really hot right now needed her pussy. She protested, but I insisted. I told her to unlock the kitchen door and I'd sneak up the back stairs to her room. She was to excuse herself in fifteen minutes and come up to let me do her.

I was all over her when she opened the door. She removed only her skirt and panties as I dropped my shorts and pulled off my tee shirt. We kissed deeply, hungrily and fell on her bed together. Jazz grabbed the headboard and brought her pussy to my mouth. I sucked that pussy quick and hard and she came in no time flat. Jazz moved down and settled her naked pussy on mine. Taking hold of the headboard again that slapped the wall as she thrust onto me, we fucked pussy to pussy. Before we came together, she let go of the headboard and we screamed into each other's mouths as we came like really hard. She told me later that her whole family heard the the thumping from downstairs and her mom like came up to investigate. Jazz was adjusting her skirt as she stepped from the bedroom. It was a loose shutter, she told her mom.

After Jazz moved away, I went back to Mrs. Granger when I needed some pussy. My needs were great, believe me. She like obliged me willingly, fucked me in every room of her house, introduced me to a few of her "toys" and taught me a few more tricks. When Mrs. Granger strapped on a dual headed dildo and fucked me, the combination of her thick, hard dick plunging in me endlessly and her exquisitely soft skin over which I ran my hands and her huge breasts pressing into me nearly drove me insane. It like truly does take a woman to love another woman.

Today a moving van drove up to Jazz's old house. As I looked down from my room, I saw two bratty little boys pile out from the car behind. Damn, I thought, no girls. A minute or so later, a little red car pulled up. As I watched to see who would get out, my breath like caught as my pussy tingled. A stunning girl who looked about my age stepped out all blond and gloriously stretching. Then and there I knew I had to make her my friend.

A month later, I'm proud to say, I sucked Heather's sweet blonde pussy for the first. She became hooked, just like Jazz. I had nearby pussy again. Four years later, I made love to her for the last time--on the morning of her wedding day. It was our best ever!

Jen and I hadn't been best friends for very long. We had met when I was in eighth and she was in ninth grade. I had started crushing on her the day I met her. But it seemed like she was too good for me. She blew me off, I was just an eighth grader that she had to see and get along with everyday. She didn't have to be friends with me.

But summer came and I kept in touch with her. We became really close friends by September and I saw her weekly (I visited her after school at her practice on Mondays and she came to my practices on Friday). By the time Christmas came, we were closer than ever. She had told me all her secrets and I told her all of mine, except one. She didn't know that I was a lesbian. But the next month, something surprising happened.

I had gone with her to see a movie. The theatre had business, but not a lot of people. We sat somewhere up near the back where we always did. In the middle of the movie, out of habit, I started to lean to the left. Before I knew it, Jenny was holding my hand. I looked up and saw her smiling at me. She mouthed to me "I like you". I nodded and said "I like you, too".

One thing led to another and we were titled as "lovers". We had to be very careful, both of our parents thought we were just really close friends. We didn't want them to suspect anything and ruin everything. So we kept our "encounters" quiet and somewhat out of the public eye. We would go to movies that we knew not a lot of people would be at.

The first time, we were both somewhat nervous. We started kissing and exploring one anothers upper torso. I sat back in my seat as she fondled my breast and pinched my nipple. Without any warning, she leaned forward and pulled my tank top down. My right tit popped out and she began to lick my nipple. As she licked, nipped and sucked my hard nipple, I felt myself begin to become wet. She worked her way to the other side and did the same. Shortly after that, the movie had ended and we had to leave.

The next time, I made sure that I was wearing "appropriate" clothing for easier access. We started off with the usual kissing and sucking and exploring of one another's breasts and nipples. But this time as we met up and continued to kiss. I don't know if it was me or if she just sensed that I needed to be touched. I became extremely wet and had the urge to touch myelf. I had done so before while on the phone having phone sex with her.

I felt her hand slowly slide into my shorts. I wasn't wearing any under garments, so she figured out that I had already given her permission before she even asked. She began to slowly rub my clit and "feel" my wetness. She continued to circle it and began to move her finger faster and pressed on my clit harder. Without me noticing, my legs had spread apart. I let out a slight moan as she began to move faster.

She slowed down and entered one of her long fingers into my cunt. She started off slow and gentle. I began to beg her for more and for her to go faster. She began to move faster, sliding in and out. She got deeper and I could hear my fluids everytime she came out and went back in. An orgasm began to approach and my legs spread wider and wider apart. I began whimpering and pleading for more. She slowly and easily added another finger. I bit down on my lip to keep myself from groaning too loud and drawing attention from a concerned movie-goer.

Just as felt as though I was going to explode with pleasure, she pushed her fingers into my wet pussy as deep as she could. She touched my walls and wiggled her fingers. She pushed me over the line and I exploxed into orgasm after orgasm. She kept her wiggling fingers inside of me and held me close with her other arm until the orgasm's stopped.

Then she slowly slid out of her seat and kneeled before me. She crawled under my leg that was propped against the chair in front of me and positioned herself between my legs. She ducked her head under my jacket and pulled one leg of my large baggy shorts to the side. She brushed my clit with her hand and she kissed my inner thighs. She slowly worked her way to my pussy. She kissed my lips and spread them apart with her hands.

I could feel her breathing on me as her mouth got closer and closer to my clit. Her mouth engulfed my clit and I went off. She circled, sucked and played with my clit with her tongue. Then she slowly moved down to my cunt hole. She licked it whole, starting from the bottom up to my clit and back down. She quickly darted her tongue in and out of my cunt. I gasped and grabbed the arm rests. She forced her whole tongue into my wet cunt and began to tongue-fuck me.

She kept tongue-fucking me until I came into her mouth. Then she moved back up to my clit and proceeded to suck it. She slid in two fingers and finger-fucked me until I came again. I had multiple orgasms and had been wishing we were alone so I could fuck her with a strap-on.

We left the movie theatre, both equally satisfied. We didn't really have any more sexual encounters for a while. But one weeked in May she came over to sleep at my house for my birthday. We both knew very well what was going to take place that night. We both had hoped we could fuck in the shower or on the dining room table. My parents were supposed to be out for the night.

She came over and we hung out in my room or watched some TV in the family room. My parents came and told us that there was a change of plans and they'd be staying home that night. We were both bummed because we were looking forward to our night of lust. My parents eventually went to bed and we went into my room to talk. I could hear my dad snoring because their room was right next to mine.

I got horny just looking at her and decided it'd be fun to tease her by sitting on her lap (straddling her) and pressing up against her. She knew I played hard to get and no matter how many times I said no, I really wanted her. She got me into a postion in which she was able to pull off my shorts. My light was turned off so she didn't have a good sense of what I was doing or where I was. For about ten minutes she chased me around my room and eventually caught me. She kissed me hungrily and sat while holding me while we both caught our breath.

An evil grin came over her face and she removed all of her clothing as I did the same. We sat there naked for a while looking at each other and listening to my dad snoring in the next room. I slowly laid back and spread my legs...

An evil grin came over her face and she removed all of her clothing as I did the same. We sat there naked for a while looking at eachother and listening to my dad snoring in the next room. I slowly laid back and spread my legs... 'kay. let's see. I slowly laid back and spread my legs, keeping my eyes directly on hers & throwing her a look that said, "You know what I want...". She had complete access to my waiting pussy, and she didn't waste it. She started to kiss my legs, purposely avoiding my slit. I started to whimper for her to fuck me, but to no avail. She trailed up to my mouth with kisses, and gently pressed her lips against mine, whispering, "be patient..." in an irresistably seductive voice. She laid on top of me in just the right position so her clit would just barely touch my own. The feel of her clit against mine just got me wetter, and I thrust my pelvis against hers, trying to get closer. She just stared into my eyes with an evil look and a sly grin, and started moving her hips in time with mine. I heard her breathing get faster, which made me get even more excited, and pulled her closer on top of me, making our breasts press against each other. We were humping each other as fast as we could, and we were both on the verge of orgasm. She bent her head down and started to suck on my neck, still thrusting her hips with mine, her clit brushing harder and faster against my own. Finally, I reached my climax, and dug my fingernails into her back. She pressed her clit hard against mine and arched her back, grinning profusely.

She relaxed onto me & whispered in my ear, "You just aren't very patient, are you". After our orgasms had seceded, she slowly dragged her body down, letting her hands brush down my entire body. I was still wet and horny as hell, and every touch from her made my heart beat faster, and my breathing come quicker. I then felt her lips against my inner thighs, planting soft, wet kisses anywhere she could. She gently sucked and licked, alternating from my left to right leg, slightly brushing against my pussy each time.

I looked down at her and pouted, saying, "you're mean." She simply smiled and replied, "sorry...I didn't mean to..." with an incredibly fake innocent look. As she returned to her kissing, I slid my body down, trying to get her mouth as close to my wet pussy as possible. She finally gave in, and licked the entire length of my cunt. I tensed with the extreme pleasure, and breathed in sharply.

She then spread my lips with her tongue, and sucked each of them once. I then felt her tongue slide into my slippery hole, wiggling and licking inside of me. She thrust her tongue in and out of me as fast and as deep as she could, while her hands gripped and groped at my thighs. She brought her thumb down to my clit and started rubbing. I started to move my hips to get her deeper, and moaned softly. She rubbed my clit faster, and licked me harder, until I couldn't take it anymore. I balled my hands into fists and arched my back, pushing my cunt against her face while she pushed equally as hard back, still licking and rubbing. I felt wave after wave of pleasure pulse through me, making me shudder. I finally collapsed to the floor, drained from the intensity of it all. She licked my juices and sucked my clit once before crawling back up to me with a grin and asking "Tired already".

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