Author: Faye
Published: Jul 4, 2006
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I am usually such a logical, sensible person and yet I found myself being led to this stranger's house and entering into his living room. As soon as we got inside and closed the door he began kissing me passionately again and pulled my blouse off. I reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head as his tongue moved from my mouth down to my tits.

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This story that I am about to tell is completely and utterly true.

I like sex and felt that I was adventurous enough with my sex life. However, all my past partners seemed to be bored with that sex that we had after a while. Therefore I found it hard to keep a continuous relationship going. I found myself just going into bars and picking up a random guy to have sex with, no strings attached. These gave me a moment of pleasure but nothing substantial and I felt frustrated.

One night in mid-June I decided to go out to a club and see if I could pick up any cute guys to have a night of fun with. I got myself dressed-up. I put on my lucky small leather mini-skirt, a white low-cut blouse with no bra, aptly emphasising my large but pert 32D breasts. I also put on tall boots and wore my hair up, with a sexy curl at the front. I left my house, totally prepared for a good night out but I never expected things to go as they did.

I walked into a club and was at the bar eyeing up a possible fuck toy. Then a man caught my eye from across the room. He was wearing dark clothes, and as he looked over to me he flashed a wicked smile and his eyes were full of mystery. I was immediately transfixed and found myself walking over to him.

I started to dance with my new "friend", who was called Jack. We chatted about life, love and sex and I felt him pull me closer on the dance floor. He started grinding his hips into mine and, although I felt a little uncomfortable in case anyone was watching, I couldn't stop myself grinding back. Suddenly I realised how wet I was getting and I could feel Jack's cock pushed against my crotch. I unwittingly started to faintly moan. "You like that then" Jack whispered in my ear in a low, sexy voice that sent shivers up my spine.

I replied with a moan but he pulled away and said, "That's all you're getting for now. I don't want you getting too excited, just yet."

He then pulled my very close and kissed me HARD on the lips. I opened my mouth and his tongue slid inside and started playing with my tongue. I began kissing him passionately, deeply back as, once again, he pulled away. This time though he pulled me off the dance floor with him and outside the club.

"Do you want to come back to my place for a little more fun, my dear" He said in the same husky voice. "I have a surprise for you."

I am usually such a logical, sensible person and yet I found myself being led to this stranger's house and entering into his living room. As soon as we got inside and closed the door he began kissing me passionately again and pulled my blouse off. I reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head as his tongue moved from my mouth down to my tits. He cupped them and made me moan with pleasure as he licked each nipple till it was rock hard and aching. He then started attacking my skirt and gasped when he realised I was not wearing any panties.

"Mmm.you sexy bitch!" He whispered in my ear as I fought with his belt in an attempt to reach his cock. I pulled off his trousers and he pulled away again.

We both stood there, panting, naked, looking at each other. He began walking around me and said, "My, my, my, you look sooo good my little darling." I began to approach him and tried to mount his gorgeous 10" cock that had finally been released.

"Oh no no no! You're not going to get my cock yet darling. No, I have something special in mind for you." I was a little apprehensive as he sat me down on the large sofa but as he spread my legs I couldn't hide my arousal.

"Oh yeah baby! You're so hot and wet. Are you ready for me" He said as he gazed at my shaven pussy which was already swollen and wet. I found myself nodding as he knelt before me, spread my legs wider and pushed two fingers into me. He had rather large hands and began rubbing his thumb against my clit as he finger fucked me and sent waves of pleasure over me.

"More, more!" I screamed as he began pushing a third finger in me. Even though I wasn't sure how much more I could take, I needed something more to be shoved up me. At this point he stopped rubbing my clit and drew his fingers out of me. He reached for the table next to the sofa and produced a bottle of lube. He spread this over his hand and over my pussy lips and shoved his three fingers right back into my cunt. This made me yelp a little but he just cruelly said "Oh, this is only the beginning."

He then began working a fourth finger into me and I was beginning to get a little uncomfortable with him and tried to pull away. "Will you be a good little girl or will I have to tie you down" Jack said in an unfamiliar harsh tone. I was startled and settled back down as he worked four fingers in and out of my pussy. As he worked his thumb in, I yelped again which prompted Jack to start rubbing my clit again.

The feeling was AMAZING! The slight pain/uncomfortable feeling of four fingers invading my pussy mixed with the pleasures produced by my clit. He reached for the lube again and spread it over the rest of his hand. It was then that I realised what he was about to do. Jack was going to try and shove his whole hand u my tight little pussy.

"Jack, no! It won't fit. I don't like this!" I whimpered but in vain, the wicked smile crept over his face again as he began steadily pushing all five fingers into my pussy.

The only part of Jack's hand outside my pussy was the base of the thumb and knuckles. I knew that this would be the most painful part and began to drawn away again but this quickly turned his smile into a frown and I knew that I was going to be fisted whether it was freely of by force. I decided to try and grin and bear it.

"Ready for me my dear" Jack said in a low, cruel tone as he applied more lube and slowly pushed the rest of his hand into my aching pussy.

"AAAAAARRRRGGGH!" I cried as his whole fist slid into my pussy. He was rubbing my clit furiously now and I screamed again as I came. I then looked down and almost came again from the shock and excitement at seeing a mans arm coming out of my tiny pussy.

"What now" I ventured to ask.

"Now I start fisting you." said Jack as an evil smile spread over his face again.

About: The author of "Jack" is Faye. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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