Horny Father

Author: Horny Father
Published: Oct 2, 2006
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Sandie began moving her hand up and down the shaft, 'I said, 'Darling, I'm your Daddy, you're not supposed to do that!' She ignored me and continued, it was delightful and with the best will in the world I couldn't stop her.

I felt my cock start to become heavy as it filled with blood and hung down the left leg of my boxers, I wondered whether Sandie, my daughter, could see it. She was bent over in front of me tying her shoes, her little short skirt revealing her tightly stretched white cotton knickers. As she straightened up she turned and smiled at me, then as her eyes dropped to my groin she said, 'See you after school Daddy,' and blew me a kiss. I groaned inwardly as I could see her bra-less breasts straining against her white school blouse, the nipples executing patterns in the thin fabric.

After she went I picked up the morning paper, Tania, my wife had gone off on a shopping expedition with a friend. However I found that I couldn't read, the sight of my little girl's pussy lips outlined in her thin knickers filled my mind. Ever since she had started to grow up three years ago she seemed to delight in taunting me with her fast developing body. Before Tania and I noticed the first signs of her reaching puberty I had always bathed her, she, even then, liked me to linger over washing between her legs. When I had told Tania about it she laughed, 'Come on darling, she's like every little girl finding that being caressed there is very pleasurable, I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about.' When, however, I felt the first signs of her breasts developing I told my wife that it would be better to tell Sandie that she was old enough to wash herself, 'She's been old enough to wash herself for years!' Tania scorned, 'She wants to feel you doing it, don't be so stuffy!' So on we went and Sandie delighted in me soaping and caressing her breasts as well as between her thighs..... and she grew so quickly. By the time she was twelve she had the makings of a lovely figure and had, no doubt, seen the effect on me of touching her so intimately. I couldn't, after all, help getting an erection each time. She capitalised on this by sitting on my lap after she'd had her bath, she always wriggled around until she felt my cock against the soft cleft beneath her legs.

As she got older she seemed to make a point of displaying her body after I had flatly refused to go on bathing her, consequently I came to know her body , by sight at least, intimately. Her breasts weren't large but they had an excellent shape with lovely little pink nipples, just the sight of them caused me to groan with frustration. Now, at fourteen, she tried hard to show me her vulva, occasionally succeeding. She had inherited her mother's prominent mound and the long, closed lips that divided it, it was so prominent in fact that when she wore a tight skirt it was obvious to anyone who looked. I didn't blame her for displaying herself, Tania told me how proud our daughter was of her body, but I was a little disturbed about her so obviously wanting me to look at it all the time. I mentioned this to Tania but she was unconcerned, 'She loves her Daddy,' she said, 'young girls always want their father's approval,' and dismissed it.Tania and I were very highly sexed and had a frequent and very enjoyable sex life and I came to the conclusion that Sandie had inherited our sexual genes.

I mainly worked from home but often had to go and meet a client and sometimes during the school holidays Sandie came with me. One day that summer, which was a very hot one, I had to go and meet a client and took Sandie. On the way back she suddenly said, 'Daddy, could you find a place where you can stop and I could spend a penny' 'Can't you wait' She couldn't, not only that but she insisted that I had to go with her into the wood close to the layby I had pulled into. Reluctantly I followed her until she found a little clearing off the path and out of sight. She pulled me in after her and immediately hooked down her knickers and squatted down, 'It's alright Daddy, you've seen me spend a penny before,' she said as she started to go. Well. I had, but not for many years. Her pussy looked just like her mother's, except she had no hair at all on it, noy that Tania had very much. The pale straw coloured stream seemed to go on forever, clearly visible between her widely parted legs. I couldn't help getting an erection. I gave Sandie a tissue and she dried herself, pulling her knickers up very slowly, giving me full benifit of her beautiful pussy, 'Your turn Daddy!' she said. I suddenly realised that I was bursting but my cock was hard, 'Oh, don't be so shy, Daddy, after all I have seen one before!' I managed to extract my rampant cock, if you're a man you will know that urinating with an erection is not the easiest of tasks. I strained to go and eventually it started, Sandies eyes were like organ stops, 'Daddy, it's so big!' I had turned away from her but, determined as usual, she had moved to get a good view. She stretched out her hand and wrapping her fingers round the shaft directed the flow. When I was nearly finished I took out a tissue to make sure that I didn't dribble down the shaft. Sandie began moving her hand up and down the shaft, 'I said, 'Darling, I'm your Daddy, you're not supposed to do that!' She ignored me and continued, it was delightful and with the best will in the world I couldn't stop her. Eventually of course I came. Great jets of thick, off-white semen spurted out in front of me. Sandie was astonished, 'Gosh Daddy, is it always like that' 'Yes, it is you naughty girl,' I used a tissue again and insisted that we went back to the car.

Back home I told Tania what had happened, 'That was a bit naughty,' she responded, 'still I don't suppose that it did any harm, every girl needs to know about things like that, better from you than some spotty youth who'd want to shag her!'

And that was the first incestuous occurence between myself and my daughter, I will tell you the rest another time.

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