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Author: Sharon
Published: Nov 25, 2006
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Widowed mother gets to seduce her son - Was it naughty Wrong, perhaps Of course it was, but I had no regrets, I let Marcus fuck me regularly once or twice a week for some months, letting him know exactly what pleased me and what didn't.

When this started I was a 37year old widow, my son Marcus was eighteen. I still had a nice figure and, to be honest, didn't go without, after all I have always been a very sexy woman. I lost my virginity on my sixteenth birthday and have never looked back. I had never looked at Marcus sexually, but one morning when I knocked on his door, and went straight in as usual, I found him lying on his bed naked and masturbating. Whether he had heard me I don't know but he apologised and I said, "It's alright, darling, I don't mind, everyone does it."

I couldn't avoid looking at his cock and it was obvious that he took after his father and had a good sized one. It was still erect as I gazed at it and I found myself becoming aroused. "I must say that's a lovely sight, Marcus," I continued, "what a lovely cock! You take after your father he had a big one too!" Marcus was blushing but, to my surprise, didn't cover up. My nipples tingled and I felt my pussy developing, I moved to the bed, "Can I feel it, darling It looks just like your father's!" He didn't say anything and, as I approached the bed, I reached out and wrapped my hand round the shaft. It was warm and very hard, the glans was slippery with his juice, I began to masturbate him feeling extremely sexy. "Gosh, Mum," he said, "that does feel good, nobody's ever done that to me before." I smiled and leaning over him kissed him gently. I only had my nightie on and his eyes went straight down to my breasts. "Come on then," I said, using my other hand to take his and put it on my breast, "feel Mum's breasts, you're making me feel all sexy!"

He was wonderfully gentle as he caressed me and I felt myself getting moist, "Darling, would you like me to take my nightie off" I asked him. he was beginning to breathe hard, "Yes," he panted, "I've never seen a woman." "Come on then," I let go of him and pulled my nightie off over my head. As I looked at him I could see that his were fixed on my genital area. I got on the bed with him then took his hand and placed it on my pussy, "There, darling, just feel my pussy and I'll tell you how to please me." He caressed the lips and as I grew more aroused and they opened I felt his fingers inside. "Now then, Marcus darling, these are my inner labia, I expect you can feel them swelling and growing, it's nice when you feel them like that. Just there is where the man's cock goes in, just slip your finger in gently and push it in and out, that's it! Mmm, that's so nice! Oh, darling, I'd love you to put your lovely cock in there, but just touch me very, very, gently here." I moved his finger to my clitoris. "Can you feel that little hard bit there" He murmured "Yes." "That's what is called a woman's clitoris and is the most sensitive part, if you can touch a girl there in the right way, you'll almost certainly be able to make love to her!" I went on, "In fact, if you touch me there some more, Mummy will let you put your cock in, would you like that" "Oh yes Mum!" he replied fervently.

He carried on caressing my clit in just the way I told him to and then I knew that I had to have sex with him, "Come on," I murmured, and, spreading my legs, I eased him over me. His cock touched my pussy and I put my hand down and entered it for him, "Go on," I whispered, "push it into me....... Oh! That's lovely darling! That's right, do me, oh, it's so nice!" I held him tightly, my fingers digging into his back, my legs wrapped round his waist. He suddenly realised what it was all about and started fucking me hard, "Oh yes!" I gasped, "Go on, go on!"

He managed about a dozen thrusts before he came, he ejaculated just like his father had done, fiercely and with lots of spunk. Then he flopped on me, gasping for breath, I stroked the back of his head as he calmed down, his cock shrinking inside me. He went to pull out but I said, "No, don't take it out love, you're young, you'll get hard again in a minute then you can do me a lot longer!" Five minutes later he was fucking me again, this time much more controlled and he gave me a lovely time before coming again.

Was it naughty Wrong, perhaps Of course it was, but I had no regrets, I let Marcus fuck me regularly once or twice a week for some months, letting him know exactly what pleased me and what didn't. Then he met a girl and I knew that he had really fallen for her, we did have a talk about it and I told him that he wasn't to have me any more but to give it to his girl-friend. He married her eventually and some years afterwards his wife confided in me one day how good a lover he was. "I owe it all to you," she said, "he told me how you trained him to please a woman and I love it!" "You don't think it was wrong then" I asked. "Probably," she replied, "but he wouldn't be the lover he is if you hadn't shown him how!" and she kissed me with a smile, "Our secret!" she said.

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