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Author: Rich
Published: Jan 25, 2007
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My sister Karen was going on her first date and my wife Kate was concerned as to what she may not know about the facts of life. Being two months past her eighteenth birthday meant she was highly gullible. Kate wanted me to talk to Karen as I was her big brother.

My sister Karen was going on her first date and my wife Kate was concerned as to what she may not know about the facts of life. Being two months past her 18th birthday meant she was highly gullible. Kate wanted me to talk to Karen as I was her big brother. Karen had never had a boyfriend and had confided this with Kate.

I was not prepared to talk with her in the home with all the other family coming and going so I suggested we go into the city together as I needed a new shirt.

When we drove off I told Karen what I wanted to talk to her about, we agreed to go to a park where we could talk undisturbed. Whilst driving I could not help but notice how nice Karen's legs were, Karen was wearing a lemon colored rah rah dress and when seated rose about 5" above her legs, this in itself was getting me aroused. When I had stopped the car, I turned to look at her and she looked so innocent and beautiful with her hair down past her shoulders with lovely brown eyes and breasts firm but unobtrusive. By now my penis was rock hard and thankfully Karen could not see this as my jeans made good cover.

I was about to tell Karen about the ways of the world and what boys are after in a girl when she reached forward and very softly said "I know all about the facts of life and have seen porn films on the telly" I asked her what she was doing watching such stuff on the telly and she told me that she had often watched the porn channels which Dad subscribed to.

She went on to say that she liked the brother and sister films best as they had a certain secrecy and kinky edge to it. Karen told me that many times she had imagined having sex with me and that this had given her a lot of satisfaction.

By now my penis is throbbing and I know what I want to do so I leaned forward and started to kiss Karen who responded very positively. I placed my hand on her leg and started to gently stroke her legs slowly moving higher and higher until I was fingering her pussy, she was so wet and groaning and groaning. Karen had been rubbing my penis from outside my jeans and I had to undo the buttons so that she could gain access. Meanwhile I have managed to get her pants off and am continuing to finger her. I know that soon I am about to screw my baby sister and the thought is driving me wild. I have to recline the seats and push them back as far as possible.

A fantasy thought which I have had many times comes to mind in that I had always wanted to go down on a virgin and I am now thinking that I will never get an opportunity like this again. I manage to maneuver Karen onto the back seat and with the front seat fully reclined (these 4x4's are great for this) its almost as flat as a bed. I have raised her knees and start to finger her again when without warning Karen is having a climax. I start to kiss and lick her legs and they are so soft, this is the difficult bit as I am still fingering her. I remove my fingers and slowly move my head up her legs, I take one final look at Karen and she is looking straight at me with anticipation in the knowledge of what is coming next.

I am now looking straight at he pussy knowing that possibly apart from herself no one has fingered, licked or screwed. I take the plunge and push my face onto her pussy extending my tongue into her. She is so wet and groaning in an excitable way that I can feel myself coming although my penis is not in contact with Karen in any way. I continue to taste her pussy and use my tongue from side to side whilst Karen is pushing my head harder and harder into her pussy.

My whole body is shaking and I need to enter my little sister Karen with my hot throbbing penis before it's too late and I come all over. I raise my head and she looks golden and her face tells a story and that she wants my penis now.

As I shuffle up to mount her I notice her looking down at my penis and her eyes open so wide that she looks up at me and back again at my penis. I know what she is thinking and I know that I am not about to screw her. Karen moves herself around so I am now lying on my back with her on top so to speak. She starts to kiss my chest and moves down to my penis which she takes in one hand and pulls it up straight. She tells me that she has never seen a penis in the flesh let alone touched one before and she starts to masturbate me. The best I can do is to reach down with one hand and stoke her pussy with two fingers.

Karen moves her head down and when she has her mouth by my penis is hesitant for a couple of seconds and starts to kiss the sides and moves her mouth along my shaft using her tongue to moisten. Seconds later she is sucking by ball bag and has them in her mouth. Moving her head and mouth back along the shaft she pulls her head away and takes one final look at my penis before plunging her mouth onto its head and takes at least 5" of my penis. Up and down Karen rocks her head and I can't describe the sheer enjoyment that I am having. After what seems like a couple of minutes Karen comes up for air and I tell her that I need to cum my load inside her before I explode.

Thoughts are racing through my head, here I am with my little sister, I have fingered her, licked her and she has gone down on me and is still a virgin. I need to cum and I need to cum now!!!

Karen returns to sucking my penis and I tell her that I am about to cum. With this she moves her head even faster and I tell her again that I am about to cum my load in her mouth and she starts to groan and I can feel the sweet sensation of my cum running through my penis and entering her mouth as I push my fingers as hard as possible into her pussy as she starts to cum again, still Karen rocks her head and as I look down I can see little spunk being allowed to escape.

Karen is becoming slower and slower and finally removes her head and its here that I learn that she has swallowed most of my spunk as there is very little spunk coming from her mouth.

As I fall back Karen uses her tongue with her mouth and cleans up the remainder of my spunk. I am reflecting on what has taken place over the last half hour and can't believe that I have done everything except screw my little sister. I now see her in a different light and want to have her again and again.

For someone so young she has a lot of experience and she tells me that she has seen a lot of porn on the telly and has a lot of things she wants to try with me. Time is getting on and we won't have time to do much else and as her dress is so creased we will have to pop into town to get her a dress before going home.

Karen went out on her first date but nothing happened, but he did want to have her but she was not having any of it.

Kate and I had the best sex in years that night and I knew she knew that something may have happened between Karen and me. Anyway that was 13 years ago and a lot has happened since coming soon the next installment and how I get my virgin sister!!

Taking My Virgin Sister Part 2

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