Erika Takes a Shower

Published: Oct 1, 2007
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She bent lower to retrieve the cream cheese and I could see the dark curls of pussy hair peeking from around the single thin strip of cloth riding between her ass cheeks and gently cupping the swell of her cunt.

It was a typical late Spring Saturday morning on the Florida Gulf coast, hot, muggy and sunny with a slight breeze coming in off the water. My wife had to work until 3:00 and she had been gone for about an hour or so. I had showered and eaten breakfast and was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. When I heard the thunk from above my head I looked at the clock in the kitchen, 10:30. Erika, our 18-year-old step-daughter, was finally out of bed.

In a few minutes I heard her footsteps in the stairwell as she headed for her morning breakfast of a bagel and orange juice before her shower. She wore her usual nightclothes, not stopping to put on a robe before coming down. In the past year or so this had become the rule rather than the exception with her.

She wore a pair of silk thong panties and an old basketball jersey that a friend had given her, they did nothing to hide the growing woman beneath them. The big arm holes and scooped neck meant for comfort on the basketball court allowed her developing orange sized breasts, with their slightly darker nipples, to sway enticingly into view as she reached into the bread-box on the cabinet.

Let me take a minute to describe Erika. At 18 she had been in gymnastics for nearly 10 years. The workouts, exercise and diet regimens had contributed to a body most men, and women, would kill for. With almond shaped hazel eyes set in a dark complexioned face framed by long dark, nearly black, hair that came up just short of being kinky, there was no denying her Creole heritage.

Erika was all of 5 foot 1 and weighed a whopping 104 pounds. But her relatively small size was beautifully packaged on a 34B-26-36 body set off by what she called her best feature, an ass that rode up high and round and firm, the kind you could set a serving tray on and not worry about it falling off. That gorgeous firm ass gave way to firm well-shaped legs that only a gymnast can develop, the kind every guy wants to have wrapped around him at least once before he dies.

As she reached into the refrigerator for her juice she bent at the waist and the shirt fell away from her front, affording me a tremendous view of her delicious bare ass cheeks and her swaying cone shaped tits. She bent lower to retrieve the cream cheese and I could see the dark curls of pussy hair peeking from around the single thin strip of cloth riding between her ass cheeks and gently cupping the swell of her cunt.

Watching the display of sweet young flesh as it peeked in and out of its hiding places had my full attention as my cock had grown to full hardness and was beginning to work its way from beneath the folds of my robe. This might not have been a problem except for the fact that the table I was sitting at was made of glass and there was no way Erika would miss the sight when she sat down.

I didn't know whether to sit still and hope my erection went away or get up and move to the living room, or better yet back to the bedroom. I didn't want to leave the room and the peek-a-boo display of young teen boobs and ass, but I didn't know what Erika would think if she saw my hard, swollen dick sticking out of the robe. I didn't want her to think I was thinking of her in the wrong way, even if I was. I decided to just sit still and hope that either she wouldn't notice, or that I could will it away.

Soon Erika sat at the other end of the table and I immediately realized this was only going to make the situation worse. She placed one foot on each side of her chair and the jersey rode up exposing the crotch, what little there was of it, of her panties. My dick jumped as I realized I could see more hair and the outline of her slit as the panties slid into her crack. The first three inches of my dick was now sticking out of the robe opening, and Erika saw it.

I continued to act like I was reading the newspaper, but all the time watching for more of her flesh. I saw her eyes widen and flash as she realized my cock was exposed, but she sat where she was and continued to eat her breakfast, never taking her eyes off of me. This was beginning to cause my cock to pulse, forcing a small drop of pre-cum out of the tip.

As I carefully looked over my paper I saw Erika gently run her tongue over her full sweet lips and swallow hard. This brought another pulse and drop from my swollen cock. I knew if we kept this up much longer that I'd have to jack-off, or worse.

I managed to keep from raping Erika while she finished her breakfast, but it seemed like she took an awfully long time to eat that morning. When she had finished eating she came to my chair and as she bent to kiss me on the cheek she gave me a view down the front of her jersey, and put her tits within easy reach.

She then stood up beside me and stretching her arms over her head, causing the shirt to slide inward exposing both of her breasts and up over the top of her panties exposing her firm flat tummy, she said, "I'm going to take my shower, okay But can you pop my back first Daddy"

Erika turned around with her back to me and I stood up from my chair, "Can't we do this after your shower" I asked, knowing that if I popped her back the way she liked it popped there was no way she wouldn't feel my hard-on pressing into her bare ass cheeks.

"Pleeease Daddy, it's so stiff right now," she said.

I didn't know whether she meant her back or my dick, which felt like it might explode, especially if her delicate smooth skin made any contact with the head.

Erika stepped back into me and crossed her arms just beneath her tits. I wrapped my arms around her snuggly and lifted her from the ground, hearing her back pop two or three times as I did so. As I put her back down she began to turn back toward me; my hand slid inside her jersey and cupped her left tit. I softly squeezed and felt the nipple begin to swell before I released her.


"Sorry, I thought it was your arm," I mumbled.

"No, not that. You got something wet on my butt."

She turned back around and there was a trail of wetness across her right ass cheek where the head of my dick had oozed pre-cum on her.

"Oh, well you said you were taking a shower anyway."

"Yeah," she said, and gave me another quick kiss and headed up the stairs.

I put my coffee cup in the sink and headed upstairs to get dressed. I got to the head of the stairs just as Erika came back out of the bathroom. She was naked except for her panties.

"Oops, sorry Daddy," she said, as her left arm went up over her tits. The move pushed her left tit up and over her forearm making the nipple ride over the top of her arm as her hand cupped over her right boob. "I forgot to get my towel," she said as she pulled a towel from the closet and turned to go into the bathroom.

I didn't know what to say. I guess I was too busy taking in the sights to respond. Before I could regain my senses she was in the bathroom and soon I heard the shower running.

I went into my bedroom to relieve the pressure in my cock and to get dressed. I had gotten out of my robe and gotten comfortable on the bed before wrapping my hand around my still hard cock. I began to stroke slowly envisioning everything I had just been treated to by my "innocent" daughter. The pre-cum was beginning to flow and I was just beginning to speed up the strokes when I heard a crash in the bathroom.

I jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom door, pulling my robe closed over my raging hard-on. As I grabbed the door knob and turned I called out, "Erika, are you okay"

The door swung open, it wasn't locked as I had expected. There was Erika, her head covered in lather as the water sprayed her and the foam slid down her sleek body. The cause of the crash was readily evident; the shower curtain was laying half in and half out of the tub, allowing water to flow onto the floor. I barely noticed the curtain though as I enjoyed my first full view of my completely naked daughter since I had stopped bathing her at the age of seven. I had no idea you could get that much hair into one of those thongs.

The rush of cold air as the door opened and my calling her name startled Erika as she stood beneath the flow of hot water. Her eyes blinked open in surprise and shut just as quickly to avoid the flowing lather. She turned as she finished rinsing her hair, giving me a full 360-degree view of her lovely teenage body.

As I stepped across the bathroom toward the tub and the fallen curtain I raised my gaze from Erika's sexy flat stomach and bush to her eyes. "Let's get this back up before the floor is soaked," I said.

I grabbed the curtain rod and began to lift it back into place, then I thought, "You may never get a chance like this again. See how far she'll let it go."

"I need to get in the tub to fix this," I told her.

Erika just looked at me for a moment then stepped toward the back of the tub. "If I turn off the water I'll get cold Daddy."

"Okay leave it on if you want," I told her, "but I'm not going to get my robe all wet. I'll have to take it off. Let me get some shorts."

"No! That'll take too long, just take your robe off. I promise I won't tell anyone Daddy. Just hurry, I'm getting cold."

There was no denying that statement. Her rosy colored nipples were now standing out high, proud and hard. The beautiful little buds must have been at least 1/2-inch long as the water cascaded down her breasts and over the tips.

"God how I'd love to get a taste of that," I thought to myself, not sure if I'd rather, suck on her creamy tits, lick her black-haired pussy or fuck her until my cock fell off.

I handed the curtain rod to Erika and turned to remove my robe. My erection was still in full flight, egged on by the display of soft young curves.

"Please hurry Daddy."

I slipped the robe off and hung it over the towel rack on the wall. I wasn't sure how Erika would react when I turned around and she got a full view of my hard-on. I took a breath, "Well here goes," I said to myself and I turned back toward the shower and my cold, naked daughter. I'm not one of those guys with some eight or ten-inch monster, in fact my cock is probably a little short of average length, it's only about 4-1/2 or 5- inches long, but it is also almost 6-inches around. What I lack in length I make up for in girth.

I raised the curtain over my head and stepped closer to Erika as I put it outside of my body and raised it into position to put it back in place. I took another step back, full into Erika as I felt her tits press into my back, the hard nipples nearly burning a hole in my flesh.

What should have taken about two minutes turned into a 15-minute job. Erika was right beside me the whole time and, believe me, it wasn't easy to keep my mind on what I was trying to do while looking at her nude form.

When I finished getting the end closest to the showerhead in place I told her to go ahead and finish her shower while I got the curtain back into place. While I dicked around putting it up, then letting it slide down, unscrewing the end a little too much then trying again, only to fail again Erika was under the spray soaping and scrubbing herself.

I could only imagine how great it would be to be that cloth. Watching intently as it slid over her soft, firm breasts and down between the strong thighs to the slit of her cunt and into the moist pink lips hidden behind the thick, black hair covering her mons and trailing back towards her asshole.

By the time she was ready to turn the water off my cock was harder than ever. As she turned the shower off and reached for her towel I finally got the shower rod back into place. We stepped from the tub at the same time. Erika softly wiping and toweling her breasts with the towel, me with nothing to dry with and a stiff dick bobbing in front of me.

By now my cock had been hard for what seemed an eternity, shrinking only a little at times before springing back to life. All of the wetness on my cock wasn't from the water as I continued to ooze pre-cum. I stepped into the hall and grabbed a towel, quickly stepping back into the bathroom and closing the door.

The size of the room didn't leave us very much room for maneuvering as we both toweled off. Erika raised her leg and put it on the toilet seat, bending slightly forward as she dried the inside of her leg. I turned slightly and my semi-hard cock slapped across her right ass cheek.

"Sorry," I said, "I didn't realize you were so close."

"That's okay," she responded. "Daddy, can I ask you something"

"What Erika."

"You sure have been hard for a long time, why"

"Why do you think" I asked back.

"Is it my fault"

"No, my dick is always hard like this. Yes it's your fault."

"You walk around here in that jersey that shows more than it covers, with thong panties that barely cover your hairy twat, and none of your butt. Every time you lean one way or the other those delicious looking boobs of yours are exposed. But believe me I'm not complaining, in fact I wouldn't have any other way. That is unless you'd rather be like this all the time." I told her as I smiled and let my hand go between her legs and slide gently up the inside of her raised leg until it touched her pubic hair.

The touch of her pussy hair was like electricity. I involuntarily jerked my hand back, but only an inch.

"Daddy, you shouldn't do that, it makes me tingle inside."

"You don't like the way it feels," I asked.

My right hand had slipped around her waist and was gently cupping her tit, stroking her nipple to hardness while my other hand slid over her hair covered mound.

"No... I mean yes, it feels good, but it's making me wet," she sighed as my middle finger split her pussy lips and began to slide into the hot, moist center of this beautiful teen.

"I'll stop if..."

"No Daddy, don't stop, it feels good."

My finger was now pumping in and out of her tight little pussy as my palm rode back and forth over her clit. My other hand was busy pulling on her nipple and squeezing her tit. Standing behind her like I was my cock was pushing into her ass cheek, throbbing and leaking, leaving a sticky trail of pre-sum with each movement of hers or mine.

I knew I had her, she wasn't going to stop anything now.

"We'd better stop," I said as I began to slip my finger from between her honey-coated lips. "Your mom could catch us, and this isn't a very comfortable position for either of us anyway."

I slid my finger out of her hole and ran it across her lips before putting it in my mouth to savor the flavor of her tight young cunt. She licked the dew from her lips and looked over her shoulder at me, "Please Daddy, do it some more, please. We can go to my bedroom, or yours or the living room, just please don't stop yet."

She reached behind her and for the first time her hand came in contact with my cock. If she touched the head it would explode. I knew there was no way I could control the jism I felt boiling in my balls. Her fingers wrapped gently around the shaft and slid up and down before she squeezed tighter, "Pleeeease..."

"If you're sure, your mom gets off at three. That gives us a little time before she'll be home. I mean if you're really sure"

Erika squeezed and pumped my dick again causing a big gob of semen to escape from the piss slit. She continued to pump and squeeze causing more of the precum to seep from the end as we left the bathroom and walked toward her bedroom.

I knew I couldn't fuck her, we never had condoms in the house (my wife was fixed), and Erika wasn't on the pill, yet. But that didn't mean I couldn't taste that sweet pussy and maybe teach her how to suck me off. I mean, on top of everything else Erika has a mouth that is made for sucking cock. Full rich, red lips that just invite long, deep kisses and oral sex.


This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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