Sleeping Sister Sex - Part 2

Published: Dec 14, 2007
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Sona is an absolute firecracker in bed. Sure we loved each other, but there was more. We always felt the need impress each other. For example, she tried all kinds of things with the hair on her pussy.

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Sona is an absolute firecracker in bed. Sure we loved each other, but there was more. We always felt the need impress each other. For example, she tried all kinds of things with the hair on her pussy. I really enjoyed the time she asked me to shave her. It was an unusual request because she generally got a bikini wax.

I was sitting on my bed reading the latest T3 magazine. From the corner of my eye, I saw her undress. She grabbed some stuff from the table and walked over to me. In her hand was a vial of shaving oil and a razor. They fell from her hands as she mounted me.....her fingers ran through my hair and fell in a choke hold around my neck. She arched her back a bit and slowly began to rub her warm pussy on my stomach and belt buckle. I could feel the bristle of cunt hair, and hear her moan in my ear. I felt blood in my cock and the rush of fantasy in my mind. The sticky feeling told me she was getting off. She stopped and took off my cargo shorts. She turned around, raised her ass in the air and hugged my legs. I took the shaving oil and sprinkled a few drops around her asshole before rubbing it into her pussy below. The time was about half ten on a Saturday morning. Her flesh was glittering; fine hair looking blond in the sunlight. I looked at her and didn't know what to do. The sight overwhelmed me. I hit the pause button and fantasized a while; I wanted to put my cock in; I wanted to suck her cunt; I wanted to bite it; I wanted to pour cream there and dip strawberries in it; I wanted to take a tiny sprout, put the seed in her anus and take a picture; I wanted to be a wasp and sting her clitoris; I wanted to tie her up and tickle her with a feather; I wanted two cocks so I could fuck her in the pussy and ass at the same time. Phew! I got carried away there. Now, back to what happened. I'm starin at her feisty lookin ass with those thick bacon like labia sticking out from the middle of the mound.

My cock was rock hard and poking into her stomach. She started sucking on my toes; it felt like a blowjob rendering me master of 11 penises. I slowly and carefully proceeded to shave her cunt (the underside only). It felt great to see the skin bounce back hairless with every glide of the razor. Her pussy was wet and looked like the cross section of a hot jam donut. As I held the razor, insane thoughts flew through my mind. In the pause, she looked back and could almost read my thoughts. With a smile she said "I'm yours! do anything to me". At that moment, I wanted to shaft her with my cock....drawing blood was a fading thought. Job done, I put the razor away... she squashed my cock onto my stomach and rubbed it with her cunt. With every stroke, I saw her pussy and anus stretch with the friction from her clitoris on the underside of my cock. I got hard FAST. She then let my cock stand erect while basting it with slow strokes of her smooth n wet cunt. This time, there was no friction.... It felt like sliding in KY jelly. As she got faster, I saw her asshole pucker in the upstroke. I knew she came once because of the sheer increase in volume of juices; like when you wring a wet towel. That got me so horny......I came.... I saw the semen shoot in the air and fall on her ass.... There were white dots right down her lower back. The thick cum was concentrated around her anus. My cock was slowly shrinking down to rest on my stomach. She turned around and sucked my cock hard again. She then took my cum and rubbed it into her asshole. Then, took support from my chest to slowly guide my cock slowly in. This position showed off her beautiful shaved pussy. I knew it was tough for her to accommodate my thick cock in her pussy, but for some reason, she found it easier in the ass. I found it incredibly warm like a hot towel wrapped around my cock. As she rode me up and down, I saw that clam like pussy jiggle. I felt like I was waist deep and sinking into a tub of honey....incredibly turned on....another flash in my mind and I could see my self dangling over the abyss of lust; the strength in my arms weakening with every thrust; bringing me closer to that almighty eruption. She was VERY GOOD at sensing when I was about to cum. I didn't have to say anything. I must have blown a valve in my cock coz I couldn't feel the spurt of ejaculation. It felt like I sprayed it all in one go. I took my cock out and looked at her ass. There was a white ring of jizz converging into a white pea around the ring of her pulsating anus.

I leaned over and kissed her. We spooned for a while. She held onto me like a lover. There was something so familiar about her; I had almost forgotten she was my sister. Our bodies have the same scent. We both have the same kind of hair. She just looks so gorgeous and feminine. Her eyes are the best thing about her. She has a beautiful way of looking at people; to be the object of her gaze is one of the most valuable things in this world. Here's to you sis!

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