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A Holiday in Paradise Chapter 3

Author: Mike Ringer
Publish Date : Mar 11, 2008
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Luis could feel his mother's massive breasts against his chest as she hugged him and felt a stirring in his loins that he hoped his mother would not notice. Isabel looked at him and kissed him lightly on each cheek in turn and then on the mouth. Luis was highly confused. His mother was turning him on while his father was sat a few feet away.

* * * * * * *

Sometimes it seems as if fate and coincidence conspire to make one believe that life may well be pre-ordained.

On the same day that Jim Junior had followed Lindsay, Isabel Fernandez, the mother of Luis and Anna Maria, was gathering the laundry together. She sighed as she looked in the half empty basket, and carried it through to Luis room where sure enough his clothes were strewn all over the floor. 'Boys' she said to herself before muttering 'I expect Anna Maria's room is no better' to nobody in particular. As she gathered Luis clothes she noticed a light stain on his underwear. Looking around, she raised them to her nose and took a quick sniff, inhaling the unmistakable tang of his sperm. She smiled to herself. Isabel was no prude - Spain was changing rapidly into an ultra modern economy and Isabel and her husband Fernando, as owners of a large property company, considered themselves among the vanguard of this push to modernity. At her mother's insistence she had sent Anna Maria to the convent school where the family's girls had traditionally been educated but recently had been regretting her decision - Anna Maria seemed so innocent, too innocent she told herself, for modern life. Luis had attended a private Catholic school as well but he always appeared to be a bit more worldly wise than his sister and Isabel had found carelessly scattered love notes and the odd girlie magazine in the past hidden in his room which she took as a healthy introduction to the outside world.

Isabel rose and picked up the basket in a graceful movement, supporting it against her hip and walked down the landing to Anna Maria's room, straightening her hair in the mirror as she passed. She was a truly beautiful woman, a high born Madridista with perfect pale olive skin that covered a fine, almost aristocratic, bone structure. People who did not know her could be intimidated but Isabel was an open, warm and friendly person who was a joy to be with. In looks, Luis more closely resembled his mother with her big brown eyes and full sensuous lips and curly hair. She was a slightly stockier build than Anna Maria but had maintained her stunning figure through regular exercise and healthy eating. The men who worked for Fernando would compare her to a young Sophia Loren or Racquel Welch although the description was not entirely accurate as neither of these film star beauties could boast the 40 inch breasts of Isabel. They had been a source of embarrassment to her at first due to the amount of attention they attracted, but as her confidence grew she accepted them and then positively liked the effect she could get when acting flirtatiously.

Anna Maria's room displayed a similar mess to Luis' although her daughter had at least put her dresses on a hanger. As she gathered Anna Maria's panties she noticed a similar staining to Luis's and a quick sniff indicated the same source. Isabel's heart missed a beat - the family were isolated here at their summer villa and she was aware of how much time her son and daughter were spending together. Her thoughts span wildly as she turned Anna Maria's knickers in her hands, picturing Luis and Anna Maria together, and was amazed to find herself more than slightly aroused at the prospect. She began to rub her breasts through her blouse while sniffing the soiled underwear and then slid her hand down to hike up her short skirt. A voice on the staircase interrupted her thoughts and she shoved the remaining clothes in the basket and returned to the landing. The voice belonged to Graciela, Isabel's youngest child who had turned 12 the previous month. 'Mummy, do you know where my sunglasses are' she asked. 'I think they are on your dressing table darling' Isabel replied. Graciela hurried to her room and after a few incomprehensible mumbles returned clutching the sunglasses, and hurried outside. Isabel watched her go and smiled. She felt so lucky to have three such beautiful children and in some ways Graciela could be the most beautiful of all having the slim build of Anna Maria but the facial features of herself. Graciela had sprouted early and was already out of training bras and into a 32B - she seemed so much older than some of her contemporaries and Isabel could only wonder what she may look like at full maturity. She suddenly wondered whether Graciela was included in Luis and Anna Maria's games and hurried to her little girl's bedroom, breathing a sigh of relief when no tell tale signs were discernible on her underwear.

Isabel went downstairs to the utility room to put the laundry on to wash and then walked to the front of the house where her husband Fernando had his study. Although business was slow during August, Fernando still had to attend to his e-mail and the few projects that were still progressing during the traditional holiday month and was putting the finishing touches to a quote for a new development due to start in the Autumn. He looked up as Isabel entered the room, clicked on the send button and powered down his laptop. 'Hi darling' he said, 'I was thinking that we might go out on the boat this afternoon, what do you think'. Isabel crossed the room and kissed her husband on the forehead. 'That would be lovely' she said 'but I need to speak with you about.....well.....this is a little difficult'. Fernando pulled up a chair for his wife and Isabel sat down. Fernando clasped her hands in his and she looked into his eyes. How handsome he was she thought and how like Anna Maria in looks. Fernando had swept her off her feet before they were married. He was already a successful business man and a keen tennis player but it was his love of the finer things in life - music, food, wine and the whole social scene that attracted her to him as much as his looks. He was still a keen tennis player and sportsman and was fitter than many men ten years his junior. 'What is it darling' said Fernando searching her eyes for what might be troubling her. She took a deep breath, 'I think that Luis and Anna Maria are sleeping together' she said. 'What makes you think this' said Fernando feeling his throat get a little tight. 'Both their underwear is stained with come' she said 'I am sure I am not mistaken'. Fernando looked at her and ran his hands through his hair. He knew that his wife was level headed and not given to flights of fancy and paranoia. 'Do you want me to speak to them to get to the bottom of this' said Fernando calmly 'are you sure that they haven't met anybody else'. 'Of course I can't be completely sure' said Isabel 'but there is hardly anyone around here, certainly of their age...and they spend so much time together'. 'I think we should both speak with them' she continued. 'I think we should try and plan what to say' said Fernando 'what are your thoughts'. In matters concerning the children he nearly always deferred to his wife....some habits die hard. 'I'm not sure' said Isabel quietly. 'This is most unlike you' he said kindly, continuing to search her face for her true feelings and noticing her blush. 'Does the thought of this turn you on' he said slowly. Isabel blushed brighter - she couldn't think of anything else to say but 'yes'. 'Would you like to make love to our handsome son as well' he continued with no edge or anger in his voice as if he were merely enquiring about the weather. 'I don't know....I mean, oh Fernando yes' she said. 'Please don't be angry, its not that I don't love you and you know how much you turn me on in bed, but ever since I made this discovery I can't get the idea out of my mind even though it is wrong'. Fernando rose and hugged her, 'and for the last few minutes all I can think of is Anna Maria' he whispered in her ear.

'I must change' she said quickly and hurried upstairs. Fernando laughed, looking at himself in the mirror. He was dressed in neatly pressed chinos and a fine short sleeved shirt, 'I'll do' he said to himself. When Isabel returned, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. She was wearing a lightweight scarlet silk blouse that was tailored perfectly to her form with the top 3 buttons undone, revealing her cleavage. He knew she must be wearing a gently underwired bra beneath, as this had lifted her large breasts and made them appear even larger as they strained the silk to bursting point. Her short black skirt hugged her hips, revealing the faint outline of the suspender belt that was holding up her sheer black stockings and the ensemble was finished off with black slingbacks with a heel that had pushed her calves into an incredibly sexy shape. Isabel did a quick twirl, pleased with the effect on her husband.

At that moment, they heard Luis and Anna Maria enter the courtyard and made their way to the living room to meet them. 'Can I speak to you both for a moment' said Fernando. 'What is it father' said Luis. He caught sight of his mother and did a double take - 'you look..... fantastic' he said , realising that his words didn't do her justice but also realising that the words that would were not usually associated with your mother. Anna Maria stood slightly behind her brother 'is anything wrong' she asked. 'I will not mince words' said Fernando 'are you two screwing each other'. The children were shocked by their father's directness but it was clear to him from their expressions that they were. Luis answered in a roundabout way, explaining how they had met a girl on the beach and how one thing led to another....and well....yes he had made love to his sister. Luis waited for the storm to come, his head bowed. Fernando put his arm around his son's shoulders, 'I think you should wear a condom until we can get Anna Maria on the pill' he said 'that's if Anna Maria agrees'. The two children were now in a greater sense of confusion. 'Come here Luis' said Isabel and hugged him to her. Fernando cuddled Anna Maria and the two of them sank on the sofa with Anna Maria on Fernando's lap. 'Do you mean that papa' she said. 'Of course I do' he replied gently and kissed her on the forehead. 'Thank you papa' she replied as she leaned back into his arms.

Luis could feel his mother's massive breasts against his chest as she hugged him and felt a stirring in his loins that he hoped his mother would not notice. Isabel looked at him and kissed him lightly on each cheek in turn and then on the mouth. Luis was highly confused. His mother was turning him on while his father was sat a few feet away and he was not quite sure how to react. Isabel resolved that dilemma by taking his hands and placing them on her tits. Luis began to rub her mounds gently, feeling her thick nipples harden through the thin fabric. In the mirror behind his mother he could see Anna Maria on his father's lap and as he watched, his father's fingers began rubbing his sister's thigh while she watched her brother with rapt attention.

Luis began to feel a bit more comfortable with the situation and started to explore a bit further, tweaking his mother's nipples through her blouse and kissing and licking the sensitive areas of her neck and behind her ears. Isabel's breath was coming quicker as she started to unfasten his shorts, she had not imagined that her son would be such an expert and assured lover. Luis watched as she pulled his hard cock out and began to stroke the shaft as he undid the buttons of her blouse, slowly removing it.

Her tits were barely contained in her low cut black lace bra, threatening to spill over at any moment and Luis thought he had not seen anything so sexy in his whole life. She took a step back from him and unfastened her bra, returning to let him remove the garment. Her heavy breasts spilled out to meet his gaze and he returned to caressing them, moving his head down to take the huge, engorged nipples into his mouth. Isabel moaned as his tongue played with them. Luis was gently sucking each breast into his mouth in turn and she could feel the dampness grow in her panties.

While this was going on, Fernando had been stroking Anna Maria's thigh, gradually working his hand higher towards her panty covered mound. As he neared his goal, Anna Maria opened her legs to allow him access to her treasures. Fernando used one hand to unzip Anna's little summer dress while running his fingers up and down her sweet cleft, feeling the growing moisture through her knickers. Anna Maria slid out of his lap to ease the dress off and turned to face her father. Looking coyly at him, she undid her bra and removed it, sliding her hands round to cover her breasts. Fernando smiled at her teasing, becoming rock hard as his young daughter gyrated slowly in front of him while squeezing her tits, closing her eyes as the sensations started to overwhelm her. Sliding her hands slowly downwards over her body she hooked her thumbs in her panties, and turned round again, offering him a delicious view of her tight little ass and pussy as she pulled the panties down her legs. Stepping out of them she turned to face her father again giving him a full view of her dense bush. Anna Maria was now in control - sitting astride her father she undid his shirt and played with the hair on his chest while rubbing his nipples. Fernando leant slightly forward to let Anna remove his shirt, and closed his eyes as she moved downwards to his groin. She undid his belt and pulled his trousers and underwear down in a single movement, his big stiff cock bobbing inches from her face. Anna Maria covered it in kisses and then slowly, inch by inch, began to feed it into her hungry mouth.

Luis knelt in front of his mother and ran his hands down her skirt, the feel of the suspender belt beneath exciting him further. He undid the button at the waist, pulled down the short zipper and with a wiggle of Isabel's hips the skirt dropped to the floor. He took a moment to feast his eyes on these new delights. Her stockings were edged at the top with scalloped lace and her tiny pale blue silk panties barely covered her sex. Luis kissed the panties, inhaling her scent and pushing the fine silk into her slit. Isabel gasped, lay down on the floor in front of him and raised her bottom allowing him to remove the tiny garment. 'Oh my god' he exclaimed as he saw his mother's shaved pussy for the first time. Isabel had shaved all the hair from around her sex, just leaving a small patch at the top and her prominent , thick outer labia glistened with her juices, unfurling as she spread her legs wide.

Anna Maria was sucking her father deep into her throat, circling his mushroom shaped head with her tongue, impersonating the technique of a porn starlet she had seen on a DVD that Luis had shown her the previous night. Fernando wondered how his young daughter had suddenly become so wanton but any reason was overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure her mouth was giving him. Anna Maria raised her face to kiss him and as he explored her mouth with his tongue he rose, gathered her in his arms and put her down on her hands and knees next to Isabel & Luis. Fernando knelt behind her, exploring her fragrant pussy with his tongue while his experienced fingers gently probed her hole and massaged her clit.

Luis was rubbing his mother's slit, working two fingers into her wet pussy and finger fucking her. His tongue joined his fingers, searching out her erect clit and sucking it gently into his mouth. Isabel was grinding her pussy into his face, her hands kneading her huge tits and pulling hard on her big, sensitive nipples. A massive orgasm ripped through her body 'Luis oh baby, that feels so good' she cried. 'Ah you're making me cummmmmm' she moaned as she came again. Luis shifted position and guided his cock towards his mother's mouth. Isabel lapped at it greedily as Luis continued fingering her, playing with her clit.

Anna Maria was moaning as well, the pleasuring of her father heightened by the presence of her brother and mother making love next to her. Fernando knelt behind her and guided his stiff cock to the entrance of her dripping pussy. She relaxed her pelvic muscles to allow his big prick to enter her smoothly and matched his thrusting motions so that he was soon buried into her up to the hilt, his large balls slapping her ass at each downward stroke. Anna Maria felt her climax building and abandoned herself to it, bucking her hips wildly as her father rammed his cock as deep as it would go. After a further 10 minutes of shafting his little girl he withdrew and smeared some lubricant on his cock.' What are you doing, Anna gasped' 'please put it back'. Fernando stroke her hair and, putting a large blob of the lubricant on to his fingers, began to work it into her ass. Anna Maria tensed slightly as she guessed his intention. She had enjoyed the sensation when Luis and Lindsay had fingered her anus but she was slightly nervous about shoving anything bigger up there. 'Be gentle papa' she said 'I haven't done this before'. Fernando comforted her and promised he wouldn't hurt her as he placed the tip of his well lubricated cock against the tiny puckered opening. Anna Maria felt him push into her and relaxed as best she could by exhaling. She felt him enter her and gently push into her before withdrawing most of the way and thrusting again, a little deeper this time. Anna Maria bit her lip as his big cock stretched her little virgin asshole causing some pain even though he was well lubricated. Gradually she found it easier as his dick opened her up and began to take pleasure from his fucking motion, moving her ass back against him to get more of him into her. Fernando moved deeper and deeper until he was completely into her and Anna Maria buried her face in the carpet as he fucked her ass. 'Oh daddy, daddy ' she moaned as another orgasm overtook her. Fernando felt his balls tighten and realised that his own was not far away. He speeded his motion, feeling his cock pulsing and shot wads of spunk deep inside his daughter. Anna Maria felt her insides being hosed by his hot come and had another orgasm as she collapsed onto the carpet.

Isabel had been sucking on her son's cock, her expression one of pure lust, and playing with him, gently running her fingers between his ball sack and his asshole that she was gently probing with her finger. Luis felt he could not stand too much more of this without exploding in his mother's hot mouth so he changed position again and plunged his dick into her soaking wet pussy. Isabel moaned in ecstasy as her son fucked her hard and deep, relishing the raw energy that came from a young man and fingered her own clit to heighten the pleasure. After pumping away for some time, Luis body was slick with sweat from the exertion. He paused, grinding his cock into her and then put her on her hands and knees in the same position as Anna Maria. Using the tube of lubricant, Luis copied his father and fingered Isabel's ripe asshole, getting her ready for his weapon. Isabel relaxed and prepared to enjoy her son - this was one of her favourite positions and was one that she and Fernando had only worked into their lovemaking fairly recently. She felt Luis place the tip of his cock at her entrance and relaxed. He was surprised and how smoothly he entered her tight tube, gently pumping at first before becoming more vigorous as his mother encouraged him. 'Fuck my ass, fuck it deep, oh Luis fuck me' she wailed. The sound of his mother using this language spurred him on even more and he increased his pace. Isabel could not believe her son's stamina and power as he pumped her for what seemed like ages at a fast pace. She came again with a loud moan and felt his cock begin to pump. Luis withdrew his prick with a popping sound and pushing his mother on to her back, shoved his dick into her mouth and filled it with his hot jizz.

Isabel gulped it down, relishing the salty taste mixed with the tang of her own ass and fingered herself to another climax.

The four of them lay on the floor, cuddling each other and recovering from their exertions. Anna Maria kissed her mother who was lying next to her and began to play with her big tits. Fernando watched entranced as his young teen daughter introduced his wife to the delights of lesbian sex, licking at her tits and shaven pussy, making her come before shifting into a 69 position. Fernando watched closely as Isabel tasted pussy for the first time, licking tentatively at first before plunging her tongue in and around her daughter's sweet little cunt, fixing on her clit and speeding her to orgasm.

Anna Maria was plunging three of her slim fingers into her mother's wet pussy and sucking at her prominent clit, bringing her wave after wave of forbidden pleasure. The two men were soon hard again and joined the action, this time with no particular partner and left both women satisfied. Anna Maria wanted to see Luis and her father suck each other's cocks and felt they could hardly refuse after her display. Luis took his father's dick in his hand, slowly stroking the shaft and enjoying the strange sensation before finally using his mouth to bring him off. Fernando was surprised at how much pleasure he took from this and moved between Luis legs stroking his cock firmly before deep throating him to a climax.

No one noticed Graciela as she slipped away from her hiding place and went to her room. The little girl was shocked but also aroused by what she had seen and as she undressed and lay on her bed she began to explore her body in the way that she had seen her parents and siblings do. Her fingers started by travelling over her small, immature breasts playing with her sprouting nipples which hardened at the touch. Finding this pleasurable she gently squeezed them and pulled at them sending little shockwaves travelling down to a spot between her legs. Graciela closed her eyes and continued to play with her tits, relishing the new sensations and forgetting her unease at what she had seen downstairs. Her hands travelled downwards towards her pussy, newly covered in a luxuriant growth of dark pubic hair, towards the thin lips that peeped out from beneath the curls. Graciela rubbed her finger gently along her slit, not feeling much at first. She increased the pressure slightly and her finger started to move inwards, up and down, up and down. She made contact with her little clit and jumped. 'Oh' she exclaimed and moved her fingers back to locate the source of this pleasure once more. The more Graciela explored her young pussy, the wetter she became and found that it was easier and more comfortable to move her fingers in deeper. She started to finger fuck herself, grazing her clit, following the movements she had seen Luis perform on her mother and writhed in pleasure at her touch, stifling her moans in fear of discovery as she approached her first orgasm. When she came it felt as if her head exploded and she sank back into the bed, out of breath. Looking at her dressing table she noticed her hairbrush with a round bulbous end on its slim handle and picked it up. She played this across her body before arriving at the entrance of her tight virgin pussy. Opening her legs wide she pushed at her tight little hole, feeling it expand to contain this new invasion and gently rotating the brush head to screw it into her pussy. With a plop the head entered her and she gasped in pleasure, slowly moving it in and out of her quim, feeling it stretch her tight little love tunnel. She got a few inches in and could go no further as she moved the brush against her virginity. She steeled herself and moved deeper, taking her own cherry in the process and slowly brought herself to another climax, the brush head slurping in her pussy as she pumped it back and forth. She whimpered as she came, alerting Isabela who was passing by on her way to have a shower. She could see Graciela through the slightly opened door pleasuring herself, and realised that her youngest daughter had probably seen their lovemaking. She was apprehensive - Graciela was so young but was entranced by the joy on her face as she discovered her body. As Graciela withdrew the brush and licked at her juices from the handle, Isabela backed away and left her daughter to her reverie.

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