My Persuasive Aunt

Author: Danny
Category: Incest & Taboo Stories
Published: Mar 19, 2008
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Looking back over the years, it's difficult to believe how innocent I was when I went away to college. I stayed with my aunt Pam and her family. I'd had almost no sexual experience - just the odd snog and fumble.

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Looking back over the years, it's difficult to believe how innocent I was when I went away to college. I stayed with my aunt Pam and her family. I'd had almost no sexual experience - just the odd snog and fumble.

It wasn't long before I really started to notice aunt Pam in a sexual way. She was tall and, while certainly not fat, she was nevertheless well built. She usually wore a polo-necked top that accentuated her more than ample bosom, and a knee-length skirt - often pleated tartan. On the odd occasion I would get a glimpse of a lacy slip hem and, even more occasionally, a glimpse of stocking top as she sat on the sofa. Wherever she went, aunt Pam wafted a wonderful scented aroma that set my heart pounding. And, as she walked around the house, her clothes would rustle in the most evocative way. Many's the morning I lay in bed, with my cock in my hand, just listening to aunt Pam rustling around the house getting uncle Dan and the boys away to work and school. By the time she brought me a cup of tea, I'd usually long since shot my load into a tissue.

Eventually, the last day of term came around. I had to get up, pack and go home for the summer vacation. Aunt Pam brought me my morning cup of tea as usual, but this time she stayed and sat on the bed. She had an unusual glint in her eye - almost wicked - and I couldn't quite figure out what was going on - until she leaned forward and kissed me! For a moment, I couldn't be sure that I wasn't dreaming. I don't know how many times I'd seen this in my fantasies. Then she slipped her hand under the bedclothes and found my, by now, rock hard cock. We continued to kiss as she worked her hand slowly up and down - wanking me - racking my body with spasms of ecstacy.

Then she sat up again, still keeping hold of my cock. I put my hand on her knee and then slid it up her skirt. The nylon of her stockings felt warm and smooth on my fingertips, and her slip was cool against the back of my hand. I reached the top of her stocking, held taught by a suspender, and I explored that fascinating boundary between nylon and cool flesh. She pulled the bedclothes back so she could see my hardness and her hand began to pump more quickly. My hand continued along her suspender until it reached her knickers. At that moment, she moved her legs apart. As if by magic, her suspender lifted the leg of her knickers half an inch clear of her thigh and my hand found its way onto her lightly furred pussy.

She wanked me ever more urgently as my fingers moved down into her gusset, which was moist with her juices. I found her slit and followed it down with one finger. I didn't know enough to know how to pleasure her clitoris but moved on until my finger eased into her delightful warm, very wet vagina. As I worked my finger in and out, I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I knew I couldn't hold on very long. I said, "Aunt Pam, if you keep that up, I'll make a mess", to which she replied, "That's just what I want silly!" With that, I just let loose. Spunk erupted from my cock, arcing up and onto my chest. Aunt Pam just kept pumping and I kept shooting - it must have been a bucket load.

We kissed as she coaxed the last drop from my spent cock. Then, as she got up and straightened her clothes she said, "I just thought I'd make sure you'd come back to us next term." I tell you - wild horses couldn't have kept me away!

About: The author of "My Persuasive Aunt" is Danny. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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