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Me and Mom Part One


Author: Rowdy
Published: 12-Apr-08 Revised/Updated 18-Nov-08

Since I was old enough to get a hard-on I've had a sexual interest in my mom. She is a very sexy woman with a great pair a tits and she is a hot fuck...I know because I've seen her in action.

* * * * * * *

Since I was old enough to get a hard-on I've had an interest in my mom. She is a very sexy woman with a great pair a tits. When I was a kid mom would come home from work and go straight to her bedroom to change out of her work cloths. Since there was no door on her bedroom it was easy to watch her undress. At first I thought she just didn't realize that I was watching her. But then it began to dawn on me...she had to know...I was just a few feet away. She would slowly unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor. The sight of her in a bra, slip, and hosiery is enough to make anyone hard as a rock! She would then take off her slip and hose and get dressed. This drove me crazy...I had to see those bare tits.

Since I had to see those bare breasts and that naked pussy I became bolder and began to peek on her when she was getting ready to take a bath, or once she was in the tub. This was dangerous since my dad was usually home when I did this. Her tits were everything I thought they would be. They were large and firm with large round nipples. Now I was really hooked...I had to hold them and suck them. But how the hell was I going to get my own mother to consent to this. I had to make a plan.

One weekend I came home unnoticed. My sister was out with her friends and mom and dad were home alone. I heard her talking in her bedroom so I went to catch a peek. What I saw damn near drove me over the edge. My old man was lying on the bed and mom was sitting beside him. He was buck naked and you could he had a big throbbing hard-on. Mom was slowly stroking his hard cock. I was entranced. In my mind that cock was mine and she was working it real good.

At this point in my young life I had only fantasized about playing with her tits while she jacked-me-off. Now here she was actually performing that very act...unfortunately it wasn't my cock...but it was a great show. She handled that cock like a master and dad was really getting into it. Suddenly he got to his feet. I though...shit, I'm busted!!! But he didn't even know I was there. All he was interested in was fucking my mom. He pulled open her top and let those fantastic tits come out. He started sucking them and she started moaning...still stroking that hard cock...the bitch never missed a beat. Now I had my hand down my pants and I was stroking my own hard cock.

Dad got mom up on her feet and bent her forward over the bed. He pulled her panties off and got in behind her. She reached her hand between her legs and guided his cock into her pussy...she actually squealed when he penetrated her. He was pumping his cock deep inside her, ramming it in as hard as her could, and she took all the punishment he could give her. And she was giving every bit as good as she got. Suddenly she looked up...looked straight at me. I froze. Did she see me That cock was still hammering her, surely she hadn't noticed me. But I was wrong, she did see me...she was looking straight at me and she smiled...and winked!! Then she licked her sexy lips and winked again. I was a little confused and excited at the same time. What did this mean

It would be a while before I developed a response for this. But that day, she just watched me jack-off while she was getting fucked. I came hard that day...and so did dad. I was sitting in the living room when she walked through on the way to the bathroom. She just looked at me and smiled...and never said a word. I'll bet she had a stream of hot cum running down her legs. The though drove me crazy. Dad came out a few minutes later and sat down to watch TV. He had a real shit-eating grin on his face and was in a good mood all damn day. And why not...he had just knocked-off a hot piece of pussy.

This kind of stuff went on for years. I'd keep peeking at her...and now she knew...and she put on a nice show for me. She always made sure she positioned herself so I had the best look. The bathroom door stayed open just a little wider then it used to. I busted a lot of good nuts watching her undress...and also watching her get her brains fucked out. But as the years went by I became desperate to fuck her myself.

When I was about 18 years old the opportunity finally came. My sister was spending the weekend with friends, and dad had to work a rare Saturday. It was just me and mom, at home alone. I would never have a better opportunity so I had to act now. I got my room ready and took a bath. Then I heard dad leave for work. Mom was working in the kitchen and she called up to me to tell me she was going to take a bath and to answer the phone if it rang. I said "OK" and though to myself...thanks for letting me know the show was about to begin.

I went down to watch her...and I jacked-off. I had to. If I hadn't I would have cum too quickly when I was actually with her. I went back upstairs to my room. When I heard her in the kitchen I called down to her and asked her to come to my room because I had something to show her. Yes, I had something to show her alright, a rock-hard teenage cock. I wondered what went through her mind when she got this request. Did she have any idea what was about to happen...or was this going to be a big surprise

She said she'd be right there. And she wasn't bullshitting. Within just a few seconds I heard I coming up the stairs...and then she was in my bedroom. This was a dream come true. She was wearing a very short slip and bra...and hosiery. This was the way I liked her best. Did she know that or did I just get lucky She smelled so good and she looked so hot!! She walked right up to me...less than an arms-length away. She looked at me and said, "so, what have you got to show me" I almost shit myself...she had to know what was happening here...and she was playing right into it. This was too good to be true! I saw her looking at the bulge in my pants...and she saw that I had noticed her looking. She said "is that what you wanted to show me"

I was speechless. I had her right where I wanted her, and she was going to be a willing participant. She moved closer and pushed her body against me. She kissed me lightly, first on the cheek, and then on the lips. She pushed her crotch into mine and began to rub up and down. She kissed me again...only this time I took over. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and pushed my eager hand up under her bra and held her bare breast. She responded very well. Now I got even bolder. I dropped my hand to her pussy and began to stroke it. She was very wet and seemed eager to take me on. We kept kissing and fondling each other. Man it as INTENSE!! I moved her toward the bed and I whispered into her ear "I'm going to fuck you mom". She kissed me and said "take me...I'm yours". I put her on my bed and climbed in with her. Just then we heard the front door open...it was dad, and he was calling her name. SHIT, he fucked this up for me. When mom heard him she seemed to come to her senses. She called back to him and said was would be right down. She got out of my bed and stood there looking at me. I got up and tried to kiss her again but she stopped me. She said, we almost made a big mistake today. I told her it wasn't a mistake and we would do it later. She said NO...we can't let this happen again.

DAMN IT!! If my fucking old man hadn't come home I would have nailed that pussy...his pussy. As mom started to walk away I took her by the arm and said "this isn't over...I will have you". She kissed me on the cheek and walked away. When my dad saw her he immediately took her into HIS bed and fucked her. That should have been my cock in there today...and it would be in the future...no matter what, and no matter how long it took...I would fuck my mother.

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