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Me and Mom Two

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Author: Rowdy
Published: 12-Apr-08 Revised/Updated 15-Apr-08
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It's been a couple of years since I had mom in my bedroom. I still sneak peeks at her...and she knows it. I want her more than ever. She and dad are separated now and I think she can use a good fuck.

* * * * * * *

It's been a couple of years since I had mom in my bedroom. I still sneak peeks at her...and she knows it. I want her more than ever. She and dad are separated now. She sees some guy off-and-on. All she does is fuck him. Shit, if all she needs is a hard cock I can take care of that.

One night I'm laying in bed and the old boy stops by. I can hear them going at it in her room. He finished in a couple of minutes and leaves. She can't possibly be satisfied. He must have cum as soon as her penetrated her...as usual. She gets up and heads to the bathroom...then back to bed. I can't go to sleep. I can't stop thinking about her and how much I want her. I jack off and shoot a huge load...it helps for a little while but I can't get her off my mind. So I decide, tonight I take her.

I get out of bed and move to her bedroom (this one has a door). I stand there for what seems to be an eternity. Finally I decide to go for it. I turn the knob and it's unlocked. I push the door open and see her lying on her back. She is wearing a sexy little night gown and she looks fine!! My cock is as hard as a fucking rock. I move toward her and stand with my cock almost touching her face. She must sense something because she opens her eyes. She is staring directly at my cock that is almost touching her mouth. She doesn't seem surprised to see me.

She asks me what I want. I say "are you kidding, I think that's pretty obvious". She says "we can't do this; I'm your mother...its wrong". I push forward until the tip of my cock touches her mouth and leaves a taste of cum on her lips. "Lick your lips" I tell her. She hesitates...but complies. She moans and then catches herself. I tell her, "look, just jack me off and let me play with your tits and I'll go back to bed". She balks, but she hasn't thrown me out yet. So I ask her again to jack me off and let me have her tits. Finally she looks at me, moves the covers back, and says, "Get in".

I climb into bed with her...finally after all these years I am finally going to have some kind of sex with my mother. But how far will she let me go She rolls over onto her side and takes a hold of my stiff cock and starts to stroke it. I can't help but let out an audible groan...it feels soooo good!!! She keeps stroking my cock first faster...then slower. She looks at me and says, "I thought you wanted to play with my tits". I respond by grabbing a handful and starting to suck her big brown nipples. She really starts to moan and thrust her pussy against my leg. She must really be in bad shape and need a good fuck because she can't keep her focus on stroking my cock. I'm seen her give a hand job (or blow job...or fuck) lots of times and she has always maintained her focus...until now.

Ceasing the opportunity before me I push my hand down to her pussy and start massaging her clit...she moans louder and her pelvis starts thrusting faster. I stick a finger in her hot wet pussy and she goes nuts!! So I stick my whole damn hand in her pussy and fist fuck her all I'm worth. Between the fist fuck and working her clit she has forgotten all my hard cock...don't worry she will be reminded shortly. I keep ramming my fist into her pussy and she finally explodes into a wild orgasm. She yells and moans and shutters...and she is hugging me so tight I damn near can't breath. Finally she relaxes...and she kisses me. I let her rest for a while...she needs it. But I need something too. She sits up in bed...bare tits in full view...so I do what any red-blooded man would do...I start sucking them. She starts moaning and groaning again and I can't resist the challenge of getting her off again so I start working her clit again. I suck her tits and ram my tongue down her eager throat as I finger fuck her. She builds to a climax again...again I let her rest. I start thinking about how good her mouth feels when I kiss her...and I think, hey, I'll bet she gives a good blow-job. I've seen her suck cock before and she I a wild woman with it. And the icing and this cake...mom is a swallower!!! I've seen her take huge loads into her mouth and swallow it all. Then she licks the cock until its completely clean and all the cum is gone...eaten by her. Remember, after she caught me watching her she ALWAYS made sure I got a birds-eye view...so I know what she can do.

So while she lays there resting I move to her head. I turn her head toward me and thrust my rock-hard cock into her mouth. I basically fuck her mouth since she is so tired. She does help though...and it feels good. I can't wait any longer so I start pumping harder and faster...and she takes it all. I start yelling "I'm cumming, I'm cumming"...and blow a huge wad of hot cum into her mouth and down her throat. She gobbles it all up...and true to form, when I've finished cumming she puts me on my back and licks my cock clean. FINALLY, I've had sex with my mom...but I'm not done yet.

As she licks my cock it gets hard again. I pull her on top of me and push my cock into her hot tight pussy. That's right...her pussy is one of the tightest I have every had the pleasure of fucking. I fuck her brains out...ramming hard and fast and getting her ever closer to her third orgasm. When she is on the verge of a gut-wrenching orgasm I suddenly pull out. She looks shocked and says, "what the hell...you can't stop now, fuck me damn it". I tell her...don't worry you're going to get fucked and you'll cum again. She looks stunned.

I roll her off of me and I get out of bed. I pull her to me and stand her on her feet. She is used to getting fucked in this position...and she loves it...she reaches between her legs in search of my cock. But tonight that cock is on its way to a new destination...a stop on the fuck parade that has never been visited by any man...until now. I put the head of my cock against her tight asshole and start to push. She tries to pull away and says "NO NOT THERE"!! No man has ever fucked me in the ass. I just keep pushing and finally I'm inside her. She has accepted that this is happening and is actually fucking me back!! As I push my cock harder and harder into her ass she reaches between her legs and starts to finger fuck herself and work her clit. She is rapidly building to a climax...and so am I!!! As I feel her cum I let go and load her ass full of my hot sticky cum. We both fall to the bed exhausted. I pull my cock from her virgin ass and lay beside her.

I get up and go to run a bath. I come back and get her and take her to a nice warm bath. I completely bathe her and give her a massage. Then I clean myself up. I take her back to bed and get her settled in. I gently kiss her goodnight and start toward my room. She stops me and says, "no one has ever fucked me like that". I assure her that it won't be the last time I take her. This time she doesn't balk or give me any crap about it being wrong. She will get fucked by me many times over the years...and we always make it HOTT!!!!

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