My Friends Daughter

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Published: Apr 14, 2008
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Years of sexual tension was coming out... Before I knew it I was going down on Kathleen.... and eating the hell out of her pussy. Kenzie was watching, intrigued and jealous. "I never get my pussy eaten" she whined.

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I recently stopped by my girlfriend's house... she's actually my old college roomate... i thought she wasn't home but I ran into her daughter, Mackenzie.

I had stepped in the door looking for my friend, Kathleen. We're good enough friend's that I can just walk in the house and holler... She didn't answer but I headed upstairs looking just in case...

I got to the top of the steps and I heard moaning... walking further down the hall, it got louder... it was coming from Mackenzie's room. I heard Kenzie saying, "deeper, deeper"... I crept closer to the door and looked thru its crack... to my surprise, I saw Kenzie with her legs spread, getting fingered by her mother! I watched silently... Kathleen was naked from waist up... her big, fat tits jiggling back and forth and she slid her fingers in and out of her daughters pussy. I was stunned. Kenzie was naked from waist down and I could see her pussy hair was shaved in to a landing strip... her hands were up her shirt as she was rubbing her tits and squirming. "C'mon... come for mommy" Kathleen was saying. Kenz rolled a bit my way and saw me and gasped. Kathleen looked over and saw me... she motioned for me to come in and shut the door... "Karen... do you want to watch" I was silent... she took that as affirmation. She slowly started finger Kenzie again and started to explain... she said "this is how I keep Kenzie from going boy crazy. I have showed her what an orgasm is and I show her what it feels like to have one... this way she doesn't go fucking any guy she sees"... Kenzie was moaning again... this time a bit quieter. I was watching Kathleen's fingers work... she was sliding fingers in and out.. 2 of them...

I was watching and turned on. Kenzie is hot... dark hair, tan.... big tits for 18. her top today was tight and v neck and i could see her nipples thru it as she wasn't wearing a bra. Kathleen started going faster and Kenzie was fucking her mom's fingers back. I watched Kathleen's tits jiggle.... remembering how often I saw them in college... between clothes changes, etc. She noticed me watching her... and said "See something you like" I nodded and touched her breast... Kenzie was stunned and stopped humping her mom's hand. I put her mom's nipple in my mouth and sucked. Kathleen stopped fingering Kenz and started undressing me. Years of sexual tension was coming out... Before I knew it I was going down on Kathleen.... and eating the hell out of her pussy. Kenzie was watching, intrigued and jealous. "I never get my pussy eaten" she whined. Her mom shoved me off and told me to go show her how its done... I dove in, eager to make that jealous cunt come hard... I did- I spread that pussy and ate it fast... Kenzie's body shook as she pulled her shirt up and let me slap her tits... "she likes it" her mom said... she pulled kenz''s hair... "you like that, dirty slut Are you Karen's dirty slut" She moaned yes.. Kathleen said "no, your mommy's dirty slut and mounted her face... "eat mom's pussy... make mommy cum....!!!!" Kath rode her daughters face and made it wet... Kenz ate as best she could with her mom on her... while I was going at it still... I pulled back and Kath got on her back and rolled kenz into her pussy... "fucking eat it... it mommy... mommmy makes YOU cummmmm"... Kenz and I took turns fucking her mom. It was amazing. Kenz still comes home from college to see us!

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