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A Holiday in Paradise - Chapter 4 (Final)

Author: Mike Ringer
Publish Date : Apr 20, 2008
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The morning after Lindsay had made love with her father she went back to the beach, this time with Jim Junior in tow, to meet with Luis and Anna Maria.

* * * * * * *

The morning after Lindsay had made love with her father she went back to the beach, this time with Jim Junior in tow, to meet with Luis and Anna Maria. After a short wait, she was relieved to see their familiar figures traversing the dunes and ran to meet them, waving her arms in greeting. 'I'm so pleased to see you, sorry I couldn't make it yesterday' she started. 'What happened ' said Luis, catching sight of Jim Junior and scowling.

Lindsay hugged Luis and Anna Maria 'something strange but rather cool' she said, arching her eyebrows and wondering exactly how to phrase her answer. She knew what she wanted to say but somehow, even with two people with whom she was totally intimate, it was hard. Anna Maria blushed 'well I guess something cool happened with us too' she laughed. Lindsay wanted to ask her what had happened but steeled herself to take the initiative. 'I made love with my dad and it was fantastic' she exclaimed 'I can't believe I just said that but I felt so happy last night' she continued. Luis gaped open mouthed as if in shock. 'Oh Luis, don't be jealous, my parents are so cool about you and everything' said Lindsay 'and I love you' she whispered, kissing him on the lips.

Luis broke into a broad grin 'so they found out about us' he said. 'Yes' replied Lindsay slightly taken aback. She wasn't quite sure what reaction she would get from Luis but it was safe to say that amusement was nowhere near the top of her guesses.

'Our parents too' Luis was laughing now. 'No way' she said 'what did they say'. 'Oh, they are cool too', Luis shrugged 'but what is amazing is that they reacted the same as your parents'. 'You mean...' Lindsay started. 'Yes' exclaimed Anna Maria. All four of them were now laughing and any ice between Jim Junior and Luis was broken. 'You must come and meet my parents, they would love to meet you' said Luis, 'and see round the villa'. 'We'd love to', replied Lindsay for both of them, so they all set off over the dunes. Presently they came to a narrow path that wound steeply away from the beach, the air heavy with the scent of wild flowers and the hum of cicadas as they climbed in single file. On reaching the top, the path quickly broadened into a huge green expanse of lawn, enclosed by a white painted wooden fence, and behind that sprawled the Villa Fernandez, glinting in the afternoon sun. It quite took Lindsay and Jim's breath away, its Moorish influence giving it an exotic look. Luis proudly showed them around, finishing with the large swimming pool where his parents sunbathed while Graciela was swimming lengths.

'Mama, Papa, this is Lindsay and her brother Jim' said Luis. 'Welcome', said Fernando, shielding his eyes from the light so he could see them more clearly. Isabel sat up and went to greet them, kissing Lindsay and Jim on the cheek. 'Would you like a drink' she said, pouring several glasses of iced lemonade. The four children were thirsty after their walk and were soon happily seated round the pool sipping their drinks and chattering to each other. Jim Junior hardly knew where to look. His eyes had been glued on Anna Maria's perfect ass since they left the beach but Isabel's breasts and Graciela's lithe, innocent beauty were now vying for his attention.

Lindsay felt immediately at ease with Luis' parents, and was enjoying their company immensely as the afternoon wore on. They all talked frankly about what had happened over the last few days and how they needed to be guarded regarding outsiders. As the sun began to sink, Isabel went inside to prepare a light meal, inviting Lindsay and Jim to stay. 'Oh goodness, is that the time', she exclaimed. 'I'm sorry but my parents are expecting us back'. 'You must come tomorrow then and bring your parents', said Fernando, 'let me give you a ride home'. 'That would be fantastic, thankyou' said Lindsay and Jim added his enthusiastic assent. After their goodbyes, Lindsay and Jim climbed into Fernando's silver Mercedes for the short trip home, running into the house when he dropped them off. 'There you are' said Amy with relief in her voice 'I was just starting to get worried about you'. Lindsay and Jim Junior excitedly retold their story, 'and you're invited tomorrow as well' she said. Jim looked at his wife. 'sounds great', he said, 'it will be interesting to meet them all after everything we have heard'. 'Yes' said Amy, 'I'm looking forward to it already'.

The following morning they set off by car with Lindsay giving directions along the narrow coastal road and soon drew up on the broad gravel drive at the front of the Villa. 'You certainly weren't exaggerating' said Jim, whistling through his teeth. 'Its marvellous' said Amy slightly agog. The front door opened before they had a chance to knock and Isabel greeted them before ushering them through the house to the pool area where the rest of the family sat. Graciela was nowhere to be seen and Jim Junior casually asked where she was. 'She is next door with her friend' explained Isabel 'I think she is a little too young for what may happen later'.

The two families found that they got on extremely well, Isabel and Fernando were the perfect hosts and Jim and Amy were soon at their ease. The day was extremely hot and the pool was the perfect place for them all to cool down and relax. At midday, Isabel and Amy went to the kitchen to prepare a delicious lunch of salad and seafood and everybody ate alfresco. Fernando served a light Spanish wine made with the indigenous Albarino grape which was the perfect accompaniment and gradually the conversation drifted towards sex. 'I can hardly believe what has happened' said Jim 'I would have said this is so wrong and yet it feels so right'. Fernando nodded in agreement 'I think we need to take such opportunities for pleasure, they are fleeting and may never return'. 'What is your ultimate fantasy' he said looking round at them all'. 'Leave your inhibitions and jealousy behind, what is your deepest need'.

They all looked at each other, slightly nervously, before Amy spoke. 'My fantasy is to be gang banged' she said quietly. Jim was amazed that his demure wife had such hidden thoughts but he covered his surprise well. Fernando looked thoughtful, 'I know some young studs who I'm sure would be delighted to fuck you' he said. Amy's breath became stuck in her throat and she looked at her husband. 'Its OK with me' smiled Jim, beginning to find the idea of watching his wife being pounded quite a turn on. Amy smiled at Fernando, 'OK then, I'm game'. 'Just one condition' said Fernando 'I get to join in and direct the action as this is one of my fantasies'. Amy actually felt a lot happier and reassured that Fernando would be there as she already trusted him so she readily agreed.

'My turn next' said Isabel pouting. 'I lust after a man with a really big cock' she said to her husband. Fernando was not put out at all, but was thinking who he might approach when Amy whipped down Jim's trunks. 'Like this one' she said using practised caresses to bring him to erection. Isabel's eyes widened 'just like that one' she said huskily. 'I've always fancied giving it to some Countess or other' said Jim. 'I'm sure I can play that role for you' said Isabel, 'in the past my family had noble connections'. Jim gazed at her, his eyes roving over her ripe body, already fantasising about getting to grips with her melon like tits while Isabel could not take her eyes off his massive tool.

'Papa' said Anna Maria, 'my fantasy is to get taken by two men who use me as their plaything'. Fernando thought carefully as this would require men with total discretion, but he had some very loyal contacts and mentally selected two of them. 'Of course darling' he replied.

Lindsay looked at Luis. 'Mine is pretty tame compared to the rest of yours but I want Luis to take me up the ass'. 'I still haven't done that' she continued. Luis, kissed her gently 'of course' he said. It was clear the two of them were very much in love and everyone was happy to leave them to each other.

'So, young Jim' said Fernando, 'what is your pleasure'. 'Well, I was going to say Anna Maria but it seems she is taken' he replied. 'Never mind' said Amy, crossing to him. 'I promise tomorrow' said Anna Maria. 'I'll make it up to you later' said Amy. 'Great, I'll look forward to it' said Jim and smiled but his mind was already racing ahead to plan for this afternoon's pleasure. This evening's pleasure, with his mother and sister, could wait.

Fernando made a few phone calls and returned, satisfied that everything was arranged and the fun began. Luis started to kiss Lindsay all over, removing her bikini. Fernando was riveted by her nubile young teen body and soft generous tits and could feel his cock begin to harden. Isabel and Anna Maria slipped away to get changed for their role play, while Jim and Amy watched with Fernando, becoming aroused as Luis turned on their beautiful blonde daughter right in front of their eyes. No-one noticed Jim Junior back away towards the far side of the villa. Luis let his lips travel gently all over Lindsay's body, driving her wild with anticipation, before fixing his mouth on her dampening pussy while his hands gently squeezed her tits and flicked at her erect nipples. Lindsay moaned, oblivious to her audience, and pushed at Luis head, trying to drive his tongue deep into her wet snatch as he sucked at her clit. She raised her legs high and wrapped her thighs around her boyfriend's neck. Luis responded by thrusting his tongue deep inside her, giving her a huge orgasm before licking downward past her slit to her tight virgin asshole. Lindsay gasped at the new pleasure, replacing Luis tongue on her clit with her fingers which she used to gently massage the hard little button. Luis savoured the strange taste, wriggling his tongue into her little starfish while he removed his shorts to free his stiffening cock. Lindsay was now grinding her ass on his face as she came again, begging him to fuck her but he was determined to tease her a little longer. They changed places and Lindsay knelt in front of Luis, eagerly taking his prick into her mouth and licking the bulbous purple head. She was now acutely aware of her parents and Fernando and was excited by their voyeurism as she put on a show, deep throating Luis and watching their expressions as she curled her tongue around his cock head and drew him into her mouth again. Jim could hardly believe this was his little girl but the sight of her wanton display was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Luis now put Lindsay on her hands and knees and thrust into her pussy from behind, giving her some deep, hard strokes, lubricating his knob with her juices and making her tits swing in front of Fernando's eyes. Fernando picked up a tube of lubricant and began to work it into Lindsay's tight little ass , inserting his finger to stretch her hole ready for Luis big cock. When she was ready Luis took his cock from her steaming pussy and pressed forward against her anus. Lindsay relaxed as she felt him penetrate her with his large knob end but still gasped as he pushed forward, feeling some pain despite the lubrication. Luis sensed her discomfort and withdrew almost to the tip before working his cock in more carefully. Slowly she became accustomed to his presence and as his prick slid in an out she began to relish the sensation, feeling her orgasm building as he thrust into her to the hilt. Luis too was relishing the incredible tightness and could feel his cock start to spasm and when Lindsay came he was unable to hold back sending thick jets of spunk deep inside her hole. The two remained locked together until Luis reluctantly parted and kissed her gently.

By this time Isabel and Anna Maria had returned to the pool side. Isabel had taken great care with her make up and had used subtle copper and golden tones to enhance her features, piling up her long dark hair on top of her head in typically aristocratic fashion. She was dressed in a couture long, strapless black evening dress, deeply cut at the front to show off her cleavage to great effect and a pair of black stilettos to finish off her ensemble. Anna Maria had dressed demurely in her plain blue and white school uniform. The crisp, clean, white short sleeved blouse contrasted with the royal blue tie and matching knee length pleated skirt. She wore plain white ankle socks and polished black shoes looking the picture of innocent beauty.

Jim rose to meet Isabel, drinking in the sight of her gorgeous body and made to slide his hand around her waist. 'What are you doing' she said to him in a haughty tone, 'fetch me a drink'. Jim was puzzled at first but fell in with the role he was expected to play quickly. He fetched Isabel's champagne and served it to her on a silver tray. 'Is there anything else madame requires' he said. 'Fetch the canapés' she ordered 'and be quick about it'. Jim hurried off to get the canapés, enjoying this game and making mental notes to pay Isabel back in full. When he got back she was laid back on a reclining chair. 'Adjust this for me' she said 'the back seems loose'. Jim fiddled with it a bit, 'Ah' he said 'there's a screw loose, that's no good, everything should be well screwed don't you think'. Isabel looked at him archly 'Well that can only happen if it's a tight fit' she said. 'Yes' agreed Jim, stroking his chin 'and to make sure it's well screwed you need the right tool'. Isabel stared at him and extended her leg languidly revealing a split in the side of the dress and giving him a glimpse of the tops of her black stockings before crossing her legs. This game of tease and innuendo continued as Jim adjusted the chair and Isabel leaned back giving him an eyeful of her cleavage. When he stood up, his semi erect cock was level with her face, straining the front of his trousers and Isabel licked her lips. 'Is madame satisfied' he asked. Isabel's pussy was beginning to churn with anticipation and she couldn't keep up the façade for much longer 'the zip on my dress appears to be stuck, could you release it' she purred. Jim found the zip at the back of the dress and pulled it smartly downwards 'it seems OK to me' he said 'but let me take a closer look'. Jim fiddled with the zip and in the process started to ease the black dress downwards. 'Stop at once' exclaimed Isabel in mock protest, as Jim bared her massive tits. Jim slid his hands around to cup the enormous orbs and used this thumbs to rub her big, sensitive nipples, making them jut out like two large thimbles. 'Stop I say' gasped Isabel but made only a token effort to remove Jim's hands as he turned her around and kissed her full on the lips, working his tongue into her mouth. Isabel's passion rose as Jim continued to slide her dress down her body, working it over her hips so it slipped to floor. Isabel stepped out of the dress, and stood before him in her black stilettos, sheer stockings and a tiny black g string that barely covered her shaven mound. Jim's eyes roved downwards from her handsome face to her superb tits, well proportioned body and fantastic legs. He moved forward, picked up Isabel in his strong arms and laid her on one of the large steamer chairs by the pool. Standing up he slowly removed his own clothes, exposing his well muscled upper torso by removing his shirt and then removing his slacks. Jim stood in his briefs that looked just about to tear from the strain of his massive erect cock and took a step forward so that Isabel could remove this final garment. As she did so his tool sprang forward, brushing her face. With a look of complete lust on her face, Isabel took the head of his prick into her mouth and began to suck on it, never taking her eyes from Jim's face. Fernando had never seen his beautiful wife like this and began to rub his own cock through his trousers. He felt Amy's hand on top of his, unbuttoning his trousers and working her way down to grab the throbbing shaft and start to masturbate him. Isabel was greedily swallowing as much of Jim's thick 9 inch cock as she could while using her hands on his shaft and balls. Jim threw his head back in pleasure and began to move his hips back and forth fucking Isabel's mouth and revelling in the slurping sounds as she struggled to accommodate his huge tool.

After a few minutes of this, he pushed Isabel on to her back and removed her damp G string, plunging his tongue into her soaking snatch. He fastened on to her clit and licked in quick short strokes up and down the engorged lips of her slit, bringing her to a noisy, shattering orgasm. 'Ah fuck me, fuck me she gasped'. Jim needed no second invitation and thrust his cock into her wet love pit. Isabel had never felt so full before as Jim rammed his cock home until his balls were slapping against her bare arse, grabbing at his back to pull him deep inside her, feeling his skin become slick with the sweat of his exertion as he pounded her pussy relentlessly. Isabel flitted from one orgasm to another as Jim talked dirty to her, 'do you like this big cock' he asked her as he bottomed out in her pussy. 'You rich bitches are all the same, you are dirty little sluts' he whispered to her in his fantasy as he kneaded her enormous tits, rolling the nipples in his fingers. He picked up the tube of lubricating gel and started to work it into Isabel's asshole as he screwed her, her moans driving him wild. He turned her on her front and positioned his prick by her tiny opening. Isabel took a deep breath and forced herself to relax as he penetrated her, stretching her ring to the limit before he gently moved his cock back and forward, going deeper with each stroke. She felt as if she was in heaven, the sensation of his massive cock in her arse was driving her wild as she reached down to finger her pussy while Jim kept up a relentless jackhammer motion. Isabel orgasmed again and she felt Jim erupt inside her, coating her insides with his spunk. He pulled his tool out of her arse and thrust it in her mouth while she licked it clean.

The sound of shouted greetings heralded the arrival of some of Fernando's closest friends. He introduced Enrique, Alvaro and Manuel to Amy. They had been foremen in his business from the beginning and were hard, lean handsome men. Amy felt her pussy begin to throb as she anticipated what was to come. Gabriel and Ramon were the sons of two of his most trusted advisors and after a few brief words he introduced them to Anna Maria who was sitting demurely in a chair by the pool. Fernando immediately took charge of proceedings with Amy. The men were admiring the slim, athletic figure of the older woman and Amy found herself blushing beneath their gaze. Fernando instructed the three men to undress Amy which they did in a lazy, unhurried fashion caressing her body as they removed each item. Soon she stood there naked before their collective appreciative gaze and Fernando instructed the three men to strip as well. Amy watched as they removed their clothes, looking appreciatively as three big hard cocks stood to attention like iron bars against the men's bellies. Fernando had also undressed and crossed over to Amy, lightly brushing her nipples atop her small, firm breasts with the palms of his hands, quickly making them erect. Amy moaned with pleasure and Fernando motioned to Enrique, Alvaro and Manuel to join him. Four pairs of hands now roamed over Amy's body, exploring every inch of her. Manuel had his hand on her pussy and was lightly rubbing her swollen lips while Alvaro explored the crack of her ass and massaged the firm globes of her buttocks. Enrique moved his mouth to lick at Amy's nipples as Fernando kissed her deeply. Amy was now gently pushed on to her knees by Fernando. 'Suck our cocks' he instructed. She grabbed Enrique's thick shaft and sucked it deep into her mouth, working her tongue round the glistening head. His cock was soon leaking pre cum and Amy licked it off before repeating her act on Alvaro and then Manuel. Finally she took Fernando's swollen cock into her mouth and sucked it deep into her throat while using her hands to wank the other guys in turn.

Gabriel, Ramon and Anna Maria had been watching this little show and the two men were feeling up her perfect teenage tits over her blouse. Anna Maria relaxed. She wanted to give herself to these men completely, let them play out every fantasy they ever had on her nubile young body. The last few weeks had changed her more than any of the others, expanding her sexual horizons so that she wanted to experience anything and everything. Gabriel unbuttoned her blouse and slid his hand inside, caressing her stomach and then gently pinching her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra while Ramon lightly ran his fingers up and down her bare thigh, gently pushing her legs apart. The two men became increasingly excited as they realised that this beautiful little schoolgirl would do whatever they wanted. Gabriel removed her blouse and unclipped her bra leaving just the royal blue tie loose around her neck, offering silent prayers as he sucked her firm tits crowned with their large brown aerolae and stiff nipples while Ramon unzipped her skirt and massaged her pussy through her white cotton panties. Anna Maria gyrated her hips under Ramon's touch, feeling herself become aroused, raising her bum so that he could remove her knickers and work on her sweet pussy with his fingers.

Meanwhile Amy was laid on her back with Alvaro licking her wet love hole while she sucked on Manuel's and Enrique's shaft in turn. Fernando manoeuvred her on to her side so that her could open up her arse cheeks and insert a lube covered vibrator into her tight little puckered anus. Amy moaned with pleasure as the four men ravished her body, giving her a series of delicious orgasms. Alvaro now knelt between her legs and pushed his cock home into her soaking snatch while Fernando removed the vibe, replacing it with his cock. Enrique and Manuel were getting the blow job of their lives as Amy stuffed both their cocks into her hungry mouth and used her tongue to lash the sensitive heads in quick, sharp motions. The men shifted positions and took it in turns to fuck Amy in all her holes, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Just when she thought she could not take much more she felt Enrique's cock spasm in her pussy and fill her with his love juice quickly followed by Alvaro and then Fernando filling her mouth with their hot cum. Manuel put her on all fours, pounding her arse until he too shot his load over her firm cheeks and fell back exhausted. Amy was elated, she had never felt as satisfied as she felt at the moment and lay back in the afternoon sun and closed her eyes, stretching her naked body sexily under the collective gaze of her lovers.

Ramon had worked two fingers into Anna Maria's tight, wet cunt and was playing with her exposed clit with his thumb while Gabriel fed the gorgeous young teen his big uncircumcised cock. Anna Maria took as much of Gabriel's dick into her mouth as she could manage, sucking on it hungrily and flicking her tongue around the engorged head. Gabriel put his head back and closed his eyes wishing that this would never end as he began to fuck her sweet mouth, sliding his dick in and out between her full lips that were tight around his shaft. Ramon was now using his tongue as well as his fingers on her dripping pussy, bringing her to orgasm before sliding his cock into her tight love hole and screwing her with long deep thrusts. The two men then swapped positions and Gabriel fucked Anna Maria while she licked her sticky juices from Ramon's prick, quickly realising that Anna Maria was game for anything. They took their time, taking her tender young body in any position that took their fancy, thrusting their big cocks into her pussy, mouth or arse. Anna Maria was sobbing with lust, flitting from one orgasm to another, totally at the mercy of these two men. Finally she felt Gabriel tense, withdrawing his dick from her pussy and emptying his big load into her mouth and all over her face. She swallowed his cum hungrily and sucked his cock clean while Ramon came over the firm cheeks of her arse.

Isabel stared at the action, hardly able to believe the change in her daughter as she fingered her shaven pussy.

Jim Junior had not wanted to hang around and watch , deciding to go and look for Graciela. He found her with a younger girl, playing in a field adjoining the two properties and ran across to meet her. Graciela was a little startled but pleased to see him. 'Why are you here' she asked 'I really wanted to be at the party, I'm sure something is going on' she said. 'It is' replied Jim, 'or more accurately its coming off'. Jim glanced nervously at the younger girl. 'Don't worry about Consuela, she can't understand what we are saying' said Graciela. Fernando had insisted that all of his children learn English but Graciela was the most fluent, as she had a natural flair for languages. Consuela gazed quizzically at them and Anna Maria spoke a few quick sentences in Spanish and handed over a few Euros. The young girl looked pleased with the transaction and skipped away back towards her house. 'Consuela will cover for me' explained Graciela, 'come on let's spy on them' she giggled and headed back across the field towards the family villa. This was not exactly what Jim had in mind but he tagged along anyway 'should be fun' he said to Graciela as he hurried after her.

They carefully skirted round the far side of the villa, finding a place where they could be hidden and still enjoy the scene. Luis was sucking on Lindsay's pussy and Graciela was transfixed. Jim put his arm around the youngster, feeling her budding naked tits through her t-shirt while he nuzzled her neck. Graciela's nipples stiffened and she seemed to be getting into it when she whispered 'Wait' to him, and disentangling herself ran back into the house. Presently she returned, much to Jim's relief, with a camcorder in a small bag and began to film the scene. Jim smiled to himself and watched as Graciela filmed the horny action, directing her to things that were taking place out of her line of sight . During a lull in proceedings, she gave him a quick run down of the controls of the camcorder and then Jim took over the filming until the disk full light came on. Graciela took the machine from him and doubled back into the house, closely followed by Jim, where she fired up her father's PC and burned two DVD's with all the action on it. She gave one to Jim and kept one for herself before wiping the camcorder's disk. 'We should be able to have fun with this' she said and Jim gaped at her open mouthed. 'Too right' he said, his mind reeling with the possibilities this opened up. 'Come on' said Graciela, pulling him out of the study and upstairs to her room. Once inside she locked the door and pushed Jim backwards on to the bed. ' Stay' she ordered and got on top of him, kissing him passionately as she removed his T-shirt and shorts. 'Oh Jim' she purred as she removed his underwear, 'that's a real man's cock, it's so big' she gasped, taking his already erect cock into her mouth. Jim lay back, allowing the young girl to pleasure him, using the techniques she had seen so graphically demonstrated minutes before. Graciela undressed sexily in front of him, forbidding him to touch her and then caressed her nubile body, fingering herself to arousal. Jim stroked his cock, his head throbbing with the desire he felt for her until she climbed back on top of him and sank her wet pussy onto his blood gorged pole, thrilled at the feeling of a large cock inside her for the first time. Jim reached up to run his hands over her budding breasts and stiff nipples, pulling her towards him and kissing her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Graciela's pussy felt incredible around his dick, fitting him like a glove as she rose and fell on his groin. She quickened her movements as she approached orgasm, moaning and gripping on to Jim's thighs to support herself as she milked his cock with her tight, wet cunt. Jim felt his own orgasm coming on and the two of them came simultaneously with Jim shooting his load over her belly and tits.

As they lay together, Jim caressed her hair and kissed her. The holiday was almost at an end and he wished it would go on forever. This truly had been a holiday in paradise.

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