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Giving My Cousins a Blowjob


Author: James L.
Published: 06-Oct-17

This is my first time to writing a true story. It will be short and sweet...

* * * * * * *

This took place when I was real young with 2 of my cousins, Al was 15 and Wayne was 16, I was 14. Like I said, I was very young.

During the summer I would go to my cousins and spend a week or so with them. We would do the usual guy things, sports,, fishing, and riding bikes.

We had been riding our bikes, we went over to our grandfather's house. We decided to walk down the hill to a neighbor's barn. We went in the pasture dense and went inside the barn. We were just playing around, but my cousins were talking between themselves and laughing.

They came up with the idea of going into the hay lift.

Once we got up there we started goofing around, then we heard a truck coming, it was the man who owned the barn. We became. Dead quiet so we wouldn't get caught.

After about 15 min of sweating blood, the owner finally left.

I went back to messing around, but my cousins had other ideas in mind. They called me over and asked me if I wanted to have some real fun. I told them sure, and asked what we were gonna do.

Wayne asked me if I would give them blowjobs. I asked what that was and in response both my cousins dropped their pants and undies to the floor.

They told me they wanted me to put their dicks in my mouth and suck on them. They told me it was a lot of fun and that everyone does it.

So not wanting to look dumb I said OK.

At this Wayne started to play with his little cock. As I watched this his dick started to grow. I'd never seen anything like this before and I wanted to touch it. It was hot to the touch, it was hard too. He told me to get on my knees and put it in my mouth and start to suck on it.. so like a good little boy I did as I was told.

When I got down there and got a good look at it I wasn't sure I could do it or not. But with a little encouragement I put the head of the cock in my mouth and used my tounge to lick the tip. It wasn't bad, so I took some more into my mouth and started to suck on it like I was told.

Wayne told me I was doing good. I wanted to do a good job and show them both I was a quick learner.

After a few minutes of sucking my first cock, Wayne put his hand in the back of my head. He told me I was doing a real good job. I was licking the tip and it tasted salty, but it was good. He said he was gonna cum. I thought what's that.

He told me when it came out to swallow as much as I could. It didn't take long till this thing in my mouth began to twitch. Then all the sudden, here it came. All this warm thick stuff was filling my mouth, I tried to swallow it as best as I could. Some of it was running down my chin, and it tasted pretty good.

While this was going on, my other cousin Al was watching with his hand playing with his dick. He told me to hurry up, he wanted his sucked. I used my fingers to wipe the cum off my chin and put it in my mouth to taste it some more. Wayne was breathing hard and said I did real good.

Then I moved over to Al and put my hand on my second cock. It was hard and warm like Wayne's was, but not as big. I began to lick the tip of his sick like I had done with Wayne. He liked this, so I sucked his dick into my mouth and started to suck on it like I had done before.

After a few minutes Al began to tremble and some salty fluid came out but no cum this time. Al pulled his duck out of my mouth and said that was great. He played with his dick a little then they both got dressed.

I thought I was a big kid now, and both my cousins were smiling. Needless to say, now that I'd learned how to suck dicks they wanted me to do it all the time. Every time each would take a bath at night, they would sneak me in for another blowjob.

All that week I got plenty of practice. When I went home, I was eager to show my best friend what I had learned.

If you liked the story I will try to write some more...

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