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My Daughter Takes Her Moms Role


Author: PeterPaul5930
Published: 11-Sep-17

My wife ran off with a man leaving me, the husband, and my 18 year old daughter alone. I was heart broken! my daughter did her best to console me and promised me she would be pleased to take her moms place and do every thing for me mom had done, but better...

* * * * * * *

She told me that she loved me more than any other person, and she would never run off! Daddy, please give me a chance to be the best lady of the house ever! I thanked her and told her no man could ask for a better daughter.

The next morning I went to the kitchen and was stunned to see Becca making breakfast wearing a proper dress and wearing an apron and high heels.

She kissed me on my cheek and guided me to my chair at the table. I told her I was delighted that she had dressed up to cook.

Daddy I told you that I would do better than mom! I love cooking for you! Here is your breakfast my sweet daddy! She gave me another kiss on my cheek! Is there any thing else you would like? just tell me and I will get you anything you want.

Sweetheart, would you sit on my lap so I can hug you?

She said oh daddy I would love to.

She sat in my lap put her arms around my neck and I could smell her perfume and as she moved in my lap her skirt rode up to about 8 inches above the top of her knees. She straitened her legs out and crossed them. Daddy do you like shoes?

I love them. you are so well dressed I love it!

Daddy I hoped you would! You deserve to have the lady of your house dress nicely for you and I promise you I will dress up for you every day, and do my best to please you!

That night when I got home Becca stood on her tip toes, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on my mouth! She jumped back and said daddy do you like my new outfit? I was both pleased and found her to be sexier than I would have ever imagined! She had white high heels, a short pleated tennis skirt and a blouse that displayed her nipples!

She said "watch this" and spun about causing her skirt to come very close to showing her panties.

I said I love your outfit but I do not think you should wear it in public, it will attract way to much attention.

May I wear it at home, just with you?

If you wish!

She served me dinner and sat in a chair that offered me a perfect view of her legs. Her skirt revealed her thighs and she clearly wanted me to enjoy her! Every time she crossed her legs {every few seconds) she offered me another view of her thighs almost showing me her panties! It was clear to me that her goal was to turn me on.

After dinner we sat on the sofa and watched TV until we went to our bedrooms and 15 minutes later she was in my doorway telling me she had a bad dream and begged me to let her cuddle up with me.

I turned onto my side with my back to her and she pressed up against my back. I could feel her hard nipples on my back as she began kissing my back and rubbing my chest, she moved towards the foot of the bed until her hand was 6 inches from my cock.

I said Becca, you should not be doing this!

I am 18 years old and I promised you that I would please you just as mom did!

Your mom never treated me like this!

Then she was a lazy cunt and I must please you! Turn onto your back right now!

I did so and she took my cock in her mouth and gave me the best sucking I had ever had! I shot my load in her mouth and she moaned and swallowed my cum!

Oh daddy you make me feel so good! She slept with me until morning.

She fixed my breakfast wearing a really short nighty and heels and gave me a really hot wet kiss on my lips and said she was eager to see me for dinner.

When I got home she was dressed in a very short mini skirt like a school girl, but shorter! Heels and a blouse that displayed her breasts.

She asked me if I liked the way she looked.

I told I fucking loved it!

When I finished dinner she kissed me several times and said she had a surprise for me! She dropped to a squat between my legs unzipped my fly, took my cock in her mouth and sucked me off again!

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