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A Daughters Love


Author: Owlman
Published: 12-Sep-17

My wife walked out and left me with an 18 year old daughter and a whole bunch of turmoil. Our Daughter Natalie took a few months to settle down but in the first few weeks she spent every night in my bed cuddling or asking to be cuddled and in tears...

* * * * * * *

After a couple of months the tears stopped and I found this increasingly difficult, often waking up because I was erect and enjoying the feeling.

Natalie had been brought up to accept who and what she was, as a small child when she had seen the difference between Mummy and Daddy and had asked the inevitable questions she was told the truth, we had both decided that the prudish approach was wrong.

My wife and I had never worried if she saw us naked and she was the same, nudity was not a taboo in the family and it became a personal joy seeing her develop and grow.

As a child she had walked in on us making love, just after her 10th birthday and a year or so later she did it again and asked if she could watch, we politely said no and explained things to her.

For nearly 2 years we struggled on without her mother and Nat would ask to sleep with me at least 3 or 4 times a week and during this time I didn't seek any female company.

Nat was a tomboy she loved football and any energetic sports.

She was lean and had not developed a girly figure she had very small breasts but a pronounced mound covering her genital area.

Another of her favourite activities was play fighting with me. This would always start with a cuddle and I would start tickling her then we would wrestle, she would try to get me in a headlock, or pin me down and vice versa, several times I accidentally grabbed her tiny breasts and one or two times she would grab my cock or balls. I had noticed that this was becoming regular and her hands would stay there longer each time. A few times I grabbed her by the crotch expecting her to react but she didn't.

I often awoke to find her in my arms with her groin pressed against my leg which would be wet and I would be fully erect.

One night as climbed into bed and she snuggled against me she touched my hardening cock "Are you missing mum?"

"Not her but I am missing intimacy" I replied, her hand brushed against me again and she then felt the whole of my cock.

"I could help you daddy, in fact I want to help you."

"No Nat, I'll be OK thank you " I was tempted to say yes just to see what she would do.

"Please let me, I know you've not been with anyone since she left and I have felt you get hard loads of times"

"When have you felt me get hard?"

"Some times when you sleep on your back I have held you until you got hard".

I was a little shocked but I had to admit that I expected this.

"I don't know what to say Nat" she had turned to face me "part of me says it's wrong and part of me says its not. Why did you hold me?"

"I wanted to feel you get hard"

"What did you think when I did?"

She paused "I thought it was great that just holding you could do that, I thought that it would help you"

I was at a loss for words.

"Daddy, you once told me that love making is part of telling someone that you love them, is that right?"

"Yes it is, but in the eyes of the law between blood relatives it's wrong and if we got carried away you could get pregnant"

"If we used contraception would you?"

My mind was racing and by now I was harder that I had been for a long time.

"I would love to say yes, sweetheart. But I'm worried because the first time is always painful for girls and hurting you is the last thing I want to do"

She moved her hand down and grabbed my cock making me gasp.

"One day I would like you to make love to me, please daddy?"

She had me in her hand and I made no move to take her hand off, through the thin material of my boxers her hand was incredibly warm.

"You really should have someone your own age to be your first"

"Huu" she snorted "boys my age are stupid, they only want you for a feel up, get you to bring them off and forget you!"

Her hand was slowly squeezing me, then relaxing.

I knew she'd had boyfriends so it was nothing new to me, in fact I had encouraged her.

"What have you done sexually, you don't have to answer if you don't want to"

"I don't mind telling you, I have been felt up by two boys and have given one a hand job and tried oral"

"Did you enjoy any of it?"

"Some of it, but I found them small compared to you"

"How do you mean, small?"

"They only had small, thin dicks, yours is a lot nicer and fatter" her hand squeezed harder "I like yours more"

"And what did they do for you?"

"Just touched me up"

"Is that all?" I was a little disappointed for her.

"I think you have touched me more play fighting than both of them did!"

I thought for a few seconds "Have you had an orgasam yet?"

"I think I have brought myself to one, though I'm not sure"

I paused before asking the next question, wondering how she would react and how far things would go.

"Would you like me to give you an orgasam?"

"Would you?, I'd love that" she released me and sat up to pull her nightdress off, in the dim light her face looked like her mother's, I reached down and pulled my boxers off.

She lay down next to me on her back, I kissed her neck below her ear and slowly moved down, kissing every inch or so. With each kiss she gave a little, ohh, and when my lips touched above her breast she sighed deeply, I moved down to her nipple and licked it gently.

"Oh dad !"she arched her back a little and when I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it felt like she was going to to come, she shook and moaned so I moved my free hand to her other nipple and started playing with it, she was making little noises as I did so.

I slid my hand down and as it touched her mound she drew in a sharp breath which she released in a shuddering sigh, I cupped her in my hand as she spread her legs, she felt hot, I continued to play with her nipple in my mouth for a few seconds longer then started to kiss her all the way down. As I got closer to her pussy she started to draw sharp breaths, I planted my lips at the top of her opening her legs went stiff "Oh God" she whispered.

I pushed my tongue between my lips and slowly slid it down her gash, touching her hard clit making her jolt, then continuing down over her pussy lips, making sure not to slide inside her, then back up to the top, this time pausing at her clit I dragged my tongue over it, she let out a moan and I could feel her pushing up. "Oh dad".

I pressed harder against her, feeling her clit pulse beneath my tongue , I slid my right hand along her leg until I touched her, my forefinger brushed her opening and she jolted again, I played with her protruding lips, sliding between them and moving up and down but not entering her, the smell of her was making me feel as if I should be inside her, it had been so long since I had last had sex, I slid my finger just into her and she gasped loudly.

I lifted up between her legs "When I met your mom, we couldn't have intercourse for 3 weeks so we had what she called pretend sex"

"Show me"

I put my cock against her soaking pussy and pressed against her "If you want me to stop just say"

"No don't, I have never felt like this before, please don't stop" I could see her smile in the dim light.

I slid my cock along and back down, pulling back so that the head of my cock touched her opening, I was so tempted to push into her.

"Sometimes your mother would prefer to be on top" I was sliding along her and as my cock pressed against her clit she shuddered, her whole body went into spasm, she jerked her hips up and down against me "Oh dad" I watched as her orgasam peaked, I was pressing against her as she bucked harder, lifting her hips hard my cock slid into her, I froze ready to pull out, she grunted "Oh yes!!"

I hadn't moved, I was enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy around me she had her legs around my back and was pulling me deeper into her, I knew I should pull out of her but the feeling of her beneath me, of my cock buried deep inside her I just couldn't stop myself, I pulled slowly out savoring the feeling, Nat was putting all her strength into her legs pulling me back towards her "Please don't stop I want this so much!"

"I don't think I can stop"

I pushed slowly back into her, as deep as I could get and back out again willing myself to be slow so Nat would enjoy it, I pushed into her again getting more of my aching cock into her then pausing feeling her around me.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you" I pulled out a little and slid deeper into her.

"Your not hurting me, I want this so much" she gasped as I slid back into her, all of my cock was now inside my daughter, I could feel her mound pressed against me.

I pushed myself up on my arms, my hips pushed against her, I started a slow steady rhythm determined to give her an orgasam. "I want you to come" I said to her

"I have had two already" her hands touched my face "now it's your turn"

I should have pulled out of her but my body decided otherwise and my speed increased, she was so tight and it had been so long that I was shooting into her in seconds.

"Oh christ" I said my hips slamming against her pushing her into the bed, as my cock pumped deep inside her. As my climax subsidised I sank on to her and felt her arms around me, my cock still pulsing inside her.

"I'm sorry Nat, I could not stop, did I hurt you?"

"No, I love you daddy"

"I love you too" that's when I realised what I had just done "First thing in the morning we will have get to the Doctor's and see if they will givetyou the morning after pill"

I slowly lifted myself up and eased out of her, I was still semi hard.

"OK dad" she moved towards me "I'll say I got carried away with my boyfriend" she snuggled against me.

"I will have to play the irate father and insist on you going on the pill"

"That would mean we could make love more often!" I could almost feel her smile "I look forward to that"

We slept wrapped around each other, I awoke occasionally and ran my hand over her naked body still not quite believing what had happened.

First thing in the morning we did as planned and our doctor was only happy to" Prevent an unwanted teenage pregnancy " she was told that for the next 48 hours she could indulge herself if her father hadn't scared off her boyfriend but after that they would have to wait until the contraceptive pill started to work.

We got home and for the first time in years I made love during the day...

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