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My Mom


Author: Kelsey Wayne
Contact: lwk8522@gmail.com
Published: 30-Sep-17

I grew up in a small town in Washington state. Most people have never heard of. It was just me my sister a few years older than me and mom. Dad ran out on us when I was young...

* * * * * * *

Around the house we were all really relaxed about nudity and sex stuff. Me and sister were always just in my briefs and her in panties most of the time. Even mom would go around the house in just panties many nights as we watched tv.

One night I was 15 and sis was away at a friends house. Mom and I had watched TV as always. However that night I noticed her panty covered ass as she walked around. I mean really noticed her ass. And as any teenage boy I found my self with a boner.

As we walked TV I pulled mom over and had her lay her head in my lap. Her head was on my bulge. I knew she could tell I was hard.

She would look up at me and smile now and then but never said anything. Also never moved her head off.

After a while she said she was heading for bed. And I was thinking of going to my room to rub one out.

As I was walking down the hall I thought lets see if she will go any further. I get to her door. Stop and listen. I hear nothing. So I slowly open the door and go in. Mom is laying in her bed and I already knew she always sleeps nude.

I walk up to her bed side. She looks up at at me and ask if I needed anything.

I smile and say yes I want to sleep in here tonight.

She looked at me and said ok but cant tell your friends as you are getting to old to be in bed with me.

As she lifts the blanket for me to get in I see her naked body.

I say I will be sleeping here from now on as I slide my briefs off.

She said why are you taking those off.

I say you are naked so we both should be.

She then added what about here from now on.

I move closer to her. Put my hand on her hip and say I decided im taking over as the man of the house.

Before she can say a word. I lean in and start kissing her full on the mouth. She wants to push me away but I hold my place. And moved my hand from her hip to her cunt. It was full on her pussy and she was grinding back on my hand. With that I was sure she wanted it.

I rolled her onto her back and flipped head to toe with her so we were in a 69. She did as she wanted and gave my dickhead a few licks then took my shaft into her mouth.

We went at it in the 69 for a while and she was moaning louder and louder.

I moved between her legs took a nipple in my mouth and sucked with great force. I got up on my knees and rested my dickhead on her wet slit.

Looked her in the eyes and said you are about to take your baby boys cock for the first time. There will be many more times to come.

She smiled and said do it I need it bad. I slowly pushed in the head and stopped for a few seconds. Then went ball deep in one motion.

Her pussy was warm and moist.

As I slid in and out I thought to myself. That I now have my cock in the pussy I came from. I fucked her long and slow. Then short and fast till I was ready to cum. As I started moaning im cumming I shot my load deep in her cunt.

I had never cam so hard as I hard that night then and there. I lay over on mom. We rested a while and I was back wanting more. My dick was rock hard she her pussy was wet. Round two had us doggy. On our side and moved to the sofa.

I realized she loved for me to sit on the sofa with her on the floor.

She had great ability at giving head.

Never did understand why dad left. Mom loved to suck dick.

Loved it in the ass.

She was always ready for action.

Never said no.

She would give me head before school three days a week at least and I got the pussy whenever I wanted it.

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