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My Step Daughter Seduced Me


Author: PeterPaul5930
Published: 09-Oct-17

After several weeks during which Becca perfected wearing fuck please fuck me skirts 6 inch heels, and tops that displayed her breasts she asked me if I had been serious about inviting a man to fuck her while I watched...

* * * * * * *

I said yes, and that I believed that she needed and deserved sex with men. After all, a steady diet of your daddy is less than you need!

I will invite a man for tomorrow night! I want you to be the hostess, fix him drinks, ask him to dance if you wish, and display your butt cheeks, your g-string if you wish, sit in his lap, French kiss him, whatever you want to do including sucking his cock here on the sofa! Do any thing you wish, I just want to watch you! Ok?

Oh daddy I will please you by pleasing him!

I invited a friend with whom I had shared a little bit about Becca. She answered the door when he arrived. She had chosen a white pleated tennis skirt about half as long as even the shortest real skirt, 6 inch white heels, a white blouse that while not see through, offered a fine view of her tits! She wore a black velvet choker around her neck, and her auburn hair came almost to her waist!

She kissed Fred on his lips walked him to the sofa, took his drink order and as she headed to the kitchen, her back to him, she spotted a scrap of paper on the floor, stopped, said oh my, then slowly, very slowly, bent over at her waist and struggled to pick it up while offering Fred a long view of her but cheeks and her g-string!

Fred said Becca you are strikingly beautiful! Your daddy had told me that but now that I see you in person I am thrilled!

She turned to him and curtsied to show her pleasure! She pranced back and handed him his drink. She asked in a shy voice, may I sit next to you,sir?

Please do.

She sat down as close to him as possible, smiled at him, pressed her long naked leg against his and placed her hand on his thigh.

May I kiss you sir?

Of course!

She placed her arm around his neck and began French kissing him as she moved her hand on his thigh closer and closer to his bulging hard on!

She placed his hand on her naked thigh(her skirt just barely covered her pussy) and moved his hand to 2 inches of her cunt. She said quietly, may I please suck your cock sir?

Oh hell yes!

She dropped to a squat on her heels between his legs, removed his pants and shorts, pulled him to the edge of the sofa and placed his rock hard cock in her mouth an began giving him her world class sucking!

I had told her that making her cheeks concave, and looking up into his eyes and maintaining constant eye contact greatly pleased the man!

After 3 or 4 minutes he ejaculated into her mouth!

She smiled at him while continuing to suck every drop of his cum! She than opened her mouth to show him how much cum he had given her, she than swallowed it all with a smile!

She turned to me and asked, daddy did I do it alright? Did you like watching me?

Oh Becca you were perfect! Ask Fred how he liked it! She looked up at him, still on the floor and said, sir, did I please you?

Fuck yes Becca! You just gave me the best cock sucking I have ever had! You are hot, beautiful, wonderfully slutty and a credit to all hot babes!

She said well thank you kind sir! If it is OK with you I want to sit in my daddy's lap for a few minutes.

She walked over to me and sat in my lap, took my hand and (having pulled her skirt up to her waist} placed my hand on her pussy and said oh daddy you make me so happy! Am I being a slutty nasty cunt for you?

The perfect slut Becca! I can hardly wait to watch him fuck you!

Well how about right now!

She took Fred's hand and said, you look like a man who could use a tight pussy! Come with me! Sucking cock is not my only talent! Daddy tells me I have the tightest pussy he has ever fucked! I gather that some men really like both young and tight! All I know is that I love having my daddy's cock in my cunt and I will know soon if you like my little pussy too!

To no-ones surprise, he too loved her tight little pussy!

When he finally pulled his cock out of her she kissed him and thanked him! She told him that her daddy felt it to be unladylike for a woman with a cunt full of cum to just ignore it, that cum leaking down her leg was way to nasty, and that her daddy insisted that he prevent that by eating out her cunt!

Sir, would you like to watch?

Of course!

My daddy lay, naked on the floor and Becca squatted over his open mouth, relaxed her pussy and cum, in a small stream dripped into my mouth. When the stream ended Becca lowered her freshly fucked snatch to my mouth and I sucked and tongue fucked her pussy!

Fred was stunned and told Becca I was a keeper, do not let him get away!

She kissed me and said not a chance of that! And now it is my daddy's turn to fuck me!

She walked him to the door and returned to our bed room and said, daddy please fuck me now! I saw that the lips of her cunt were red and asked her if it was going to hurt when I put my cock in her?

If it does it will add to my pleasure! Fuck my sore little cunt daddy!

I did so and later asked her if this was the first time she had been fucked by 2 men in a row?

Yes daddy, I loved it and want to do this again! I suspect I would love being the duty pussy for you and 2 other men, if you would allow that!

Of course I would!

If you like that as much as I think you will, what would you think about hosting a gang bang, say 5 to 10 men in a row?

Daddy you are teasing me! You must know I would love being the pussy for any number of men as long as I get to dress like this and you are there to protect me! Would you really let me do that, take on 5 or 10 men in a row?

Of course I will Becca! How about if I throw in 2 or 3 black men for a change of pace?

Really! Oh daddy you are my dream come true! Would you video it so we could watch it together?

Of course! Becca you are my dream cum true! I love you, my horny little slut!

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