Blond Lawyer Iikes it Black

Author: steve
Published: Jul 2, 2008
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When a tired, stressed white attorney checks in to her hotel she finds the bellman more than helpful.

My firm insisted that we travel wearing proper attire and also insisted that we arrive a day ahead for any work so that we would be fresh so that explains why I was wearing a business suit on a Saturday night. The plane was crowded with vacationers the A.C. on the plane did not work well and I had a week worths of luggage so lugging all that through the airport only increased my tiredness. I could feel sweat pouring though my blouse. Right now I just wanted a hot shower and dinner. The shuttle bus to the hotel ran late and it's AC was broke. The hotel staff sensing my foul mood had me taken upstairs by one of the college bell staff. He was a young but athletic black male. He was close to six feet four, on a well built muscular frame. Of course there was a shortage of luggage carts so he had to carry my luggage up by himself. I asked him if it was to much for him . He just laughed and said he lifted far more than that training for football.

As we exited the elevator I got behind him . I watched him from behind admiringly loved the way he moved so cat like even with all my luggage. My mood began to improve I went from being tired and worn out to being horny. I had never been with a black man before and of course had heard the stories. I had broken up with my boyfriend several months ago so sex had been something I had missed for awhile. Still I could not see how this could work. He opened the door and put my bags on the bed. He showed me where every thing was. I stood there just watching him. I took off my jacket and noticed why. Sweat had poured through my blouse and bra. So that you could my breasts and nipples . "Sorry mam no disrespect I couldn't help myself just admiring " "Me to " I said I gave him my best come hither look.

He walked toward me. I closed the door behind me . He nodded in understanding I reached out with a tip he had the key. Our skin touched it was electric like a shock. I held onto his hand and didn't let go. He moved closer I looked up and he kissed me full on the lips. His tongue was soon buried in my mouth. I could feel this incredible bulge through his pants. His thick strong hands where rubbing my ass.

He whispered in my ear "Ever been with a black man before " "No I replied , but I've wanted to" "He laughed all you white girls do"

His pager went off. "Shit he yelled I have to go be back in an hour when I get off" I found myself staring at the bulge in his pants "You can't walk around like that "

Then I did something I've never done for any man I got down on my knees and unbuckled and unzipped his pants. Out came this most massive cock I had ever seen it was long and thick. "Oh god I moaned " I was totally hypnotized by his thing I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took as much as it as I could .

"Hurry up he commanded I need to get my ass back to work " " I mumbled something but I began to lick and suck him like I had never done before I loved it . I would lick up and down his enormous shaft. Then deep throat him. I unbuttoned my blouse and took off my bra. unhooked my skirt so that now I only had on my panties, nylons and heels. I looked like a whore servicing her pimp as he shot his load into me.

"Damn girl you sure know how to suck cock" he exclaimed

"You'll be back in an hour " I asked "Yep "

"I hopped into the shower and orderer room service oysters, steak, champagne. I was planning for an all night fuck fest.

I wore only my bra and panties when he came back . Now he was wearing a Tank Top and tight jeans which showed off his muscular frame. We kissed at the doorway. I showed him the room service food .

"Are you hungry " I stammered

"Only for pussy " he yelled " Some nice tight blond pussy "

"Well I'm hungry for big, black cock "

With that we both laughed and He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed I squealed like a school girl. He took off his top revealing a thick muscled smooth black body. I stared in anticipation as he began to unbuckle his pants. I knew what would come out still I gasped in awe as his full manhood was on display for me to see.

He climbed onto the bed and yanked my panties off. And then dove right in, in between my legs. His tongue was right up in between my cunt lips licking me. I could feel myself squirting all over him I began to buck wildly as I came .

"Oh god I screamed that was so good, so fucking good. Fuck me, fuck me put that big black thing inside me fuck me like a whore I yelled "

"Oh yeah thats what I'm going to do to you baby going to fuck you good and hard, fuck you like the whore you are"

With that he thrust his big cock inside me I felt my cunt lips being spread, I could feel his fullness, his thickness entering me filling me up

"Oh yeah I yelled Oh yeah " He worked his cock inside of me slowly until finally He had it all in me I could feel his shaft pressing against my clit just his entering was already beginning to start an orgasm. With great effort I rose up on my elbows to see his monster enter me. It was so sexy his black cock sticking out of my white blond cunt, my blond curls being pushed aside . I could see the pinkness of my lips against the blackness of his cock. Both wet, shiny finally I laid down and let him pound away at me. All 250 pounds began rhythmically entering me with each thrust inside of me I let out a yelp I wrapped my legs around his ass my arms circled his thick muscular back . I kissed his hard chest he fucked slowly but because of his strength his size his thickness I felt like I was being torn apart . I moaned, I screamed I came but he kept on fucking me. "Don't stop I yelled oh god don't stop I'll do anything if you keep fucking me" "Anything bitch " he taunted me "Yes I said fuck anything I'll do anything for you"

I wasnt that far gone I knew what anything meant. I would be his bitch after this, his white slave, his whore . I knew it but I wanted it .

"OK slut " he hissed he began to fuck me more in the same way slowly but with great power. I was sweating, crying, laughing as I experienced a mind shattering orgasm . My pussy was sopping wet now I was totally exhausted I just lay there now as he continued to enter me . To pound away. I felt him beginning to tighten still he continued . Then I felt it I gusher of cum entering my sloppy wet post orgasmic cunt. After he deposited his black baby juice in me he was still hard and still continued with his fucking. I could hear the squishing noises from my wet pussy and his hot sperm mingling in my cunt as he continued with his fucking. Suddenly he picked up the pace and fucked me harder faster.

"Oh yeah I moaned, thats it baby fuck me like a whore fuck me like the whore you're going to make me" I yelled I had one more orgasm just as he went soft. We lay there exhausted. I lay there thinking about what I had agreed to do . I got up and got the oysters and steak and fed him I went down on his cock coaxing it back to hardness.

"Yeah bitch " he snarled you're going to be my white whore aren't you"

"Yes " I replied "I'll do anything for black cock now " He got hard and I mounted him impaling myself on his black monster I rode him up and down for a good fifteen minutes where I experienced a good three more orgasms.

As agreed I became his whore. First he took me to strip clubs where I performed in amateur shows I would fuck and suck men in the private rooms. He would share me with his friends and family I loved that the best. We got married and many of my girlfriends where so jealous or curious about what it is like so I let them fuck him they all told me that it was the best fucking they have ever had . A few married into his family. We have great orgies all of us pretty white girls getting fucked by lots of big black bucks.

I'm truly happy.

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