Vacation Adventure

Published: Dec 11, 2008
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My wife buried her head in the pillow and screamed over and over as Jerome picked up his pace. The man was an animal and could seemingly fuck forever. My wife's pussy was engorged and red as the relentless black man continued to feed her his oversize dick.

Last winter my wife and I decided to get away from the cold and the monotony of daily life and escape to the tranquility of the Dominican Republic. We chose a beautiful 5 star resort that was all inclusive and had every amenity possible. When we arrived we were not disappointed as the resort lived up to its billing, with lots of activities and tons of entertainment as well as 6 different restaurants.

Our condo was perfect with a great view of the ocean and lots of room to relax. We noticed that we had a shared patio with our neighbour which certainly gave us a little less privacy but everything else was so perfect we overlooked this detail. As we took our things into our room we couldn't help but notice that our neighbour's drapes were open and he and his companion were in a very suggestive embrace. The man was rather large and very black and the woman was just the opposite very white and petite. She was completely naked and the man wore only a pair of boxers. We both continued to gather our things and put them into our place with the help of our bell hop. After tipping him for his services we decided to organize our room and have a quick shower before heading to the beach. As we put our things away we both couldn't help but notice the loud moans of pleasure that were coming from next door. Obviously the woman next door was enjoying what her black lover had to offer. My mind raced as I showered up and got ready to check out the beach scene. Once we were both organized my wife and I headed out together. We had barely left our condo when we were greeted by our black neighbour now alone and sitting on the patio. He reached out to introduce himself with a handshake towards me and then extended his arms to embrace my bikini clad wife. As their bodies touched I noticed his shorts did little to hide what seemed to be a growing erection. Our neighbour Jerome complimented my wife on her bathing suit and gave her a very good looking over. I interjected asking him where his wife was thinking that the woman we had seen earlier was just that. He told us that his wife had flown home yesterday to deal with some business crisis. Noticing that my wife was still a little shocked by his overtness I excused us and said we really wanted to check out the beach. When I looked back at Jerome as we headed towrd the surf I noticed he was rubbing his big bulge through his shorts. Obviously he was very enticed by white women.

I asked my wife if she could believe the boldness of this complete stranger in the way that he greeted her. She said that he was probably just a very friendly guy and that I was overreacting. I asked her if she noticed his arousal. She denied seeing anything which I knew she was lying about because I saw her staring at it, hell who couldn't have noticed the thing. I couldn't get the image out of my head and I'm sure she was probably the same. Later I asked my wife if she could imagine herself being that woman we had seen with him earlier. She told me that she was content in our relationship and that she didn't need to fantasize about somebody different. Still I wondered.

We went back to our place and got ready for dinner but we saw no signs of our neighbour anywhere. My wife actually looked a little disappointed. The rest of the night was spent eating a fabulous dinner and going for a romantic walk on the beach. Neither of us mentioned another word about what we saw earlier that day again. By the time we got back to our condo it was late and we were both exhausted from a really long day so we crashed.

The next morning when I awoke my wife was gone and she had left me a note that she was at the health club which was not unusual for her at all. I decided to grab a coffee and wait for her on the patio while I enjoyed the warm refreshing breeze off the ocean. As i sat down I couldn't help but notice the moans of pleasure again coming from the Jerome's condo. I assumed his lady friend from yestrday had spent the night and was up for a little morning sex. My curiosity got the best of me so I decided to sneak a peek through his open window. There on the floor on her knees was a different woman, this one brunette, sucking on the biggest cock I had ever seen. The woman's face was hidden from me but her body was familiar. She wore nothing but her panties, her exposed breasts hung beautifully as she worked her lips over the head of his monstrous dick. Jerome held her head as he fed her inch by inch. Slowly but surely she managed to swallow over half of his 13+ inches. Jerome told her to relax and then he pushed forward until all but the base of his cock and giant sized balls were left exposed. The woman gagged a couple of times but continued her assault on Jerome's manhood deriving great pleasure from hearing this beast of a man writhing in pleasure. Finally after several minutes Jerome grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved himself completely inside her dumping what must have been a gallon of his seed deep down her throat. She guzzled what she could but a lot streamed out of her mouth and pooled on the carpet. It was then that I noticed that this sex goddess was my very own wife. She had just blown the biggest, blackest cock I had ever seen. Jerome picked her up and laid her on the bed. He ripped off her panties and rubbed his still massive dick against her very wet slit. I couldn't believe my wife as I listened to her beg Jerome to put it inside her. Jerome didn't waste anytime as he plugged her hole and quickly buried himself to the hilt. I thought my wife was going to go throught the ceiling she must have come three times before he hit bottom. Jerome pulled himself all the way back out and repeated this torture on my wife for nearly 20 minutes before he again unloaded himself inside her pussy. When he pulled himself out my wife instantly sucked her juices from his softening dick. To my amazement this mad Jerome hard as a rock again. He lifted my wife onto her knees and entered her from behind. My wife buried her head in the pillow and screamed over and over as Jerome picked up his pace. The man was an animal and could seemingly fuck forever. My wife's pussy was engorged and red as the relentless black man continued to feed her his oversize dick. I watched for another 25 minutes before I couldn't watch any longer. I went into our room and lay ther pondering our future as I listened to my wife having orgasm after orgasm next door.

She finally came back to the condo around noon with a story as to where she had been. Surely she knew that I was aware of the situation but neither of us ever spoke about it again. Guess where she wants to go for vacation this year

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