Hockey Player

Published: Dec 16, 2008
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I wasn't the only mother in the locker room yet there were several young physically fit men wearing next to nothing. I couldn't help but notice that my son's locker mate, a young black teen from Northern California was completely naked only a few feet away.

Last year my son signed a letter of intent to play division 1 hockey at a very prestigious school in the North East. We were very excited as a family to see him reap the rewards of a lot of hard work both at the rink and in the classroom. We were also looking forward to making the 2 hour trip to watch him play as often as possible. Here we are midseason this year and everything is going very well for him and we are really enjoying the experience. I have probably enjoyed it even more than him but that is the reason for my story.

The third game of the season they played last year's National Champions and they were heavy underdogs. Unbelievably they surprised the nation and won the game 4-2. You would have thought they had won the Stanley Cup and the celebration afterwards was thrilling. We went down to the locker room to share the experience and the team was bouncing off the walls with excitement. I had never seen the team without their equipment and helmets on and so I wasn't sure who anybody was. Many of them were partly dressed and some were only wrapped in towels from the shower. All of them were so jubilant that they were oblivious to the fact that a lot of women were in their private space. I wasn't the only mother in the locker room yet there were several young physically fit men wearing next to nothing. I couldn't help but notice that my son's locker mate, a young black teen from Northern California was completely naked only a few feet away. He was high fiving his teammates, very nonchalantly parading himself infront of everyone. His body was beautiful and his penis was obscenely large for his height. I couldn't believe my eyes, this 18 year old kid had a dick as long and as thick as my husband's forearm. It hung between his thighs framed only by his very large thick black balls. I felt a twinge between my own legs as I watched him celebrate with his own teammates. We congratulated the boys and went to excuse ourselves from their locker room. In the frenzy of the celebration, the exuberant player that I had been ogling grabbed me and planted a kiss squarely on my lips. I could feel his hands travelling across my ass as he gave me a gentle massage. I don't know what overcame me but I didn't resist instead I kissed him back. It only lasted a brief moment and I don't think anybody was the wiser but I felt my knees weaken when his horse size cock brushed up against my arm and belly. I made my way out of the frantic crowd and joined my husband in the corridor.

The boys had Thanksgiving break for the next few days and our son Gary was coming home with us to have a few days off. I couldn't help but feel guilty about what had just happened. When our son Gary came out of the locker room 20 minutes later he asked us if his teammate Terrence could come home with us to enjoy the holidays. My husband said that would be great and still in a state of shock I just shook my head in agreement. When Gary reappeared with Terrence my jaw must have hit the floor because our guest for the weekend was the same kid that I had just kissed only moments earlier. My son introduced Terrence to my husband and I and he pretended like we hadn't ever met. He was the perfect gentleman and I do mean perfect. He was probably a little over 6 feet tall, muscular, a great smile and he had the most remarkable cock I had ever seen.

We enjoyed rehashing the game on the car ride home and listening to Terrence tell us about his family back in California. He told us he had a girlfriend back home but that he was looking for a more mature relationship now that he was moving on with his life. His goals were the same as every young hockey player, he someday dreamed to play in the NHL. Both boys got along great and were looking forward to getting home and seeing some of Gary's friends.

Once we arrived home the boys brought in their stuff and made a couple of calls and prepared to go out. I showed Terrence where he would be sleeping on the pullout in the basement and I showed him where he could find fresh towels for a shower in the morning. Gary and my husband were upstairs talking so it was just the two of us downstairs. Terrence closed the bathroom door and gently pushed me to my knees. I protested lightly but in truth I wanted to see more of this magnificent kid. He unzipped his pants and I notice he wasn't wearing any underwear. staring me in the face was that same monster cock that I had seen in the locker room earlier. I grabbed it with both hands and was amazed at the weight and the girth of this thing that I wanted so badly. Terrence asked me to take him in his mouth and despite knowing my husband and son were only upstairs I couldn't help myself. I wanted to please this youngster more than even the risk of getting caught. I opened my lips and Terrence pushed his huge head into my mouth. I held him there as I adjusted myself to his size. I could feel him pressing against the back of my throat and I tried my best to swallow as much of his dick as I could. My heart raced as I thought of my husband sitting upstairs oblivious to what I was doing. I sucked back and forth, each time taking Terrence deeper into my throat. He was really getting into it running his hands through my hair and telling me how beautiful I looked sucking his big dick. I couldn't stop myself, looking into his eyes I could see he couldn't take much more of this. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to bring this kid past his pleasure point and have him flood my throat with his young seed. I heard Gary call out just as Terrence announced to me that he was going to cum. Instantly my mouth was filled with his warm spunk. He shot stream after stream of his sticky goo into my mouth, so much that I couldn't swallow it all. We could hear Gary coming down the stairs so Terrence pulled out and put away his still semi rigid and very saliva coated cock. As he left the bathroom Terrence told me to come to him in the middle of the night If I wanted some more of his big black cock. Gary met him just outside the bathroom door unaware that I was slumped on the bathroom floor still savouring the salty taste of his teammates giant load. I couldn't hardly wait to see terrence for our next be continued...

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