African Nightmare

Author: Anon
Published: Dec 18, 2004
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This is his story of how his and the other wives are forced into providing sex for hundreds of horny African rebel troops. Since the wives lost all their luggage which contained their birth control pills, the husbands end up providing their wives an interesting form of oral birth control.

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ABSTRACT: Five white couples from Ohio go on a long awaited cruise only to be kidnapped and captured by rebel forces in the tiny African country of Gyeria. The ordeal they endure is told by Philip, who was one of the husbands.

This is his story of how his and the other wives are forced into providing sex for hundreds of horny African rebel troops. Since the wives lost all their luggage which contained their birth control pills, the husbands end up providing their wives an interesting form of oral birth control.

The African soldier was humping away while he made me stand in the corner and look. As he got closer to coming, he suddenly stopped and asked "You want me to knock her up or do you wanna be a rubber for my load." I stood there dumfounded. My wife, panting heavily from his fucking her, spoke as best she could.

"Gasp! ... I told him ... Gasp! ... about you sucking ... Gasp! ... pussy clean before... Gasp! ... to keep ... Gasp! ... me from getting ... Gasp! ... pregnant... Gasp! ... Sucking him off ... Gasp! ... will make it ... Gasp! ... easier for you ... Gasp! ... get it all ... Gasp! ... do it honey ... Gasp! ... suck him for me."

I wasn't thrilled about becoming a cocksucker for this rugged looking muscle laden black soldier, but I couldn't fault my wife's logic. I slowly walked over.

My wife urged me on and reminded me for the hundredth time I was her only birth control. His big long jutting black cock was all wet with her cunt juices and was palpitating.

I knew I had no choice, I had to do what had to be done to protect my wife. He pushed me to my knees and held a knife before my face warning me about biting him as he pushed his mammoth swollen dick between my lips.

He started working it back and forth deeper into my mouth. As I totally submitted to him, and followed his instructions, out the corner of my eye, my wife beamed a broad smile and uttered for me to grab his ass. The feel of his taunt muscular rear and hard bone between my sucking lips made me feel so humiliated and submissive, but yet excited as I knelt there in full view of her.

Later he placed one of my hands on his huge balls. I was fondling his bull size nuts as he shot off. He spurted several forceful gushers. There was so much to swallow, but I managed to get most of it down. He held me to his semi-hard pole for a while and had me milk it thoroughly.

As the Black soldier was getting dressed, my wife reminded me to thank him for being so considerate and kind. I meekly did as she requested. Later she congratulated me.

"You were a good rubber for him darling. I'm proud of the way you took every bit of his load. Isn't that nice of him to spread the word to see if the other soldiers might want to let you do the same for them"

I could only say yes, under the circumstances. It was about ten minutes later when another soldier came in for a fuck. Rita asked if he wanted to use me as a dump for his wad after he started fucking her. He agreed to my rubber act but only if I asked him.

It was embarrassing to do it, but I did so with encouragement from my wife.

Seven more soldiers came by but only four of them agreed to for me to be their sucking condom. They said I'd just have to do a good suck job on my wife to keep her from getting knocked up.

The very last fellow agreed to let me take his load but changed his mind. He told me my wife's cunt was too good not to come in when he got ready to shoot. However he still wanted and demanded that I milk his cum smeared wet dick. I was in no position to argue with him. I did as he demanded.

After the last soldier left, Rita didn't waste a moment in smothering my face with her reeking sloppy slimy cunt.

"That's it honey! ... Suck me out good! ... OOOOH! ... Get all those spermies outa there! .... Stick your tongue deep up there! ... That's it, eat up their cum! ... Show them you know how to fight back for them fucking your wife! ... OOOOH! That's so good!" With her literally riding and grinding her wet slimy hairy cunt all over my face, there was nothing I could do but do as she demanded.

After she got her jollies for the eighteenth time that night, we got ready for bed. But instead of her letting me have her like the 11 big black soldiers had enjoyed her, she jerked me off and smilingly wished her little cock sucker and cunt eater good night.

This was the eighth time she had done this since we'd been hijacked from our cruise ship and captured by this group of guerrillas. I began to get the feeling that she reveled in the heavy sexing by our captors and wasn't that thrilled with my much smaller prick anymore.

As I laid there trying to sleep, I wondered if we'd ever get out of this living hell. This was our tenth day in captivity, but it seemed almost like ten months.

We were one of five white couples who'd been kidnapped and held as hostages by the group. We were all from the same hometown in Ohio.

The black rebels had taken us back to their camp and put each couple in a guarded cabin and sexually abused our wives from the first day, since there were no other women in the camp. Like me, all the other husbands were white and humiliated the same as I was. To make matters even worse, the other husbands were noticing the same thing about their wives. They seemed to be not only enjoying the relentless sex they were being subjected too, but also the abject humiliation we husbands were being put through.

The soldiers treated us husbands like slaves and had us doing all sorts of womanly chores, like washing their clothes and being maids to our wives, who they'd made whores for their troops, both at this camp and for other troops passing through. To further humiliate us, we had to wear dresses and respond to the feminine versions of our names.

Like me, the other husband's mouths were their wives only birth control.

As we did our daily camp chores, we husbands shared experiences and exchanged tips on how best to handle our situation. One of the favorite places was at the stream where we five gathered to wash clothes, of course under the watchful eye of two armed guards.

On our eleventh day in captivity, while doing the morning wash, we husbands exchanged news. One of the daily topics was always how many soldiers our wives had been fucked by the previous night and how we were coping with eating all that spent jism from their well- used cunts. Such discussions helped us form a bond of the type that never existed before between us as neighbors.

One of the husbands named Sam, dubbed Samantha by the rebels, finally gathered the courage to tell the group that he gave in to one of the rebel sergeant's demands and let the horny rebel fuck him up the ass as his wife watched.

Samantha went on to let us know that he soon had other soldiers wanting to do this to him too, once they saw him in his mandatory drag attire. He then told us of how this gave his wife a break from the relentless fucking she'd been experiencing, and that we other husbands might want to consider doing the same for our wives - to give them a break from at least some of those big black dicks that might want to fuck us up the ass.

While we all had experienced forced cock sucking at one time or another since being captured, none of us to date had been forced to get ass fucked. There was a silence in the group as he spoke. When he finished, there was sort a general agreement, that we loved our wives but we didn't know if we could wil- lingly go that far.

Samantha acknowledged he understood, but went on to tell us things to do to make taking the rebels huge pricks easier as well as how he found being fucked unexpectedly pleasurable.

It turned out the camp doctor had given Samantha an enema solution to enlarge himself for the doctor's big rod, since he was the one that first fucked Samantha.

It wasn't a week later before every one of us husbands had our ass cherries busted by a black soldier. It seemed that our wives liked the help that Samantha's wife was getting and also brought it to the attention of the other husbands.

From there word sort of spread around the camp that all the husbands were fuckable. In no time the pressure was too great for us not to give our wives such help or to submit to the soldiers who wanted us that way.

It was not uncommon for us husbands to watch helplessly as our wives were fucked by as many as three or four men at a time. However, after we husbands started being male "pussies" for the troops, we too found ourselves being grouped banged the same as our wives.

The typical arrangement when there were a large group of troops coming through and they had to be "pleasured" quickly, we husbands found a line of troops standing there to fuck our rears while another line was standing to unload their large lusty wads between our sucking lips.

It was after one such occasion after my wife and I had serviced 60 troops together in our little shack. In six hours she'd handled 36 rock hard giant coal black cocks and I 24. That was a new record for me.

After the last troops had finished with us and I had "tongue douched" her for the umpteenth time that night, we laid back and assessed what we'd been through - something that'd become a common thing in our current situation - she hugged and praised me on my new record. We cuddled and kissed, each of us reeking of the smell of the troop's abundant jism.

This particular night I was filled to the brim with jism. Not only had I swallowed 15 heavy loads from all the dicks I sucked, but also having slurped up all the spent semen from her sloppy gloppy hairy gash really had me full.

"Honey, while it has been horrifying, this experience has been good for us. It's brought us closer, and I think this has made you a more sensitive caring husband." My wife said as she embraced me tighter. She went on to add how she was thrilled at Seeing me suck off those big blue black dicks and swallowing all they had to give without missing a drop. She had equal praise for all the pricks I'd taken in my "ass pussy".

We were at the camp for three more months before it was overrun by another rebel faction. We just went from one master to another. Because this new group continued using us for their pleasure too.

About: The author of "African Nightmare" is Anon. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Interracial Sex Stories section.

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