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Fucked by a Black Gynecologist

Interacial dating

Author: rose
Published: 04-Oct-09 Revised/Updated 07-Nov-09
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At 18 I had never been to the gynecologist and had been having regular intercourse with my black boyfriend of 2 years, so i thought it was time i had a check up. I'm white and have a very curvy body and a big ass, black guys always seem to be attracted to me and I'm not complaining!

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At 18 I had never been to the gynecologist and had been having regular intercourse with my black boyfriend of 2 years, so i thought it was time i had a check up. I'm white and have a very curvy body and a big ass, black guys always seem to be attracted to me and I'm not complaining!

I wasn't sure what to expect and was sort of hoping the doctor would be female.

I was feeling quite scared in the waiting room and i had to wait absolutely ages! When i finally got called in by a nurse I was a little surprised to find a middle aged black man.

He was tall and very broad he had a large stomach which was accentuated by his shirt being tucked into his trousers. He was wearing very shiny shoes, the way he was dressed made me think of the classic "pimp" style. He had a thick Nigerian accent, he told me to take a seat and stop looking so scared.

He asked me a few questions then told me he wanted to examine me. I was petrified. I took of my jeans and panties but then he told me he needed to see my breasts! I felt so vulnerable! I got completely naked and lay on the table to be examined.

He stroked my large pink nipples until they became hard and then he made an "Mm-mm" noise. I wanted to cry it he was so disgusting! He pulled at my curly black pubic hair a little then he pulled at my labia minora (inner pussy lips) then commented that they are quite long! He rolled up his sleeves and put on a latex glove and squeezed some KY jelly onto his fingers and rubbed it on my pussy. I looked at his face and he was licking his black lips.

He took a plastic vaginal speculum and opened my vagina up, it felt quite uncomfortable. He spent quite some time just looking. Then to my horror he took out the speculum and pushed two fingers in. I felt something on my clit and let out a moan, i looked down and he was licking it.

Then he asked me in his thick accent if i would like to view his penis. I hadn't said a word the whole time he was examining me I think my voice had completely gone. I kinda made a noise which he must have thought meant yes.

He unbuckled his belt, undid his button and flies then took out a huge black penis, i could also see lots of thick Afro pubic hair poking out. He was circumcised and the end of his dick looked moist from pre-cum. He walked towards my face and told me to lick it clean. my mouth was so dry, he tasted so tangy. then he got on top of me on the examination table and shoved his cock inside me. i let out a yelp and started to cry but then he slapped me.

As he was on top of me thrusting in and out of me he rubbed my clit and then started calling me a dirty white slut. He whispered in my ear that white women always try to seduce him. I was moaning it felt so good. He started to pull at my "long" pussy lips with his fat sausage fingers all the while thrusting his cock in and out.

Then he took his dick out and stood up and i thought it was over, but he told me to roll over, so i rolled onto my stomach and he put a latex glove back on and parted my bum cheeks and squeezed some very cold KY jelly onto my anus then he started to rub it with one finger he put his cock back in my pussy but kept rubbing my anus until finally his finger popped inside. He started to fuck me really hard and was moving his finger in and out my anus really fast. i was screaming with pleasure and pain.

Finally inside my vagina i felt a hot wet sensation and i knew that he had came. He pulled his dick put and told me to sit up so i did then he put his flaccid penis in my face and told me he needed me to clean him up so he could get back to work. i opened my mouth and felt his soggy wet cock, I sucked it clean and he told me i was a very good girl and he would mail me a letter for my next appointment in 6 months. i got dressed quickly and left then got in my car i could feel the sperm oozing out of my pussy all the way home.

This is my first story hope its OK!

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