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Military Sex Needs

Author: YellowGirl
Publish Date : Oct 1, 2009
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He was a young white military soldier, hardworking and dedicated to his job. He and his wife were not communicating. Their relationship was on the rocks. He needed something more, and there was a girl who could give him just what he needed. (MF, husband-cheat, intr, military)

* * * * * * *

He was handsome, tall and very well built. He worked on the tanks in his unit. After working hard long hours, he'd go back to his home on the base and rest. His wife was normally gone around this time, and it gave him time to unwind. He picked up the phone and listened to his cell messages.

Her voice sounded so sexy and inviting when she asked him to drive in town to her apartment. He left his wife a note that he would be working late, and then hanging out with the guys later.

He showered and stroked his hard white cock in the shower, as he soaped it up real good. He couldn't wait to finally feel himself inside her. He'd been sneaking off to see her almost every other day. This girl was so very different from his blond all American wife. She was a dark haired mulatta with some really nice tits. He talked her into letting him touch them briefly the last time. This time he planned to do much more than just a little bit of fondling.

In 20 minutes he was coasting down the highway from Fort Knox, to Louisville. His cock was still hard inside his boxers now, he couldn't get her off his mind.

He arrived in her neighborhood. She lived downtown in an apartment located near a ghetto. There were housing projects nearly four blocks away. The last time they were together, he'd successfully persuaded her into moving to E-town in a couple of weeks... which was much closer to Ft.Knox, and alot safer.

He pulled into her apartment parking lot. It was very late, and surprisingly quiet out. He set his car alarm, and went up to her door. The door opened, and there she stood smiling at him.

She was wearing a beige tank top and panties. Her soft hazel eyes had a slight look of desperation in them. This look in her eyes made his cock start to throb heavily.

In no time they were upstairs, on her canopy bed kissing. He lay on top, holding her arms down while kissing.

"I've been waiting for you all day...Ohhh I want you inside me so bad!" she breathed, while pulling her top up above her tits. He slowly kissed her big breasts, and dark nipples. Her body felt so soft and smooth underneath him, it made his skin get hot.

"Mmmm, Ive missed you so much" she moaned, wrapping her legs around him. The crotch of her panties was pressed tight against him. She rocked back and forth, masturbating herself. He couldn't take it anymore. He sat up and threw off his clothes.

"Ive missed you too" he breathed...

He straddled her, and forced his hard pecker in her pretty mouth. He closed his eyes while she gave him head. She was sucking his dick like it was a big juicy lollipop.

OH FUCK!!! His wife NEVER did this shit to him. He was in heaven! Damn! He moaned and groaned, as her lips were tight around him sucking it completely dry. He endlessly dripped into her mouth like melted butter. That was it, he needed that sweet pussy. No more hesitating.

His rock hard cock was in his hand as he pressed it up against her tight slit. He looked at the smooth wide curves of her hips, wondering what she felt like inside. He thrust inside slowly, making her cry a little. Her pussy muscles were squeezing the hell out of his rock hard dick. He grunted, trying to adjust the situation. Her wetness made it slide in a bit more. His fingers stroked her nipples, tugging at them.

She was gasping helplessly, and her pussy was getting wetter. He pushed it in deeper, making her back arch. He knew that he was hurting her by now, and worked his hips harder to give it to her rough. His hands gripped her slender shoulders really tight, and he began to fuck her so hard. The bed was creaking so loud, he was sure the neighbors heard. He could tell that she hadn't had sex in a long time, she was trembling and breathing so hard. Her orgasm was so strong that he could feel pulsing through her silky body.

Now he had her shoulders at the very edge of the bed, her head was leaning off the bed while she screamed. He fucked her like a sex fiend, unable to slow it down. He didn't care how loud she screamed, he intended to fuck her until they were both satisfied. Her scrreams were silenced as he fucked her harder and harder.

He could feel the walls of her pussy choking his throbbing cock throbbing so intensely it was ready to explode. He shot his cum deep inside her.

She lay on her back, biting her bottom lip and slightly trembling. Her soft, wavy, coal black hair was spread out on the bed and her piercing almond shaped eyes were watching him..

"Mmmm That was sooooooooo amazing," she breathed, squeezing her big firm tits together.

His pager went off.

It was his wife paging him from the PX mall. He ignored her, and put the cell away.

"When can I see you again" he said, kissing her sweet smelling neck and shoulder.

They both agreed on 8pm the next day.

Driving down the highway back to the base, his mind began to wander again. He ran the palm of his hand over his blond crewcut as his thoughts drifted into the deep folds of her tight pussy... her brown sugar... and the way she gripped his dick so hard. He could taste the soapy smell of her sex on his tongue. His dick was throbbing again.

He couldn't wait until tomorrow...

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