Helga Likes Black Cock

Author: Ray
Published: Jul 21, 2013
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They spread my legs apart and one put 3 fingers into my pussy and started finger fucking me.

About Me: My name is Helga and my husband is Ricky. I am 5'5 wear a size 35B bra. I am a blue eyed blonde from Germany with great looking legs and a nice ass. I met my husband at one of the HOT New York parties. We started talking, have a few drinks and he took me home because the girl I came with was busy with some guy and I was sure she was glad that I left her alone. We hit it off well and started going on dates and finally got married. He was 27 and I was 26. We have been married now for 10 years. The sex was great but after a couple of years I suggested that we should spice it up by having a third party. He said he would love to do it. I was delighted and told him I wanted black cock because they turn me on and I had been fucked and eaten by blacks before. That did it... For the next 10 years, we found all kinds of ways and places to do this.



I never went to college. High school was it and that is where I learned a great deal about sex, very little else. The school I went to was mostly black and Latin. I was a minority.

My problem was I wanted to get fucked because I was having orgasms just thinking about it.

One spring day, after school I was offered a ride home in a van. When I got it I saw there were another 2 guys in the back. The sides of the van were blacked out and that is why I did not see the other guys. I figured the worst that was going to happen is, I was going to get fucked, which is really what I wanted. The driver of the van(John) was driving in an area I was not familiar with and I asked why he was going this way, "It's a short cut and I'll be able to drop the other 2 " he said.

He stopped at a secluded spot and I heard one of the guys from the back say "OK let's have some fun." That statement scared the hell out me.

The other guy said " you have been bouncing your ass all over school and we figured we are going to find out how good it is

I started to freak out when one of them opened the back door then opened my door and pulled me out and pushed me on the back seat They both started to undress me and I was naked in a minute I was going to get raped and really fucked and that was what I wanted. I kicked them but finally they nailed me to the seat

They spread my legs apart and one put 3 fingers into my pussy, The other one kept my legs apart, soon after he was finger fucking me I started shaking and had my first orgasm. What a thrill.

Jim (his name) grabbed my tits and was twisting my nipples hard, and I cried out from pain but I felt that I was coming again

John parked and came in the back, pulled out his big black cock out. He sat on the bench seat and pushed me on the floor and told me to get on my knees. He grabbed my hair and told me to open my mouth.

"I am going to teach you how to give a good blowjob."

"Now start liking the tip and around the crown, run your tongue under my shaft, lick my balls, run your tongue back slowly and then I am going to push my cock into your mouth and down your throat."

I gagged, he pulled back and pushed it in again and did this holding my head until I stopped gagging. He then went on to fuck my face while the other 2 played with my cunt and asshole. They pulled out their cocks out and put them in my hands and told me to jerk them off.

Had to admit to myself that I loved it.

I could feel John's cock swelling as he was pushing into my mouth faster; his balls were hitting my lips. He shot a huge hot load down my throat and it kept coming as he kept pushing his cock down my throat. I was so excited that I had a huge orgasm as Rob (the other guy) kept finger fucking me. When John pulled out I licked his cock clean. I loved the taste of his cum, that's when I got hooked on sucking and swallowing cum.

Rob pushed me on my back, straddled me, bent over my face and fucked my face; Jim spread my legs and pushed his very large cock into my cunt. Rob was face fucking me and he came right away, they are all young, and it doesn't take much for them to drop a load. I came as Jim was fucking me; Rob shot his load down my throat. It tasted so good I wanted more.

Jim turned me over on my stomach, put the armrest down, spread the cheeks of my ass and using some of my cunt juice, stuck his middle finger up my ass. It was not comfortable but I did not say anything. He moved his finger in and out then put in 2 fingers and used 3 to open me up "I am going to fuck her ass." He said

I could feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my hole; he got more pussy juice and rubbed it on his cock. Using his hand he guided his cock into my asshole, I thought I was going to die. When he got it all in the pain decreased. He grabbed my hips and started pumping in and out. I never thought he would get it up my ass. As he was fucking my ass I realized that I enjoyed it.

While I was laying there with my face down Rob tried to stick his cock into my mouth. All I could do was to lick the head. I started shaking and climaxed. Jim fucked me hard and slapped my ass a few times which my pussy and ass tighten up, it felt so good, and suddenly he let go a real hot load up by ass.

I took Rob into my mouth and sucked him, sucked his balls and jerked his shaft. I felt his cock throbbing and he was saying he is coming; I stuck his cock into my mouth and took a full load, which I swallowed. It was so good I was hooked on cum.

Rob wanted my ass, he got behind me and my hole was still wet from Jim so it was easy for him to get in. He grabbed my hips and fucked as hard as he could. He shot his load a couple minutes after he got in. I had cum coming out from every hole and the seat was full of it too.

We all took a break, Jim had a joint, which he lit and passed it around. I got high on it.

I loved what was going on and did not want it to stop

"Johnny don't you want a piece of her, asked Jim"

"No answered Johnny, I don't want sloppy seconds."

I got dressed and John dropped the other 2 near the school, and drove me home, it was already 4pm.

I got out of school at 2pm so we had been at it for 2 hours. I went home and took a shower, I smelled from cum all over and my mother would surely ask me why I smelled like that.

John asked me if I could get out later. My mother goes for her 2nd job at 7pm so I said,

"Pick me up at 8pm"

John picked me up at 8pm and he drove to a beach parking lot. There were a lot of other cars; they come there to make out.

John and I went in the back of the van. We smoked a joint that relaxed me a lot. He opened the window on my side and reached for me. He pulled down my top and my tits were exposed. He moved his mouth down and stated sucking and pulling on my hard nipples.

I came right away. He put one hand between my legs and reached my panties, pulled them down over my feet and pushed 2 fingers into my cunt and one finger in my ass, fucked me while he was sucking my tits and found my 'g spot" . My pussy juices were running down my legs. He pushed my skirt all the way up and I was totally naked.

I looked at my window and saw a face looking in. I tensed up and John asked me what is wrong. I told him somebody is looking in.

"Let him enjoy, it does not bother me."

With that John spread my legs wide, got on his knees and put his head between my legs. His mouth moved up to my cunt and his tongue was going into my pussy. This is the first time somebody sucked my pussy. My legs were shaking, I moaned and climaxed on and on, it would not stop and his tongue kept going in and out and playing with my clit. His mouth acted like a vacuum cleaner and sucked out all the juices.

He got up and dropped his pants and shorts reminding me what the others did in the afternoon. He took his big hard cock and put it to my mouth. I licked the pre cum off the tip and took his cock into my mouth. He fucked my face, his cock was all the way down my throat when he shot a huge hot load, I loved the taste of cum. He pulled out his cock and I licked off the cum that was still dribbling.

I could see 2 guys watching us and I mentioned to it to John, he said great. Made sure to position me so that the 2 guys could see the action He pushed me on my back close to the window and brought my legs up to my ears, held them there as he pushed his cock into my pussy. He fucked me hard, his cock was rubbing my clit and I climaxed. I felt his cock swelling and he yelled that he was coming. He shot a big hot load that filled my pussy.

He opened the window to get some air and I felt a finger going up my ass but realized that John's hands were playing with my tits. I tensed up and john asked what the problem was and I told him somebody is playing with my ass. He looked at me and said Enjoy.

I did not know what to do because I really did not mind so I let the guy play with my ass and pussy making believe I didn't know. I suddenly came and my juices were running down my legs on the seat

John pushed me back on the seat and finger fucked me, juices were running out of my pussy over to my asshole. He held my legs up near my ears with one hand and used 2 fingers from his other hand to open my asshole. He shoved the fingers in and out in preparation for fucking me in the ass.

Having been fucked in the ass earlier I knew what to expect and hoped it would not hurt as before.

He turned me over and bent me over the armrest and asked me to pull up my knees so that my ass can easily be reached. He kissed the cheeks of my ass and ran his tongue to my hole. I was in haven.

I felt the head of his cock at my hole and he pushed in slowly so as not to hurt me. He got past my sphincter and the pain subsided, he got all the way in, grabbed my hips and started fucking, faster and faster. I was thinking the guys at the window were getting a good show. John is pumping, holding on to my hips, my face is on the seat, I felt his cock throbbing and a couple strokes later I felt his hot stream of cum filling my ass. He pumped a little more and more cum was coming out of him. It felt so good I didn't want him to stop but he pulled out and some of his cum was dripping on the cheeks of my ass.

We were both exhausted; I turned around and laid on my back. John took his middle finger and stroked my clit, I climaxed again.

I realized that I enjoyed being watched

We both got dressed. John drove me home; he looked at me with that knowing smile telling me we are going to do this again.

At school it became known that I was easy, take me out and get laid for sure. I enjoyed myself many times before I graduated and left school.

After I left school I met a woman that got me a job at a massage parlor. I made a lot of money doing what you can imagine. The guys that came were very demanding and I obliged

After 2 years I was offered work as an escort. It was a lot of fun and I got to satisfy my sexual needs under more comfortable surroundings. I did this for about 3 years.

I got a job in customer service and stayed there until I met Rick and got married

After being married a year I talked Rick into going to a beach parking lot and have a little fun. He readily agreed, which surprised me.


We left home and were driving on the parkway toward the beach.

We found a beach parking lot that had a lot of cars and Rick asked me why I would want to go there.


I was waiting for an explosion from him but instead he looked at me and said it's a great idea. We found a nice dark secluded spot.

With that we went on the back seat of our car which is a very large old sedan with lots of room, It was very warm in the car so we opened the window on my side to get some air, Rick started right away to unbutton my blouse and pull my tits out of the bra cups.

He started to suck on my nipples that were as hard as rocks. I was already getting very wet between my legs.

Rick pulled out his cock and brought it to my mouth. I grabbed his shaft and licked the precum off and ran my tongue around the crown and then along the bottom of the shaft and his balls, then pushed it into my mouth as far as I could before I started gagging.

He fucked my face for a while and I could feel his cock getting ready to explode. I pushed his cock past the gag point and he let go of a good strong load of cum.

Two guys were watching, He pulled out and we rested for a while, me with my tits hanging out and he with his cock resting on his leg.

I said to Rick "You know there were a couple guys watching" His answer was "I hope they enjoyed themselves and didn't drop their loads against the car"

I was thrilled that he was willing to let me be on display.

I laid back on the seat, spread my legs and said to Rick "let's give them a real show"

Rick stripped me naked and fucked my pussy and asswhole, Rick kept fucking me hard. I was watching the guys outside jerking their cocks off. My window was open and they could hear me scream every time I came. We kept this up until we were exhausted.

I questioned Rick how he felt and asked him if he would share me with others while he watched. He looked at me and said he was thinking about that as far back when we got married.

I had told him how I got into sex and the massage parlor.

We stopped fucking and drove home, both tired but with grins on our faces.


Helga let's go out tonight and have some fun. Put on that short skirt that just about covers that great looking ass and show off these gorgeous long legs. For tonight don't bother with a bra. Your great tits stand up on their own and look delicious with the top I just bought you.

I wanted to go to that restaurant by the beach where we can have a good dinner and a few drinks that will put us in the mood. I am sure I can pick up a couple of joints that will help you to relax.

Looking into my husband's face and see that look in his eyes, gave me a good idea of what he had in mind. We went to this great restaurant and started with a couple strong drinks, vodka is my favorite, had a great meal finishing up with a couple more drinks.

There was an other couple at the table next to us

As we were sitting in the restaurant I felt my husband's hand on my knee slowly moving up my thighs, it felt wonderful as he reached my pussy, which was already wet in anticipation of what was to happen later on. We looked at each other; it was nearly 10 o'clock, the perfect time to drive over to one of the beaches parking lot.

I looked over to the next table and saw the man doing exactly what Rick was doing to me, I looked at her and smiled, She smiled back.

The air was warm and a breeze was coming off the ocean allowing for car windows to be open, perfect for what I wanted .

We drove down the parkway toward the beach where we knew that there would be lots of lookers

We got to the beach about 10:30 and looked around for a nice dark spot to park. We have a nice large sedan and the back seat is great for doing what we have in mind

Sure enough the lot was full of cars with couples making out or just sitting there. It is dark and there are many voyeurs walking around looking into cars to see what they can see.

Some come in vans that are higher then cars that make it easier to look into cars. We love it because we are exhibitionists. When we really get hot we will invite one or two blacks to come into the car and participate in making me VERY happy, setting up my husband for later on when we get home.

We found a nice dark spot and parked

We moved to the back seat and Ricky started kissing me and slowly he reaches my top and starts playing with my tits, pulls one of them out, moving his mouth down, grabs the nipple and sucks hard which makes me hot, I put my hand between my legs, start playing with my wet pussy.

I suddenly see a small beam of light shinning on my legs that are spread wide open. Rick has his fingers in my pussy and is moving them in and out. I am squirming, ready to have an orgasm. Rick whispers, "We have a guy looking in," I said that I know. I pull off my panties. I turn a little on the seat so that my pussy and asshole are visible to the guy with the flashlight. I want him to know what Rick was doing to me

Rick pulls my skirt all the way up around my waist giving our voyeur a better look at my ass. Rick pulls down my top to my waist liberating my tits for him to play with. I reach down and pull Rick's zipper down, pull his cock out and into my mouth. He is hard as a rock and I move him in and out in my mouth. I can feel him ready to drop his load; I squeeze him hard at the base of his cock and stopped him from shooting his load. "Later," I said.

Rick raises my legs up over his shoulders and shoves his hot cock into my super wet cunt. I know there are at least two guys watching, one with the flashlight and another on the other side of the car. I just love it and I make sure that they can see as much and hear of what is going on as possible. I know they have their cocks in their hands and jacking off.

I get Rick's cock out of my pussy; get on my knees on the seat with my ass up in the air so that the guy with the flashlight can get a good look. "Rick, put some of that warming gel on my clit and play with it, and then run some of the other jell up my ass, push the butt plug up my asshole for awhile." I know we are putting on a great show for our voyeurs. I get wetter as I think about it, and I wonder how much longer I am going to be able to hold out until I ask Rick to let one of them in. The warming cream on my clit is driving me crazy and I ask Rick to finger fuck me until I come. He puts in 3 fingers and moves in and out of my pussy very fast, I come hard, my juices are running down his fingers and my legs. He takes out his fingers and licks off the juice one finger at the time.

My head is on his lap and his cock is in my mouth again, I am not sucking him too hard because I don't want him to shoot a load in my mouth yet. I ask him to take out the butt plug and run a couple fingers up my ass. It feels so good! I am coming again. My whole body is shaking and I am screaming as the climax keeps coming. Rick moves closer to the far corner of the back seat and pulls me along making room on my side of the seat. I know why. He is getting ready to let the guy on my side come into the car. "Are you ready" Rick asks me. "Yessss!" Rick decides he wants a cigarette and steps out of the car to ask the guy on my side for a light.

My window is open and I hear Rick asking the guy if he would like a piece of this ass. The guy answers you" Bet"

Rick comes back into the car waves to the guy on my side to come in. I sense the door opening, the dome light has been removed, but I feel the guy coming in. I feel his hands on my ass, caressing me; he is spreading the cheeks of my ass. I feel his tongue pushing into my asshole; his hand moves between my legs and reaches my soaking pussy. He pushes 2 fingers into my cunt and his tongue is up my ass as far as he can. I raise my ass a little more to give him better access to my pussy. His 2 fingers get further into my cunt and he finds my g-spot, starts rubbing it. I went crazy and spread my legs as much as I can and start screaming and climaxing like crazy. He keeps playing with my g-spot and my juices are running down my legs like a river. He flips me on my back, puts his head between my legs starts sucking on my cunt lips and plays with my clit, He goes for my ass whole and sticks his tongue into it, pulls it out and runs it to my pussy, flicks the tip into the hole and then back to my pussy. I grab his head and start shaking as I climax and start screaming. I look at Rick and he was smiling at me, he was enjoying himself.

My guy opens his fly and pulls out a huge thick cock. Am I going to take this! He puts the head of his cock at the mouth of my pussy and rubs it around until the lips of my cunt are spread enough for it to go in. He pushes gently and I feel I was going to split in half. He got it in all the way. He grabs my hips and begins fucking me and slapping my ass hard which tightens my cunt around his cock , His mouth is sucking hard on one of my nipples which makes me feel as if I have electricity running through me. I feel a climax coming as his cock was jerking and he dropped a big hot load into me. I climaxed and kept moving my hips up and down and he kept shooting his load. He flips me on my stomach and pulls up my knees. He was getting ready to fuck my ass. He pulled out the plug and quickly rams his cock up my ass as far as he could and starts pumping and slapping my ass as hard as he could then when I felt his hot load I screamed again.

I felt my husband opening his door and the guy watching from his side slides into the car seat.

Rick went to the front seat.

The second guy had his hard cock out already, he had been watching the action and was ready. I was facing him so I bent down and took his thick cock into my mouth, ran my tongue on the tip and sucked the pre cum. This is a real big cock, I started to swallow it until it was all the way down my throat and my lips are up against his balls. He is moaning and I am sure he is ready to drop his load down my throat so I make sure it is all down my throat, I love it. Number one is fucking my ass hard and I can tell from the throbbing of his cock that he too is about to shoot his load again. I want both guys to shoot at the same time so I squeeze the balls on number two to slow down his load. A few seconds later they both shoot their huge hot loads into me. I came at the same time and my body was jerking non stop. I just loved this.

Numer2 pushed me on my back and brought my legs up to my ears, held them there as he pushed his cock into my pussy. I feel the head of his cock pushing up my cunt and then the rest of his huge cock. Oh it feels so good. He starts fucking me and he too slaps my ass cheeks as hard as he could. I could feel him coming and I tighten my pussy muscles around his cock to give him a better fuck.

I need to take a breather. I sit on the seat with both cocks in my hands, my legs spread wide and my juices and their cum are flowing all over the seat.

Number one plays with my tits, the nipples are standing hard, he twists one of them hard and I feel that I was ready again. Number two puts one leg over his head and goes down and starts to suck my clit and my swollen pussy. His tongue pushes hard between the lips and goes as far has he can and then moves it in and out playing with my clit. I am ready to come again. "Please don't stop I yell."

He holds on to the cheeks of my ass as he keeps pushing his tongue in and out. He moves up and sticks his cock into my hot pussy and fucks me fast and furious. I can feel his cock swelling and he shoots a hot load and then another and then another.

He finally pulls out and his cum is running out all over the seat. Good thing its leather. My number one guy is ready again, he straddles me and shoves his big cock into my mouth all the way down my throat until there nothing left to swallow. I suck him in and out until I feel he is ready and I swallow him again. He jerks and groans, the load goes right down my throat, he pulls out and some of his cum is dribbling on the side of my mouth. He takes his finger and pushes the cum into my mouth so that I can swallow it. I could drink cum all day.

Number 2 lays down on his back and has me straddle him with his cock into my cunt. He pulls me down and my ass is up for number 1 to take me in the ass at the same time. I enjoy this and I tell them to fuck as hard as they can because this is one of the fucks I love the most. He slaps my ass and within a couple minutes I scream and come hard in waves and I feel the two cocks throbbing, getting ready to shoot their hot loads. I move the same as they do and the loads come shooting hot and heavy. I am in haven. I sit down exhausted.

I tell my husband I have had it. The two guys kiss me hard, pull up their pants and got out of the car.

I pull up my top and push my skirt down. We went home and I asked my husband, "Did you enjoy this as much as I did" He looked at me and said, "Wait till we get home."


I wanted to go to one of the beach parking areas, Rick agreed. I got dressed in my usual sluttish outfit, which left no question as to what I am all about. A lot of the voyeurs

We got to the first lot and did not see any of our variety of voyeurs so we went to the 2nd parking lot that we usually go to and a lot of voyeurs already know the car and we attract them like flies.

This one is the same as the first one , almost empty. We went to the third and again there was no picking. I was frustrated, I needed to get fucked and abused.

Rick suggested that he call Mark who we have gotten together many times. Rick called and Mark said he was not coming down but he would love for us to come up to his place if we don't mind if his friend and girl friend stay.

They are cool and are like we are.

We went and it was a great. We started drinking and smoking joints and sniffing a little white.

There were chairs a couple couches, a bar ,low lights and a general feeling of relaxation suggesting that everything is cool

After a while I went over to the couch, I was really buzzing and wanted his friend Joel to come over and make me. He did come over and without a second thought kissed me and stuck his tongue almost down my throat, the size of that tongue told me what he could do when he eats me.

Looks like everybody is going to watch us, OK by me. I laid back into the corner of the couch one leg on the couch and the other hanging down which made my pussy very visible. Joel reached for the buttons on my blouse and very quickly opened them up barring my tits. He cupped one tit and kissed the other, than played with the nipples, squeezing and pulling. I was getting very wet. I reached down to his crotch and made no bones about my wanting what is in his pants. He opened his belt and dropped his pants and out came this beautiful, around 9 inch and fat cock, I went down on my knees licked the crown and ran my tongue along his shaft then and took it in my mouth and swallowed it until my lips hit his balls. He moved up on the couch, I was on my knees when Mark came over, raised my skirt to my waist, pulled down my throng and put his head between my legs. He got his mouth to the lips of my pussy and stuck his tongue in as far as he could, took 2 fingers and pushed them in, hooked them and went for my g-spot. That did it I started screaming and I came all over him, juices flowing out of my pussy like an open faucet. I felt Joel 's cock getting thicker and knew he was going to shoot his load; I made sure his cock was all the way down my throat when he came. I was in haven.

The rest of the evening went from Mark & Joel fucking me a couple of times in my pussy and my ass, one DP and my sucking Joel's girl friend after Ricky fucked her. I discovered how good a pussy tastes.END11

Shemale Ricky has been away for 3 days on business. I have been horny all night and morning. I used my toys but I need a warm body. A cock.

I called Mark and asked if he is available but he told me he was working a double shift and won't be finished till the morning. I called my girlfriend Carol and she told me she had a male friend coming over and plans on having a great time.

I called Ricky and told him my problem, I needed to get fucked and I could not wait till he gets home. He suggested that I should call Fran, the shemale we had over the house a while back and had a hell of a time with. I called and she was thrilled, asked me to come right over. Her partner was there too. Come casual. I called Rick to tell him I was going over. Enjoy yourself, was his answer.

I put on a thong, shorts, a top, no bra and sandals. Drove down to the address she had given me. It's a large 2 family house and she has the lower floor.

Fran opened the door and greeted me wearing a see through black negligee. She pulled me in and gave me a deep tongue, passionate kiss, her tits pressing against mine. I ran my hands over her smooth body, reached the cheeks of her ass and caressed them. I moved my hands back up to her tits and squeezed her erect nipples. I was getting wet in anticipation of what was to come.

We walked into a large living room and there standing in a similar black negligee, was this gorgeous black woman with large tits and from what I could see, a large package in her black panties.

"Meet my live in Joyce."

She came over, taller than I am, wrapped an arm around me and kissed me with passion, driving her tongue in my mouth and when I responded she sucked mine out into her mouth. She than kissed the side of neck and licked my ear. I was ready and very wet.

Fran came over and undid the belt of my shorts and pulled them down along with my thong. Joyce stopped kissing me and pulled my top over my head, I was all naked.

Joyce bent down and sucked hard on one of my nipples, reached down with her hand and found my wet pussy, pushed a couple of fingers in and started playing with my clit. Fran had the other nipple in her mouth and was caressing the cheeks of my ass and was slowly running a finger down to my asshole. Joyce got me over the top and I came squirting pussy juice down my legs. Fran took some of the juice to lubricate my hole and pushed a finger up my ass. I felt dizzy.

Joyce took me over to the couch, spread my legs and put her head between them and put her mouth on my cunt, drove her tongue in and worked it back and forth, sucking my juices and clit, I felt myself coming again. I squeezed her head with my legs as I came, screaming, moving my hips up and down until my climax was over.

I reached for her beautiful tits and squeezed them, pulled on her nipples and ran my hands along her smooth skin until I reached the cheeks of her ass, Her skin felt smooth like a baby's ass.

I could feel her building up to a climax; she pulled down her panties to display a beautiful 10 inch black cock. I grabbed it in my hand, but could not get my fingers around it. I bent down and licked the precum off, ran my tongue up along the shaft and licked her shaven balls. I got it's head into my mouth, I could only get about 3 inches in. I used my hand and jerked her off. She came and just about drowned me in her cum. I loved the taste of it and swallowed every drop, Cleaned the rest off her cock with my tongue.

I stood up and Fran reached for my tits from the back pushing her warm and firm tits into my back. She played with my hardened nipples, pulling and twisting. She was kissing the back of my neck and reaching down to my ass, spreading my cheeks and feeling for the asshole. She bent me over the armrest of the couch and slowly pushed her cock into my ass. It felt great, she started to pump in and out holding on to my hips to get in as far as she could. I heard her moaning and she shot a long hot load in my ass. I was in haven.

Joyce walked into another room, Fran took my hand and we went to that other room and opened the door. I looked inside; I was surprised to see a large bathroom with a table in the middle the size of a twin bed. I noticed a drain under it, a removable showerhead on the wall. The table had a plastic cover on it. I looked at Fran and asked "what is that" She smiled and told me it is a table shower, you will enjoy this.

Joyce had told me to get on the table and lay flat on my stomach. She turned on the water, made sure the temperature was right, took a wash cloth and started running the water all over me. With the cloth soaped up with a special soap she rubbed me down, Fran was using her hands to massage me, spread my legs and ran two soapy fingers up my ass. It had felt great and as Joyce kept rubbing me down, Fran was moving her fingers in and out until I climaxed.

Joyce had asked me to turn over on my back and she proceeded to rub her soaped cloth over my tits, belly and between my legs and over my cunt. Fran was pulling and twisting my nipples and Joyce put a couple fingers in my pussy and played with my clit. I moaned and climaxed again. I have never felt so good and I did not want them to stop. Joyce then hosed me down and asked me stand on the floor while she and Fran dried me with a big towel. They dried up and we went back in the living room totally naked.

Before we sat down, Fran got a bed sheet and placed it on the seats of the couch so we would not soil them.

Fran fixed us large glasses of a brown liquid; because I was thirsty I gulped some of it down and realized it was liquor. I didn't mind and had some more. I was beginning to feel woozy and laid back on the couch with my legs spread apart. I felt great.

Fran and Joyce were on either side of me and sucked on my hard nipples sending electric shocks down my body and my pussy was getting wet. They both slowly ran their hands up my legs , got to the lips of my swollen cunt, spread them and each inserted a couple of fingers and played with my clit. I climaxed and screamed again and was moving my hips up and down until it finally stopped.

Joyce then pushed me down on my back, raised my legs up to her shoulders , put some cream into my pussy. It made my pussy feel warm. She then put the head of her big cock between my pussy lips and started pushing in slowly. I felt like my cunt was being torn apart. Slowly she got all of it in and did not move until my breathing slowed down. She then started to fuck me, slow at first then faster. She had let go of my legs and was holding on to the cheeks of my ass, pumping in and out, sucking on one of my nipples. I was coming again and she dropped a huge hot load at the same time. She kept pumping and more hot cum kept shooting out of her cock. She finally stopped and pulled out, rolled over and laid next to me. Fran looked at me with a smile and said.

"You should see all that cum oozing out of your pussy."

I sat up, took the rest of my drink and asked Fran if she had any joints. She came back with 3 of them and we smoked. Fran then pulled me off the couch on my knees and stuck the head of her cock in my open mouth. I eagerly took the whole cock and swallowed it all the way until my lips smacked against her balls. Using my tongue, I ran it up and down her shaft pulled her cock out till only the head stayed in. I ran my tongue around the head, licked her precum and moved my hand up and down her shaft until I felt her cock swelling, she started to groan , I showed her cock all the way down my throat and she let go of a nice hot load. Just the way I wanted, I loved it.

Between the drink and the joint I felt very relaxed but I wanted more fucking and sucking. We made our way to the bedroom, king size bed, mirrors on the walls and one on the ceiling. This was going to be a wild session. Fran kissed me with her tongue in my mouth, Joyce had spread the cheeks of my ass and ran her tongue around my asshole, I felt her squeezing some warm lubricant into my hole, shoved a piece of soft material into it and I felt my hole spreading as the item was getting deeper into me.

I turned around and asked Joyce what it was and she told me it was a plug that will help to open up my hole so that when she wants to go in, it will be easier. She got me on my knees on the bed and played with my clit for a while, brought me up to a climax but stopped before I could make it. She pulled out the plug and put the head of her big cock into my hole and slowly pushed up until I felt her balls up against my ass. She pulled on my hips and started pumping slowly.

Fran sat in front of my face and brought her cock to my mouth. I ran my tongue around the hole of the head and precun came out which I licked, I let her cock slide down my throat and noticed she had a ring at the base of her cock.

Joyce kept pumping hard and I felt my insides were going to split from the size of her cock. She slapped my ass a couple of times and I felt the heat on my cheeks and contracted my asshole making her cock feel even bigger. She started to groan loudly, her cock was swelling and suddenly a huge stream of cum filled my asshole, I could feel cum running out down my legs. She pulled out and slapped my ass real hard which made me suck Fran even faster. She pulled out of my mouth, pulled off the ring and shot her hot load all over my face and into my open mouth, I licked her cock clean and swallowed what I could get into my mouth.

We all laid down and took a breather. I asked Fran what that ring was about and she told me it helps her last longer and build up a lot more cum, I got a face full but wished it had gone into my mouth.

It was getting to dinnertime and I said I should go home. Fran made it clear I was going nowhere and had dinner together. She ordered a pizza. When it came, Fran put on a housecoat then we went into the kitchen naked.

We went into the living room and had a couple drinks and smoked some joints. I was sitting between them on the couch and reached over to their hard cocks. Put them in my hands and jerked them up and down.

Joyce said she didn't want to come yet.

After we finished our drinks and smoked our joints we went into the bedroom and sat against the headboard, Fran put on porn video that we watched for a while. I was getting wet and I needed cock in me. I straddled Joyce and guided her cock in my pussy sitting down on it very carefully. It stretched my pussy and I struggled to get it all in. I bent forward so that Fran could get at my asshole. She put some lubricant on her cock and penetrated my ass and shoved it as far as she could. I love to be Dped.

They both started to fuck me and I was in my glory. Within minutes I went over the top and screamed as I came which made them fuck me even harder. I could tell Fran was coming so I contracted my ass so it would grab her cum as it shot out of her. I worked my cunt muscles and Joyce pumped a couple times more and shot her huge load and filled my pussy to the brim. When she got off of me I realized I was leaking cum from both holes and we all had a big laugh.

It was getting late and I had to get up to go to work, Fran and Joyce also had to get up early. I got dressed. We kissed and I left with a promise to come back with Rick.

When I got home I called Rick and told him about my adventure. He told me that he wants to go the next time.

I was exhausted and went to bed and fell asleep.


Although I have been in many orgies I write about this one because it was my first and very memorable.

It was a Saturday morning when the phone rang and Rick picked it up and listened.

"I'll call you back after I talk to Helga."

"That was Mark, he wants to know if we would like to go to party at a white couple's house." It sounds to me like an orgy being organized

"Sure I said what's it all about"

"Five couples, Mark and GF, Leon and GF, you know both of them, Jose and his wife and Frank and his wife, they are the ones giving the party at their house."

"If Mark and Leon are going to be there I said, I have an idea that it's going to be a fuck party. They both have fucked me a few times before but it was always in a van or car but no women, sure I want to go but find out more about it"

Ricky called back and after a few minutes told me that we should bring a bottle and that everything goes. I told him, I am game, it'll be different.

I really looked forward to it and got dressed the sexiest way that I could. No bra, thong, black see through blouse that showed my tits to their best advantage, very short skirt that barely covered my ass, black laced thigh high stockings and black spiked heel shoes.

We drove about an hour to get to the house. A single family home in an average neighborhood. We parked in the back as we were instructed and walked to the back door. Knocked on the door, which was opened by a gorgeous white woman dressed for a party. She was about 5'5 and 120 pounds, blonde hair, big tits well displayed in low cut black dress that went to mid her midsection , nice round ass and very long legs that ended in black heeled shoes. She introduced herself as Sandy,

We walked into a large living room and saw that Mark and Leon were there already. She introduced us to Frank her husband, 6 ft about 200 pounds, nice black air, in good shape.

Sandy took us around the house and showed the 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, which had food on the counter, another large bedroom which was off limits. Downstairs was a large finished basement with couches, a cocktail table and four easy chairs facing each other, a bar and a bathroom. Soft music was coming through ceiling speakers. Lights were on a dimmer and were turned very low.

Frank, Mark, Leon came down with 2 black women that were introduced as Sue and Jan. Both had beautiful bodies and were dressed for party.

The doorbell rang and Sandy brought down Jose, who was a good looking Mexican, and his wife Rachael, great looking ass and tits and also dressed to party

Frank was fixing drinks; Rick went over and got me a large straight vodka with some olives. We all had drinks and did some small talk. Mark started to dance with Sue running his hand down to her butt and held her very close. Knowing Mark from past experience I am sure he is pushing his package into her.

He was kissing her neck and his other hand was squeezing one of her tits. Frank went over to Jan grabbed her around the waist and kissed her, she opened her mouth and I could see tongues going in from mouth to the other.

I was getting hot and walked over to Leon. (we knew each other because he had fucked me a few times before). I pushed my crotch into him. He responded by walking me to a wall and pushed me against it, reached down between my legs, stuck a finger into my cunt then sucked the juice from it.

"You are ready aren't you" I nodded.

He lit a joint for me and we walked over to the bar and got another large vodka, we then walked over to one of the couches, between the drink and the joint I was feeling great.

Leon reached over and took my mouth into his and we pushed each other's tongue in and out. His arm was over my shoulder and he reached for one of my tits, cupped it and pulled it out of my top. He bent down and put my nipple in his mouth, sucked on it, bit on it and pulled it with his lips. I could feel my pussy getting very wet. He pulled off my top then my skirt and my thong, laid me on the couch, spread my legs and went down to eat my pussy. I was in haven and naked. I came hard and screamed within a couple of minutes.

Leon dropped his pants and shorts and I saw his huge cock, which had been inside of me in the past when we fucked in his van. It's at least 10 inches long and so wide that I can't close my hand around it. He spread my legs as wide as he could and put the head of his cock between the lips of my soaking wet cunt. He slowly pushed in and I felt myself being split apart. Once he got all the way in he started fucking slowly at first and then grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pumped in and out so hard that we were bouncing on the couch. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in until I felt his balls hitting my cunt. I tighten up and climaxed wildly, he groaned and shot a hot stream of cum that kept coming as he kept pumping. As I closed my legs I felt his cum dripping out of my pussy. That was a good fuck.

Sandy had turned down the lights and I could barely see what was happening. I heard a lot moaning and grunting. I could see that everybody was naked. Mark was fucking Jan on one of the easy chairs, they were both naked. Frank was on his knees with Rachael's legs on his shoulders and his head between her legs. Jose had Sue on her knees on the couch and was fucking her doggie style. I assumed that Ricky was upstairs fucking Sandy.

Leon brought me another large vodka, which I downed right away. He turned me over on my belly and pulled up my hips so that my asshole was there for him. He put some pussy juice on his finger and pushed 2 fingers up my ass. I knew this was prelude to him fucking me in the ass. After he moved his fingers in my ass a couple times he put the head of his cock up to my hole and slowly pushed his cock in all as far as he could. What a wonderful feeling this cock filling my ass

Mark came over and sat on the couch facing me, picked up my face so that I could take his cock in my mouth. I swallowed it and ran my tongue along his shaft when he pulled out. Leon was pumping in my ass and I was pulling Mark's cock in and out with my hand, I felt him coming, he grabbed my head and held it and shot a huge load down my throat. Leon was groaning and he shot a hot stream of cum up my ass. As Mark pulled out of my mouth a little more cum dribbled out of his cock on my face, I cleaned it with my tongue.

As I turned on my back, Sandy came over, straddled my face and pushed her cunt on my mouth. I had never eaten a woman's pussy but the taste of her juices mingled with some body's cum was wonderful. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and worked it in and out, she was rotating her hips and pressing hard on my mouth, suddenly she yelled and climaxed, her juices were running down my mouth, I licked it all up and swallowed her sweet tasting cum.

While I was eating Sandy's pussy one of the guys spread my legs and shoved his cock into me and fucked me hard. He shot his load and filled my pussy to the brim. Sandy got off my face and I saw Frank getting up from between my legs with a smile on his face.

I got off the couch and tried to walk but I was dizzy from all the booze I had. Jose came over, I told him I wanted to go upstairs to get something to eat. He put his arm around my waist and helped me up to the kitchen. I put some food on a plate and sat down on a stool. Jose stayed with me. I could see his cock was standing up, he reached between my legs and spread them and while I was eating he put one finger into my pussy and played with my clit.

He saw I was on the verge of climaxing, he put my plate down and pulled me over to one of the bedrooms, pushed me on the bed, I spread my legs and he shoved in his cock. I climaxed, he fucked me fast and dropped his load. He rolled off me, bent over and gave me an open mouth kiss then ran his mouth over to my tits and nibbled on both nipples that sent electric shocks down to my pussy.

Jose was ready again, pulled me down on my knees and I licked the head of his cock. I opened my mouth and took his cock and shoved down my throat until my nose was against his belly. I squeezed his balls while I pulled his cock in and out. I felt him getting ready, I shoved his cock down my throat and held it there waiting for is load Without moving he shot his hot load. I loved it. We went to the counter and I had something to eat before I went downstairs again.

I walked down wearing nothing but my stockings but realized everybody else was as naked as I was. When I got down Mark came up to me, picked me up and carried me over to a couch. Laid me down on my back and played with my nipples and squeezed my tits hard. I liked that and I felt the roughness down in my pussy. I was getting wet again. Mark put his hand between my legs and spread them apart. He put his head between them and started eating my cunt. His tongue was running in and out and over my clit, I shuddered and came in waves that kept coming as long as he was sucking. My juices were running down to my asshole and he took a couple of fingers and pushed them up my ass. He then flipped me over on my stomach and I raised myself on my knees so that my hole was readily available to him. He wasted no time and plunged his cock up my ass until his balls hit my pussy. He then fucked me like an animal, I started to work my ass muscles and after a few minutes he was groaning and pulling hard on my hips and shot a hot load up my ass.

I always liked the feeling of a hot load up my ass. I was not disappointed.

When he got off me I rolled over on my back and spotted Ricky on his knees eating Rachael's cunt while she was reclining on one of the armchairs. I went over to Sue who was sitting in one of the other chairs and took her beautiful black face and luscious lips and kissed her sticking my tongue in her open mouth. She responded by grabbing my tits and squeezing and rolling my hard nipples between her fingers. This was my first experience kissing a woman and realized how sexy it was. She reached between my legs and rubbed her fingers along the lips of my pussy. I was getting wet again. She took my hand and we walked over to one of the couches. We laid down facing each other, I was kissing and biting her ample nipples while squeezing them. Her skin was smooth and I loved running my tongue between her tits, down her belly to her shaved pussy. I spread her legs and put my mouth to her wet cunt, what a feeling, I loved the taste of her juices and ran my tongue along the side of her thigh down to her knee and up the other leg and pushed 2 fingers into her cunt. She tensed up and climaxed letting go of a large torrent of her love juice, which covered my face and ran down her legs and to her asshole.

She took my hand and maneuvered a couple of my fingers to her hole and whispered to me that I should finger fuck her ass. She threw her legs around my neck so that I could have better access to her hole. I put 3 fingers together and pushed them as far as I could. I finger fucked her, she started moving her hips as I moved my fingers and she climaxed with a loud moan.

She took me and moved me so that my pussy was on her mouth and slowly inserted her tongue between my wet lips and pushed it in and out, she hooked 2 fingers into my pussy at the same time and found my g-spot. I went crazy with pleasure and in no time I climaxed, screamed shooting a flood of juices into her mouth and down her face. I asked her to stop so I could catch my breath. This was incredible.

As soon as I caught my breath she started eating me again but took 2 fingers up my asshole and finger fucked my ass. I came again, I had to jump off, I couldn't take anymore. I stretched out next to her. We kissed and I felt myself dozing off in her arms.

I woke up when Rick padded my ass. He was dressed and holding my cloths.

"It's 2 o'clock honey. I think it's time to go home!"

I got dressed and groggily walked with him to wave goodbye to our hostess who was busy sucking Jose's cock.

As we were driving home Ricky turned to me and asked if I had a good time and I said yes. Would you do it again In a heartbeat I said.END11 IN THE PORNO MOVIE

I was laying naked on the bed reading a magazine, Rick ran a finger up the crack of my ass, stopped at the asshole and said.

"Let's go to a porno movie, we haven't done this in some time."

I readily agreed because I know what he has in mind. We had done this a number of times and really enjoyed it.

I dressed for the occasion, black very tight, short dress, black blouse with front buttons, thongs, black thigh high stockings and pump shoes.

We went downtown and walked around for while, found a bar and had a few drinks. I like drinking, it relaxes me. Gets me in the mood for what's ahead.

We went to the movie we are familiar with, having been there a number of times and had a great time watching the screen and what what we wound up doing. We bought our tickets and the attendant, asked.

"Upstairs" "Yes.".

He gave us a knowing look. This is an old theater where you go upstairs from the lobby. We got upstairs, opened a door and then a few feet further there is a curtain.

We went past the curtain, which opens up all the way in the back of the balcony. We allowed our eyes to adjust to the darkness. To the left of us is a half wall that abuts the back row. There were some guys standing there, probably playing with each other's cock. You could hear the groaning of guys probably unloading in their hands or someone else's

We got a couple seats two rows below, There were some guys already playing with themselves as they watched the movie. I also noticed another couple on the other side, one row below where we were going to sit.

I could see that the guy was feeling her up. The guy next to her was watching. Her skirt was way up and her friend had is hand between her legs. I whispered to Rick to watch because we were going to do the same thing.

I was getting hot just watching. Before long I see the guy next to her running his hand up her leg and pulling her leg toward him. Her friend didn't mind which means they are going to put on a show.

This is what we have in mind. Rick puts his hand between my legs, I slide forward on my seat, my skirt slides up giving him easy access to my wet pussy. With his other hand he starts to unbutton my blouse.

My nipples are hard and are shoving against the material, he unbuttons the blouse all the way down and since I am not wearing a bra my tits are completely exposed.

He pulls and squeezes my nipples which almost makes me have an orgasm. The fingers of his other hand are parting the lips of my wet cunt. I am so hot that I push Rick's fingers further up my cunt and come.

One of the black guys, that was playing with himself, moves over and sits next to me. He sees what my husband is doing with his fingers, he unzips his fly, takes out a nice black cock. It has to be at least 7 inches long and about an inch wide. Rick whispers, in my ear.

" Here we go."

I nod and spread my legs wide. The guy puts his hand on my leg and since I don't object he moves it up to where Rick still is. He looks at me and I feel his fingers going into my pussy as Rick pulls his out.

He takes my hand and moves it over to his cock. I grab his thick shaft and I start to move my hand up and down. I take my thumb and rub the tip of his cock and I feel a lot of pre cum. Rick is squeezing my nipples, I come again from the friction of the other guy's fingers in my cunt.

The guy hooks 2 fingers in my pussy and finds my g-spot, rubs it and I push against his fingers, I come like crazy and I feel a lot of my juices running down his hand and my leg. He pulls his fingers out and moves them to my asshole.

His fingers, sticky from my pussy juices, are pushing into my hole. I move further on the edge of the seat so that he has better access to my asshole. I push my knees up against the back of the seat in front of me and give him a chance of going down on me.

He goes down on his knees, puts my legs over his shoulders and starts to eat my pussy, sucking out all the juices that were still in my cunt. I feel a tremendous orgasm coming I almost screamed; I squeeze his head with my thighs and just let go.

Another guy sat in the seat in front of me with his head turned around so he could get a better view. I sat back up and bent over the side, this being an old theater the arm rest can be moved up out of the way, and take his cock in my mouth. I sucked him hard taking his whole cock all the way down my throat every time he pushed back in. I sense he was ready to shoot his load, I made sure the head was all the way down my throat. He let go a huge load which kept coming and coming. I finally pulled his cock out and he was still shooting and some of it hit my face and my tits.

I love this. I straighten up, Rick who saw what happen handed me a handkerchief to wipe my face and my chest. My guy had a smile on his face, zipped up his pants and left.

It didn't take long for the guy in front to come over and sit next to me. I looked over to where the other couple was and saw her bent over the back of her seat and one of the guys fucking her in the rear.

By now the guys around me knew what was happening. Rick said he is going and watch from behind the half wall a couple rows behind me.

When he left another guy sat were he was. One was playing and rolling my hard nipples between his fingers and I feel I am about to come again, the other guy has two fingers up my cunt and finger fucking me. The guy let go of the nipple, reaches down under the cheek of my ass and pushed me a little to the side so that my asshole was available.

He took some of the juices that were running down my legs and lubricates my hole with a finger. My first guy is finger fucking me now with three fingers while his thumb is rubbing my clit. My pussy muscles are working and squeezing his fingers

Now the second guy is pushing two fingers up my ass. I am in ecstasy, I grab a hold of the guy finger fucking me and push hard on his fingers I come in waves.

The second guy turns me over so that my face is in the first guy's lap. I open my mouth and take his big cock in my mouth and swallow it. It goes way down my throat. I gag a little, I move my head up and down and suck him hard.

The other guy took his cock, is spreading my ass cheeks, pushes his cock into my hole and is fucking me. I am in my glory. There were a couple of other guys watching in the back and front.

A couple of other guys are sitting behind, leaning over, one of them grabbed one of my tits and is squeezing one of my nipples hard. I feel the two guys are ready to shoot their loads and I want them to come at the same time. I am ready to come again. I am shaking, the two guys are shooting their hot load into me, I come and shake like crazy

They pull out their cocks and I sit up. I am out of breath. I have cum coming out of my ass and pussy. I pull down my skirt and start buttoning my top. The guys get up, put their cocks back into their pants and leave. I guess the watchers were disappointed.

Rick comes down and sits next to me.

"This was great, did you enjoy it"

I just smiled at him and said.

"Lets go home so you and I can finish the night. My pussy has not been fucked yet".


A friend of mine, that is also into voyeurism and group sex, for much longer than I have, told me of a bar that I might want to try with my husband.

She said she has been going there regularly with a male friend or by herself.

If you dress yourself appropriately you will give off the signal that you are there to have some fun. The guys there know that any white woman that comes in has only one thing on her mind, to get fucked. They know that if you come in with a guy, he knows what's it all about. It is located in the black section of town. I was intrigued and mentioned it to Rick. His response was.

"Lets find out".

It's Saturday and I put on a black short skirt tied with a string in the back of the neck. Deep cleavage, no bra, black thigh high stockings without garter belt, black thong, stiletto high heels. I asked Rick if I looked sluttish enough.

"These guys are going to fall all over themselves to hook up with you."

It was around 10 o'clock when we got there. We walked in, it was dark! In more ways then one! We found a booth in a corner and sat down. A waiter came over and asked what we want to drink.

"Vodka on the rocks and some fun" he smiled and walked over to the bar and talked to some guy sitting at he bar

My eyes finally got adjusted to the darkness and I could make out at least a half a dozen guys sitting at the bar. There was a good looking brunette sitting with them. I could smell pot being smoked and I wanted a joint.

The brunette had her short skirt up to her panties and one guy was feeling her up while another was kissing her, his hand down her blouse. Another guy was standing in back of her his hand snaking down to her pussy. She was laughing. She seemed to have had a lot of liquor in her and having a good time.

Our waiter brought the drinks. Rick paid and we ordered another round right away. Rick got up and asked the waiter where he could get a couple joints. The waiter smiled, came back about 5 minutes later with our drinks and handed Rick a half a dozen joints. Rick paid and we lit up.

Joints and alcohol make me feel relaxed and ready for anything that might happen.

"Rick asked me if I was comfortable enough to stay and party." I said "YES!"

I could see guys looking me over, one was licking his lips and came over, asked if he could join us. I said yes. He ordered a drink for himself and another round for us. Between the liquor and the joint I was feeling real good. The guy's name is Mark and he started asking Rick a lot of questions , wanting to know why we came. Rick said "we like to party."

He kept staring at my boobs and could see my nipples were hard, pushing against the material of my dress.

Rick just laid back against the seat smoking his joint, eyes closed. I knew he was telling me to do whatever I want. Mark put his hand on my knee, I did not move. He slowly moved his hand up my leg, pulling my legs apart. I was getting wet and breathing hard. He finally got his fingers inside my panties and started to play with the lips of my cunt. He pushed a couple fingers into my pussy and looked into my eyes, and smiled. I was ready to explode already. I slid down on my seat and my dress rode up my thighs. I exploded.

Mark removed his fingers and put them in his mouth, licking one finger at the time, tasting my juices. He moved closer to me, put his arm around my neck and put a hand in the top of the dress, grabbed one of my tits and started to squeeze my nipple hard. He pushed the strap over my shoulder and took out one tit.

I looked at Rick. He just sat there with his eyes closed sipping his drink. Mark bent down and took a nipple in his mouth and was biting it lightly. I was coming again. He felt it too, spread my legs and quickly pushed 3 fingers into my cunt. I came and started to scream but held back. Mark looked at me and said.

"Lets go downstairs it's more comfortable."

I asked what was downstairs, he just smiled and said.

"You'll see, you will enjoy it."

I said to Rick "he wants me to go downstairs."

I had no idea what was downstairs and I did not want to go without Rick.

"OK babe I'll go with you."

Mark led the way, it was dark. I noticed that when we started to go down a couple of the guys got off their stools and followed us down.

Downstairs was like small living room with a couch, a couple easy chairs, a bar and very, very little light. I realized what my friend had told me. I was in for it. I sat on the couch and Mark lit another joint for me and got me another drink.

Rick sat in one of the chairs with a big smile on his face. He knew.

One of the other 2 guys, sat next me, said his name is Jim. The other guy went to sit in the other chair. After I finished my joint and my drink, Mark started to kiss me deep with a fat tongue that almost reached the back of my throat.

I was told that the size of the tongue gives you a good idea how big the cock is and this one was going to be big.

Mark pulled me to the couch and started to undress me. He pealed off my dress, thong and shoes but left my black stockings on. Jim sitting on the other side of me, spread my legs, puts some cream on my clit, went down and began to eat my pussy by sticking his tongue as far as he could, running it in and out and then running it to the back and lick my asshole. The cream is a warming cream that makes you climax much harder.

I came and shook uncontrollably. Jim squeezed some lubricants up my asshole and I felt a couple fingers working their way up. He was opening me up so that he could fuck me in the ass. He pulled out his fingers, opened his zipper and took out a beautiful long and thick cock.

Mark pulled me down on my belly with my face in his lap, Jim pulled up my hips so that my asshole is accessible, and started to push the head of his cock up my ass. I pushed back against him and his cock slid all the way in with ease because of the lubricant and I was used to getting fucked in the ass

Mark pulled out a nice big cock and put it against my mouth. I licked his pre cum with my tongue, opened my mouth wide, pushed his cock all the way down my throat, I gagged but once it was all the way down I was able to suck it. I swallowed him so deep that my lips hit his balls. I did not move and let it rest in my throat so that he could face fuck me and shoot when he was ready

Jim is fucking me hard and I can feel him coming. He shot a great hot load up my ass. I came in waves and I felt Mark's cock swelling, he shot a huge hot load down my throat. I kept moving my head up and down and sucked his cum clean off his cock. I was in haven. They both pulled out. I had cum running down the side of my mouth, Mark took a finger and shoved it all in for me to swallow.

I sat up with a smile on my face. Jack got up from the chair and took out his big cock and pushed it against my mouth. I opened up, swallowed him, he face fucked me hard. It is a big cock and I am having trouble letting it go down my throat, but after a couple strokes it went all the way . These guys are all well hung and I understand why my friend Carol liked coming here

I could feel Jack's cock pulsing and getting ready to shoot. He pushed my face against him and let go a load that made me choke, but I got it all down.

I needed a drink and Rick fixed one up for me. He thought we were finished. I wanted more.

Mark laid me on my back, spread my legs, went down on me and sucked on my pussy lips while he hooked two fingers into my cunt. He found my g-spot and was rubbing it, the friction on my g-spot gave me the strongest climax so far and my juices were running. Mark got between my legs and pushed his cock into my hot ultra wet pussy. He fucked me and I came again as he was shooting his load into my cunt. Mark got off and Jim pushed his cock into me and fucked me hard, I was bouncing on the couch, he came and shot a huge load, as soon as he got out Jack took over and fucked me deep and hard, he too came like a gusher. They call this train fuck. I was getting sore but happy.

Mark laid down on the couch and I sat on his hard cock. He bent me over so my ass was available for DP fucking.

Jim spread my checks and shoved his cock in my open asshole. I came right away but they fucked me that way until both shot an other load into me. It felt so good I didn't want it to stop.

Jim moved out and Jack came and shoved his cock up my ass. He fucked me hard and came very quickly. I loved it. It was great but we were all tired. Just then a couple of other guys came down with the brunette. I got up and Rick helped me dress. There was so much cum and juices on the couch that I figured they would clean it up, I said to Rick.

"It took a lot longer to get the brunette down!".

It's almost 2 o'clock and I realized that I had been at it for almost 3 hours.

We got home and Rick grabbed me, pushed me on the bed, took out his cock, put it up to my mouth and I sucked him while I was taking off my thong so he could fuck me before he came in my mouth.

He came a lot from the built up excitement of watching me being "abused." We both fell asleep dressed. END11

Summer 2000 Revisited

After I got home from my "Flat tire experience" I told Rick what happened. He looked at me and said "I wish I had been there, I would have enjoyed it."

I told him that I had a phone number and I am sure we could have a repeat without the flat tire. He looked at me with a big grin on his face and asked if I would mind.

"No, I would love it" I already got exited just at the thought of it.

"Why don't you call and see if I can be a spectator."

I called Billy and told him that I would like to come back and have some fun but my husband would come along to watch. He likes to see me fucked, eaten and generally taken advantage of by 2 black cocks.

"Come on over but my cousin is staying here, how do you feel about that"

I told Rick about it and his answer is,

"Can you handle 3 guys"

I thought about it and started to get all wet in my pussy.

"I have never handled 3 guys but it should be a lot of fun."

I called Billy back and told him we would be over by 10pm. I got dressed in my black, front buttoned blouse, skin tight shorts which barely covered my ass, thong and a pair of stiletto heels. Rick looks at me and says.

"They are going to jump you as soon as you walk in."

"Rick get me a strong drink and a joint"

We got there at about 10 o'clock. We walked into the living room and were greeted by Billy, Jim, cousin Mark.

Billy gave us a nice big drink of vodka, which I love, and I sat down on the couch wondering how I am going to handle these 3 guys. Billy asked me how I enjoyed the last time I was there and answered him,

"I loved it."

Billy asked if I am uncomfortable with 3 here. I said no. With that, Billy sat down on one side of me and Mark on the other side. Rick and Jim were sitting in a couple of recliners. I asked Billy to give me a joint so I could relax more.

While smoking the joint I started to feel wet between my legs and wanted them to start on me.

Mark reached for the buttons on my blouse and slowly unbuttoned them, Billy opened the zipper of my shorts and pushed shorts and thong down to the floor ran his hand up my leg spread my legs and drove 2 fingers into my wet pussy. I was ready to cum.

Mark had all the buttons opened and grabbed one tit in his mouth and squeezed my other nipple between his fingers. I came and my body shook so much I thought I was going to fall apart.

Billy went on his knees, put my legs over his shoulder, grabbed the cheeks of my ass and stuck a fat tongue into my cunt. He is sucking all the juices out and used the tip of his tongue to rub my clit. The sensation was incredible.

He took 3 fingers and hooked them in my pussy, found my g-spot and used his thumb to play with my clit. I let go of another tremendous climax, wildly shaking my legs. I am dizzy, I am totally exhausted .

Billy moved up and shoved his big fat cock into my cunt, the juices are still running, He is fucking me hard. He pushes his cock as far as it can go. I feel his balls slapping against my ass, I wrap my legs around him and pull him in I worked my muscles to give him a better ride. I feel his cock throbbing and I know he is going to shoot a hot load into me. It feels wonderful as he fills my pussy with his hot cum.

He gets off of me and as he does, more of his cum hits my belly. He goes down and cleans my belly with his tongue, "this tastes good. he says"

He swallows and gets a taste of his sticky cum. He smiles at me, flips me on my belly, spreads the cheeks of my ass and starts to run his tongue around my asshole, it feels great and I know he is going to fuck me in the ass.

I push myself up on my knees so that he can get easier at my hole. He has a tube of lube and squeezes some of it into my ass, he puts the head of his cock against my hole and he is pushing slowly, the head is in and I feel the rest of his huge cock sliding in. It feels so good.

He is moving his cock in and out, the sensation is terrific and I am about to come again. I feel his cock is swelling and I know he is also ready to shoot his load, I climax and he shoots his load up my ass and it keeps coming. He finally stops and I lay down on my stomach exhausted.

I said I needed a break and a drink. Jim gets up and pours me a large vodka on the rocks. I just sat on the couch enjoying my drink I got up and almost fell I was so drunk and buzzed up. Mark helped me to the couch I sit up. Mark pushed me down and straddles me, puts the tip of his cock against my mouth, rubs it against my lips and I lick his pre cum, open and he slides his cock into my mouth. I grab his shaft and slowly work his cock down my throat, I gag a little but after a couple of strokes I got it down .

My lips are against his balls and I work my tongue around his shaft, he is moaning and I feel his cock swelling, he is about to shoot his load, I suck him hard and shove his cock all the way down my throat where I want him to shoot.

Jim comes over, bends down, puts my legs over his shoulders and sticks his cock into my soaking wet pussy, starts fucking me slowly pushing his cock as far as it will go, he begins pumping faster and I know he is going to shoot his load, takes out his cock and moves it up to my mouth, I open and he shoots his load right in my mouth, I swallow and he keeps cumin and I swallow as fast as it fills my mouth.

I am really getting my fill of cum which I love

I lay down on my back and Jim continues to fuck my face, Billy comes over and spreads my legs so that he can get his cock into my pussy.

They are both fucking hard and I can feel myself coming just as Jimmy lets another big load go down my throat, Billy comes at the same time that I start shaking and I come.

They both get off me and I get up and say.

"I need as stiff drink and another joint."

I walk over to my husband and ask him if he wants a piece of me yet

"No I'll wait till we get home."

I sit down on a towel, all the juices are running out of me, I drink my vodka and smoke my joint. I fell relaxed and said.

"I don't know about you guys but I need more."

Mark lays down on the couch and he pulls me down so his cock goes right up my asshole, my back is to him, he pulls me back and my pussy is exposed for Jimmy to get into my pussy. I am being double fucked and I love it. I want them to come at the same time as I do but I came first shaking my legs and moving up and down.

The cocks are fucking hard and I can feel they are both ready to shoot, a few more strokes in and out and I feel my ass and pussy being filled with hot loads, I am in haven, I love it.

They both get out of my holes and help me up. I sit down, I am exhausted. I reach for my thong and blouse, I am ready to call it quits.

Billy looks at me. "Helga I still have a big load in me and I want you to suck it out of me"

I look at Ricky and he smiles with his thumb up telling me to go for it.

I got on my knees and took Billy thick cock into my mouth and sucked him as hard as I can, I swallowed his cock all the way and I run my tongue around hi shaft. His cock is pulsing and he shoots a huge load down my throat. I pulls out his cock and wiped it clean with my tongue.

He has a great smile on his face, bends down and gives me a big kiss.

I slowly got dressed and Rick as we were leaving asked that if we are still in Florida could we have another party.

"Oh yes was the answer."

When we got to our hotel Rick tore off my clothes and went to town on me. We both came a couple of times and fell asleep.


My husband, Ricky, and I were in Florida because he had to deal with some problems and it looked like it was going to take a couple weeks. It was hot but I managed to stay cool by wearing very little. Shorts, a skimpy tank top and sandals.

I went to the beach to cool off and I wanted to try my new extra sexy bathing suit.

I was on my way back to where we were staying and somehow got lost and wound up in an area where I saw only black people and that made me nervous. I was used to black people but not in such a concentration.

I suddenly heard a big noise coming from the front of my car and the wheel was pulling to the right. Got out and realized I blew a tire, 'Great I said to myself!' As I was standing there, a big black guy came out of his house to see what my problem was and offered to change the tire for me. I said "OK."

He went to the trunk, opened it and said, "You have no spare. I'll get my brother Jimmy to take the wheel to a shop and have the tire repaired."

I thanked him profusely. It was hot, and he suggested that I come inside and wait for his brother to return. I hesitated and thought about it and agreed to go inside. We walked into the living room and I sat on a couch that was in the middle of the room. Said his name was Billy, he offered me a cold drink that I was happy to take. .

He sat across from me smoking a cigarette, which smelled like a joint. I am used to the smell because I smoke them myself with my husband.

I asked him how long does he think before his brother would come back, said he did not know and started to look at me in a way I have seen before, that hungry look. I was very uncomfortable and thinking to myself I was going to get raped. He was looking at my crotch and I could see in his eyes that he wanted to eat me.

He got up and asked if I would like joint, I said yes, figuring that whatever was going to happen a joint would keep me cool. He went to a drawer in a cabinet on the wall in back of me, lit the joint and handed it to me while standing in back of me. I felt his big hands on my shoulders and slowly slide down the front of my chest reaching inside my tank top, grabbed both of my tits pulling on the nipples and twisting them. I knew it and I figured I might as well enjoy it. I didn't say anything and he must have figured he had a green light.

I was stuck and had no way out. My car was missing a wheel. I should have said something but it started to feel good and my juices started to flow between my legs. I know my panties were soaking wet.

He stated to kiss my neck, moved to my mouth with his thick lips, pushed a thick tongue in my mouth, which I started to respond to. He came and sat next to me on the couch and pulled my top down to my waste, smiled, bent down started sucking on one nipple while still pulling and twisting the other. He then put his hand down the front of my shorts and pushed them down with my soaking wet panties, spread my legs apart and put two fingers in my juicy cunt.

I could hardly breath, because I felt I was about to scream and cum. He pulled his fingers out; turned me over on my stomach, put his face in the crack of my ass and pulled the cheeks apart. Next, his tongue was running all around the hole, I started moving my hips up and down from the sensation of his tongue pushing into my asshole. I really got hot. He reached between my legs and pushed two fingers into my wet pussy and his thumb into my asshole and started to finger fuck me while sucking on my asshole. I came and screamed and fucked his fingers until my orgasm stopped.

He then flipped me on my back, opened his zipper and pulled out a thick 8-inch cock. He spread my legs as much as he could and roughly rammed the head into me and pushed until all of it was inside. I was ready to cum again, I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me as I screamed aging with pleasure.

The orgasm kept coming in waves and said, "Fuck me hard, fuck me hard."

My juices were flowing all over the couch and he bent down to eat my pussy with his big lips and long tongue. He stood up and had me on my knees pushing his cock against my lips to open my mouth. I let the head slide in and licked away his pre cum and slowly pushed my head forward so that I could take that big cock down my throat without gagging. He moved my head back and forth so that he was fucking my face. I felt his cock throbbing and he shot a hot load down my throat. The load kept coming and I swallowed most of it, some of it came oozing out of the corner of my mouth, he took his finger and pushed the cum in my mouth so that I could swallow it.

I was panting and fell on my stomach to take a break.

I felt him spread the cheeks of my ass and run his finger around my ass hole and slowly push his thumb into my ass. It felt good. He took a tube of lube and put it on his fingers and around my ass hole, started to slowly push a finger up my ass hole until his whole finger was buried. It felt so good and I started to rotate my ass telling him that I am enjoying this. He then proceeded to push 3 fingers to spread my ass hole to get me ready to be fucked up the ass; he moved his fingers in and out until they were buried.

With his other hand he smacked my ass hard a few times, which produced a great tingling sensation. He removed his fingers and I felt the head of his cock against my ass hole and knew he was ready to fuck me in the ass. Slowly the head went in and he pushed until his whole cock was inside. It felt so good, I was breathing hard, I was ready to cum again. He grabbed a hold of my shoulders and started to fuck me hard. I just loved it. He was going faster and faster, I came jerking my ass up and down and felt his cock pulsing and knew he was about to shoot his load into my ass. I told him to shove it in all the way and come, he did and I felt his hot load shooting and shooting while he kept moving in and out holding on to my hips.

He pulled out just when Jimmy walked in on us. Jimmy took one look at us and said, "I want a piece of this white ass."

Jimmy dropped his pants. I turned around to see and saw that his cock was bigger than Billy's. I was going to enjoy this.

Jimmy spread my cheeks and put his face into the crack and ran his tongue into my ass hole, which was still open from his brother. He grabbed my hips and jammed his big cock up my ass until it was totally buried, it felt so good I wished it would stay there all day. Jimmy started fucking me hard and I was bouncing up and down on the couch. I grabbed hold of the armrest, because I knew I was coming again and needed to hold on to something because this was going to be a big one.

Sure enough I came, screamed and kept on coming, I was seeing stars and thought I was going to pass out. I didn't, and I felt Jimmy's cock jerking, he groaned and let go a great load of hot cum but kept on fucking me, shooting more loads and finally he fell on top of me rolled over and looked at me with a great smile.

We all took a break. Billy brought me a cold drink.

Jimmy grabbed a hold of my face and pushed his big cock into my mouth. I was gagging, but I finally was able to let it go all the way down my throat.

Billy pulled my legs down on the couch while Jimmy straddled me bent over my head and fucking my face. Billy spread my legs and started eating my soaking pussy. I was coming again and shot my hot juices into Billy's open mouth, he kept on licking until I stopped shaking. I took Jimmy's cock out and ran my tongue under his shaft up to his balls, back down to the head and without warning he shot his hot load all over my face and tits. I wanted it in my mouth and grabbed his cock and put the head in my mouth while he kept shooting more cum. I was hotter than I was earlier and wanted a lot more. Jimmy had shot his load but he was still able to slide down to my pussy and drive his cock in all the way to his balls.

He flipped me over so that I was on top of him. He pushed his cock into my soaking hot cunt. Billy spread the cheek of my ass and plunged his cock into my ass hole and both started fucking me hard. I loved being Dp'ed. It did not take long before I felt a climax coming again. I squeezed my pussy and my ass hole and with that I came and I could feel both Jimmy and Billy getting ready to drop their load into me. What a great feeling, getting all this cum up my ass and pussy at the same time.

What a fucking this was. I laid down on my back and said I have had it and got up.

I needed to get back to the motel I was staying at, and clean up before my husband got home. He would smell all that cum right away. Jimmy put on my tire, and I asked Billy for his phone number in case I get another flat tire while I am here.

I got in the car. Both my pussy and asshole were sore. I smiled.

Rough sex

Rick was away on a business trip for a few days and I badly needed human contact, COCK.

I called Rick and told him what I needed and he knows well enough that I meant it. He suggested I call Leon with whom we got very friendly over the course of a number of get together in his van. He thought that I would be very safe with him and have good time and satisfy my needs.

I called him and asked him if he was interested, I didn't think he would say no.

He asked me if I would like for him to bring a friend and he explained to me that this guy had seen pictures of me that Mark had taken while we were going at each other. Then Leon told me that his friend likes it rough, would I still be willing. I was very hesitant and asked what he meant by rough.

He likes beating a woman's ass until the cheeks are red and hot while he is fucking her.

He also likes nipple play because it makes a woman very hot.

I thought about this and told him I'll try as long that it doesn't get out of hand. He promised he wouldn't allow it.

I called Rick and told him about it and he thought it could be exciting and he trusts Leon to keep things under control.

I called Leon back and told him that I'll meet him at 8 o'clock at the beach parking lot where we usually meet.

Since it was very warm I put on a short summer dress buttoned up front, no bra no panties and sandals.

I got to the parking as agreed and 5 minutes later Leon pulled up next to me in his van. I got out and went to the van's open door and got in. The van has a bed in the back as well as a mini bar.

I already could smell the pot they were smoking. Leon kissed me and introduced Roy as his friend, he was looking at me with a lustful smile and I felt the wetness between my legs.

Leon fixed me a large vodka and lit a joint for me. I sat on the bed and Roy came over and kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth.

I reciprocated and we had a tongue dueling match. As we were kissing he started to unbutton my dress and within a minute I was sitting there naked.

Roy pushed me down on the bed and took a nipple in his mouth sucking really hard and used his other hand to squeeze my other tit very hard. He then flipped me over and started beating my ass real hard, I tried to away from him but couldn't He held me down and then spread my legs and before I knew it his cock was in my pussy. My ass was burning from the beating but made fucking very tense, more then I had experienced before.

Leon came over and raised my legs on his shoulders and went down to my pussy.

As he was eating me, Roy reached into his pocket and came out with a pair of nipple clamps. He attached them to both nipples and pulled on them. The sensation was incredible; he twisted them as he pulled down. I came right into Leon's mouth, juices running all over his face. He kept licking my cunt and used his tongue to play with my clit. With my juice running down to my asshole he put 2 fingers into my hole and pushed as far as he could and finger fucked me. Between Roy pulling on my tits, Leon eating my pussy and finger fucking me I kept coming in waves and my juices were flowing all over the bed.

Roy took this magnificent black cock of about 9 inches and very thick standing there waiting for me to put my hand around it. I could barely wrap my fingers around the shaft. He straddled me and I opened my mouth to take him in and swallow him until my nose was against his belly. He started to face fuck me and with one hand he reached back and pulled up on one of the clamps which felt like electricity going through and I almost bit off his cock. I was in haven; I grabbed his hips and pulled down on him to make sure his cock stays down when he shoots down my throat.

Leon dropped his shorts and spread my legs; he brought the head of his humongous cock up to my opening and slowly pushed in and buried it as far as he could. They were both fucking me with a rhythm. Roy shot a long hot load down my throat first and Leon dropped his huge load into my pussy seconds later.

What a thrill, I was getting what I wanted and I knew there was more to come.

Roy was pulling out of my mouth but was still shooting cum in my mouth, I grabbed his shaft and milked all the cum out of his cock, I licked it and swallowed. I love the taste of cum.

Roy spread the cheeks of my ass and put his mouth over my hole. He licked around my asshole with his tongue and pushed it up as far as he could, Leon sat in front of me with his stiff cock in his hand, I opened my mouth and knew from past experience that his cock was too big for me to take more than 3 inches, I stroked his shaft until he shot his humongous load into my mouth.

Roy pushed his cock up my ass and it was hurting me and I started to wiggle to get out from under him, he started to hit my ass cheeks with his hands and kept me down, the sensation was electric and I tighten my asshole every time he hit me. He fucked me hard as he slapped my ass. My ass was burning hot and I came hard and continued to climax as he was fucking me.

Leon was groaning and shot a long stream of cum in my mouth that hit the back of my throat, I swallowed. Just then Roy was pumping hard and shot his hot load up my ass. When he pulled out I could feel his cum running out and down my legs. I was happy, I was getting what I love, lots of cum.

I laid down on my stomach and asked Leon to get me a large vodka and a joint. I tried to sit up but my ass was burning from the beating my checks took before so I laid on my side and saw a couple of guys looking through the open window.

I mentioned it to Leon and he reminded me that I am used to that and when I came down with Rick we would pick up a voyeur or two, he then asked me if I was interested in having one of them come into the van.

I thought that would be a three way fucking but Leon asked me if I would like a chain fuck. I asked him what that was and he said that every guy would fuck me and as soon as he dropped his load and got out, the next guy would fuck me. I said O.K.

He waved to the guys outside and opened the door and 2 of them came in. Roy turned me over on my back, spread my legs and pushed his cock into my wet pussy, as soon as he shot his load he got out and one of the new guys had his cock in hand, went between my legs and shoved his cock into me. He fucked like an animal and I came just when he shot a big load. He got out and the second new guy got between my legs and grabbed my ass, stuck his cock in my cunt and fucked nice long strokes, He shot his load quickly. Now Leon shoved his big cock in and went to town on me. When he came I had cum flowing down my legs, between the cheeks of my ass, the bed was soaked.

Roy was still hard and he laid on the bed and had me sit on his cock facing him. I knew this was going to be a DP, one of the new guys came over and smearing my pussy juices over his cock, spread my ass cheeks and drove his cock into my asshole. They both were fucking me and I suddenly let go of a giant climax. It felt so good and I hoped they would not come too fast, but they came and shot a lot of cum in both my holes.

I got off Roy, he moved in back of me and grabbed my legs, pulled them back close to my ears. My cunt and asshole were easily available. The second new guy leaned over me and pushed his cock into my ass and as he fucked me he was slapping my ass hard which made me tighten my hole giving a tighter ride. He came hard but when he pulled out he still had a lot of cum which he shot on my belly and tits.

I was happy but I had enough. I told Leon I was sore and couldn't do anymore. I got dressed and he walked me to my car, gave me a passionate kiss and told me I should call again when Rick was home.

When I saw Rick I told him getting my ass slapped until my cheeks were red and on fire. He said that he will accommodate.


Rick was away and I was horny as hell. Finger fucking myself was not good enough; I needed cock in my mouth, pussy and ass.

Normally, when Rick is home we go out and go to different places, porno movies, bars, parking lots, vans, limos and any other place we can find where I can get what I need, climaxing a lot and what he wants, watching me getting fucked and abused

I thought of my friend Carol who likes the same things I do, she is not married but has friends that will accommodate her and go with her and do what she wants.

She is the one that told us about the dark bar where Rick and I had a lot of fun and where she has been going a lot.

Carol is a couple years older than me, has a great figure, long legs, nice bust and a great ass. Rick said to me that one day he wants to fuck her. I told him,

"Don't let me stop you."

I called her and told her that I was horny and needed to do something. She said come on over and we'll watch some porno, have a couple of drinks, smoke a joint and then go out to the bar.

"I am sure you'll get what you want in no time."

I thought about it and asked if she had ever been to a porno movie theater.

"No, what is it like"

"The theater Rick and I have been going to is an old one in a seedy part of town. It is now showing full-length porno movies. It is very dark and when you go there the guys know that you are there for only one reason. To get fucked. Upstairs is where the guys sit next to you and start to feel you up and before you know it you are almost naked getting finger fucked and you have a mouth full of cock."

"When you walk in the lobby, there is counter where you can buy all kinds of toys and videos. There is a door past the counter, which opens up to a large area where you get real serious about having a good time. It is very dark, there are couches and easy chairs and they built 3 small door less rooms with mattresses on the floor. The bathrooms are in the back where you can also get nailed against a wall or a guy will take you in the men's room and do you in front of other guys." We like to go upstairs

"This sounds real good, I am game. I'll pick you up in an hour."

I went to my drawers and pulled out my sluttish outfit. Short black dress, black thigh high stockings, thong and black spiked shoes. No bra because I don't need one, my tits stand up well without. I had large vodka on the rocks and smoked a joint while I waited for Carol.

Carol rang the doorbell and I went down. She was dressed like me.

We got to the movie house, went into the lobby and the guy behind the counter sold us the tickets and we went upstairs.

Before we went upstairs the ticket seller said that if we were looking for action you'll find it up there, there a lot of guys looking for action, you can also go down to the bathrooms and there a lot of guys in the men's room that will take care of you. Either way you'll get what you came for.

We went upstairs and to get in you have to move a curtain and then a door. We got in and stood there getting used to the darkness. To the left of us was an area you could stand and lean against a 4-foot wall. This is where some guys pleasure themselves. We moved over to the wall to see what would happen. Right away 2 guys came over and stood behind us. I could feel the hard cock of the guy behind and his hand moving over my ass, I spread my legs so that he could reach between my legs and feel my pussy. His other hand moved up to my tits and grabbed one of them pulling out of the blouse Two guys stood next to me and watched the action. The guy behind me decided he was going to get up my ass and moved his finger over to my hole. The guys on my side pulled up my skirt and moved their hands over to my wet pussy. They both spread my legs as far they could and plugged their fingers in my cunt. I was leaning on the wall as they finger fucked me in the ass and pussy. I looked around for Carol and she was bent over with her skirt up being fucked doggy style. I waited until her guy shot his load and said that I wanted to sit down. I heard the guy groaning and fucking real hard. I knew he dropped his load. Carol pulled her skirt down and walked over to the steps were so we could find some seats.

We spotted 2 seats 2 rows from the wall and sat down. We made ourselves comfortable. On the screen we could see 2guys DP'ing a woman while she was holding a cock in each hand. I was getting wet between my legs

A black guy came over and sat next to me, he looked at me and smiled, I smiled back, telling him I was interested.

Carole whispered to me she was going to move a couple seats away to make room. As soon as she did a guy came over to her and sat down on one side and then another guy came and sat on the other side of her. I knew she was going to have fun.

Another guy came and sat behind me and then another big guy came and sat on the other side of me. I couldn't wait for one of them to make a move. I could feel my cunt dripping already.

My first guy put his hand on my knee and slowly moved it up my legs, then up my thigh and his fingers were on my thong. I moved forward on my seat so that my skirt rode up. The other guy was more aggressive, he pushed my skirt all the way up and pulled my thong to the side so that my pussy was naked.

They both pulled my legs apart. The armrest in this old theater could be moved up and out of the way. I felt two fingers spreading the lips of my pussy and two fingers going in I think it was each guy doing this. My eyes were closed and I was tensing up and suddenly I came. Now I am feeling a thumb on my clit and slapping it from side to side. I felt another finger pushing on my asshole. My pussy juices were running down my legs and to my hole. The finger that was playing with my asshole was pushed way up into my asshole. These guys were rough but I enjoyed it.

The guy in back of me opened my blouse and pulled my tits out. He was squeezing them hard he then grabbed my hard nipples and rolled them between his fingers. I tensed up again, started shaking and came moving my hips up and down.

The big guy went down between my legs, grabbed the cheeks of my ass, put his mouth against the lips of my cunt and stuck his tongue way up and moved inside my pussy then his mouth closed on the lips and he vacuumed me clean.

My other guy pulled a 9 inch long and thick cock out of his pants, I bent over the side and grabbed it in my hand, stroked the shaft, put the head in my mouth and sucked it all the way down my throat. I kept moving my head up and down until I felt it getting thicker; I grabbed his balls and lightly squeezed them. He let go a hot stream of cum down my throat. This is what I wanted; I love the taste of cum. When he pulled out his cock, another stream shot on my face. I used my fingers to push into my mouth and swallow it.

The guy between my legs moved them up on his shoulders, pulled out his huge cock and shoved into my wet hot pussy and fucked me hard beating the checks of my ass until I felt pain. I tensed up again and came on and on. I heard him saying.

"I am coming."

He shot a huge load into me and filled my pussy to capacity. He pulled his dripping cock out and lifted my ass so that he could get to my asshole. I felt him going in slowly, I was very tight even though I had been fucked in the ass many times. He finally got all the way in, grabbed my hips and fucked me real hard again beating my ass. I was in haven. He let go of his hot load but kept on fucking me so that all of his load would get out. When he pulled out he still shot some on my belly.

My first guy zipped up and left, my second guy did the same but kissed me before he left.

I was a little tired. I pulled down my skirt, closed my blouse and told the guy who was playing with my tits that I was going downstairs later.

I looked to where Carol was and I saw her on her knees on the seat with one guy fucking her and sucking the guy on the seat in back of her while she is jerking off the guy next her. After a few minutes the guy fucking her pulled out and she stopped sucking the guy in back. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand telling me she just took a load. She looked at me with a smile, got dressed. We both got up and left to go down.

"How was it" I asked

"Real good, I got so much cum in me I have to go to the bathroom."

"How was it for you"

"I got cum in all my wholes and I came plenty. But I could go for more, how about you"

"Lets go to the bathroom."

"Remember what I told you, you are going to get nailed as you go through that room. Are up to it You don't have to let anyone bother you unless you want to."

"Lets go, I don't mind if you want more."

"If you go into one of the rooms that will be an invitation that you want to get fucked. I am going to do just that. I need more then I got. Let's go to the bathroom first and see what is doing in there."

I walked up to the guy selling the tickets and asked him.

"Anything doing in there"

"I know what you girls want and I think there is more than you need."

We walked past the counter down the hallway and opened the door. It was dark; you could hardly see where to go. We could see a lit sign saying bathroom and we walked along the wall toward the sign. We got into the bathroom and found 2 white women fixing themselves up and I asked if they had a good time.

"You bet."

Carol and I cleaned ourselves up and went out. We could see better now. We could see the couches and the armchairs. I could see a few guys watching a TV showing porno film that I had not seen before. I could also make out the rooms.

"What do you want to do I asked Carol. We could sit on the couch and let things happen or use the rooms."

"Let's start with the couch"

We walked over to one of the couches and spread ourselves out. Within 10 seconds 2 guys came over and sat next to us.

"Do you want a drink One of them asked me."

"I said sure."

He pulled out a flask from his pocket, handed it to me. I took a long swallow of whatever was in there. It tasted good; I passed it to Carol who did the same. The guy with the flask reached for my leg and ran his hand right up to my pussy and without hesitation pushed 2 fingers in, looked at me and deep kissed my mouth his tongue playing with mine.

He took my hand and walked me to one of the rooms. I laid down and he opened my blouse, pulled up my dress, took out his cock, and pushed into my already wet pussy. He fucked me hard playing with my nipples. I tensed up and moaned; a couple more strokes and I came. He pulled out his cock, pulled me up on my knees and put the head of his cock to my mouth. I opened up and guided a fairly large cock down my throat. I pulled back and stroked his shaft, squeezed his full balls. I sensed him coming, I pushed his cocked down my throat and he let go of a long stream of cum. I swallowed it. Just the way I like it.

He pulled out of my mouth and I cleaned his black cock with my tongue. I could hear Carol moaning next door. She was getting the treatment. My guy walked out and I see another guy coming in. He dropped his pants, pushed me on the mattress, spread my legs and I guided his pretty good size cock into my pussy. He fucked me and I came. He fucked me some more and I could feel his cock getting thicker, he dropped his load and filled my pussy.

He pulled out, flipped me on my stomach, and pulled me up on my knees so that my asshole was there for him. He put 3 fingers in my ass, then he put something cold up my ass, pushed as far as it could go then I felt this thing really spreading my asshole, he pulled it out and drove his cock into me, as far it would go. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. I could feel his balls smacking against my ass. He slapped my ass a couple of times and the stinging sent electricity into my body, which made me come.

He pumped for another few minutes and shot a big load into my ass. He fell off of me and lay down next to me with a smile on his face.

"Did you enjoy this"

"It was great!"

He showed me what he used in my asshole. It was a metal spreader which he screws until the hole is good and wide. It's better than a butt plug.

I had had it. I got dressed, walked next door and saw Carol was still sucking this guy's cock. I went over to the couch and waited. Some other guy came over but I turned him away.

A few minutes later Carol joined me with a big grin on her face.

"Had enough"

"Yea lets go home, I am sore."

I felt great and now I couldn't wait for Rick to come home so I can tell him all about itEND11

Gang Bang

I had been gang banged once before by six guys and I enjoyed it. Feeling restless and horny, as usual, I said to Ricky.

"I need some serious fucking tonight."

"Well Helga, what do you suggest and what do you mean by serious"

I said'

"Do you remember the time I was gang banged by six guys in the backroom of a bar downtown. You enjoyed it and I could hardly walk but loved every cock that got into me"

"Yea, how could I forget It went on for hours and there was a guy taking pictures that I was not happy about. He gave me the film so we could watch it."

"Rick, I have to admit I watched it a couple times when you were away and used one of my toys, but it's not the same thing. You know I like the feel of hot cum inside of me, the taste of it in my mouth as it goes down my throat, a thick cock up my ass and the heat of the guy slapping my ass as he shoots his load. Guys sucking and pulling on my nipples, squeezing my tits. Have my cunt sucked out while he is reaming my asshole with a couple fingers getting it ready to be fucked. I can never get enough of it, I am getting hot and wet just talking about it."

"I remember where it was, it's not the one that Carol goes to, the one in the uptown seedy area we went to and had a good time downstairs."

"This time I am going to bring our own movie camera and get the whole thing on the video so we can watch it. It will be better than the rentals." I got dressed in the slutiest way that I can think of. Short tight black dress, black thong, Black see through blouse with a deep plunging neckline which leaves very little to the imagination, the nipples of my tits will stand out because of the friction from the silky material of the blouse. I wore thigh high black stocking held up by a black guarder belt. I used black stiletto pumps.

" Well, what do you think"

"You know you are going to get noticed, I think guys are going to walk around with hard ons just looking at you."

We drove down and parked in the rear parking lot. Walked to the front, there was a big black guy, probably a bouncer, guarding the door. "Have you ever been here" "Yes I said."

"Then you have a pretty good idea of what goes on in there. Right" "Yes Ricky said."

With that he opened the door and we went downstairs, we could here the music and smell the pot. We walked into the bar. It was loaded with lots of blacks and some white women with white men. I am thinking they must be here for the same reason we are here. There were some couples dancing very close, hands were moving up and down women's asses, the lights were very low. The bar was crowded and the smoke from pot was thick.

Rick and I took to the floor and did a slow suggestive dance. I could feel his cock getting hard from my grinding into his groin and running his hand around the cheeks of my ass.

"Sorry honey you are going to have to wait till later."

We walked over to the bar and ordered a couple drinks. Just then one of the guys walked over and looked at me.

"Hello Helga, you came here to have some fun like you had at the other bar"

"You don't remember me I am Max and I fucked you a few weeks ago at the other place, I am hurt!"

I looked at Rick and he nodded.

"Yes Helga , he and a couple other guys took you downstairs and gave you what you wanted. Remember"

Mark took my hand and we danced a little with his hand feeling my ass. It felt good. He whispered in my ear.

"Are you looking for some fun tonight" "Yes I am!"

" We can go upstairs, there a few couches and there is some action go on right now if you don't mind. If you want more than me and another guy we can go in the back were there is a bed"

"What kind What kind of action do you want"

"I think I can handle a few guys tonight, maybe five."

He took my hand and nodded to Rick to follow. We walked though a hallway, he opened a door and I saw a large bed in the middle of a room with a small bar and four stools, Two comfortable chairs, just a spot over the bed.

Am wondering if I asked for more than I can handle. I was wet already; I walked over to Ricky and asked him what he thought.

'What do you think" "It's up to you, you took on six guys right here the last time we were here and you had a hell of a good time."

I sat on one of the stools and Rick sat in one of the chairs.

Mark came back and fixed me and Rick a drink and lit up a joint that he passed to me. It always relaxes me. Mark sat next to me, turned to me and put one hand on my knee and slid it up my leg moving my dress up as far as possible. He bent over and put his lips to mine, stuck his tongue into my mouth then his hand had reached my pussy and pushed my thong aside, pushed two fingers in my wet cunt and hooked them in such a way that he found my g-spot. He moved his fingers around and I came fast with my juices running out of my pussy.

He takes out his fingers from my cunt and moved his hand up to my tits and reached inside my blouse, pulls out one tit with a hard nipple. He squeezed hard and rolled the nipple between his finger sending shocks down to my pussy.

Two guys come in and sat down at the bar. Big and black, just the way I wanted it. Mark opens the buttons in the front of my blouse and pulled it off leaving my chest bare and my tits standing out for all to see.

One of the guys got off his stool and walked over to the back of me, reached over my shoulders and grabbed a handful of my tits. It felt great. He started to squeeze them and played with my nipples. In the mean time Mark reached for my thong and pulled it down over my shoes and dropped it on the floor.

The other guy got up from the bar and grabbed my hands and pulled me over to the bed. He pulled the zipper of my dress down, the dress fell to the floor and I stood there naked with only my garter belt, my stockings and my shoes. He pushed me down on the bed. All three took off their pants and stood there naked in front of me with big fat hard cocks.

Mark took my legs and spread them apart, raised them over his shoulders and slowly rubbed the head of his cock between the lips of my wet cunt. He pushed his big black cock into me and started to fuck me. The other two guys kneeled next to my face and I took one after the other in my mouth and sucked, I ran my tongue up their shaft and licked their balls.

Mark was fucking me hard and I could feel myself coming, I started bucking up and down to make sure he was in as far as he could so that when he came I could feel his hot load filling my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and came. He shot his load as soon as he felt me coming.

I turned my head and sucked the first guy and could feel his sack was full. I squeezed a little and his huge load shot right down my throat. I pulled his cock out and licked it clean, turned and took the other guy in my mouth, swallowed him down my throat and used my tongue to rub his shaft up and down. After a few moments he too shot a hot stream down my throat just the way I like it. I love the taste of cum.

I heard the door open and I saw anther two guys coming in. They quickly drop their pants and did not waist time, one got between my legs and I could feel a good size cock being pushed into my cunt. He was fucking me hard and I screamed don't stop. The other one came up and straddled my chest, bent over and stuck his cock in my mouth and face fucked me. I could feel the cock in my cunt swelling and he shot his hot load. It felt so good, this is what I wanted, I was in heaven.

The guy face fucking me was also ready to shoot, I grabbed his balls and squeezed them a little and with that he shot his load right down my throat. I was having a great time.

Mark laid down on the bed and had me sit on his cock he was guiding into my asshole, me facing his feet. I knew he was setting me up for DP, which I loved. He pulled me back and I laid on his chest, one of the guys came over raised by legs and pushed three fingers in my cunt using my pussy juice as a lubricant, After he ran his fingers in and out a couple of times he took his big hard cock and slid it in my cunt as far as he could go. He started pumping as Max was moving up and down in my ass, his hands holding my tits.

Rick was filming the whole thing.

After a few minutes the guy fucking my ass shot a big load and pulled out, one of the other guys moved rite in while Mark was still pumping up and down in my cunt

Mark was fucking fast and I came just when the other shot his load into my ass. A few seconds later I felt my cunt being filled again. He pulled out. This is what I wanted.

Mark pushed me off his cock and one of the other guys rolled me on my belly and had me pull up my knees. He took the head of his cock and pushed into my asshole and because there was a lot of cum from the other guy he was able to shove it straight in.

One of the other guys sat on the bed facing me and I opened my mouth for him to put his rock hard cock in and down my throat. I sucked him for a while and the guy in my ass was pumping hard using both hands to smack my ass hard. The feeling was like electricity in my cunt. I came and I could feel that both guys were ready to come. I squeezed the cheeks of my ass; he smacked me again a couple times and shot his load. The guy in my mouth was also ready, I squeezed his balls and was rewarded with a big long stream of hot come in my mouth, I swallowed it. I loved the taste of it.

When the guy in my ass pulled out another came, shoved his cock into my pussy and fucked me doggy style smacking my ass with his hands, he was rubbing my clit with his big cock and was driving me wild, I came pushing hard against him to make sure his load was going to go all the way up. He was holding on to my hips and shot his hot stream into me.

I rolled over on my back, I was tired but I knew there was more to come. I asked for a drink and a joint. I had no idea how many guys did me and from the looks of the guys I could see five big hard ons.

I thought to myself "This is what you came for"

I reached for a couple of the cocks and started running my tongue up and down their shafts, I liked off their pre cum and put the heads in my mouth moving from one to the other. I then started to suck them so that they could drop a load in my mouth. It took a couple of minutes and I knew I was going to get what I wanted. One after the other they face fucked me and came down my throat.

One of the other guys laid on the bed on his back. I straddled him and guided his cock into my wet cunt. I bent over him so that the other guy could stick me in the ass. The third guy kneeled down next my face and I took him in my mouth stoking his shaft with my hand.

The two guys that were in me fucked as hard as they could and came again. I sucked the third guy and he gave me a mouth full of cum that I swallowed, He pulled out of my mouth and I licked him clean. The other two guys were getting ready and after a few strokes they both shot their loads.

After they got off of me I said.

"Guys the party is over."

I picked up my clothes, went into the bathroom, cleaned up as best I could and got dressed.

Rick and I walked out of the room into the bar. Mark was waiting for us with drinks in his hand. He grabbed me and asked,

"Is that what you came for"


We left and Ricky put me in the car.

"Satisfied This was the best ever, wait till you see the movie."

"Did you get all the details and close ups"


After I showered, Ricky mounted me doggy style, fucked me hard until I came, then he shot his load groaned and shot a hot stream of cum that kept coming as he kept pumping. As I closed my legs I felt his cum dripping out of my pussy.

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