I Am Helga

Author: Ray
Published: Aug 7, 2013
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As I was cumming he started to slap my ass real hard which tighten my asshole and gave him a real tight hole.

About Me: My name is Helga and my husband is Ricky. I am 5'5 wear a size 35B bra. I am a blue eyed blonde from Germany with great looking legs and a nice ass. I met my husband at one of the HOT New York parties. We started talking, have a few drinks and he took me home because the girl I came with was busy with some guy and I was sure she was glad that I left her alone. We hit it off well and started going on dates and finally got married. He was 27 and I was 26. We have been married now for 10 years. The sex was great but after a couple of years I suggested that we should spice it up by having a third party. He said he would love to do it. I was delighted and told him I wanted black cock because they turn me on and I had been fucked and eaten by blacks before. That did it... For the next 10 years, we found all kinds of ways and places to do this.


It was Saturday evening and my husband Rick was out of town for an other week. I was horny and needed to do something about it. I am a slut and I love it so does my husband. We have done a lot of things together. I have a good friend, Carole, who likes the same things I do and I decided to call her and ask her if should would go out with me and go cock hunting. She readily agreed.

I got dressed in my slut outfit, thong, no bra, see through blouse and a tight black skirt that just barely covered my ass. I also put on thigh high black stockings and black stiletto shoes.

Carole picked me up at 8pm, dressed the same way leaving no question as to what we were all about. We were looking for action.

We decided to cruise around downtown and see if there was any place that looked interesting. We were looking for black guys and watched a couple bars to see what kind of guys were going in.

We saw a porno movie and decided to take a look see if we could get some action in there. We walked in and realized that there was too much light to do much like we had done in a different movie.

There were plenty of guys and some women watching this film about a woman being fucked by 2 guys at the same time. That is exactly what we were looking for but we realized that this was not the place where this was going to happen.

I decided to call one of the guys (Leon) that had fucked me a lot in his big van and told him that me and my girl friend were looking for action and does he have any ideas.

His answer was that he would get a couple friends, maybe 4 and meet us at the beach parking lot where we used to meet.. I agreed and Carole asked me what kind of guys they were. I told her they were big black guys and I had been with the one I called a few times while Rick was watching.

On the way to the beach we stopped at a liquor store and bought a small bottle of vodka. Since she was driving she was not going to drink until we got there. I love vodka and started to drink right away. By the time we got there I had a good buzz on and could not wait to be fucked.

We got to the beach and I spotted Leon's van right away in a dark spot of the parking lot. Carole pulled up along side and Leon opened the sliding door of his van. We got out and walked over. I was not to steady on my feet but Carole held me by my elbow and we got there. Leon helped me into the van and sat me down on one of the seats while Carole was sat down on the bed.

With Leon there were 3 other guys and I realized I was really going to get fucked. Leon was standing in front of me and I could see the bulge in his pants, I reached for his zipper and pulled it down. His large black cock jumped out, I could not get my hand around it, it was at least 8 to 9 inches long, (I had forgotten how big he was).

I stroked him a couple of times and saw his precum oozing out of the tip of this beautiful cock. I opened my mouth and used my tongue around the head, licked off his precum and ran it down the shaft, licked his balls and finally took the whole cock into my mouth, shoved it down my throat and let him fuck my mouth. I grabbed a hold of his ass and pulled on it so that his cock would not pull out. I could fell it was getting larger and knew he was going to shoot his load right down my throat which is where I wanted. I love the taste of cum and licked his cock clean.

I turned around and I saw that Carole was completely naked and had one cock in her mouth and holding the other 2 in her hands. I was happy that she was getting it and that this was just a prelude of things to come.

I asked Leon if he had any pot and he said yes and also had some white if I wanted it. I said later but right now I could use a joint and I am sure my friend would love to have one. He rolled a couple of them and lit one for me. It felt great, I asked for a drink and he gave me some vodka, he remembered that this was my favorite drink.......

With Leon's help I jumped over the back of the seat and wound up in the back were the bed was. As soon as I sat down one the guys (Marc) grabbed me and almost ripped off my top so he could get at my tits. The other guy (Jim) went for the zipper that was holding my skirt and pulled it down and my skirt wound up on the floor. I like aggressive guys and the more I feel I am being rapped the hotter I get. My pussy was already twitching in anticipation of what was to come. Mark started sucking and was biting my nipples which were standing erect at least a 1/2 inch out . With his other hand he was pinching and twisting the nipple on the other tit which made electric sensations going down to my supper wet cunt .

Jim spread my legs wide so that he could get his head down and start eating me. He got a hold of my clit and was sucking. He put 2 fingers in my cut and found my g-spot and started rubbing it. I started shaking, he grabbed my ass and held it while I screamed and let go of my first orgasm of the night. I couldn't stop shaking and kept cumming, my juices were running down my leg toward my asshole. Jim used my juices to stick a couple fingers up my ass. He was ready to fuck my ass. He flipped me on my belly, spread my cheeks and used 3 fingers to make sure I was opened enough to get his thick 8 inch cock in. I love to get fucked in the ass and after a few minutes of his pumping I started to cum again. As I was cumming he started to slap my ass real hard which tighten my asshole and gave him a real tight hole, he dropped a real hot load all the way up my ass which I loved. When he came out he was still dripping all over my ass and slapped me a few times again to see me squirm and watch my white ass cheeks turn red. I loved it, I was being abused.

Mark put himself where Jim had been and said to me that was going to pussy fuck me from the back and then go for my ass. He pulled me on my knees so that my pussy and asshole were exposed. He shoved his big black cock in my pussy and shoved a couple of fingers in my ass. He fucked me hard and had me over the top in no time. I screamed, started shaking and let go of a great orgasm. He pulled his cock out, took his fingers out of my asshole and shoved his cock in until I felt his balls hitting the lips of my pussy. He grabbed my hips and pumped in and out, slapping my ass all the time, I tighten up and I could feel his cock swelling. He groaned letting go of a huge hot load. I laid down on my back and wanted to take a break. Jim gave me a drink of vodka and a joint so that I could relax even more. He wanted me ready for more heavy duty fucking

Leon moved over to Carole and had her legs high over his shoulders and was fucking her in the ass. I was surprised that she was able to take that big cock of his and as he was fucking her I could hear her making noises which meant she was ready to cum. Jerry had just dropped a big load down her throat and was taking a break.

Leon had Carole sit on his big cock bending her down against his chest and making her asshole available for Jim and have a double fuck. I could hear a lot of grunting as they were pounding into her and suddenly she let out a loud a scream as she came and asked the guys to fuck her harder. It seems to me that the whole van was rocking from fucking her. I heard Jim yelling he was coming and shot his hot load up her ass and a few strokes later Leon shot his load into Carole's cunt.

They pulled out and laid down next to Carole exhausted but smiling. We all took a break to drink and smoke joints.

Jim flipped me over on my belly and I felt something cold being shoved up my ass. I asked him what it was and he said it's an ass expender and makes you feel full while you are being pussy fucked, with that he raised my legs over his shoulders and roughly shoved his big cock into my pussy. What a feeling, it's like being Dped and while he was fucking me he made the device in my ass get wider, I thought I was going to split in half and I was bucking and the more I bucked the tighter my pussy muscles were getting around his cock. He looked at me with a big smile and asked how I felt. I could hardly catch my breath and with that my legs started shaking like crazy and I screamed as I came and kept bucking into him. He grabbed my hips and got wild fucking me, slapped my tits a couple of times and let go of the biggest load of cum I got so far. He pulled out and I could still feel like cumming because the slapping my tits sent powerful sensations down to my pussy, I reached down and played with my clit until I came again.

I was laying on the bed with my legs spread out and Mark came over and said that he wanted to DP me. I said OK I sat on his cock facing his feet, bent back so my asshole was available. Jerry came over and first jammed a couple fingers up my ass to make sure I was open enough. I could feel the tip of his cock against my hole and he showed into me like a maniac, I thought I was going to pass out. That big cock was stretching me and I wasn't ready to be plowed into me like that. I screamed from pain. They know I like it real rough and want to make me feel like I am being raped and abused. They both started to fuck me and developed a rhythm I screamed and came real fast and my juices were flowing out of my cunt. I could feel they were getting ready to shoot their loads into me. I squeezed my pussy muscles which also made the walls in my ass tighten giving both a tight ride. Jerry grabbed the checks of my ass and smacked them real hard, I knew that was what made him cum. He shot a great hot load up my ass. Mark was ready and he let out a loud groan as he pushed his huge load into my pussy. When they got off me I had cum and pussy juices running out of both my holes. I suddenly saw a flash and looked up to see Leon had taken a picture of my ass and pussy leaking all these juices. I want to show this to my friends . I looked at the picture and saw that my face was not visible.

I was getting tired and needed a rest. I had been at this for 31/2 hours already and I asked the guys to leave me alone for a while. I turned to Carole who had been getting as much as me and asked her how much more does she want. She said a lot more.

I laid down on the bed with my ass up in the air. I could feel the guys working Carole over. She kept moaning and sometimes screaming as they were plowing into her. I got off the bed and saw one of the sliding door open and asked Leon why that is and he said, "you always liked to show off when you came with Rick so I figured it wouldn't bother you if some guys got their cookies off watching the action here" I went over the slider and slammed it closed I had had it and I got dressed and told Carole I will sit in the front seat until she is ready. Leon sat next to me and told me he was glad I called him, grabbed my face and gave a big kiss.

As I was dozing off Carole shook me and said she was ready. We got into her car and drove home. I asked how it was, she said it was great and she is sore and needs a good bath. I told her I felt great and like her my holes were sore. I got home, took a long shower and called Rick to tell what I did. His remark was good for you as long as you enjoyed it.

About: The author of "I Am Helga" is Ray. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Interracial Sex Stories section.

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