This is Helga

Author: Ray
Published: Aug 15, 2013
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A lot of pussy juice was flowing out of my cunt and he finally lubricated his fingers with my juices and went back to my asshole and stated to jam one then 2 fingers in.

About Me: My name is Helga and my husband is Ricky. I am 5'5 wear a size 35B bra. I am a blue eyed blonde from Germany with great looking legs and a nice ass. I met my husband at one of the HOT New York parties. We started talking, have a few drinks and he took me home because the girl I came with was busy with some guy and I was sure she was glad that I left her alone. We hit it off well and started going on dates and finally got married. He was 27 and I was 26. We have been married now for 10 years. The sex was great but after a couple of years I suggested that we should spice it up by having a third party. He said he would love to do it. I was delighted and told him I wanted black cock because they turn me on and I had been fucked and eaten by blacks before. That did it... For the next 10 years, we found all kinds of ways and places to do this.


My husband Rick needed to be away for another 10 days and I was horny has hell.

I needed to do something to satisfy me. I called my friend Carole and asked her if she was willing to go out again and go hunting for some action. She said she was busy with a couple guys for the evening and that I was on my own. I got the message. She was going to get what I needed.

I decided to call my friend Leon and see if he was available for some fun and he said.

"Pick me up at my place and we will go to a club that like go to for some fun." Tell me about it. "He said it is mostly black guys and some white women that come alone or with some guy as a "date" and things happen anyway you want. How does that sound to you"

I said "you know what I want, will I get it there"

"OH YES! But it's up to you". "There is also black woman that loves to fuck white chicks with a strap on, if she comes on to you, you can tell her you are not interested or go with her and some fun downstairs in one of the rooms set up for this kind of action"

I said OK and he said take I should take my car so that I can go anytime I feel like it. Dress up so that the guys will know that you are looking for fuck action.

I got dressed with thong, a loose black very short dress, a black bra and blouse. I put on black stockings held up by a black garter belt. I felt real sexy and I was sure I was sending the right message to the guys.

I picked up Leon at 9:30 and while we were parked in front of his seedy apartment house he asked me to give a blow job. He said that since he talked to me he was walking around with this hard on and needed me to take out his load. I bent down, opened his zipper and let that beautiful black of his jump out pointing straight at my mouth.

I know he is big and from past experience I had to slowly lick the big head and run my tongue down his smooth shaft, lick his balls and then take it in my mouth and swallow him down my throat. He grabbed my head, held it tight and face fucked me until his big load shot down my throat.. I noticed there were a couple guys watching and smiled when I picked up my head and had some cum dripping out of my mouth. Leon took out some paper toweling, wiped his cock and my face.

"I feel a whole lot better now, let's go to the club"

I drove about a 1/2 hour and got to this building that was sitting between 2 houses, I parked in the rear, got out and went to the back door. Leon knocked and some guy opened the door, recognized Leon and we went in.

It was very dark

There was a lot of loud music and everybody was dancing, I noticed a lot of black guys, white women and some white guys who probably brought the white women with them. I also spotted a bar and I could also smell pot.

Leon took me over to the bar and ordered a vodka which is my favorite drink, I noticed the large amount of vodka in the glass and Leon said, "just to get relaxed enough" I told him I needed a joint, he left and came back with one and told me that it was laced with something else. "What I asked" "believe me, it will make your pussy quiver and wanting some gratification"

I stood leaning against the bar talking to Leon when I felt someone in back of me pushing his stiff cock into the crack of my ass. He asked me if I wanted to dance. I looked at Leon and he put both thumbs up.

We walked away from the bar, he was a big guy and said his name was Hank. He grabbed me and pulled me close to him. I could feel his big cock up against my pussy. I knew I was in for it. He grabbed a hold of the cheeks of my ass in his big hands and ground his pelvis into me with the beat of the music.

With the strong drink, the joint and whatever was in it I was buzzed up and Hank asked if I would like to go downstairs. "What is there I asked him" 'You'll enjoy, it will be very comfortable.'

He took me by the hand and led me downstairs, I almost fell but he was quick to catch me. Downstairs was very dark and I had to adjust my eyes to see where he was taking me. There was a little light along the hallway and he walked me a little down this walkway, opened a door and pushed me in. I fell on what felt like a bed. He was all over me, ripped open my blouse, pulled my tits from the bra, reached for my skirt and pulled it down in such a frantic manner that I was scared. I realized I was totally naked except for my garter belt stockings. He wasn't talking, his mouth was sucking on my nipples and his other hand was between my legs. He shoved a couple big fingers in and was finger fucking me and used his thumb to poke my asshole.

I am used to rough play and I enjoy it but this guy was trying to get up my ass with a thick dry finger, I squirmed and try to get away but used his other hand to beat my ass until I stopped squirming. A lot of pussy juice was flowing out of my cunt and he finally lubricated his fingers with my juices and went back to my asshole and stated to jam one then 2 fingers in. I love to get ass fucked and I had a hunch that was what he wanted to do. I reached down and got a hold of hid cock. OMG how am I going to take this big sausage up my ass.

He flipped me over on my stomach, raised me on my knees, spread my cheeks and put the head of that cock up against my whole. Hanging on my hips he slowly shoved the big cock up my ass. Even thought I was used to getting ass fucked this time it hurt a lot. I thought I was going to be ripped apart .When he was all the way in he showed me down on my belly and fucked me like I have never been ass fucked. I came right away. He started slapping my ass as he was pumping. I like the slapping, it makes me tighten my pussy and ass muscles. He suddenly started groaning and I knew this going to be a real big hot load up my ass. A couple seconds later I felt this hot squirt all the way up my ass and continue as he was pumping. Other than the pain, which subsided very quickly, I enjoyed it.

We got dressed and we went back upstairs, I found Leon. He asked me how it was and I told him what happen and that right now I am a bit sore. He asked me if I had had it and I said "NO WAY". Get me a strong drink and a smoke. He said he would and told me he would like me to meet a couple of guys he knows will treat me well and give me what I want.

We sat down in a booth and ordered our drinks, Leon pulled out a joint and lit it for me. Our drinks came as well as a couple guys (Rich and Sam) sat down in the booth on both sides of me, I knew this was going to be fun.

After a few minutes I felt one hand on my knee (Rich) and slowly going up my leg to my inner thigh and reach my wet pussy. I knew Sam was watching Rich and I guess he must have gotten a signal from him because his hand went under my skirt and reached my wet pussy. Leon was sitting there smiling, got up and said he would see me later. Rich reached up to the waits band of my thong and pulled it down to my feet. He reached down and pulled them off and handed them to me. I put them in my purse.

I was very relaxed, they ordered another drink for me and after drinking it I was totally relaxed. I felt both their hands high up on my thighs playing with my garter belt and fingering my pussy. I had my legs spread wide and gave them a chance to finger fuck me under the table. I felt 4 fingers in my cunt going in and out. My juices were beginning to flow down toward my asshole, I moved my ass so that it was mostly off the seat and they got the message that I wanted them to play with my asshole.

Rich kept his fingers in my pussy, Sam moved his fingers to my asshole and shoved 2 of them into it as far as he could . I was still wide open from my earlier ass fucking so it was easy and comfortable. Rich found my g-spot and playing with it brought me right over the top. My legs were shaking. I came and almost screamed but realized I was in a public place, I held back. I was breathing hard and the people ( black guy and white woman) on the next table looked at me and smiled, they knew what those 2 black guys were doing.

He whispered something in her ear and then asked if they could join us. The guys said ok and the couple joined us at the table. Her name was Jane, she was about 5,5 and had a healthy looking pair of tits and the way she was dressed left very little to the imagination, her skirt was short and tight over her nice round ass. She had on black stocking like I do and black pumps. I got a strong feeling that she was here for the same reason I came, to get laid. His name was Nick, well built black guy and I got the feeling that he brought her up here to have the same fun I am looking for. They sat across from us and we ordered more drinks. Nick pulled out a joint and passed it around. The music was hot and noisy. Nick got up and took Jane on the floor and was stroking her ass while they danced. Rich said to me that maybe we should go downstairs and party. What about them I asked. Sam said an extra white piece of ass is not a bad thing is it

What is downstairs other than private rooms, I asked, Sam said there is large party room where you can enjoy yourself. There are couches, recliners, large screen TV where people watch porno, a small bar and a coed bathroom. You can usually find people making out in all sorts of ways. We'll ask them if they want to join us and tell them up front that this is a party room where everything goes.

They came back to the table and Sam mentioned we were going downstairs to have some fun. Jane said she was going to the bathroom so I joined her. When I got inside the bathroom, Jane asked me what was going to happen downstairs. I asked her why she was here, does she know Nick. How did she get here. Has she ever been fucked by different guys Maybe 2 or 3 at the time She looked at me and said she been fucked plenty of times but she wanted to fuck a black guy. She was told by this friend of hers that they do a great job eating pussy and that they usually have big cocks. This friend fixed me up with Nick with whom she had experience.

So far so good, I asked her if she ever was in a place like this and she said no. I told her that she was in for a great experience and she should enjoy it. Does that mean I am going to be gang banged. I said anything is possible.

We went back up to the table and joined the guys who had all decided to go downstairs. Nick grabbed Jane's arm and pulled her out of her seat while Sam and Rich grabbed me on both sides and guided me to the staircase. We went down and heard music, very low light ( I could not see where I was going), passed in front of a TV and noticed it was on a porno channel. I was finally able to see some furniture and spotted a couple fucking on one of the couches. We walked little more and Nick said he found a good spot for us. It was a large L shaped couch. We made ourselves comfortable, the guys got up and got drinks and some joints. I was totally relaxed and ready for whatever they going to do to me.

I stretched out on the couch and Sam came over and moved his hand up the inside of my leg and used the other hand to undo my blouse. Rich was right there to pull out my tits and started sucking on my nipple and squeezing the other sending electric shocks down my belly into my cunt. He used his other hand to run up the side of my thigh and joined Sam and pulled my legs apart. Sam stuck 2 fingers in my wet pussy.. Sam stuck 2 fingers in my wet puss and moved them in and out while brushing up against my clit. Rich used 2 fingers and drove them up my ass that was still open from my earlier encounter with the big black sausage. He too started finger fuck my ass, I was going over the top and let go a screaming orgasm that would not stop and kept coming in waves. My juices were flowing out of me from my pussy down to my asshole. Rich took out his nice big cock, about 8 inches and using my pussy juices that he used to lubricate his cock, he pushed his cock up my ass. It felt great. Fuck me I said, real hard and don't stop until you drop your load in me.. He grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders giving him better penetration. After him fucking like that I could feel another good one coming, my legs started shaking and I let out a scream that could be heard across town. No sooner did I finish coming Rich tensed up and I could feel his cock getting thicker as he was pumping away. He groaned and shook his head from side to side and exploded in my ass. OMG what a load and he kept on coming as he kept on pumping. He finally let my legs down, slipped out of my ass and looked at me and smiled. I felt I needed a rest and I sat up and saw Jane laying flat on her belly, Nick had plowed into her ass. She looked like she was ready to come and the cheeks of her ass were shaking every time Nick slapped them. She let out a cry that she buried in the couch pillow as Nick groaned and shot his load deep in her ass.

Sam came with a couple of drinks (vodka for me) and bourbon for Rich. I was feeling real good but I needed a lot more. I reached for Sam's 9 inch cock and started licking the tip, ran my tongue under his shaft and gently squeezed his balls. He was groaning with pleasure and urged me to open my mouth so he could stick it down my throat . I love to have cock down my throat, I no longer gag and I love cum down my throat, I love the taste of it. I sucked him slowly for a while and he wanted to cum so he grabbed my head and face fucked me. I could feel him getting ready to shoot his load, his hands, holding my head were shaking. He suddenly gave a deep thrust and I could feel his hot load going down my throat, he was not finished and more and more cum kept coming out of him, even as he pulled out he shot a load in my mouth just as he got out, the cum was dripping down my chin. I used my finger to lick it up and swallowed it.

I saw Rich had gone over to Jane and Nick and were DPing her. She was on Nick and Rich was in back of her. They were both banging away like there was no tomorrow. I looked at Sam and told him that I wanted that too. I love being Dped. The feel of a cock in both holes at the same time, is indescribable.

As I was drinking my vodka Sam put 3 fingers in my ultra wet pussy and played with my clit, I was again getting ready and I saw that his cock was ready again. I told him to fuck me, fuck me hard and don't stop even if I come, until you drop a load into my pussy.

He fucked me hard and I came very quickly and so did he a couple minutes later. His comment was that my pussy muscles were terrific and I said that comes with lots of practice. As I laid back I heard Rich, Jane and Nick groaning and I knew that they were all ready to come together and I felt I needed the same kind of fucking.

Sam reached down to my pussy and felt the heat that was still there, put his head between my legs, sucked on my pussy lips as his tongue found my clit. I grabbed his head and pulled hard against me so that he would not break this fantastic feeling. My legs started shaking, I let out a scream as I was cumming . My juices were flowing into his mouth and I had to let go of his head so that he would not drown. He came up and flipped over on my stomach, with my pussy juices running down to my asshole he shoved 3 fingers as far as he could into my ass and finger fucked my ass and using another finger he was rubbing my clit. I started bucking and shaking and again let go an extreme orgasm.

I needed a rest and asked Sam to get a drink and find a joint. I laid down on my side and while I was drinking and smoking he kneaded the cheeks of my ass. It felt great. As I was laying there Leon came down and from the looks of the bulge in his pants I knew he was looking for some action. He sat down on one of the recliners and just pulled out his cock looking at me with a smile. I went over to him and got on my knees, stroked his large cock, licked the pre-cum off the tip, ran my tongue along his shaft until I got to his balls. I took them in my hand and slightly squeezed them. I could feel how full they were. I opened my mouth guided him in and swallwed him. I moved my head up down while I sucked and grabbed hold of ass, pulling to me to make sure that this big load was going to go down my throat. His cock was swelling as I sucked and I knew it was only going to a few more stokes before he released that hot load down my throat, I couldn't swallow fast enough and my mouth was filling with his load as he kept fucking my face. When he pulled out I was able to swallow what was in my mouth. It tasted wonderful, I could swallow cum all day. He put his cock away and just stayed to watch.

I still needed to be DP'ed. I told Sam to get Rich. And do me. Rich said he was tired, I looked at Leon and asked if he would volunteer to DP. me. He got up and dropped his paints, took off his shirt. Leon is big and I was glad that he chose to pussy fuck me. I got on top of him and slowly sat on his cock, my pussy was ultra wet so I was able to take without too much trouble. I bent over his belly and laid on his chest waiting for Sam to enter me from the rear. Sam used 3 fingers in my ass to make sure I was open enough for him to push his cock all the way up my ass, which he was able to do. It felt so great to have cocks in my pussy and my ass, I was waiting for them to start fucking and develop a rhythm so that hey both went in and pulled out at the same time. I was being plowed hard, Leon was squeezing my tits, pulling and twisting them, sending electric shocks down into my pussy. Sam was pumping hard and kept smacking the cheeks of my ass which makes the muscles in my cunt and ass tighten. He would then grab my hips, pulling on them to make sure he was in as far as he can. I was in complete heaven, I love to be fucked that way.

I could feel myself working up a good come but I wanted the guys to shoot their loads into me so I forced myself to control my orgasm until I felt they were ready to let go. It only took another couple of minutes and I felt their cocks getting thicker and from the noises they were making I knew I was going to get what I wanted from both and let go of my own orgasm. The timing was perfect I could feel the hot cum in my pussy and my ass. It doesn't get any better than that.

I asked Sam to get me a drink and when I was finished I got dressed and told Leon I was going home. He also got dressed and walked me to my car. It was 1:30 in the morning. He asked if I enjoyed myself and my answer was that I would come back soon.

When I got home I called Rick and told him what happen. His answer was "Did you enjoy "I said yes but I am sore"

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