Escapades of a Promiscuous Young Wife: Part 7

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Published: Sep 26, 2013
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In this story Trudee reveals to Thomas her late night encounter with the black farmhand.

Captain Thomas Whiteside
Army of Northern Virginia
13th Virginia Calvary
37th Battalion Virginia Calvary
Company E
Hazel Park
August 20th, 1862
Elkhorn, Virginia

Dear Brother,

It is impossible to express the utter humiliation and rage that I feel toward you after reading your confession of inexcusable betrayal. The tender tone of your words failed to soften the impact of the details of your incestuous violation of me. Where I should have expected you to defend my honor with your very life's blood, instead you cravenly steal my maidenhead. And with no more compassion than one would show a fox in the hen house you brazenly suggest it was some form of comfort to me. You, Sir, are a Rake and no gentleman.

I was devastated! Your letter fell from my numb fingers as my room spun around me and I collapsed in a heap. When I awoke night had fallen. I felt unclean. The water from the basin was insufficient to wash away the stain, though I poured the contents upon myself, soaking the front of my gown. Desperately, I tore at my garments, making great rents in them before fleeing in shame from the safety of my rooms and home. With each step the urgency to escape mounted until I was running heedlessly across the fields, stumbling, sometimes falling in the rows, my tears flowing freely. In the woods, I was further blinded by the leaf laden branches that struck and clawed at me until it seemed in my fevered mind that I was surrounded by malevolent spirits seeking my life. I turned this way and that, I cried, I became lost, I fell. My foot sank in the soft earth throwing me off-balance and into the river.

Water soaked, my dress pulled me down beneath the surface. At first, death seemed to me a welcome release. But, some flame of life prevailed. I struggled to the surface freeing myself from the encumbering clothing so that I could attain the far bank. I lay panting and shivering. It was then that I became aware that I was not alone. In my confused and sodden state I thought at first that it was you, come to tell me the letter was a lie, that you had not violated me. Then I cringed. I feared that it would indeed be untrue. I needed it to be true, to my surprise. I needed you. I believed that it must be you standing over me.

There was little light and I imagined you to be in the deep shadow. Rising, I unfastened the restraint about your worn and dirty trousers. They fell easily to the ground so that I gained immediate access to your manhood. There was an unwashed odor about you. Still, your penis was large and thick, and your testicles heavy. I reached to touch it with my hands which seemed tiny as it gained in length and rigidity. The scent was overpowering, but I forced myself to open my mouth and take it in, pushing back the foreskin to expose the silky smooth crown. The flavor was strong and rank with the taste of sweat. I looked upward to your face, eager to see that what I was doing pleased you. Looking down at me was Alvin, the negro foreman. His eyes and teeth glowed in the inky blackness as he smiled down at me with his strong hands on my shoulders.

And I did not care. Shall I describe to you his endowment It was more than I could fit even half in my mouth. I tried though, until he pushed me away. He pulled me to my feet. With his large hands he tore the remaining wet rags from my body so that I stood revealed before his dark lust. He roughly touched my tender breasts with his large hands. He pinched my nipples bringing tears to my eyes. I continued to stroke his manhood, the length of which I could feel hot and hard pressed against my belly.

Alvin took me in his arms and carried me to a fallen tree whose bark had worn away leaving a smooth log. He set me down, turned me toward the old wood and bent me over it. This seemed strange to me at first as I had no previous experience with fornication. With my hands on the ground I realized how exposed my nether part were; completely open to his assault. The thought brought a flush to my cheeks mirrored in the heat between my legs. I could feel the moistening of my vagina in anticipation. I knew that he would take me completely and I rejoiced. We had spoken no words between us for none were needed. He wanted me and I wanted to feel him deep in my belly.

His strong hands gripped my hips and pulled the soft flesh apart to fully expose my womanhood. He stepped close. I could feel his legs against the backs of mine holding them apart. His monster lay cradled in the crevasse of my arse. Does such language from me surprise you, dear brother You will hear even more and fouler things from me. He drew his hips away so that his organ slid toward my waiting hole. He used his left hand to guide himself to my opening. The thick crown of his fleshy rod stood poised at the entrance to my inner parts. He rubbed up and down twice to smear my juices on his tool in preparation for his entrance. He was not gentle. With one mighty thrust he plunged into me. I screamed. I felt that I must die for he had surely split me open. He held his place in me as my clutching vagina grew accustomed to his girth while tears flowed freely down my face. When he with drew I cried out, "No," for fear that he would retreat and leave me unsatisfied.

I had not to fear on that account. Alvin had no intention of leaving off until he had thoroughly gratified himself. HE plunged in again. I gasped, but this time the discomfort was minimal. Instead, I was overcome with a rising sensation of excitement. He felt wonderful in me, so much so, I could not imagine him ever taking it out again. He drew out and plunged in again. I screamed, because some new sensation coursed through me like a bolt of lightening. Alvin did not show any interest in genteel lovemaking. He forcefully drove his hard penis repeatedly into my tender vagina. Deeper he went each time, until our hips collided with each thrust. Again and again he pounded into me. I bucked and screamed profanities. I did not curse him; rather it seemed most natural to utter the foulest things in response to the joy I was experiencing. With every utterance, Alvin drove harder into me. His magnificent length opened me wider. I took him all. Soon our motion became ragged and unsynchronized. A very explosion of ecstasy blossomed inside of my sex. I gasped. Alvin thrust hard, groaned and held my hips firmly to his own.

Then I felt it. The same sensation I had felt once before. You remember, do you not That night you came to my room that you are so proud of. IT was the same sensation. Alvin erupted in my belly filling my vagina with his thick, hot seed. He thrust two or three more times as I felt spurt after spurt fill me. Semen flowed down my leg when he withdrew for the final time.

He took me from there to their shanties. For three nights he and the other darkies taught me what pleases a man. I was an apt pupil and took my reward in strings of ejaculate. Now I'm coming to you, dear Thomas. When I arrive I will show you what I have learned so well. Does that not make you swell with pride, if not; I will certainly cause you to swell upon my arrival.

Humbly, Your Trudy

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