Helga's Sleazy Motel Experience

Author: Ray
Published: Dec 28, 2013
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Between being finger fucked in the ass and my g-spot being rubbed I went over the top.

Rick and I were laying on the bed reminiscing about our affairs when he reminded me of the time we could not find any action in the parking lots and since it was very late we agreed to go to a motel.

The only one we found that was not completely booked was this sleazy one off the highway. It was starting to drizzle so we booked a room. If we didn't need to stay we would never have stayed there. The bed was sagging when we sat on it, the towels looked like they were 50 years old the TV was a small screen job, but who cared we were not going to watch TV. The walls had a couple small holes next to the TV that looked like there were big nails at one time.

Right next to the motel was an open bar and we could hear the music that was playing. I said to Rick I need a stiff drink. So we walked over and walked into this place and wondered if there was any light. It took a while but we were able to see a few people sitting at the bar. They all turned around to see who was coming this late at night and made sure to look me up and down. I was wearing my sluttish outfit in preparation for the parking lot. Very short black dress, black thong, skimpy see through blouse, black knee high stockings and black shoes. It was so dark that I wondered if any body would see me.

We sat at the bar and ordered drinks, me a big vodka and Rick his regular scotch on ice. I could smell a joint being smoked next to me. I was getting high on the secondary smoke and the drink. The guy next to me asked if I would like a drag and I said yes, what about your friend but Rick said no. The TV over the bar was on and I am not sure what was on.

The more I drank my vodka the higher I got and my neighbor would pass his joint to me so I could take a drag.

After a while I felt a hand on my knee and I just ignored him, but I guess because I said nothing and didn't push his hand away he figured I was OK with it. His hand was slowly moving up my thigh and he pushed my legs apart. My skirt was pushed all the way up to my thong, I bent over to Rick and told him I was being molested, he smiled at me and whispered in my ear that I should go for it.

I looked at the guy (big and black) and smiled, he got the message and swung his stool around and changed hand. It was so dark that I don't think any one could see. His fingers pulled my wet thong aside and he slipped a couple fingers in my cunt, He leaned his head over to me and said he wants to eat me. I looked at him and asked him "right here and now" No I'll take you to the women's bathroom where there is a soft couch. And if somebody comes in they won't bother us. He was playing with my clit and I had a hard time holding out. I whispered to Rick what he had in mind and that I was ready to come now. Rick leaned over me and asked the guy where the men's room was. Right next door and there is a big hole in the wall where you can see what goes on next door, she'll be safe and do only what she wants. Rick nodded an OK with his head and I said yes to the stranger (his name was Doug). We got off our stools and he took my hand and led me in the back along a small dark hallway to a door that had the women's sign on it. He pushed the door open, it was total darkness, he switched on a light and it hardly got lighter. I am thinking to myself that this was going to be a real fuck.

He pushed me on the bench, laid me on my back, pushed up my skirt, pulled down the thong, spread my legs and put his head between them. I was already to orgasm upstairs so that the moment he put his mouth on my pussy lips my legs started shaking, I let out a low scream and my orgasm came rolling through my body. Oh what a start, when I stopped shaking he stuck a long tongue in my cunt and cleaned out all the juice, then he stuck a couple fingers up looking for my g-spot, he knew where to find it and started rubbing it. His other hand went to my ass and shoved 2 fingers in my asshole. Since I had been fucked a lot in the ass his fingers did not hurt.

Between being finger fucked in the ass and my g-spot being rubbed I went over the top. My legs were shaking like crazy, I screamed and the strongest orgasm I have had in a long time went through me like electricity, I couldn't stop shaking.

He stood me up and then made hold on to the armrest and spread my legs. I was bent over and I knew what was coming. I heard his pants drop to the floor and then felt his fingers spreading my pussy lips then the head of his cock was against the entrance of my cunt. I had no idea how big his cock was so I reached back and grabbed his cock, I was in shock, I couldn't put 2 fingers across that monster and I got the feeling that it was at least 10 inches long. He spread the checks of my ass and slowly penetrated my pussy, I was being impaled by this humongous piece of black meat and it was almost all in. I can't believe I was able to take that much, my knees were beginning to weaken so I put my head and elbows on the cushion. He grabbed my hips and stated to pump slow at first and then faster as he realized I was not complaining, but only moaning. He kept on pumping for at least 5 minutes and I began to feel a climax coming on. He bent over me, opened my blouse and took my tits in his hands and squeezed hard, he took the nipples and twisted them sending shocks though my body.

I was nearing a huge climax, my legs were shaking, I could feel his cock getting thicker, I came and he cried out and said "now it's my turn" and as he pounded into me the flood gates opened up. He shot this huge load which didn't stop as he kept pounding into me. It seems to me this was endless, I enjoyed getting all this come in my pussy.

Rick was watching through the whole in the wall when another guy walked in. What are you watching he asked Rick. See for your self. The guy walked over to the whole and said "shit, isn't the woman you came in with" Yea Rick said, the guy left but came back with another who looked through the whole. The guy said "man I got to have a piece of this white ass" Rick said to go next door and see what they can do. What about you he asked Rick, that's my wife she loves to be pounded and being watched doing it. The guys didn't waste time and went over just as the first guy was pulling out. He said to the new guys "what a great piece of white ass she is, have fun".

I had barely time to turn around when this second guy flipped me on my back, dropped his pants, pulled this nice cock ( not as big as the first) out , straddled my face, I opened my mouth and used my tongue to lick off the precum from his beautiful head. I reached his balls and could tell he was loaded, I pushed his cock into my mouth and down my throat where I like cocks to be when they shoot. I love the taste of cum, the more the better.. I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and he face fucked me. it didn't take long and I could feel his cock getting thicker and ready to unload. He groaned and the jet stream just went down my throat, I jerked his cock to make sure I got all of it.

The second guy didn't waste time and dropped his pants and shorts and climbed between my legs and I could feel his cock slipping into my pussy. He grabbed my ass and started to pump as the first guy was face fucking me. He shot his load into me at the same time as the facer did. I was in heven getting 2 cocks shooting into me at the same time.

The second guy flipped me over and said he wants to fuck my beautiful ass. I took the tube of lubricant and squirted a good amount up my ass hole. He pulled me up on my knees, spread the cheeks of my ass, smacked them real hard a couple of times, pushed the head up against my hole and slowly rammed his cock up my ass. It felt so good, it had been a while since I had a real hard cock up my ass. I squeezed my ass muscles real hard so that he would enjoy himself as much as I do.

He grabbed my hips and pounded into me like there was no tomorrow , I enjoyed it and I felt an orgasm coming on. My legs started shaking and I let go a low moan as the orgasm ran trough me like a bolt of lighting. He smacked my ass a couple more times and he suddenly pumped harder and shot a great load into me. I was in haven. He got off of me and said that was a great fuck and beautiful ass he'll remember for a long time.

With his cock still up my ass he flipped on his back with me on top of him. He said to his friend let's DP her. I knew what was happening and that is one of my favorite position, I spread my legs wide so that the other guy could get into my pussy. They started to fuck and got it where they going in and out at the same time. I was coming and wrapped my legs around the top guy. I just hung on as they were fucking, I came, it was so great I screamed "fuck me, fuck me hard" and then I felt the squirts of cum in my ass and pussy.

I really got what we went out for in the first place, I got really fucked and Rick got to watch the whole thing.

I got dressed and walked over to where Rick was and told him that I wanted to go to the room and have him fuck the daylights out of me.

About: The author of "Helga's Sleazy Motel Experience" is Ray. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Interracial Sex Stories section.

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