Helga Gets Abused

Author: Ray
Published: Jan 1, 2014
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I spread my legs a bit because I knew he wanted to get his hand on my ass and then go for my asshole or pussy.

I was thinking of my first subway experience and since I was going to work later and coming home during the rush hour I decided to get another experience like I had the last time. This time I was wearing a loose short skirt and a blouse that that left little to the imagination.

I got on the train and reached for a pole to hold on to. The train was not very crowded yet but I knew that the next stop was going to be the one that got crowded because the next stop was a long distance and took a long time to get there.

We were packed like sardines in a can and as I expected there was a guy in back of me and as much as he tried not to lean into me he got pushed by others and his crotch was up my ass. Just what I wanted. I glanced around and saw he was a big black guy and he looked embarrassed. I smiled at him and pressed my ass a little more into him. He couldn't help but get a hard on and from the feel in the crack of my ass and guessed it has to be at least 9 inches.

As we were rolling along the train was rocking from side to side and let myself moving as the car was moving rubbing against him. He bent over and whispered in my ear that he was sorry and he was trying to turn sideways but we were so packed and he could not turn and had to stay the way he was. I answered that it was OK and smiled.

I guess he got my message and he moved his hand between me and his front and I began to feel his a finger pressing into my crack were my asshole was. I did not move and let him rub up and down. He next was pulling my skirt up and because it was so tight no one could see what he was doing. I spread my legs a bit because I knew he wanted to get his hand on my ass and then go for my asshole or pussy.

I felt a finger snake from the back to my pussy, I bent a little and he got in enough to rub my clit. I was ready to climax and pushed myself into him which made his finger go in a little more. I shuttered and climaxed He pulled his finger out and went for my asshole. Because his finger was juiced from my pussy he was able to slide up fairly easily. He finger fucked my ass until we got to the next stop.

He moved to get off and he asked me to get off to which I did. Where we got off the street was very dark and the area was very sleazy. He said not to worry, we walked about a half a block and he pulled me into a doorway, put his hand under my dress and asked if I would go upstairs with him so he could eat and fuck me. I knew he had something in mind when he asked me to get off the train so I wasn't shocked, I was hot.

We walked up one flight of stairs and he opened a door that led into his apartment. As I entered I noticed a woman and I looked at him he said it his sister and I don't mind she doesn't either. I was trapped, I was so hot that I said OK. We went into a dark room which must be a living room and told me to sit down and relax.

His sister came in and handed me a large drink of some alcohol and joint she smiled and left. He came in and told me is name is Rich and I said I am Helga with that he sat down next to me pushed me down on my back and with both hands spread my legs and pulled off my panties. I was so hot and feeling great from the drink and the joint I did not notice the sister coming in and sitting down in a chair facing my pussy. He moved up and opened my blouse and took my tits and started playing with my hardened nipples. twisting them and rolling them between his fingers. I felt electricity going down to my cunt and getting wetter than before.

He slid down my belly with his tongue and when he got to my pussy he grabbed my ass and spread me apart as far as he could. I notice his sister getting up and coming toward me. She pulled on my nipples and placed a couple clamps on them that were attached by a chain. The clamps were tight and she pulled the chain up as he stuck his tongue into my pussy as far as he could then slowly pushed an asshole spreader into my asshole

His tongue was working my clit and I felt an orgasm coming up. My legs started shaking and I felt this tremendous orgasm running through my whole body. As my orgasm was coming his sister was pulling on the clamps and the feeling was like something I never felt. Electricity running up and down my whole body. Orgasms kept coming on and on I was ready to pass out. I finally screamed for him to stop.

He stopped took out his cock and brought it up to my pussy and slowly pushed it in. It felt like I was going to split apart it was so big. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard and nailed me on the couch. As he was fucking me his sister reached under my ass and pulled out the asshole stretcher and stuck a large dildo into it that was going way up my ass. Between him fucking me and her fucking me with the dildo I came and could feel my juices running out of my cunt and suddenly heard him groaning and shooting a tremendous hot load into me. As he pulled out he kept shooting his load all over my belly and my tits.

He flipped me over and pulled me up on my knees. I knew what he was going to do next. He spread the cheeks of my ass and brought the head of his cock up to my asshole. Between the pussy juices that ran down to my ass and the spreader his sister had put in there it was easy for him to enter my ass and push until his balls were up against my cheeks. He was so big that I thought I was going to split like when he got into my cunt. His sister grabbed the chain and again pulled the clamps as he was pumping into my ass and slapping my cheeks making me tighten my muscles for a tighter ride. Pulling on the clamps sent electric shocks down into my pussy and I started to shake again and it made me buck up so that I was pushing hard against his cock. His balls were slapping against my pussy and my juices were flowing like a water fall as I came. He slapped my ass hard and grunted as he shot a huge load up my ass, he kept on pumping and shooting. I finally laid down on my stomach and he pulled out.

His sister sat in front of me with her legs wide open playing with her pussy and a vibrator in and out. She let out a scream and had her orgasm and laid down in front of me. We were all exhausted, I could hardly move.

She got up and brought a large cold drink and as I looked up to see a blinking red light of a cam recorder. I asked if he recorded our fucking and he said yes, he likes to share with his friends. I was livid and told him to give me the memory stick. He looked at me and said OK. He handed it to me.

I got dressed and he walked me to the subway. I was exhausted. When I got home my husband was concerned and wanted to know what happened to me. I handed him the memory stick. He played it and asked me why I did not call him to let him know what I was going to do. He is used to my fucking outside as long as he is with me or I let him know where I am.

I took a long shower and told him he can have me anytime. I am ready. We had a great fuck later in the evening while watching the video.

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