Late September in N.Y.

Author: Ray
Published: Jan 1, 2014
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I was horny as always and Rick knew it was time to go and find some big black cocks that I could enjoy sucking and fucking.

Late September in N.Y. is always a good time to go out for some fun. It has cooled down and the beach parking lots are cool and Rick and I love to go there and see what king of action we can get.

I was horny as always and Rick knew it was time to go and find some big black cocks that I could enjoy sucking and fucking.

I took a shower and made sure that my pussy hair was nice and short by using my electric razor. Since I am a real blonde my pussy can easily be seen.

Since we were going to the beach I just slipped on a loose skirt, no panties and no bra and just a button down light blouse. Took a tube of lubricant from my night table because I was sure my ass was going to get fucked and I didn't want to get hurt.

We took our large older sedan and drove toward the beach and stopped at one of the bars near the parking lots. I love to have a couple of stiff drinks to put me at complete ease and smoke a couple joints when we get there.

We went into one of the bars we had been at before because we know the kind of people that hung around there. Sure enough the place was packed with a mix of people that we were looking for. It was dark and the music was the kind that made want to get up and dance slowly grinding my ass into Rick's crotch while he would run his hands over the front of my body, turn me around so that I could grind my pussy into his crotch giving him a good stiff hard on.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see a familiar black face smiling at me. Hi Helga long time no see down here. Rick smiled and said that we are here now to make up for some lost fun..

The 3 "Hank" of us went and sat at a table, ordered some drinks. We talked and I inquired about some of the people we knew and caught up to the latest "news". Hank grabbed my hand and said lets dance. We got on the floor and started swaying to the music and I felt his hand grab my ass and pull me in tight to him. I could feel his cock right through my skirt. I got hot and I could feel my juices flowing between my legs.

Are we going to fuck later I said that was the reason I came down. Hank has fucked me a lot of times and I enjoyed his big cock every time. I could hardly wait for him to take me front and back.

Do we want company He asked and I smiled and asked him how many It' up to you. Just a couple more, does Leon still have the limo Hank said yes, he would call him now.

He called on his cell and told him that I was the main course he said he and Kenny would be at parking lot A in 15 minutes.

Who is Kenny I asked. You'll like him. He is big, just the way you like it

Hank, Leon and us go back a long way. I had been fucked and abused by them so many times that I lost count. Rick had a big grin on his face, he loved to watch the action.

Hank got in the car with us and said that Leon would bring him back later. Hank and I got in the back and as soon as the car was moving his hand was under my skirt, spreading my legs and sticking a couple fingers up my juicy cunt. OMG it felt so good that I laid back on the seat and through one leg over the back of the front seat so that he could get to my pussy right away. I was hot. Hank pulled his fingers out and stuck them in his mouth and told me how good I tasted. I asked him why he wasn't on top of me yet and he said he wanted to wait for the others so that we could have fun together. I said OK but I reached for his cock and could feel how big it is right through his pants. He smiled and said "Later you hungry bitch"

I sat back, I knew we were about 5 minutes from where we were going. I could hardly wait. We got to the parking lot and spotted :Leon's limo parked in a dark area and pulled along side of him. Leon got out and opened the back door and came over and opened our back door for us to get into the limo.

Rick went in first and I followed and than came Hank. As soon as I got in Leon handed me a joint and a tall glass of iced vodka. I sat on the back seat and waited for one of them to make a move on me.

Leon came first with his hand under my skirt reaching for my pussy. Kenny sat next to me and went for my blouse and unbuttoned it so my tits fell in his large hand. Leon shoved 2 fingers into my cunt and as he was finger fucking me Kenny took one tit in his mouth and started squeezing the nipple on the other one.

Leon pulled down my skirt and took it off, spread my legs, grabbed the cheeks of my ass, raised my legs over his shoulders and placed his mouth over my dripping pussy. His lips acted as a vacuum cleaner sucking the juice out of me as hid tongue found my stiff clit. Sucked it out and grabbed it between his teeth and let his tongue run over and around it .

I stated shaking and my legs were beating on his shoulders, I was cumming and I was screaming, Kenney held my down by squeezing both my tits. I let go and Leon got a mouth full of my juices which he kept on sucking out. It was so strong I thought I was going to pass out. It kept on coming, I must have climaxed 3 times before I was able to breath again.

Leon dropped his pants and pulled out his gigantic cock, flipped on my stomach, I knew what was coming and reached for my purse and got my tube of lube that handed him. He shoved the head of the tube up my ass and squeezed a load of lube, pulled out and moved the head of his cock to my asshole. He slowly pushed his 9 inch cock into me, I was on my knees and raised my ass so that he could get a betted hold of my hips, he plunged his whole cock in and started to fuck my ass. I felt great and I pushed back in rhythm with his trusts. Kenny had his cock out and I was surprised at the size. Ten inch at least and about 2,5 across. Hank was right when he said I would like him. He put the gleaming tip against my lips wanting me to suck him while Leon was fucking me.

I opened my mouth and let the tip of my tongue run around the head of his cock. Using my right hand I was barely able to grab that juicy cock, I gently pushed his cock into my mouth and let it slide all the way down my throat where I like to have a cock when the guy unloads. I slowly worked my head back and forth as Leon was fucking me. I was in heaven. I was hoping that both guys would unload at the same time.

I could tell that Kenny was ready for his first so I gently squeezed his balls to slow him down. I could tell Leon was also ready so I let Kenny's balls loose and waited for the floods. I didn't have to wait long. Kenny let out a loud animalistic noise and shot a huge hot load down my throat and when he pulled out more came out all over my face. I took him back in my mouth and licked him clean. I loved it.

Leon could not hold back and he pounded into my ass with a frenzy, slapped my cheeks a couple of times and shot his load deep in my ass. As he pulled out I could feel his cum running over to my pussy.

I sat up and Rick handed me a large cup full of vodka, I swallowed it and looked at Hank and asked him how long do I have to wait for him to do me. He asked me if I was up to a DP knowing full well that it was my favorite. He laid on his back and pulled me over to sit on his cock which I took in all the way. I leaned over and he spread the cheeks of my ass and told Kenny to go for my asshole Kenny didn't wait long and pushed his big cock up my hole holding on to my hips.

Leon stood and leaned over the side of my face so that I could take his cock in my mouth. Pretty soon they were all fucking me at the same time. Hank my pussy, Kenny my ass and Leon in my mouth. I was in my glory. I was just waiting to get all juiced up from the 3 cocks. I felt myself cumming again and as My legs starting to shake Kenny let go of his load and as I was screaming I felt Hank shooting his hot load and before I could screaming with my mouth open Leon shoved his cock down my throat and dropped his hot load. OMG I was in my glory.

They all pulled out and I sat up. Cum was flowing out of my mouth, pussy and asshole. Rick said it was quiet a sight. He gave me some tissues and a large vodka. I got dressed and smoked a joint to relax and said I was ready to call it quits. Rick and I went to our car and drove home.

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