Helga at a New Year's Eve Party

Author: Ray
Published: Jan 5, 2014
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I started bucking while he was working his tongue and fingers and squeezing my tit. I exploded and I could feel my juices running out of my pussy like a river.

Rick and I have been looking forward to this special ( by special invitation only) party that we have been going to for several years.

I put on a very tight short black skirt leaving very little to the imagination, black frilly panties. Black garter belt and stockings. No bra because I don’t need one but a black see-through blouse witch allows my tits to be seen in all their glory. I stopped at my night table and took a tube of lube so that I was ready for ass fucking that I knew was going to happen. I was ready.

It is one big drunken fuck fest where everything goes. It is held at private club in the upper part of town. There is a very large room equipped with a large open bar, multiple couches and recliners ideal for what the action is going to be. The lighting is very soft and low. The music is conducive for contact dancing. The smoking is a mixture of regular and heavily mixed with pot. I love it.

We got there at about 10pm and a lot of guests, mixture of white, blacks and Hispanics had already arrived and were drinking and were in all kinds of intimate positions.

As we entered we were given 2 theater tickets to be used at midnight. The men placed their tickets in a basket and the women will draw one at 3 minutes before midnight and will match their ticket to the one drawn. They will perform the first sex act with the guy that they are matched up with. After that everything goes. A novel idea. NO FUCKING BEFORE MIDNIGHT.

To get every body in the mood there is plenty to drink and lots of joints and powder for everyone to enjoy. Added to that and to set the mood there is a large TV screen and a continuous porno film is shown. I did not need it to get me in the mood, I was wet already

Rick and I sat at on one of the couches with a drink and a joint and looked around to see if there was anybody that we remember from last year. I got up and told Rick I needed to go to the bathroom. As I walked down the hallway I heard a voice calling my name, turned around and saw one of the guys (Al) I used to fuck in the parking lot. He came over and took me in his arms, gave me a kiss with his tongue slipping into my mouth and grabbing my ass with one hand and pushing his groin into me. I responded by spreading my legs and pushing my pussy against his leg. Am I going to fuck you later You find me I said and we’ll see. I knew I was going to let him get me. We disengaged and I went to the bathroom, took off my panties and stuck them into my purse. I thought there would be no need for them because they were going to come off anyway.

I returned to our table and found Al talking to Rick with both having big grins on their faces. I sat down between them. Took a large swallow of my drink and slid back against the cushions and in doing so my skirt hiked up over my ass. Rick got up and said he had to visit the John.

Al looked at me and said “I guess Rick knows”. With that his hand slipped between my legs, I spread them so he could have better access to my wet pussy and reach my asshole. I remembered how much he loved fucking my ass. He put one arm over my shoulder and plunged 2 fingers of the other hand into my cunt. He moved his hand so that his fingers were pointing up in my cunt and quickly found my g-spot and slowly started rubbing his fingers up and down as he used his thumb to flick my clit sideways. I was ready to come and as I started to shake he used his arm to hold me down and kissed me so I could not scream. I went wild and tried to move but Al had me in a prison hold. He finally stopped kissing me so that I could catch my breath.

Rick had come back and was sitting on the other side of me. As I was convulsing he used one hand and reached between my legs and pulled one of them toward him. My pussy juices were flowing out toward my asshole and Rick used one of his fingers to penetrate my asshole. I kept on coming. Al and Rick finally stopped. Al looked at me and said “that’s just for openers”.

I grinned and asked him to get me a large vodka on the rocks.

Three minutes to midnight and the basket passed around to the women. I picked my ticket and called the number that I had. A good looking Hispanic guy stood up, came over and introduced himself as Miguel. He sat down next to me. Rick had left to meet with the woman that had his number.

I looked Miguel over and decided he would do because the way he was dressed I could see that he had a nice package between his legs, I was hoping he knew how to use it.

At midnight we got up and toasted the New Year. He grabbed me and pulled me into him, his lips found mine and open mouthed started kissing me. I opened my mouth and our tongues met and he stated to suck mine out.

This guy knew what he was doing. He walked me back to the couch and pushed me down so that my back was laying in the corner and one leg was on the couch and the other hanging off. With the short skirt I was wearing and no panties my pussy was there to be had.

He reached for my blouse and opened it up and my tits were exposed for him to reach. He laid himself between my legs and moved his head up to my tits. He took one of the stiff nipples into his mouth and used his hand to play with the other. Twisting and pulling on the nipple as he was nibbling on the one in his mouth. His one free hand went down to my pussy, he inserted a couple fingers and found my clit which he gently rolled between his fingers. I was shaking ready for a strong orgasm. It exploded as I violently shook booth legs in the air. As I stopped shaking his head went down between my legs and quickly found my pussy. After pulling out his fingers his lips locked on my cunt lips, his tongue shot out and found my clit and began to lick it like lollypop.

He used the pussy juiced fingers to find my asshole and slowly inserted them in and pushed as far as his knuckles would allow. OMG I was in haven.

I started bucking while he was working his tongue and fingers and squeezing my tit. I exploded and I could feel my juices running out of my pussy like a river. He was down there sucking up as much he could. I kept on coming and shaking and screaming. I felt the tip of a cock against my lips, I opened my mouth and felt this large cock entering my mouth and pushing in until he reached my throat, I ran my tongue under his shaft, grabbed his balls and lightly squeezed. They were full and I expected a large hot load to shoot down my throat, I was not disappointed. I opened my eyes and saw Al smiling at me as he pulled out his cock and shot the rest of his load on my face and chest. With his hand he wiped his cum off my face and shoved it in my mouth so I could swallow it. I started coming again as Miguel worked his magic with his tongue and fingers.

He flipped me on my stomach pulled my ass up and placed a cushion under me. I knew this was ass fucking time. I asked him to reach for the tube of lubricant in my purse. He squeezed a large amount in my ass. He dropped his pants and took out this gorgeous 9 inch cock and put some lube on it. He spread the cheeks of my ass and smacked them a couple of times. I could feel the heat in my cheeks coming up, he opened and spread my asshole with his fingers and pushed his cock up my ass. I was happy that I was well lubricated. His cock was wide and was stretching my ass to where I thought I was going to split apart. When he was all in he grabbed my hips and started to hammer me just the way I like it. “Fuck me hard” I told him. I could feel his balls slapping against my cheeks, I pushed against him to make sure I got all of him in me. I heard him groan and said “I am going to shoot” , with that he pushed hard into me and I felt his hot load spurting out of his cock.

As he pulled out he smacked my ass another couple of times, flipped me over on my back, pulled my legs up over his shoulders, penetrated my wet pussy and started to fuck me real hard. My legs were shaking, I was ready for a big orgasm. Miguel’s cock was growing in my cunt and I knew he was ready to shoot his load, he did, I let go of mine at the same time as he did. He kept on pumping and more cum shot out of him.

When he was finished he pulled out and we both laid on our backs exhausted.

He got up and got me a large vodka. I pulled up my clothing and figured I’ll take a break. I got up and looked around for Rick. I found him between the legs of a white woman reclining in a recliner. She was naked and I could see that Rick was having a hell of a good time. She had her legs wrapped around his waist and was moving up and down as he was. She had big tits which I know pleased Rick. He always wanted to fuck a woman between her tits, which I am sure he will and shoot a load right into her open mouth.

As I walked around I felt somebody grab my ass and as I turned around I was facing my friend Al. He put his arms around me and kissed me, ran his tongue along my neck to my tits, pulled the blouse aside, I never closed the buttons. He sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and squeezed the other one. As he was twisting the one he was squeezing I felt an electric shock right down into my pussy. He then moved his hand down between my legs, pulled down my skirt down to my feet and had me step out of the skirt. I looked around and saw everybody was involved in sex of sorts. One woman was bent over a chair getting ass fucked by this black guy. I wanted that so bad I told Al that I wanted him to ass fuck me now. He walked me over to the side of an armchair, bent me over, spread my cheeks, got his fingers into my wet cunt and rubbed the juices on his cock. He then slowly shoved his big cock up my ass. I was still well lubricated from the last time so he was able to shove his cock up until his balls hit my pussy. He then started to pump into me holding on to my shoulders to get better leverage. I was in my glory.

I felt my legs shaking and I knew I was about to have an orgasm. He smacked my ass a couple times, I tighten my ass and he said “I am coming” I said I was coming too and we both moved our bodies up and down together and let go of our cum together. I fell down on my knees and he sat down on the chair, both trying to catch our breath.

He looked at me and said Happy New Year and I said the same to you and more of this.

I picked myself up and he walked me over to an empty couch, sat me down with my back against the back of the couch. Spread my legs and went down on my dripping wet pussy. His tongue went right in and found my clit. Using one finger he pushed my clit against his tongue and let his tongue run around my clit until I started shaking again, he moved his head away and drove his cock right in and nailed me to the back cushion of the couch. I exploded and my juices were flowing out and down my legs. He pumped for about 5 minutes and shot a humongous hot load deep in my pussy.

I opened my eyes and I saw Rick standing there with a big grin on his face.

Al got up and said to Rick “like the old days at the beach”. Rick asked me if I was finished and I said yes. It was great. Let’s go home. I found my clothes and got dressed.

When we got home Rick walked me to our couch’s arm rest and said “ bend over I have to wish you a Happy New Year”

Great start for a new year.

About: The author of "Helga at a New Year's Eve Party" is Ray. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Interracial Sex Stories section.

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