Helga - New Year's Day

Author: Ray
Published: Jan 13, 2014
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Holding my legs up he plunged his cock into my pussy, Between Leon's cock up my ass and Duke's in my cunt I was filled.

Rick had to work today and he mentioned that Leon might have a party this afternoon at his place and if I wanted to go I should just call him and ask him to pick me up. He would get there if he could get out of work early.

I told him that I would like to go and continue the fun I had the night before and I am sure the party is what this was going to be. He said go and call and let me know.

I called Leon and told I would like to come to the party but he has to pick me up. He said he would ask Kenny because he is a lot closer to me then he is. I said OK.

Kenny called me and asked when he should come by and I said make it 4pm, I was going to leave the doors unlocked and he should just come up.

It was 3pm and I figured I need to get ready. I went for a shower and when I came out the phone rang, it was my friend Carole. We started talking comparing notes on how we spent New Year's eve I told her I was going to a party later and suddenly realized that it was already 3:45. I went into the bedroom and put on my black thong, black stockings and garter belt, as I was walking to my closet in the hallway I came face to face with Kenny.

He was early, he looked at me and smiled. I am standing there half naked and I could see in his eyes that he was surprised and also excited. He had me the night before and we thoroughly enjoyed each other. My pussy started to get wet and I could see his cock was beginning to stand up in his pants.

He reached for me and grabbed my face to kiss my mouth I opened my lips so we could have a tongue dance. He ran his tongue over my teeth and than sucked out mine. He turned me around and pulled me into him so that my ass was against his crotch, he was in love with my ass and I figured he was going to try and fuck my ass again, we walked slowly toward the bedroom, when we got to the foot of the bed he bent me down over the foot board, pulled down my thong and reached his hand between my legs. He kept one hand on my shoulder while he reached into my wet cunt with 2 fingers and quickly found my g-spot. I spread my legs more so that he could also reach my asshole with his thumb. With his fingers working my g-spot I quickly built up an orgasm, my legs were shaking and I felt I was going to down. Kenny quickly put his other arm under my belly to support me as I came, he kept working my g-spot and his thumb up my ass and I kept on coming and making vocal Ah AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH noises. I finally asked him tostop so I could catch my breath.

He turned me around and sat me on the floor, he opened his belt and zipper and dropped his pants, pulled out his huge cock and pushed it against my lips. I opened my mouth and licked the pre cum off the head, then ran my tongue around the head and along the shaft to his big balls. I lightly sucked on them and I could tell by feeling them that I was in for a big load. I took his cock into my mouth and let it slide down my throatwhich is where I like a load to be shot. I love the taste of cum going down my throat, he was fucking my face and I could tell he was ready to unload, I grabbed his cock and held it so that it shot right down my throat and as I figured it was hot and big. More came out as he slowly pulled out. I liked him clean.

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up before we left. Kenny followed me and bent me over the sink and said he was going to fuck me in the ass. I told him I needed lube and I reached into one of the drawers pulled a tube of lube and handed it to him. He skirted a large amount of lube up my ass and rubbed some on his cock. He put the head of his cock against my hole and slowly pushed into my ass. I am comfortable getting ass fucked so I pushed against him and let his cock slip in until I could feel his balls hit my pussy. He then started to fuck me and slap my cheeks, I could feel my ass getting hot from the slapping and tighten my ass giving a tight ride. As he was fucking he bent over and grabbed my tits in his hands, pulled and rolled my nipples between his fingers. I could feel his cock swelling and knew he was getting ready to shoot his load, I asked him to wait for me that I was ready to come. A few seconds later he shot his load and I had a thunderous orgasm.

I finished getting dressed putting on a black see through blouse, no bra, stiletto black shoes, we left to go to Leon's place. Kenny said I look very sexy and he was ready to fuck me. As he was driving he put his hand on myknee and worked his way up my leg until he reached my pussy. I spread my legs, I wanted him to finger fuck me as we were going to Leon's. He did and played with my clit. I was coming I grabbed his hand and I fucked his finger, a few seconds later I screamed and came, juices flowing all over the seat.

He told me that there was paper toweling in the glove compartment. I got it and cleaned my juices off the seat. My thong was soaking wet, I took it off and stuck it in my purse, It was going to come off later anyway.

We got to Leon's after 5pm and as we got in the door Leon looked at us and asked why we were so late and then smiled at Kenny and said "You couldn't wait!"

There were 3 couples enjoying a few drinks and smoking pot dancing to slow sexy music. The room was very dark and there was an open bar.Fluffy carpets on the floors, a large circular couch and a couple of recliners. One of the couples got up and walked to a recliner, he sat down and pulled her on his lap. She was a white woman with dark hair and a large bust, he was a black guy with big hands, a mustache and short cropped hair. His hand went for her blouse and undid the buttons, reached inside and pulled out one of her tits. He bent down and took her nipple into his mouth, she started to squirm on his lap, his hand reached for the hem of her tight dress and slowly pushed her skirt up until it was up to her waist, he pulled down her panties and spread her legs so that one leg was hanging over the armrest of the recliner. I saw him reach between her legs and using his free hand to open his zipper.

Leon came over to me and handed me a large vodka on ice and a joint. Did Kenny fuck you when he picked you up I said No but I gave him a good blow job.I am surprised he didn't go for your ass. He told me he loved fucking your ass last night and wanted to get more of it. I said he did get to my ass before we came.

He took my hand and walked over to the only couch there was. He reached my lips with is mouth and with his tongue urged my mouth open. I responded and we had tongue dueling match.

His hand reached for my blouse and he quickly opened the buttons, lowered his head to my tits and kissed each harden nipple. He opened his mouth and sucked in one of my nipples while pulling and twisting the other. The sensation was phenomenal and my pussy started to contract and get very wet. He reached for my zipper, pulled it down and pushed my skirt down over my feet. But for my stockings I was naked. He flipped me over on my belly and told me he was going to rape my ass. He spread my cheeks and put the head of his big cock up against my asshole. Because I was still lubed from before I told him to ram it. I loved it as his big cock slid up into my ass and I stated to buck to make sure I had all of it. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled as he pumped. I opened my eyes to see some black guy sliding next to my head and opening his fly and pulled out his big fat cock that he started to jerk off. I reached for it. I did not him to come unless he was in my mouth, I love cum. I swallowed him. He grabbed the back of my head and face fucked me while Leon was ass fucking me. Just the way I like it.

With his cock up my ass Leon flipped us on his back, my legs were spread wide and I knew what they were going to do. Double fuck me. The other guy whose name was Duke moved between my legs and rubbed his big cock against my wet cunt. Holding my legs up he plunged his cock into my pussy, Between Leon's cock up my ass and Duke's in my cunt I was filled. They both started to pump into me and I started to yell "Fuck me hard, fuck me harder". I felt this thunderous orgasm coming and begin to move my body in synchronism with their pumping. After a few more minutes I yelled I was coming and I shook and felt this wonderful hot stream of cum in both my ass and pussy at the same time. I was in ecstasy. Duke continued to spray more cum as he slowly pulled out. Leon waited for duke to get out, without getting out of my ass he rolled me over on my belly and fucked my ass some more and shot another load. When pulled out I noticed Kenny standing there. As soon as Leon moved out of the way Kenney spread my cheeks and drove his thick cock into me. I was in total ecstasy. I was bucking up into him every time he nailed into me. He did not take too long before I heard him groan and he pulled on my shoulders and shot a huge hot stream of cum into my belly. As he pulled out he shot some more on my ass and spanked my checks a couple of times.

Leon came over and I told him I have to get home. He said to call Rick and ask him if he would like for me to stay over and pick me up in the morning or have Kenny take me home now. Rick said I should go home, that he would be home by 10am.

I got dressed and asked Kenney to take me home because Rick was not coming home until 10am. He looked at me with a glint in his eyes. He was thinking that when he gets me home he will take another shot at me. I thought about it and again got wet.

As we were driving Kenney asked me if I would like to have a 10+ inches up my ass, he has a friend that has that long a cock and he was sure he would love to make you squeal. I said I would think about it and would let him know.

When we got to my home he asked if he could come in for a drink. I knew what he was angling for. I said sure, we got in and I told him to fix himself a drink while take a shower. I knew he was going to come in the shower once I was in it. Once I got in I heard the door open and I could see him naked through the glass door. He slid the sliding shower door open and stepped in, I looked at him and said that I expected him to that. He grabbed the soap and washed me all over and as he was doing this he stopped bent me up against the wall and shoved 2 fingers up my ass, dropped the soap, turned a little sideways and reached between my legs and pushed 3 fingers into my pussy. He was finger fucking me as the warm water came down on us He raised one leg and put my foot on the seat, he then pulled all fingers out and took his big cock and showed into my waiting pussy. What a feeling, I had never down this before and I promised my self that I will do this with Rick. As Kenney was fucking me holding my ass I could feel myself building up a tremendous orgasm. My legs were shaking and Kenney knew from past experience that I was coming. I let go and yelled for him to fuck me harder, he did and as I was coming I could fell his cock getting thicker inside of my pussy. He was breathing hard and he shot a thick load into me.

We washed off, dried ourselves and fell on the bed and slept till 9pm.

Kenney left a happy man, I was very happy to.

I called Rick and told him everything that happened. His response was that he was glad I had such a good time but was very annoyed that I had a guy sleep in our bed. I promised that it won't happen again.

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