Helga and Her First Massage

Author: Ray
Published: Mar 22, 2014
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As he was fucking my face I felt the womans hands on the cheeks of my ass pulling out the dildo, raising my legs over her shoulders, getting on her knees putting her head between my legs.

I was laying on the bed and Rick was next to me, I was recounting my first massage experience to him. I was not married yet, just gave up my job with the escort service after having spent 2 years working in a New York massage parlor but never had a massage myself. I know how to make a guy feel good.

Anyway I needed to find out what I would feel like getting a massage. I spotted an ad. advertising " An unforgettable massage experience."

I called to set up an appointment and the woman that answered told me that the masseur was a black man and only does full body massages and will spend at least 2 hours with me and the cost will be $150, if that is OK she has an opening at 2pm. I booked and got the address. I was turned on just thinking about this.

I got there at 2pm and was admitted by the black woman I spoke to on the phone. She was young, good looking and built. She took me to a dressing room and handed me a towel and told me to get undressed. She stood there while I did, she then took my hand and led in a semi dark room and told me she was going to give me a table shower. This was new to me but I figured it should be fun. She took off her dress and top and stood there in bra and panties.

The table was in the middle of the room and a retractable showerhead was above it. The table was covered with a thick plastic sheet. She turned on the water until it was warm enough, shut it off, told me to get on the table on my belly. The shower head was turned on again and she let the water run over my whole body. She turned it off again and started to lather my body with a sponge. She ran the sponge over my back, down my legs in the crack of my ass down to my feet. She spread my checks and I felt a finger going up into my asshole, I looked up and she told me she needed to make sure all of me was clean. As she moved her finger in my ass I was getting hot and enjoyed it. She turned the showerhead and rinsed my back, legs and ass making sure she spread my cheeks and ran the water down my crack. She told me to turn over and she proceeded to run the warm water all over my front, spread my legs and pussy

She then used the sponge to wash me down as she had done my back. She spread my legs and slipped a soapy finger into my pussy, worked it around and I started moaning. She got the shower head and rinsed me down and let the water run into my pussy. What a feeling.

I got off the table and using a large towel she dried me off. She let me stand there and walked into a room next to the shower and I heard her whisper to somebody "I guess the masseur" that I was ready and had a beautiful ass.

She came back in and led me net door and there was this gorgeous tall black man in a t-shirt and shorts. He introduced himself as George and walked over, took my towel off and asked me to climb on the table on my belly.

He poured some warm oil on my back and started to knead my back muscles from my neck down to beginning of my crack. He worked on my back for quiet a while and then spread the cheeks of my ass and poured some of the oil around my asshole. I knew what was coming. He asked me if I minded if he massaged my asshole and I immediately said no.

He slowly inserted one finger and moved that finger in and out, I started to squirm. He got the message because I felt him pushing a second finger in then a third. I was in heaven and he knew it, I suddenly felt a piece of plastic being inserted and as he pushed it in it got wider and wider. I just lay there as my legs started to shake and felt an orgasm coming on. He pushed on my ass down and asked the woman to hold down my legs, I was surprised that she was there, I didn't mind. I cried as the orgasm flooded my core.

He asked me to roll over and to tighten my ass muscles so the plastic dildo stayed in me.

He poured the warm oil all over my chest and belly and with 2 hands he massaged my tits and belly. My nipples were standing up and as he worked his way down she came over and stood in the back of my head, I felt her hands on my tits and rolling the nipples between her fingers. OMG, I was going to come again and as I was squirming he put his hand on my mound and pressed down telling me to hold it. She stopped rolling my nipples and my orgasm stop as well.

He spread my legs and poured some oil over the entrance of my cunt, He took a finger and started massaging the lips of my pussy, slowly pushing a finger in and finding my clit and massaging it. Too much for me to hold out and I started shaking and let the orgasm run through my body while I was hanging on to his arms.

He picked me up and carried me over to a couch that was up against a wall that had pictures of couples in the act of fucking and sucking. I knew I was in for it and I was looking forward to it. The woman sat down in a corner near the couch and I didn't mind. George came over and took off his t-shirt and dropped his shorts. I looked at this beautiful cock that had to be at least 9 inches long curving up toward his belly and it was at least 3 inches across. I reached for it and brought it up to my mouth, licked the head and ran my tongue down his shaft to his balls while my hand was lightly squeezing his balls that were full and ready to explode. I pulled his cock into my mouth as far as I could and hoped he would shoot his load down my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face while I grabbed the cheeks of his ass.

As he was fucking my face I felt the woman's hands on the cheeks of my ass pulling out the dildo, raising my legs over her shoulders, getting on her knees putting her head between my legs and her mouth up to the lips of my cunt. Her tongue was in my pussy and she found my clit, flipped her tongue around my cunt and pushing a couple fingers into my ass.

I could feel him ready to unload, with my fingers around the shaft I squeezed so that he would not shoot until I was ready to come as well and the way the woman was working her tongue around my clit and her fingers up my ass I was also ready to let go. I released my fingers around his cock and we both came at the same time. He shot a great hot load down my throat, where I like it, and I came squeezing the woman's head with my legs.

He came out of my mouth and kept shooting cum all over my face and chest and the woman got a good load of my pussy juices.

He flipped me over on my stomach, sat next to me and using some of the warm massage oil stuck 2 fingers up my ass and used a couple fingers from his other hand to finger fuck my pussy. He found my g-spot and started to rub it making me ready to come again.

The woman came over, she was totally naked and pulled my head up so she could slide under my face and put her pussy up against my mouth. I got the message.

He spread the checks of my ass and pushed his cock up against my asshole and slowly pushed his cock in. I was ready for him and relaxed so he was able to go all the way in without hurting me. As he was slowly fucking me I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue in her wet pussy as far as I could. I reached one hand under her and using pussy juice I pushed my thumb into her asshole He was fucking me faster now and slapped my ass a couple times making me tighten my ass muscles.

I pushed a finger from my other hand into her pussy and played with her clit, she was moaning and squirming I could feel his cock getting thicker and as he was slapping my ass he shot his load and kept on pumping into me as more cum kept coming out of him. She grabbed my head and let out a scream as she was coming and I could feel a lot of pussy juices flowing down the side of my mouth.

He asked me if I wanted a drink and I said yes but not water something stronger. She asked me what I like and told her vodka. She went to cabinet next to the couch and poured a good size of the liquid and then went next door to get some ice. I drank it and felt like I could go on fucking some more. My pussy needed to get a good piece of meat in it.

I asked him who were the people in the photos on the wall and he said they were people who had been here and did not mind being photographed. He asked me if I would like to be on the wall but I said no.

As I sat there he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh, spread my legs and put his head between them with his tongue running up and down the side of the opening of my pussy.

He pulled on my ass checks to get leverage as his tongue slid into my cunt and found my g-spot. His tongue was like a long lizard and kept rubbing my g-spot until I started to shake my legs and getting ready to pop another orgasm, he quickly pulled his tongue out and pushed his wonderful cock in as far as he could. He was nailing me into the couch and his mouth was on my nipples biting one then the other, electricity was going through my body and I was moaning and telling him to fuck me harder. He beat on my ass and pumped faster and faster, I felt myself coming and asked him to shoot his load into me at the same time. As I came I felt his hot load shooting into me. I bounced up and down the couch so that I could get all his cock had to give. I was in haven. I was out of breath so was he.

The woman came over and took my hand and led me in the shower room. I laid down on my belly as she washed me down and pocked her finger up my ass, it felt good. She flipped me over and washed me down, spread my legs and used 2 soapy fingers into my pussy and used warm water to rinse it out. I asked her to keep doing what she was doing, she smiled and kept it up until I moaned and had a violent orgasm.

She dried me off then took me to the dressing room. I got dressed and asked her name. "Violet" she said. She said if I want to come back and have more men at once she could arrange it. I said thanks and left.

Rick was so hot he just about raped me.

About: The author of "Helga and Her First Massage" is Ray. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Interracial Sex Stories section.

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