Helga in Need Again

Author: Ray
Published: Apr 1, 2014
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I could feel my pussy juices running out and down the crack of my ass.

It was late afternoon and I was beginning to get horny again and I told my husband Rick that I needed something special tonight. He knew what I meant, I need to get involved with some other cock than his and he loves to watch me being banged by blacks.

He suggested we go to the bar near the beach parking lot where we often go to pick up guys for me. I said OK and went for a shower, made myself smell good. I put on the usual clothing that I wear when we go out for me to attract some horny guy or guys looking to make me. Black very short dress, thong, lacey black bra and a see through black blouse. Thigh black stockings and high heels. I make up my face to look like the whore I am. Before we leave I go to my night table and take out a tube of lubricant which will be very helpful if some guy is going to want to plug my ass which I am hoping for because I love the feeling of a cock in my ass pounding the hell out of me. Better yet I love to be DP'd.

We got to the bar at about 10pm, the place was full of people, blacks and whites, men and women. I said to Rick we should be able to hook up with one or two guys. He said not to worry, the way I look I am going to attract guys like flies to honey.

We sat at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks, I love vodka on ice and smoke a joint. There was a black guy sitting next to me smoking a joint and I asked him if I could take a drag of his joint, he looked at me and handed me his joint. He looked me over and asked if I was alone, I said no but my husband doesn't care if I fool around. He looked at me with a surprised expression and whispered "he doesn't care what you do" I said "no", we have a very special arrangement that allows me to do what ever I want as long as he is present. How about we move over to a table in the back. I said sure and we got up and walked over and found an empty table. Rick found a seat at the end of the bar where he could see me.

The guy said his name is Elliot and I told him to call me Helga. He ordered a couple more drinks and offered me a joint. I could feel that this was going to go the way I wanted. We sat in a club chair that allowed us to sit very close. While we drank and smoked I felt his hand on my knee, he looked at me with a smile, I smiled back and he got the message that I was willing. His hand slowly went up along my inner thigh, he pushed my legs apart and slowly used a finger to feel my wet pussy through my thong. He again looked at me with a smile and again I smiled back signaling that it was OK.

He removed his hand and switched to the other one so that he could put his arm around the back of my neck and his hand over my right tit. I wanted him to go ahead with the hand between my thighs and I whispered to him that he should go ahead. I reached over to his crotch and felt a large cock in his pants waiting to be liberated. I turned my face to him and kissed him mouth open so that his tongue could find mine. We had tongue dual for a while as he was pushing his finger under my thong and spread my pussy lips apart. His other hand went into my blouse and he started squeezing one of my tits. I was ready to come already and when he found my clit I squeezed my legs and moaned and came.

He looked at me and said that he is a limo driver and that the limo is at beach parking lot and we could be more comfortable in there. I said OK but my husband has to go with us, he loves to watch me being fucked and eaten, he said no problem. As we walked, Elliot had his hand on my ass, one of the guys at the bar yelled to Elliot "if you need help you know my number" to that Elliot said he would call if he needed help. I smiled to myself because I was thinking that I may want more than him.

We got to the limo and I climbed into the back with Elliot following me and Rick getting into the front seat.

Elliot was quick to open my blouse, pull out my tits and squeezing one while his mouth found the other nipple. It felt wonderful. I turned myself over to him and raised one leg so the foot was resting on the back of the front seat, my dress was up to my waist. He moved his hand over my cunt and slipped a finger into it finding my clit he was rolling and squeezing one nipple, sucking on the other one he used his thumb and a finger to play with my clit. I could feel an orgasm coming and my legs started to shake, I asked Rick to hold my foot so I would not clamp my legs closed. I needed to come and shoot all my juices out. I did and screamed as my whole body shook, I could feel my pussy juices running out and down the crack of my ass, Elliot did not waste any time and took his middle finger and worked it up my asshole while he kept the other finger and thumb in my cunt playing with my clit. I was in haven. An other orgasm came and a minute later another one. Rick finally let go of my foot and asked Elliot to fuck me. He pulled my thong down over my feet, pulled his zipper down, opened his belt buckle dropped his shorts and out came this gorgeous black cock at least 10 inches long by 3 inches across. I grabbed it and moved the head to my pussy entrance and let him slowly push in as far as he could. What a great feeling, I squeezed my pussy muscles to grab a good hold of it and he started to pump after he raised my legs over his shoulders. Bang, bang he was smacking my ass to make my pussy muscles even tighter. He grabbed both my nipples and pinched them hard sending shocks of electricity down my core into my pussy. I was coming again, moaning and screaming and shaking my legs. I thought I was going to fall apart. Elliot was panting and was pumping so hard that the car was jumping up and down. He let out a loud groan and shot his HOT load up my pussy, kept on fucking and shooting more and more cum into me. I was in haven and bucked up to him so that I would get everything that was coming out of him.

We both collapsed on the seat that was wet from all the juices that came out of us. Rick was smiling at me. I was not done by a long shot and told Elliot that. I looked up and saw a face looking into the car and told Rick that, his answer was " I hope he enjoyed himself and Elliot you might find some cum against the side of the car".

I looked at Elliot and reached for his cock, bent my head down and ran my tongue around the head while I was holding his balls and lightly squeezing them. I could feel they were full again. I moved my hand and tried to get my fingers around his shaft but his cock was so thick I could barely do it.

He looked at me and said " my place is only a few minutes from here and I have got booze and toys, we could go there and be more comfortable and if you would like I will call my friend from the bar and have come over, but before I do that I must tell you he is an ass fucker and he is big. How that sound to you" I love to get fucked in the ass so I looked at Rick and asked him if he was willing to do that. He looked at me and smiled and said OK.

Elliot said we should take our car and follow him. I picked up my thong and pulled down my skirt, closed my blouse and we went to our car. We followed Elliot for a bout 10 miles and pulled into an apartment parking lot. We got out and followed him into the building and went upstairs. His apartment was nice and cozy. We went into the living room where the lights were nice and low. I went to the bathroom to clean up and freshen up. Since the friend is an ass fucker and big I took out my tube of lube ( tastes like strawberries) and using my finger I pushed a lot of the lubricant up my ass.

When I came into the living room Rick already had a drink of scotch and handed me a large glass of vodka and a joint that was already lit. I took a big gulp of my drink and a large puff on my joint and I was beginning to feel very relaxed. Elliot came over and we started to dance to the slow music he put on. I could feel his hard cock against my pussy and his hand on my ass reaching up to the zipper. In a minute the zipper was down and my skirt fell to the floor. I stepped out of it as he was undoing my blouse. I was standing there in my bra and thong and my thigh high stockings in my black heeled shoes.

Elliot took me and walked me over to the couch and sat me down on the carpet, I knew what he wanted. He opened his zipper, dropped his pants and shorts, his big fat cock came flying out. I took it in my hand and guided it to my mouth, opened up and showed it in until I gagged, I wanted it all the way so I swallowed and got it down my throat where I wanted it. I grabbed his ass and he started to face fuck me. I was going to enjoy his load and made sure he could not pull out. I felt his cock getting thicker and his groan told me he was going to shoot his load down my throat, he did and that wonderful salty hot cum went down my throat the way I like it. He kept pumping into my mouth and shooting more of his hot cum into my throat. When he pulled out he shot more on my face and tits. He backed away and I saw his friend standing there. He picked me up and thru me on the couch. He dropped his pants and I almost had a heart attack looking at this humongous cock. He stepped out of his pants, took off his shirt, pulled off my bra grabbed my tits and nipples and squeezed them so hard I was almost going to cry but it felt good at the same time. He bent over pulled my thong off and stuck his head between my legs, put his mouth on my pussy lips, stuck his tongue way up into it, showed a thick finger in and between his tongue and finger he played with my clit. I was coming and my legs were shaking, I was groaning and yelling "I am coming" He grabbed my ass spread the cheeks and shoved 2 fingers into it. I was in haven and came shaking all over.

No sooner did I finish coming he flipped me on my stomach, I knew what was coming and prepared myself wondering if that big cock was ever going to go into my ass.

He pulled me up on my knees, spread my cheeks and I felt something going in my ass, it was cool and as it was going in I felt it spread my asshole. I realized he was using a spreader so that he wouldn't kill me as he got in. I have taken a lot of big cocks but this one was going to be a winner. I noticed flashes and realized Rick was using his cell phone camera to record the action. Jack, the new man was getting ready as he was playing with g-spot getting me in the proper condition to bang my ass. As he was playing with my g-spot I could feel a wave of orgasm building up and Jack could feel I was ready to come. He pulled out the spreader and brought his cock up to my asshole. I was jerking from my orgasm and he pushed his cock into my hole. It was big and I could feel myself almost splitting as he pushed more into me. Good thing I lubed myself before, he was able to push his cock up to where his balls were hitting my cheeks.. He grabbed my hips and started to pump into me, it felt great, this is what I love. Elliot moved to sit in front of me. took my head so that my mouth would open on his cock. This was going to be great. I opened up and let his cock slide into my mouth all the way down my throat. As Jack was nailing me my head was moving up and down on Elliot's cock. I wanted them both to shoot at the same time, I started coming again and as I was shaking Jack smacked my ass real hard. It stopped me from coming but I knew it was going to be one hell of a shoot between Jack in my ass and Elliot in my mouth and me ready to come. It only took a few more minutes of banging, sucking and me shaking before we all came together. It was fantastic, the best I have had in a long time. As they came out of me more of their cum spayed on my ass and face. I fell flat on my stomach, I was exhausted, it felt great but I wanted more.

Jack laid down on the couch and had me sit on him, I came down slowly on this giant cock and let it slide up my pussy until it was in all the way, I could feel his balls on my ass, he pulled me over to his head and I knew I was in for a DP, I love DP's, and couldn't wait for Elliot to ram his cock up my ass.

OMG it felt great as I was being split in half. Elliot reached for my tits and squeezed them hard making me tighten up my cunt and ass muscles. They started to fuck me, I felt an orgasm come and started shaking as they were pumping into me. I yelled and came and I could feel Elliot's cock getting bigger in my ass and he groaned and shot a huge load up my ass pumping hard making Jack fuck harder. Jack squeezed my ass and moved up and down now that Elliot was out and from the grunting noises he was making I knew he was ready to blow his load out and drown my pussy with his hot cum. When he did it was so hard that I almost jumped off, because he was holding my ass and pulling me into him I got the full load. I had cum flowing out of me from my pussy and asshole and I saw the flash from Rick's camera shooting again. I finally got off Jack and tried to stand up. I was wobbling and Rick came over and helped me to the bathroom.

I cleaned up and got dressed and reminded myself that I had to get some sleep to get up in the morning and go for my high power job.

When we left Elliot handed me a business card and said that anytime I needed a ride I should call him. I thought to myself that I would in the near future.

It was 1:30am and Rick drove over to the beach. I knew he wanted to fuck me while somebody would be watching. We got in the back and Rick spread my legs over his shoulders, took out his cock and got into me and fucked me hard. Sure enough there was a guy watching shining a small flashlight in to see which was OK with us. After Rick exploded in me I spread out on the seat and let the guy get a good look at me. I jumped over the back of the front seat as he was shinning his flashlight and gave him a good look at my ass.

When we got home Rick told me he took movies with his cell phone and we can watch them tonight. When Rick watches me getting fucked it keeps him hungry all week and we have great sex.

About: The author of "Helga in Need Again" is Ray. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Interracial Sex Stories section.

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