Friday Evening - Ricks Away Again and I am Horny

Author: Ray
Published: Apr 11, 2014
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He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them and pushed a couple fingers into me.

I had such a good time with Elliot a couple weeks ago I decided to call him and have him pick me up. He agreed readily knowing that he was in for a good fucking.

I showered and dressed in my slutty clothe, Black ultra short dress, thong, see through blouse, see through bra, black thigh high stockings and black high heels. I am not sure why I bothered because all this is coming off as soon as we either park in the beach parking lot or we go to his apartment, but it makes me feel good to look like a slut.

He picked me up at 9pm and from the looks in his eyes he would have me right then and there. As we were driving toward the beach he wanted to know what I really liked and wanted. I told him I like to be watched while I am being fucked and my preferred place is the beach parking lot. I also told him that I don't mind if some other comes in and abuses me. I have done this many times and love it all. I like sucking, fucking front and back and like DPs as you know. Getting slapped around a little is OK as long as it stops if I say so.

As he was driving I saw his hand holding his cock in his pants, I reached over and opened his zipper and I remembered how big that cock was. I leaned over and took it in my hand, my mouth was on it's head and licked off his precum. He was having problems concentrating on the road, I stopped and just let his cock stand there. I looked at it thinking, I am going to enjoy it as it goes into me.

We got to the parking lot at 9:30 and it was almost dark. The place was crowded and I could see guys walking around looking into cars to see what kind of action they could see.

I mentioned it to Elliot and looked at me and smiled. "that's what you like". Yes I said. I come down here with Rick a lot of times and we always have a good time.

The limo is a big car and we moved to the back seat. He grabbed my head and open mouth kissed me. We had a tongue fight and as we were deep kissing his hand went for my blouse, opened it and pulled out my tits. He moved head his down and took one nipple in his mouth and grabbed the other between his thumb and a finger. As he was sucking on gently biting my hard nipple he rolled and squeezed the other one sending electric shocks down my core into my pussy. I needed to get into my pussy but he was in no hurry. I reached over to his open zipper pulled out his cock again and stroked his big black cock, I could not get my hand around it. He turned me over on the seat and pulled down the zipper of my dress, pushed me back and pulled it down. I was naked except for my thong and black stockings.

He pushed me on my back, spread my legs, put one leg behind the head rest and the other over the back of the front seat. I was spread out. He moved between my legs and put is head down so he could eat my cunt. He spread my pussy lips with his fingers and put his mouth against them .Stuck his tongue into my pussy, pushed a finger in as well and got a hold of my swollen clit and sucked on it. A couple of fingers of his other hand found my asshole and worked their way up as far as they could using my pussy juice that was flowing out of my very wet cunt. Between my clit being sucked and my ass being fucked I felt an orgasm coming on. My legs were shaking and I was bucking up. Then I saw a small light on my pussy and I knew I was being watched that got me really coming and I was holding Elliot's head and wrapped my legs around it. I was shaking all over the seat and I could feel my pussy juices pouring out of me down the crack of my ass. I yelled to Elliot to fuck me. I spread my legs again so he could drive that huge cock into me and as he did I told him we were being watched. He positioned us so that the guy could get a good look at we were doing. As he nailed me to the seat I started shaking my legs again and a wave started to build up in me. I came with a yell, grabbed his ass and pulled him against me so that I could get all of his cum. He pumped a couple more times and I felt his hot load filling my pussy. He kept on pumping and more cum was shooting into me. When he pulled out more cum shot on my face and tits, I looked at the window and the guy was shaking which meant he was jerking off. It felt great and I needed more, a lot more.

I pushed Elliot down on the seat, his cock was hard again, I straddled him and with my hand I pushed him into pussy. I leaned forward so my tits were in his face. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them and pushed a couple fingers into me. I fucked him slowly at first and then as I felt an orgasm coming I speeded up, I raised my head a little and saw another guy watching the action, I was in haven, I reached over and dropped the door window a little, I screamed as I came and could feel Elliot's cock getting bigger in my pussy. He shot his load as he bounced me up and down, grabbed my nipples and twisted them and came some more. The shock I got from his twisting my nipples built up another orgasm in my core I started bucking on him and let out another scream as I came.

I needed a break and got off Elliot, as I sat down I saw the 2 guys looking in and I smiled at them. I love to be watched. Elliot sat up and looked at the 2 guys and whispered to me "do you want company" I looked at Elliot and asked if he was alright with that and he said yes he would love to see me being fucked. Can you take it It could get a little rough I am sure some of these guys like to hurt the girls a little like smacking ass, tits the face a little it gets them really going. I asked him how he knows this and his answer was that he had other girls in here and let these guys in. I thought about it and I don't mind a little rough stuff, it makes me come harder and faster. The last time I did it was when Rick was with me to control the situation. I said OK.

No sooner did Elliot open the doors the 2 guys jumped in, Grabbed me pushed me on my back on the seat, slapped my face and tits a bit I already felt and orgasm coming on. One grabbed my arms and pulled back over my head the other dropped his pants, he had no shorts on straddled my face and pushed his black cock over my mouth and told me to open which I did. He stuck his cock in, I was gagging but he didn't care he just went ahead and face fucked me, The other guy got between my leg, spread them wide, hooked one leg over the head rest, dropped his pants and shoved 3 fingers in my pussy, opened my pussy lips and shoved his big cock into me. I felt his fingers going for my asshole, he was rough he just pushed 2 fingers in and fucked my pussy and ass at the same time I was in haven, as rough as these guys were I had orgasms one after the other. I finally swallowed the face fucker and he shot a load down my throat and kept on shooting filling my mouth and throat with his hot cum. The other one was banging away in my cunt and finger fucking me hard in the ass. He came and he shot a huge load up my pussy, I could feel his cum and my juices running out of me down the crack of my ass. He flipped over and pulled up on my knees and said out loud that was going to fuck my ass. He spread my cheeks and slapped them real hard a couple times, I could feel the heat rising in them, he took dome of the juices and rubbed his cock with them and put the head of his cock against my asshole slowly pushing in while holding on to my hips. I could feel his cock going in and it felt great, I love my ass being fucked. The other guy sat in front of me and held my nose that I would open my mouth as I did he shoved his cock in my mouth as far as he could go and grabbed my hair to pull up my head and push down then he left his cock in and I swallowed it. He moved up and down to face fuck me again. What a thrill, ass fucking and face fucking. I loved it. I soon felt them both getting ready to unload their loads which a couple minutes later they did. OMG what a feeling. I was ready to me again and told my fucker to use his fingers in my cunt so I could. I screamed as I came and bucked like a horse.

I was so full of cum I asked Elliot if he had any paper towel, he found some napkins that used to clean up a little. My face fucker laid on his back and told me sit on his cock facing my ass fucker. I knew what was coming, he pulled me back and made me ready for a DP. I love DPs and sure enough my ass fucker got between my legs, pushed me over toward the other guy, spread them and pushed his cock into my pussy. I could feel both cocks between the thin skin that separates my asshole and pussy. They started to fuck and I could feel an orgasm coming down, I shook my legs and began to moan and yell "I want to guys to come now", it did not take long for them to oblige and I felt hot cum up my ass and pussy I loved it, it just the way I like it.

They both got up and Elliot was beaming and sitting with a huge hard on ready to plow into me, I laid down on my back, he spread my legs and went to town on me. He was nailing me hard, I heard the other guys leaving. Elliot built up a huge load which he shot into me as he was groaning.

I was tired and when I sat up I saw another couple guys looking in and one of them said through he open window that he would love to eat my ass. I said "next time"

I got dressed and asked Elliot to take me home. It was 2am and I was sore. He asked me if I got what I wanted and said "YES"

When I got home I called Rick and told him what happen, his answer was "You enjoyed that's what counts"

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