Helga on Her Florida Trip Again

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Published: May 28, 2014
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You are such a slut and I love it especially when I get to watch you being fucked by others.

Rick and I were laying in bed naked as usual, we were curled up with him against my back, he was telling me we were going to Florida on Thursday for a few days because he a job to do there. I was going to be on my own and I was thinking that while he was gone I could find some cock to fill my pussy which I always needed.

I mentioned it to him and he said OK as long as I don't get into trouble like getting roughed up. I asked him if he remembered Billy who fucked me when I had the flat tire and you came the next time to watch. He said yes and I could feel his cock getting hard against my ass. He raised one of my legs and got between them and slipped his cock into me. He fucked me in that position, grabbed my tits and tweak my nipples. He knows that will help me cum. My pussy juices stated to flow and I worked my pussy muscles feeling his cock getting thicker ready to shoot his load. I could feel an orgasm coming and started to shake. He knew I was coming and shot his load just as I told him to fuck me harder I came.

You are such a slut and I love it especially when I get to watch you being fucked by others. We had been doing this for the last 10 years, at least once a week, and never got tired of it. It really heated up our own sex activities. I lost track of how many times I had been fucked by strangers and loved it every time especially if there was more guys going at me at the same time. Rick loved to watch and take pictures and videos we could look at later on. After about a month we would destroy them. I have a girlfriend who loved to do the same and I would show her the latest adventure. She would always ask me to go the porno movie with her and get involved with guys in there. We have done so many times I think some of the guys that go there know us already and don't waste time moving on us so by the time we leave we had our fill of cum in our cunts, assholes and mouths.

We got to Florida Sunday afternoon, checked in our motel and went for a swim in the pool, it felt great. That evening we went for a walk and I started to think about Billy and wondered if I was going to see him or if I had to look for someone else. The more I thought about it the wetter I got between my legs. I mentioned it to Rick and he said let's go upstairs. As soon as we got into the room he grabbed me, pulled down my shorts and panties pushed me on the couch, spread my legs and put his head down so he could eat me. I came so fast, I was shaking and screamed. My legs closed over his head and I kept on cuming, his tongue was running inside my pussy playing with my clit, my juices were flowing like a river down the crack of my ass, Rick turned me over on my belly, shoved a pillow under my belly, spread the cheeks of my ass, shoved 2 fingers into my asshole, finger fucked me for a minute and then slowly shoved his cock into me. While holding my hips he fucked me hard and inside of a minute or 2 he shot his hot load into me, kept on fucking and shooting. It felt great, just the way I like it. After he pulled out we got naked and went to bed and slept with smiles on our faces.

The following morning Rick went for his appointment after we had breakfast and I went to the pool for a while. By 10 am I went back to my room and called Billy.

"Hi Billy this Helga, remember me with the flat tire last year" It was quiet for a few seconds and then I heard say "How could I forget such a great piece of ass, we still talk about it. Are you here" "Yes I am and I am hot, I want to come over." He was quiet for a minute and I thought he hang up. "Not my place, the AC is out but I will call a friend of mine who has this great place and I am sure he will be only to happy to accommodate. Are you up to 2 guys" "You got to be kidding, you forgot I took on you and your brother the last time." OK. "I'll call you back" I said "I'll call you in 20 minutes."

I took a shower and put on a thong and shorts with a loose blouse over my tits. I don't need a bra

When I called him back he said I should pick him up by 11:30 am and we would go over to his place. I was hot and ready to go. I picked him up and he looked at me and said "I could eat right now." I smiled and said you'll get your chance soon I hope.

When we got to his friend's place he was waiting for us. He had shorts on and displayed a beautiful body. Billy introduced him as Sheldon, he looked at me and I could see the lust in his eyes. "I know about you" he said. "Billy told me how hot you were when you were with him, you are like a wonderful piece of candy that melts in the mouth" Wow I thought this is going to be good.

We went into his apartment, nice and cool, dark and slow music was playing. He offered me a drink and I asked him for a double vodka on ice, I also asked if he had a joint, he smiled and went for the drink and brought back a lit joint. I took a deep drag on the joint and swallowed half of my drink, I was in the mood now, they could do anything they wanted with me and I would love it.

Sheldon didn't waste time, he came over took my face and pushed his fat lips against my open mouth. He showed his tongue in and I pushed him back with my own. He took one hand and went for my blouse and pulled it up and grabbed one of my tits and started to squeeze, took his thumb and forefinger and rolled my nipple between them then pinched hard and pulled it up so that he could bent down and stuck it in his mouth. The other hand went for the belt on my shorts and quickly opened it up. Billy pulled down the zipper and then pulled them down over my ankles. He got a hold of my thong and pulled it down too so that I was naked from the waist down. Sheldon stopped long enough to pull my blouse over my head, grabbed the other tit and pinched my hard nipple. Electricity flowed through my body right down to my pussy and my juices were flowing. Billy spread my legs and went down on my cunt, spread my pussy lips and started to suck on my clit. I went crazy, I started to shake, I was coming , I got a hold of Billy's head and moved my hips up and down, he grabbed my ass and held me tight while I was coming and screaming. He shoved his tongue into my pussy and sucked out the juices that were flowing out of me like a river. I felt his thumb digging into my asshole which was slick with pussy juice and made it easy for him. He switched to 2 fingers and showed them as far as he could. I loved it. I like to be ass fucked and I knew I was going to be a. Sheldon dropped his shorts and I see this humongous cock dripping with precum, he straddled my face, put a couch pillows under my head and brought this long hot cock to my mouth. I am going to love this, I am going to swallow it right down my throat. He fucked my face and I ran my tongue around his hole and up and down his shaft, I reached for his balls and could tell they were full and ready. I pushed my face closer to him so that his cock was right down my throat where I wanted it when he shot his load. I could fell it getting thicker. I grabbed the cheek of his ass and made sure he was not going to pull out until he was finished. I was not disappointed when he shot this huge hot load down my throat and as he was groaning he kept on fucking and shooting more cum in my mouth and throat. I loved it.

Billy got on his knees and pulled my legs high over his shoulders, he shoved his nice thick cock into my pussy, grabbed my hips and started pumping hard. I could feel myself coming again, I was shaking and moaning smacking my heels against Billy's back, I tighten my cunt muscles so that he would have a nice tight ride, I came and as I came he was grunting and shot his hot never ending load into me. He kept on fucking and soon started grunting again and shot another load into me. OMG I was in haven. Billy got off me and I sat and asked Sheldon to give me my drink and another joint.

As I was enjoying my drink and smoke Sheldon was playing with my tits, he got up and came back with a pair of nipple clamps. He put them on me, they hurt a bit but I got used to them, I could feel the electricity going through me. Billy had a long vibrator in his hand and put the head of it against my pussy and turned it on. Between the clamps and the vibrator I was coming so hard they had to hold me down on the couch because I was shaking and screaming so much.

I needed a break and told them to back off for a couple of minutes. I had another drink and Sheldon stood in front of me holding that big cock in his hand and said " I got to bury this someplace" I asked where he would like to bury it and his answer was "in your ass" that got me going again because I love to get ass fucked. I said "what are you waiting for" with that he pulled me up and bent me over the couch's armrest, spread the cheeks of my ass, got on his knees and used his tongue to wet my asshole. Billy came over and sat on the couch facing me, he had a big hard-on and was moving it toward my mouth. I opened my mouth, took hold of it and liked the precum off the head. As I was doing this Sheldon pushed a couple fingers up my ass then took an asshole spreader and slowly pushed the spreader in and worked it in as far as it could go. I thought I was going to be split in two. He slowly took it out and then quickly brought the head of his cock up to my hole, used a lubricant that he rubbed all over his cock, (thank god, I forgot to bring my own), and gently pushed it in all the way. I could feel his balls as he was moving in and out, I was in haven I just love to be ass fucked almost as much as pussy fucked,. Sheldon is pumping into my ass and I have Billy's great cock down my throat, it doesn't get any better. As he is fucking my mouth and down my throat I could feel his cock getting thicker, I grabbed his cock at the base and with a couple of fingers around it I was able to hold back his coming. I wanted Sheldon to come at the same time. I could feel myself working up an orgasm and did not want it to come before the 2 guys were ready to shoot.

I screamed at Sheldon to come. I could feel and hear that he was ready, I let go of Billy's cock and squeezed all my muscles and we all came together. All you could hear were moaning from me and grunts from the guys as they unloaded their hot cum into me .


As Sheldon pulled out of my ass more cum shot all over my back and cheeks. Billy jerked some more and the rest of his cum shot into my mouth and I swallowed.

Sheldon was still hard, he laid down on his back and had me straddled him so my pussy swallowed his cock. He pulled me forward so my tits were up against his chest. I knew a DP was coming and I heard Sheldon tell Billy "fuck her". With that Billy went in the back of me, spread my cheeks and pushed his cock up my ass. He started to beat on my cheeks to make my muscles tighten up and give both of them a better fuck. As they were fucking me an orgasm was building up. I was jerking my ass up and down, screamed and came . They both got into the rhythm of fucking me furiously, they were groaning and I could feel they were ready to unload their hot cum into me. I was not disappointed.

I got up found my clothes and tried to get dressed. "where are you going" Billy asked.

"I had enough" I replied. Sheldon said "we were going to invite a couple of other guys, have a real fuck party, why don't you stay a while, get drunk, smoke some pot and really get fucked, eaten and full of cream"

It was still early and I thought about it. "I don't want any bruises when I leave" Sheldon smiled and said "all you'll have is a sore cunt, asshole and mouth, you might not walk to well when we are finished but I think you'll be happy".

I sat down on the couch and Sheldon gave me a very large glass of iced vodka, lit a joint for me. "Relax he said"

I was thinking that it had been a while since I had four guys. I know I can handle them and I hope they are big.

About a half hour later the door opened and in came these big guys and Sheldon introduced me to them. "This Rocky and the other is Ben". Since I was sitting on the couch my eyes were level with their crotches and my mouth was watering in anticipation, they were built.

Rocky sat down next to me and said to me that Sheldon said I was one hell of a hot piece of ass and I want to find out for myself. With that he took my face and open mouthed kissed me with his tongue pushing into my mouth looking for my tongue. I responded and we had a tongue duel. His hand went down to my chest and pulled apart my blouse exposing my tits. My nipples were standing out hard, he grabbed one of them and while he was squeezing and rolling it between a finger and thumb his head went down and took the other in his mouth sucking and nibbling on it. I was getting wet between my legs. The sensation was like electricity running through my body. He knew what he was doing. He spread my legs and Ben pushed up my skirt and pulled down my thong. His head went between my legs. He an his tongue up the inside of one thigh, stopped at my pussy for a second, gave a lick and continued to run his tongue down the other thigh. I was ready for an orgasm, I was shaking and smacking Ben on his back with my heels. He finally put his mouth on my pussy lips and pushed his tongue in and flipped my clit back and forth, I came big time, juices were running out of me like a river running down into the crack of my ass. He spread the cheeks of my, took his tongue and licked my asshole, took a couple of fingers and slowly drove them up my ass and finger fucked my ass.

Rocky got up and dropped his pants and shorts and I was right he had this huge cock, at least 9 inches and 3 inches wide. He straddled my head and shoved it in my open mouth until his balls were up against my shin. It was down my throat the way I love it. I cupped his balls and could tell they were full, I pulled it out, ran my tongue along his shaft, licked his balls and ran my tongue back up and swallowed it.

Ben dropped his pants and shorts , I reached down to feel his cock and he has a bigger one than Rocky. He spread my legs and pulled them over his shoulders and brought the head up against my pussy, with his fingers he spread the lips and slowly pushed his cock into me. OMG it felt big and good, he started to pump. Rocky is fucking my face and Ben is pounding into my cunt. I could feel an orgasm coming on and I hoped they would shoot as I came. I am bucking up to Ben and sucking hard on Rocky. My legs are shaking, Ben smacked my ass hard so that I would hold back but I couldn't, I let go and I couldn't scream because Rocky shot this huge hot load down my throat and kept on coming, I was bouncing up and down on the couch and Ben shot his hot creamy cum into me. I was in haven. They both kept fucking and shooting and as they pulled out they covered my face and belly full of cum. Billy and Sheldon were standing there watching. I could see they both had big cocks waiting.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit, I knew there was more coming as soon as I come out. When I opened the door Sheldon was standing there with a large glass of vodka on ice and smoking a joint. He handed them both to me, took my elbow and walked me over to the bedroom. He showed me a cushioned chair and said, "Sit here and have your drink and smoke. You are looking at 4 guys who are hungry to eat that beautiful pussy and want to fuck you."

I was feeling no pain with that big drink and laid down on the bed and said "OK guys take me to haven".

Sheldon laid down on his back and had me straddle him facing his feet, when his cock got into my ass he pulled me back (I knew I was in for a DP which I love) and Billy moved between my legs and drove his fat cock into my pussy. I grabbed Rocky's and Ben's cocks and sucked them one after the other. This was going to be a great fuck. I wanted to come before they did so that I could enjoy and feel them coming. Sheldon and Billy got the rhythm just right and I could feel my orgasm building up. I was sucking and shaking my legs like crazy, threw them around Billy's head and came. I was jerking Rocky's and Ben's cocks and I knew they were about ready to explode and from the groaning of Sheldon and Billy I knew they too were ready to let go. I said "OK guys let me have it NOW" Within a few minutes they all let go into, ass, pussy and mouth. I was full of cum dripping from my mouth, ass and pussy.

I was exhausted and said "guys no more". I am going to be in town another few days and I would love to get together again. They all smiled and said "anytime".

I got dressed and drove back to the motel I was staying at, took a shower and waited for Rick to get back and tell about my experience knowing full well that he will (rape) me.

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