My Sexy Date with Raven

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Published: May 30, 2014
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I could see the black skin of her pussy lips opening up and inside there was a soft pink skin the sight of this made my cock start to grow.

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I have been writing stories for a web site called sextails and at the bottom of each letter I always ask for feedback and a photo if they would like to send one of what they were doing to themselves while reading my sexy stories.

Well two weeks ago I got a e-mail from a young beautiful black lady her name was Raven we send e-mails back and forth and she said that it was her Birthday soon and she would be turning 23 well from the photo I had seen she looked much younger and I told her so.

I asked where she came from as I have had readers from around the world contact me saying how much they enjoyed my stories and some had even sent photos, so when she replied and said that she lived in a town called Colchester in the UK I could not believe it as I lived there to.

So I asked if she would let me take her out for a drink for her birthday at first she said no as she was married and she did not think it right I said well I am married and what's to stop to people who are friends just going out for a drink so in the end she agreed to meet me.

The night before her evening before her birthday we meet and went to a pub just out of town as I said she was turning 23 the next day and I was 25 so not a great deal of difference between us so we had a great time and as we left the pub Raven tripped and nearly fell over but I took hold of her arm and caught her.

As I helped her steady herself we were very close and as I looked into her most beautiful face her eyes shone in the moon light and without thinking I lent forward and kissed her she did not pull away and as we kissed I gently pushed my tongue between her lips and she slowly opened her mouth and our tongues entwined and I pulled her tight to me and her breasts pushed into my chest and I felt her nipples growing hearer as the longer we kissed.

Then we parted and I said Oh my god I am so sorry Raven please forgive me I did not mean to do that it was just looking at your beautiful face and the moon light I just could not resist kissing your full moist lips as they look so divine.

She still looked shocked but as she had not pushed me away or slapped me round the face I took it of surprise rather than shock and she took hold of my shirt and pulled me back towards her and we kissed again.

We went to my car and sat there kissing and holding each other close for a long long time and I then blurted out my god I want you Raven I wish you had not got to go back home tonight, well I don't she said my Husband is away until tomorrow late morning but what about your wife, she thinks I am out for a drink with mates and sometime we stay around each others for the night so we don't have to drive home so if I am not back she would not worry or call round to find out where I am .

But are you sure I ask Raven again without a pause she answered yes yes I am sure so I drove away from the pub and we went a few miles up the road and called into a travel lodge and we booked in for the night.

As soon as we got to the bedroom I took hold of her and pushed her against the wall and Kissed her on those wonderful moist lips and she parted them to allow my tongue to enter I brought up one hand and took her heaving breast into my hand and it felt soft and wonderful to the touch and I gently squeezed it and her nipple pushed into my hand were it grew under my touch, I soon had her blouse undone and her breasts were magnificent her dark skin contrasted against the white frilly bra I pushed her blouse of her shoulders and it fell to the floor and I kissed her hard again and as I did I undone her bra and as I pulled back from her I took the bra with me and I could not believe the sight of these fantastic tits Oh my god they were wonderful full and O so smooth and her nipple hard and erect and I touched one and a shock ran though my whole body and my cock felt like bursting there and then I had never felt a breast so soft and smooth before and as I held it I lowered my head and took the hard nipple into my mouth, but I could not do this for long I wanted this woman so so bad.

I dropped to my knees and took hold of her skirt and lowered the zip and her skirt fell to the floor to join her blouse and bra and I was shocked to find her knickerless under her skirt and what was before my eyes was the most beautiful thing I had seen in my life, a black skinned pussy with thick black hair this woman was heaven sent that was for sure and I stood up and lifted her over to the bed where I lay her down and stood back and I was undressed in a matter of seconds and my cock was as hard as a rock after finding her with no knickers and her pussy just in front of me. Oh my god she said when she saw my cock for the first time not only is it nice and big you have not been cut that is the first real cock I have ever seen that has a foreskin, well I said you will not only see it tonight you are going to feel it right up inside it and with that I got on the bed and pushed open her legs and I wanted her so bad I did not have time to do foreplay I got between her legs and pushed my cock fully into her, Her pussy was already wet and it slid fully into her and we kissed as it hit home and I could feel her nipples pushing into my chest.

Before long we were both moaning and groaning as we fucked hard and fast then Raven closed her legs around my back and she had a massive orgasm and her shaking as she came made me loose it and I shot my cum deep deep inside her filling her body with my seed.

Once we had both got our breath back she said I want to have a look at that cock of yours Dave, so I rolled of from her and lay on my back and she knelt and just looked and looked at it I said you can touch it if you want it won't break, she stretched her hand out and gently folded her fingers around my now wet, limp cock and she pulled the foreskin back over the head and then covered it again she done this many many times she kept saying wonderful wonderful than she lent forward and took it in her mouth and with the foreskin covering the head she pushed her tongue under it and ran her tongue round between the foreskin and the head of my cock, Oh my god this woman was taking me to heaven and back.

I said Raven if your sucking my cock it is only fair that I can lick your pussy so with that she put a knee either side on my head and as she did so I could see this fantastic pussy above me and as she lowered herself down onto my face I could see the black skin of her pussy lips opening up and inside there was a soft pink skin the sight of this made my cock start to grow and she lowered her head again and started to suck my cock again, her pussy was now on my face and I pushed my tongue into the pussy lips and they opened to allow my tongue to touch her ciltrous and as it did she took a deep intake of breath and pushed down even harder onto my face.

I now started to lick her pussy running my tongue up and down the wet slit and into the cunt hole making her cry out in pleasure as then her cum ran from her as she orgasms into my mouth, Oh her juice was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted it was the nectar from the gods for sure I just could not get enough of it, my cock was now rock hard and Raven was now back to running the foreskin back and forth over the now swollen head and she was fascinated by the way it stretched as in pulled back over the head and then closed round the shaft as it slipped over it and then popped back over the head on the up ward stroke, she came a few more times in my mouth and then I asked her to lay back on the bed which she did.

I knelt over her nan placed my cock between her wonderful breasts and pushed them up and they folded around my cock trapping it between them and I started to tit fuck this woman that I had not know only two weeks ago and only ever met just 5 hours ago but her I was fucking her tits and she still could not take her eyes for my cock that kept pushing out the top of her tits and as it did the foreskin slid back and forth.

Then I had to have her again and got up and asked her to get on all fours and got round behind her and as she lowered herself down onto her elbows her pussy opened and once more I could see the pink wet flesh of her inner pussy lips o my god that sight will be with me forever it was so wonderful.

I got up behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her filling her up and I watched as her pussy lips folded themselves around my shaft as it slipped into her, then my cock hit home and I held it there for a while not moving just letting it stay there then I pulled back fast until just the tip was inside her pussy lips and she gasped as I did this and then one hard forward monition I rammed hard into her and I pushed so hard I shoved her forward as our bodies met and then I started to fully withdrew and push fully home again and again then I licked my finger and without warning pushed my finger into her ass and she screamed and screamed, OH OH FUCK YES YES as I now fucked her with my cock and fingered her ass to she was shaking and moaning as climax after climax ran thou her, I was getting faster and faster with ramming into her, and then she had one massive orgasm and her cunt gripped my cock as it rippled as she came and I could feel her juice running from her and then once more I filled her with my cum once more Holding onto her hips I held myself fully inside her and let my cock pump and pump my creamy cum up inside this angle that I was lucky enough to fuck.

We both collapsed onto the bed and got back into the 69 again and licked each other clean, we made love three more times that night once her sitting on me , me on top of her and the final time she wanted me kneeling over her and to cum on her magnificent tits so she could see my uncut cock pump it's cum and she wanted me to make sure the head was covered when I shot my load and how could I refuse this angle, I drove her home and we have kept in contact over the internet but never repeated our birthday treat.

If you liked this story then please give me some feedback as I love to hear what you think good or bad, also why not add a photo so I can see what you were doing to yourself while reading it some of my readers had and that are great I keep them for my viewing only and that's a promise -

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