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My Name is Lucy - Back Home - Chapter 5

Author: Lucy
Publish Date : Oct 15, 2015
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I could feel his big strong cock against my buttocks and asked if he wanted to fuck my arse.

* * * * * * *

So here we are on a lovely lazy Sunday morning. We both slept very soundly and awoke refreshed after our very sexy evening.

Raphael snuggled up behind me and ran his hands across my breasts and down my stomach before running his finger along my pussy lips. I could feel his big strong cock against my buttocks and asked if he wanted to fuck my arse. He said that he would love to fuck my arse and I found a small tube of lubricant in a draw beside my bed and placed some on my anus.

I lay on my back and Raphael spread my legs wide apart and placed a finger in my arse worked the lubricant all around. Then he took the head of his cock and placed it at the point of entry and slowly pushed it inside my arse. God that felt good. I love being arse fucked especially with a cock like Raphael's.

He held my legs in the air and looked me straight in the eye. The feeling of him in me and controlling the motion was great. "Take it all in baby, I am going to fuck your arse till you beg me to stop." I moaned that I was all his and please fuck my arse good.

This massive cock spread my buttocks and fucked my hole gently at first and then the motion got faster. I just loved to see Raphael's cock inside me and his face was a beautiful picture as he looked at me and asked if it felt good. I was hardly able to respond as my breath was being taken away with his thrusting. I had been arsed fucked before but not as good as this. I loved it. "Give it to me," I begged and I began to rub my clit and tits while Raphael fucked away. This was glorious and I wish I had done more years ago. But here I was in my forties being screwed so good by a very special black cock. I've said it before but every woman should try it.

Raphael slowed a little and then fucked my pussy and then my arse alternately. I held my breasts and begged him to fuck me good and that I was his slave. "I want to taste your cock," I said and he took his cock and plunged it in my mouth. I licked and licked and the taste of pussy and arse was magnificent. I placed my hand under Raphael's balls and they were very heavy. I thought what a load must be in there.

I was then turned over and fucked doggy style in my pussy and backside. I was working up to a climax and I wanted Raphael to come with me. "Oh baby," I said "I want all your load inside me, let's come together. I was pumped harder and harder and was moaning when Raphael let out a cry that he had a big load for me. I came and came and could feel that load shooting inside me.

Sheer bliss. When he withdrew his cock I just had to lick it. It tasted so good and Raphael looked at me and said that I really knew how to please his cock after an orgasm. I smiled and said "I want to please you in every way." I am your slut.

Then we lay together kissing and caressing. We talked about the previous night and I asked if he enjoyed himself. He said that he had fucked a small girl who must have been only about nineteen or twenty and she was with a guy that he knew fairly well. She had a great body and knew how to fuck and loved black cock and that was why she was there as she wanted to try others.

His friend did not fuck me but asked if the four of us could meet up and have some fun. "What do you think," Raphael asked. I said that I would love to have a foursome especially if there is a young attractive girl involved."Ok I will fix something with them," he said.

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