My Name is Lucy - Back Home - Chapter 6

Author: Lucy
Published: Oct 19, 2015
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She licked and probed with her fingers stroking my pussy lips and caressing my breasts at the same time.

So later on the Sunday after we had had great sex and played with each other's bodies Raphael phoned his friend with the sexy young girlfriend and asked if they would like to meet up the following Friday night. Yes was the reply and we would met up at a pub we all knew around 7pm.

So the week passed and Raphael and I were both busy with work. We talked on the phone and both looked forward to Friday and meeting up with his friend and the young girl.

I met Raphael at his workplace as I finished early and we strode off to the pub to meet his friend Ray and his girl Sophie. On entering they were already there and we all greeted each other with big hugs. I remembered Ray from our sexy evening at the club as he was a tall well built guy with a very appealing smile that got my knickers feeling wet already. Sophie was a short girl but with a very cute figure. Fairly large breasts and a slim waist. She had long dark hair and oozed sex. She wore a light coloured mini dress and every time she moved you could see her knickers.

Sophie was a very touchy young girl and when we sat and were having a drink she kept patting my leg and my back. She had a very sultry look that made her even more sexy. Ray kept looking at me and whilst we spoke I sensed that he fancied me. We had drinks in the pub and then sauntered off for a lovely meal where we all laughed and joked together. The conversation very much revolved around the club visit on the previous Saturday. "So what about tonight?" Raphael suddenly said."Shall we go back to my place when dinner is finished?" We all agreed that this was a very good idea.

When we got back to Raphael's apartment it did not take long to talk about sex and Ray suggested that us girls took off all our clothes. I decided to help Sophie undress as I wanted to feel her body and especially her lovely young breasts. She smiled with those piercing eyes and let out a huge sigh as if to say I like this. I took off her dress and revealed the sexiest pair of knickers which the guys loved and both went "Wow". I ran my hand over her pussy and could feel the damp between her legs. She turned and kissed me passionately and to feel her body against me was sheer heaven.

I stripped her completely naked and she helped me take off my clothes and then she buried her head between my legs and licked my pussy lips. It felt so good to have this beautiful young girl lick me out. She lay on top of me and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Then she worked on my breasts whilst fingering my vagina.

The guys by this time had stripped and were stroking their large black cocks whilst watching us. "Don't you just love those cocks," Sophie said to me and I of course agreed and said that a big black cock was the best fuck of all and she agreed saying that she just loved it inside her.

However she had plans afoot for me. Raphael lay on his back and Sophie told me to lie with my back on top of him whilst he placed his cock up my arse. Then she took Ray's cock and guided it into my pussy. "There," she said "I wanted to see how you took two cocks and I think it looks great". I had to agree. The two guys pounded me whilst Sophie played with my tits and kissed me. It felt so good to have two enormous cocks inside me at the same time.

Ray's cock felt really good and he held my legs apart while he drove inside me. He looked at me and asked if I liked two cocks. I squealed with delight that I loved black dick and couldn't get enough of it.

Then it was Sophie's turn to take two cocks. This time Ray was up her backside and Raphael fucked her pussy. I could see that Raphael could not wait to get inside her and she squealed as he entered. It was a joy to behold this young girl taking two big cocks at the same time. She certainly loved it and Raphael pumped her slowly and then quickened. Ray's cock was right inside her and her body was beginning to shake. I kissed her and felt her breasts as Raphael fucked her and played with her clit. Ray just kept right inside her and encouraged her to cum. At this point she let out a shriek and I don't think I have seen a girl have such an orgasm before. She quivered and quivered and then shouted "I'm coming". Not only did she cum but she squirted all over the place. Her little body was in ecstasy.

I loved watching her have such a wonderful orgasm. After a pause both guys withdrew from her and Sophie and I decided it was time for some man juice so I took Ray in my mouth and Sophie took Raphael. We knelt beside each other and worked on their cocks and every now and then transferred. Both guys were working up to a climax and I wanted to bring Ray off and Sophie said that she wanted to see Raphael shoot all over her and he duly obliged with Ray not far behind. We were covered in cum and licked each other's bodies and then swallowed the gorgeous juices from these two lovely cocks.

I hadn't cum yet and Sophie buried her head between my legs again and started to lick me out. She licked and probed with her fingers stroking my pussy lips and caressing my breasts at the same time. Ray put his cock in my mouth. He was hard again now and I sucked on it. It tasted really good and then Raphael took his turn in placing his cock (now hard as well!!) in my mouth. Sophie meanwhile had been working feverishly on my pussy and grabbed Ray's cock and told him to fuck me hard. Ray entered me and I was so close to coming after all the attention from Sophie's tongue and fingers. This huge cock only had to pump me for a short while before I was in ecstasy. I had a massive orgasm and could not stop screaming with pleasure.

What gorgeous sex. So satisfying. Sophie lay beside me and said "I think you enjoyed that." I replied that we were very lucky to be with two of the best endowed guys around. We all laughed. With that we retreated to bed to rest our weary bodies.

About: The author of "My Name is Lucy - Back Home - Chapter 6" is Lucy. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Interracial Sex Stories section.

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