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My Name is Lucy - Moving On - Chapter 1

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Author: Lucy
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Published: 14-Jan-16 Revised/Updated 15-Jan-16
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Owen licked me almost to a climax and then said I think that you are ready for my cock.

* * * * * * *

Raphael was moving away as his work was re-locating to another part of the country and he said that he could not afford to stay in central London without a job. I understood. Just disappointed. Ah well!!

My niece Amanda phoned to ask if she could come to London again for a sexy weekend. I said as long as the cocks are big and very black okay. She said that she would arrange something. This got me wondering. Ah well, let's see what happens!

She arrived at my apartment around six on the following Friday evening. She looked really good and very sexy. I gave her a kiss and she immediately said that she had a date for the two of us arranged via the web for later on this evening. "Wow", I said, so tell me what to expect.

She told me that she had been online to look for black lovers who wanted to fuck white women and had found a guy who live not far out of central London who would like to hook up. Amanda had asked if she could bring a friend along and of course he said "Yes".

"Well", I said "At what time have you arranged our meeting?".

Amanda said that we were going to meet in a bar in the West End at around 9pm.

"What do you think I ought to wear", I said. Amanda looked at me with one of her knowing smiley faces and said "Well that's a difficult question but I know that you have not failed to make a cock go hard before". I laughed out loud and said "Yes I do have a bit of experience".

So off I trotted to my bedroom and pulled out the briefest pants in my collection with a low cut bra. I wore a light top to show off my cleavage and a short skirt along with a pair of shoes with heels that were comfortable without falling over.

Amanda appeared as usual (having had a shower) in the most revealing outfit that did not leave much to the imagination. " I feel so horny tonight", she said. "I can see that", I replied and we embraced. I asked her what she was wearing beneath the black tights that clung to her behind. She said "Do you want to see" and immediately pulled down the tights to reveal her shaved pussy and a small ring that pierced her lips. "Wow, that is perfect and I ran my hand along her labia which was so wet. I placed my finger in my mouth to taste her juice. "You really are a horny bitch tonight", I said.

Amanda slowly pulled up the tights and wiggled her bum to get them into a position of comfort.

"So, shall we go". Amanda kissed my cheek and asked if she tasted good. "Of course", I said. "So let's go and find this black cock", she cried.

We took the tube to the west end and of course Amanda attracted a great deal of attention with her sexy look. I might say that I felt that I attracted a good amount of stares as well.

We alighted and headed for Soho where we found the bar for the arranged meeting. We climbed the stairs to the first floor and entered a beautifully modern decorated room with a large bar across one end. The place was fairly busy but no black men. "Do you think that we are in the right place " I asked Amanda. She gave me a shrewd look and said this place was chosen by Owen ( the online date) as he would be easy to identify. Clever move I thought.

We went to the bar and ordered a couple of cocktails which were served to a table of our choice. The waiter said that we could run up a tab and pay before leaving. Great and very relaxing.

Amanda and I looked at each other in anticipation of the night ahead. We started to chat a were giggling together when Owen (it had to be him) entered the room. Amanda nearly gasped and got up and crossed to where he stood and introduced herself.

Owen must have been about six foot three or four and very well built. He had decided to wear a suit that was dark cloth with a light blue stripe. He wore a white shirt and a blue/black tie. His shoes were dark and slightly pointed. He certainly looked the part.

Amanda was already in a flirty mode as she kept flicking her hair as she crossed the room with Owen to our table. "This is the lovely Lucy", she said and pushed my shoulder and winked knowingly at the same time.

I stood up and shook Owen's hand. It was a very firm grip and his smile made me feel weak at the knees as he looked in my eyes.

Owen decided to order a beer and Amanda and I ordered another cocktail and were now feeling so relaxed.

Owen sat between the two of us and he complimented us on our attire. "Thanks", we both said and complimented him in his impeccable dress sense as well.

Amanda was her usual expressive self, waving her arms in conversation and making sure her hand bumped into Owen's thigh. He smiled knowingly at me every time this happened.

We learnt that Owen worked as a journalist for a music paper and was on assignments not just in the UK but all parts of the world.

"Wow", said Amanda. "So do you get to meet lots of rock stars?"

"Yes I most certainly do". So the conversation calmed a little whilst Owen told us some great stories from behind the scenes and also of some of the great people that he had interviewed.

Amanda was impressed that she had managed to make contact with such an interesting and handsome man. I could tell as she was becoming even more flirty with Owen and had almost touched his cock at one point during animated conversation.

Owen had a couple more beers and we ordered more cocktails. We then decided to go and have dinner.

We paid the bill for the drinks and made our exit. Amanda and I decided to link arms with Owen which clearly made him feel good to be escorting two such sexy and gorgeous ladies.

We stopped at a restaurant not too far from the bar, looked at the menu and agreed that it looked good for all our tastes. Once inside we were greeted by a very friendly meet and greeter who led us to a nice table tucked away in a corner.

Our combined body language had become very touchy and feely. The chemistry between all of us was good and I could not wait for what was to come.

Time seemed to pass quick whilst eating our lovely food and chatting away. We managed also to consume two bottles of red wine which made all of us very relaxed. Owen kept putting his arm around me and squeezing tight much to the delight of Amanda who cheekily said "You wait till later Owen". He laughed and said that the time had come to reveal all.

So we paid the bill and hailed a taxi to take us to my home.

Owen had a smile on his face all the way home and I was not surprised as he sat in the middle of the back seat and Amanda had her hand around his cock throughout the journey.

"So does it feel good", I said to Amanda. "Well let's say I think it will be big enough". We all laughed and the driver thought that we were all mad.

We got out of the cab and climbed the stairs to my apartment. We were all in a very relaxed and merry mood.

I opened the front door and we all went into the living room and Amanda and I immediately started to touch and embrace Owen. His body was fit and strong and he kissed so beautifully and I just loved the way he ran his tongue inside my mouth.

Both Amanda and I had hold of his cock. It felt enormous. We both got on our knees and undid his trousers, pulling them down with his pants to reveal what we had been waiting for …a big black cock.

"Oh my goodness", Amanda said as she ran her hand along his massive shaft and finally licking his head. She pushed my head to his cock and I took as much as I could in my mouth and sucked. Amanda pushed my head and said "Suck his cock like a real bitch", which really turned me on and I took his cock almost all in my mouth. I say almost as this was a monster that no woman would be able to make disappear!

Amanda and I undressed each other whilst Owen took off his clothes to reveal a black body to die for. We both knelt and sucked and licked his lovely cock. His balls felt good too and I could hear him moan when I stroked them.

After a great deal of licking and sucking Owen suggested we retreat to the bedroom which we did. I lay there and beckoned Owen over and he immediately spread my legs and placed his mouth over my pussy and started to lick me and tickle my clit with his tongue. He was an expert and was feeling Amanda's pussy at the same time as she was kissing me. Wow! Heaven.

Owen licked me almost to a climax and then said I think that you are ready for my cock. I cried "Oh yes, please fuck me now". Amanda laid herself next to me and watched as Owen drove his massive piece of meat inside me. What bliss. I moaned out loud and then became very dirty telling Owen to fuck me as his bitch. He thrust harder and harder and said "You have asked for it".

Amanda stroked my breasts and smiled in my face. "Go on take that big cock", she said out loud. "Oh yes, I love this big cock. Fuck me Owen". He duly obliged thrusting even deeper inside me with Amanda's fingers rubbing my clit as well. She kissed Owen and said "Fuck the bitch". This bought me to the most beautiful climax and my whole body shook. Wow!!

Amanda could obviously not wait to get that cock for herself and carried on kissing Owen in a very passionate way. She then licked all my juice from his cock and sat on it taking it in very slowly. "God this is so big", she cried and ran her hands all over Owen.

I ran my hands all over Amanda and pushed her forward to kiss Owen so that I could lick her arse at the same time as being fucked. I rimmed her and rimmed her.

Owen held her hips and just kept lifting Amanda up and down whilst she was getting more excited with every thrust. She was riding him for what seemed an eternity.

Then there was a change of plan. Owen withdrew from Amanda and lay her on her back so he could fuck her missionary. At the same time he told me to lay under his cock and watch him thrusting inside such a lovely young pussy.

I licked his balls as he thrust and I know that this excited him to a level that he was pumping Amanda's pussy so hard that she was screaming "Fuck me, fuck me with your big cock". Then she came with an enormous cry of ecstasy and her body shaking.

Amanda said she wanted to see his cum and he duly obliged with an enormous spurt that covered her body and my face. What a load! It was lovely to lick it all up especially to lick all the juice off such a big cock.

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My Name is Lucy - Moving On - Chapter 1 - Lucy

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