Fit to Be Tied

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Published: Jun 2, 2016
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Fit to be Tied is an interracial lesbian story with a little light bondage...

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Audrey Horwell was a successful fitness instructor. She had it all. Owning her own business, she had begun with one women's only fitness club, and over ten years expanded to two women's only and one co-ed facility that also handled injury rehabilitation. Audrey's ice blue eyes and iron discipline had made her goals not only possibilities, but realities. Her body was not only her pride and joy, but also her biggest advertisement. At thirty six, her 42DD defied gravity, although she had to keep them bound under sports bra's to keep them from interfering with the training regimen that had all her employee instructors and staff in awe. Her body was not over-muscled, but perfectly balanced, taut and toned, she was powerful, flexible, and with the endurance that made her goal to race in the Boston Marathon her present to herself at 30.

Sadly, her personal life was not as successful. Her drive and ambition made her coworkers happier with subordinate than friend, and while everyone felt free to turn to her for support, she had no one she could turn to, as any sign of less than iron control from her made her staff frightened. Her dating life was a disaster. Powerful men were either threatened by her, or saw her only as an adornment. Beauty and power stand off those who are trustworthy, while attracting the worst of those who remain. Still, sexual frustration could always be channeled into hard work, and the pain of hard training always made her feel better. Feel the burn, when it hurts, all is right in the world. When the pain comes, try harder, do better, wait for the rush, wait for the ecstasy. That had driven her through her training, and made her the person she was today.

Linda let herself in. The cleaning woman came in hours after the gym closed, but wasn't surprised to see Audrey still working out. At fifty, Linda was old, fat, and happy with life. She had shed her hang-ups with husband number two, and was at peace with who she was. She had grown up a black woman in an age when discrimination was still not only acceptable, but just becoming illegal. She got by on hard work, and a good laugh, able to pick herself up and laugh when life knocked her down. Looking at the fine piece of white meat sweating and grinding away on the benches, she looked at the camel toe so clearly visible in the skin tight workout wear and knew right away what that girl needed was a good spanking, and to have some of the sass fucked out of her.

The old black woman gave a rich booming laugh and shook her head as she walked over and put on her rubber gloves to begin collecting the garbage bags. Audrey was feeling the burn hard to achieve and the restlessness was so very strong tonight, that her usual workout zone was hard to find mentally. The laughter snapped her out of the failed attempt at trance, and a hot rush of anger filled her. Linda was about a hundred pounds heavier than her, with great black pendulous breasts, a thick full belly and wide hips sporting a fully padded but surprisingly muscular ass over two tree trunk like legs. She rolled like a troll when she walked, a picture of a fat old woman gone to seed,

"What have you got to laugh at? You don't think I know how much you wish you were me?"

Standing in the fullness of her power, beneath the workout lights and cameras of the exercise center she had built, she looked down upon the fat old black woman bagging up her garbage. Linda shook her head and laughed some more. Tossing the bags into her cart with an ease that would have surprised anyone attempting to lift them, the old black woman turned an looked Audrey up and down slowly, walking around her and examining her like you would an animal your kids brought home and wanted to keep, or a used car someone was trying to convince you to buy.

"Look at you? Why would I want to be you? Oh sure you got a fine white ass"

At which Linda gave her employer a stinging slap on one round ass cheek.

"Fine job, lots of people tell you how pretty you are, how smart you are, lots of money coming in, but still all you do is sit here working out to be pretty for nobody, making money you never spend, because with all you got you just got more miserable. You so damned desperate for a good spanking, you need some of that sass fucked right out of that empty blonde head of yours. If you was real nice I might think about it, but I got real work to do now girlie, when I lift weight, it isn't pretend, it's because I am picking up after all you little princesses"

Audrey's crotch was hot and wet, her nipples fighting hard to stand through her confining bra, and her brain was in a storm of emotion. Her iron control was slipping as her body flooded with sensations and desires she did not understand, she was almost blind with emotion she could not even name. The body which was such a perfection of animal grace was run by a brain that was utterly overwhelmed. Audrey lashed out with her right hand in a slap to the old woman's face.

"How dare you!"

Audrey shouted swinging her right hand in a devastating slap. Realizing that she was going to strike her old black cleaning woman, Audrey tried to stop the slap as soon as she threw it. Perhaps that sealed her fate. The slap which began like lightning slowed enough that the great black hand of Linda closed over it like a vice.

"Oh child, I think that spanking is long overdue"

Audrey grabbed at her cleaning ladie's surprisingly strong hand with her other arm, causing Linda to reach over and take one of the exercise bands from the railing and quickly bind the surprised blonde's hands together. Sitting on the weight bench, she pulled her surprised boss over her knee and began to spank the well muscled uptight little ass the way it needed.

Stomping on the dangling end of the exercise band, she casually held her well muscled boss across her lab and began spanking her soundly, spacing groups of three to five slaps with firm gropes of the amazing ass, and stroking of the enflamed pussy squirming against her great black lap.

"Oh sugar, you running like a tap. Your pussy is open so damned wide right now I could park one of your barbells in it. You need this spanking so bad, I think maybe one won't be enough, I think maybe you need this regular. Well, that is good for you, but baby, I got work to do, and you are going to make me work through my breaks to finish it. You better be really damned good to me to make up for it"

Audrey could not believe what her body was feeling, the pain was intense, and her body was becoming electrified. Spanking hurt a lot more than she expected, and her body was squirming like a fish out of water to avoid the blows, even as the feeling of helplessness, and the sultry surety of Linda's knowing hands was turning her on as her vibrator and feeble fantasy life never could.

Without really intending to, she opened her legs wide to Linda's fingers, causing the old black woman to laugh and let go her foot from the exercise bands. Pulling the no longer protesting woman around so she knelt between her great black knees, she stripped off the sports bra, and exposed the firm white titties she had suspected were in there. Enveloping one nipple in a firm kiss, she reached down with her other hand and grabbed a big handful of the white woman's ass and pulled her forward. Sucking hard on the tit, she began to lightly bite the nipple as the white woman writhed and shuddered in her hands.

"That pussy of yours needs relief child. You want mama to help you, you have to ask. You ask nice, and mama might help you"

Audrey was lost in sensation, lost to all control, her body was edging fiercely but would not go over, and the long pent up passion had her more helpless than any binding.

"Please, please mama, can I cum?"

Linda corrected her gently.

"Please mama, can this worthless white slut cum. Is that what you mean to say?"

Audrey didn't know anything about such games, but she knew her body, and its needs, and this was a need more real than oxygen.

"Please mama, can this worthless white slut cum! Please mama, I'm begging you!"

Linda pulled her standing, then whipped down her tight yoga shorts. Then she bound her employer's hands to the top of the exercise bench so the proud blonde was on her hands and knees facing the mirror, lit by the bright lights and centered for her cameras. Driving two fingers into her needy pussy, Linda slapped first right and then left ass cheeks as she pumped the hungry white cleft, all the while making Audrey continue to beg. She made the desperate blonde make promise after promise.

"I will suck mama's beautiful black tits"

"I will suck mama's beautiful black pussy"

"I will kiss mama's beautiful black feet"

"I am mama's worthless white bitch!"

Linda laughed, that last one she didn't ask for. As a reward, she ran spanking hand around and flicked Audrey's clit lightly while she drove a third finger into her spasming sex. Audrey screamed and writhed like she was being electrocuted, a rush of juices coated Linda's hand and the blond collapsed in a twitching heap.

"Oh child, you are going to get used to far better orgasms than that, if mama owns you. You think you know training, Mama going to train you good. You going to be one relaxed and happy girl when mama done with you"

Linda unbuttoned her blouse and took off her heavy bra, then leaned down to untie her shuddering employer. Audrey came off the floor like a striking serpent. Hands like steel cables locked onto Linda's graying curls and the young blond kissed her hard, tongue frantically darting into the older woman's mouth as if it held the last bit of sweetness in the world. The kiss was so long, so frantic and hungry that Linda felt herself becoming more aroused then she had in years, as what began as an instructional spanking quickly transformed into the taking of a surprisingly passionate new lover.

The young woman was all urgent, her power trembling and undirected, like a new colt waiting to be broken to halter. That was fine, to train a fine young animal like this would be her pleasure, and to fill the howling aching void in this young woman's life would be good for both of them. Linda felt her blood thundering, and she reached out and grabbed her golden girls pony tail, pulling her back, dark eyes burning into blazing blue ones, she smiled and fed her one pendulous black breast.

Audrey nursed delicately at first, looking upward to see if she was pleasing. Soon she was sucking mightily, alternating between sucking and flicking the nipples gently. Her hands began to paw at Linda's sweatpants, until Linda relented and stood long enough for Audrey to pull her shoes, socks, sweatpants and panties off. The dark bushy mound of the older woman was already opening like a purple flower with the sweet nectar of her own desire, and as Linda pulled Audrey's lips back to her breasts, the young woman slid one hand down to begin eagerly exploring the depths of her black lover.

Linda was not as athletic as her new acquisition, and the pleasure she was in threatened to topple her from the exercise bench. With a growl, she slapped Audrey firmly on the ass, and moved to lie on the mats. Audrey dove into her pussy like a dolphin returning to the sea, and Linda began to swear as the pleasure took her higher and higher.

"Oh you sweet little bitch. You hungry little black cunt-lapper. You were born to eat black pussy, you are going to get so much practice eating mama's pretty black pussy, I might have to turn your ass pro, and share you with my friends!"

The blond burrowed herself into her lover's pussy with a desperation and fervor that showed how desperately she needed it. At each vulgarity that came from her black owners lips her body writhed and shuddered again, as if the words were penetrating her like so many questing cocks. Linda finally stopped swearing, stopped breathing, and arched her back like a bow as orgasm took her. She pulled Audrey's face into her pussy, and clamped her great black legs together like a vice, smothering her lover in involuntary reaction. Audrey almost passed out from the lack of air, but Linda could feel her tongue still lapping like a thirsty bitch dog at the fountain of her sex. Linda was supersensitive post orgasm, and the continued licking was so good it almost hurt. She rolled over the white girl, onto her hands and knees; at her age, getting up was something she did in stages.

Linda had no idea what kind of hunger she had unleashed, for Audrey was on her before she could even think, strong white hand pried apart her ass cheeks, and the muscular pink probe of her lover's tongue began to reverently lick and probe the black ass of her conqueror.

"Oh you dirty white girl, what you doing to mama's ass?" This is something Linda had never done, never even thought about. She would never even think to do it to one of her lovers.

Audrey kissed the great black cheeks of her lover's ass, and stroked and squeezed their massive splendor as she begged ardently.

"Please mama, let your dirty white slut clean your beautiful black ass!"

Diving between her ass cheeks with the zeal of a new convert, Audrey rimmed Linda deeply and lovingly, as her hand reached around to again begin teasing the clit of the cleaning woman who she now begged to serve.

"Oh shit girl, you are one twisted little freak. Mama is going to have to be firm with you. Oh honey-child, you just love licking black ass, don't you?"

The desperate moan from deep inside her ass cheeks was all the answer Linda needed. Damn but this felt good, and the little bitch was begging to do it. Oh my yes she could get used to this, yes indeed. The second orgasm was slow in coming, but the signs of an anal orgasm were ones she remembered from her first husband, who may not have been able to keep it in his pants, but he was damned useful with it. Barely able to breathe from the pleasure, Linda decided to reassert control.

Standing up, she pulled Audrey up by the pony tail, then used the exercise bands to bind her to the pull down machine handlebars. Moving the bench out of the way, she put the pin in the bottom, so the blond athlete was standing arms raised to either side of her head, bound to a T bar that pulled five hundred pounds of weights.

"My little missy"

Linda slapped her on the perfect ass then breast, punctuating each phrase she spoke with a firm double slap.

"You need to get it through your pretty blond head that I decide what we do, when we do it slap-slap, and how hard we do it"

At that point she leaned down and sucked on the blond's perfect alabaster tits, pulling on the nipples of the free breast, and then biting at first gently, then harder until the blonde was gasping and moaning.

Moving behind her prize, she looked over her shoulder into the mirror, Looking at them side by side in the mirror, the old wrinkled grey haired black woman whose pendulous breasts rested on her sweat covered belly, and the blonde muscled goddess, bound like a sacrifice, slap marks reddening her ass and breasts, chest heaving and a desperate hunger as she strove to burrow deeper in her lover's touch.

Linda whispered

"You have security cameras filming all of this night, now if you want, you can erase it and we pretend this never happened. You could give mama the password, and mama make a copy of this, of her beautiful little bitch, and her beautiful little bitch will get training every Friday night like this, and when mama really happy, may have some special times when mama wants to show her little bitch off, and show what wonderful things she has been trained to do. What does little missy want, to be the lonely lady in charge all the time, or does little missy want to be mama's bitch on her days off"

Audrey turned and looked at the camera, in a clear voice she announced.

"Mama, your white bitch's password is discipline77, it would please me if you took a copy of this video, and I beg you for the chance to do it again"

Linda was laughing as she untied her new property, her boss. As the blond snuggled in to her lovers massive bosom for comfort, Linda slapped the exercise bands gently against the blondes muscled ass.

"Yes little missy, the first time I saw you, I knew you were fit to be tied"

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