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My Japanese Boy

Author: Anon
Publish Date : Sep 13, 2004
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The first time I met Teino was at a party that my friend Donna had dragged me to. When we arrived, the music was loud and people were getting drunk and flirty. Donna got busy making out with a broad-shouldered blond guy, and I strolled around the house with my beer. I found him in the study upstairs, sitting on a couch, watching Jay Leno Show.

* * * * * * *

-Are you as bored as I am I said, and joined him on the couch.

-I guess so, he said. I'm Teino Suke, by the way,

-Miranda Wilson, I said, and shook his hand. Nice to meet you.

We started talking, and forgot about Jay Leno. It turned out we had a couple of interests in common. Teino was nice to talk to, he had a pleasant voice, and he was polite and charming. He was good-looking too, with a slim body and a chiseled face with high cheekbones, a thin nose, brown eyes, and pouty pink lips. He was beautiful, but in a masculine way. He told me that he was an exchange student at this college, and that he was studying for a degree in computer engineering. He was from Japan, from Kobe. His father owned a large series of computer companies, and Teino had learned English at a boarding school in England. I liked his way of talking; he had those Asian short vowels, and a British way of pronouncing the words.

-Tell me about yourself, Miranda, he said.

And I told him about my childhood in Iowa, my move here to study to be a lawyer, and how I worked part-time at a diner to support myself through school. He didn't take his eyes off me while I talked. He finished his beer and put his glass on the table. I told him about how reluctant I had been to even go to this party in the first place, since I was pretty down after my boyfriend dumped me for another girl just 4 days ago.

-He must be an idiot, said Teino.

-He sure is, I said dryly. I don't really miss HIM, but I'm still hurt that he cheated on me.

Teino caressed my short, blond, curly hair.

-If you were MY girlfriend, I'd never cheat on you, he whispered.

I gazed into his eyes. He had such beautiful eyes. Sexy eyes. His eyelids hung heavily over the outer edge of his eyes. Funny, I've never noticed before just how sexy that is. Wild. Mysterious. Cheaky.

Without realizing it, I moved my face closer to his, and he kissed me. Gently, without tongue, he kissed me again and again; I put my arms around him, and we sat there, kissing, like little kids. I felt his arms around me, and I put my tongue on his lower lip, licked it, caressed it, took it in between my lips and sucked on it. He closed his lovely eyes and stuck his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues played with each other in my mouth, slowly. My hands felt over his lean body, enjoyed the feeling of a hard, manly body, warm and alive. My hands went under his shirt, pulled his black T-shirt out of his jeans, and caressed his feverishly hot skin. He sighed of delight, and his hands glided down my back, over my hips and waist, up to the sides of my breasts. He caressed my whole body, except for those places that craved his touch the most.

I tugged at his T-shirt, and he raised his arms and let me pull both the shirt and the T-shirt off of him. Now I had easier access to touch his slender torso, lick his neck, and suck on his nipples. His grip around my waist hardened, and he pulled me closer. He looked me in the eyes when he unzipped my dress in the back, as if he was afraid I would stop him. As if! My body felt warm and heavy, and my pussy was getting moist, just for me kissing Teino! I reached up and pulled my fingers through his coarse, black hair. He pulled my little black dress down, and then unhooked my bra, My breasts were not very big, but they DID have the advantage of pointing straight out. Teino leaned forwar and kissed my left nipple, then the right, and when I "mmmmmm"-ed in pleasure, he started to suck on my nipples and caress my breasts. My nipples have a direct link to my pussy, I think, because when he teased my breasts, my pussy tingled. My hands fumbled with his belt buckle. he helped me to open it, and unbuttoned his jeans and put my hand inside of them. I stroke his hard dick through his underwear, and he moaned softly. He raised his head and looked at me.

-I want to make love to you, he whispered.

-Take off your clothes, then, I whispered back.

He withdrew a little, and took his jeans and underwear off. His dick flopped up against his belly. It wasn't the biggest dick I'd ever seen, but it was proportional and had throbbing veins that slithered up the shaft like tiny snakes. It wasn't circumcised. Teino took it in his hand and pulled a dark pink, glistening head out of its hiding pouch.

-Take off your skirt, he said.

I unzipped my short, tight, black leather skirt and wriggled out of it, pulling off my panties at the same time. Teino caressed my thighs and let a hand glide up to my pussy. He put two fingers inside me.

-You're already wet! he said.

-I want you, I answered.

-What a pretty pussy, said Teino. May I lick it

"May I.." What a question! But I found his gentleness very sweet... and sexy.

-Go ahead, I said.

He laid me down on the sofa, and parted my legs. He bent down and kissed a trail from my knee up my thigh, until he finally reached my yearning pussy. His delicately shaped hands rested on my mound, as his thumbs parted my hairy lips for his tongue.

His kisses were just as sweet on my nether lips as they had been on my mouth. His tongue went slowly over my clit, drenching it in soft, wet, teasing licks that were so much more erotic than the fast, flickering motions I've experienced with other guys. teino hadn't lied to me - he wasn't fucking me. He was making love to me.

He was stimulating me, and himself too, but each time either of us got close to climax, he stopped and spread kisses over my thighs and stomach.

-You're teasing me, I said. You're driving me crazy. I want you inside of me. Now!

Teino reached for his jeans and got a condom out of his back pocket. I sat up, took it out of his hand, and opened the package with my teeth. I took out the condom and grabbed his dick with my other hand. I jerked him off a little.

-You're as hard as a stone! I purred.

Teino smiled. I pulled back his foreskin and rolled the condom over his dick. I played with his balls, bend down, and licked them. I took them in my mouth and sucked on them, played with them with my tongue. Teino gasped for breath and pulled me away.

-Did I hurt you I said.

-No! he said. But it's... it's just too good. You almost make me come. I don't want to come before I have had a chance to be inside you.

Again, he laid me down on my back on the sofa, and parted my legs widely. I put my arms around him and pulled him to me. He took his dick in his hand and guided it to my opening. He entered me carefully, and pressed until all of his dick was inside. He stopped for a second and just laid inside of me, stroking my hair and looking into my eyes.

-It feels wonderful to be inside you, he whispered. Your pussy is so soft, and warm, and wet.

I arched my back to get some friction, and he understood what I wanted. He pulled himself out until only the head of his dick was still inside my pussy; then he pushed it all the way in again.

-Faster! I said. Harder!

He increased his speed, but his movements were still too soft and gentle for me.

-Teino, please... I said. I want it harder!

-I'm afraid I'm going to hurt you, he protested.

-I'm not made out of glass, I said. I need it harder! Come on!

I gave his butt a clatch, which seemed to shock him, but then he smiled.

-Okey, he said. You want it hard I'll give it to you - hard!

He pushed vigorously, and I moaned happily. Finally! The long foreplay had built up an enormous passion within me, a tension that screamed for a relief. Teino's hard shoving brought me closer and closer to climax, and I moaned and whimpered. Teino stopped moving.

-Miranda, do I hurt you he said, worried.

I wanted to cuss. I had been so close!

-No! I said. It's just so good... you make me feel so hot... please, don't stop! I'm so close to coming! Please...

He moaned at my words, and continued to push inside of my now aching pussy. He held on to my hips and rammed himself into me. His moans became more intense. I could sense that he was about to come, too.

-Oh, no! he panted. Not yet!

-Come, baby! I egged him on. Come together with me!

-I don't want to come yet! he whined. I just want to do this forever! It feels so good to come inside of you!

-I need to come! I begged. Please, Teino! We can do it again! And longer! But please, let me come now, I can't take this anymore!

-Oooooh..! said Teino through clutched teeth, and finally let go of his self-control.

His face was scrunched up as if he was in pain, and he clenched his teeth to muffle his own screams. He threw his head back, and then his whole body went stiff. His fingers' grip on my hair was almost painful, but I hardly noticed it. I couldn't see anything but Teino's beautiful face as a great relief fell over it; couldn't hear anything but his whining breathing in synch with my own; couldn't feel anything but my pussy cramping around Teino's dick, and for a brief moment, I think I almost passed out.

I came to immediately, and answered Teino's sensual kiss. He pulled out and rolled off me, squeezed himself in between the back of the sofa and my body. We laid there, naked, holding each other, kissing. I could hear the music from the party downstairs.

-Miranda... he whispered. Would you like to be the mother of my children

I grinned, and pulled the wet condom off of him...

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